I imagine Sting having nightmares after facing such a scary Minerva…


Everyone is celebrating Gray’s triumphant victory. FAIRY TAIL is now the only guild with all its members remaining in the battle. Sabertooth is crumbling. Frosch is sad because Rufus lost. Rogue seems to be expecting that he will defeat Gajeel.

In a flashback, we can see how Sting took down his guild master for killing Lector. Minerva intervened to stop the battle. She said that Sting is a suitable man to become the new guild master. Minerva says that Sting, despite being taught by her father to think that companions are useless, holds a lot of emotions deep inside which came out when Lector was vaporized. Now that Sting has gained powers similar to those Natsu have, he will be able to surpass him. Minerva also tells Sting that Lector never died because she sent him to a special place using her magic. Sting cried thankfully, but Minerva stopped him and told him that Sabertooth must win the tournament or she won’t return Lector to him.

In another place, or another town to be more correct, Natsu’s team is looking for an exit. Mirajane notices that Yukino looks a lot like Lisanna. The conversation is interrupted when Charle finds a passage that might help the team out. The path is very narrow and the team has to struggle their way through. On the other side of the passage, the team finds Arcadios who is injured. He tells the team to run when a giant man shows up.

The man seems to be using acid magic. The giant has a partner with him who launches a huge attack on the entire team. Suddenly more people show up from flowers and papers. These new people are part of an independent unit that supports the kingdom from the shadows – The Order of the Hungry Wolf or Garou Kishidan. These knights make sure that no one can escape Hell Palace. They sentence Natsu’s team to death.

With the way things are going, it’s easy to see that Gajeel’s opponent will be Rogue. I think it’s safe to assume that Sting will fight him too so Gajeel can be on par with Natsu. I also think Erza will fight Minerva and Kagura; Laxus will probably face Jura. As for Juvia, well, for the sake of comedy, Lyon would be a decent opponent. I can’t say anything concerning the other members. Perhaps the game will be interrupted? The Eclipse 2 plan might cause something. I have so many questions…

I must say, I’m slightly surprised to find out that Lector is alive. While I did think that Sting not being so depressed was slightly weird, I actually expected Lector to be dead. To me, it’s a good thing that he is alive because Lector and Sting’s relationship is what makes Sting likable to me. I’m not a big fan of Sting, but I did respect his love for Lector. So now that Sting has felt the power of emotions, he is able to surpass Natsu? Does that mean Gajeel will face a tougher challenge than Natsu did? I still think Gajeel will beat Sting and Rogue though. Gajeel should be able to understand them more than anyone because they walk on the path he once walked on. Perhaps Gajeel who changed for the better will show them a new way of thinking? I do expect Sting and Rogue to join FAIRY TAIL at some point because I think it would be great to have all the Dragon Slayers in one place. I know some of you think that would be too much, but to me, that would make things merrier.

It is a bit confusing at the moment though. Is Sting the new guild master? I thought the guild master wasn’t allowed to participate in the tournament. Or did Minerva mean that Sting is a suitable master as in he can be one, but not yet? If Sting were to become Sabertooth’s guild master, then there is no reason for him to join FAIRY TAIL. But Sting is not a leader, not with that attitude, but so far, he is the only one in his guild to have shown some sort of emotional attachment to another character. Maybe Rogue as well. One person I do not wish to see as a guild master is Minerva. She was so creepy in today’s chapter. It’s hard to understand what’s going on in her head but I sense something psychotic coming from her. Poor Sting…

As for Natsu’s team, the new group of knights they have to face seem strong. I still doubt Arcadios and I think he is fooling everyone. Maybe the Order of the Hungry Wolf (this title will be annoying to type in future posts, so I hope they’re defeated quickly, haha) are working with Arcadios? Their magic powers are definitely unique. I do think they will be tough opponents but then again, Natsu and Mirajane are insanely strong. I am looking forward to their fights!

Moete kitazou!


    1. It’s hard to say, she knows that Lector has the potential in order to beat Natsu. She knows she would likely regret not keeping her end of the Bargain. At best she would just produce some impostor in order to take Lector’s place. ‘

      sadly, up till now, there doesn’t seem to be any magic that is able to differentiate between truth and lies.

  1. Yeah I don’t think Arcadios is fooling anyone. I mean, his end-game plan is pretty reasonable: go back in time and destroy Zaref and even though Lucy and others have their doubts, I am sure this is something Makarov could authorize if its explained correctly.

    I am pretty sure Arcadios doesn’t have anything to hide anymore and his plan is far from being so malevolent as to assure FT will not come on board. I think his tactics though were too underhanded as he could have simply approached FT and asked for their help.

  2. I’m still not entirely sure Lecter is alive. The only time we see him after his apparent death is to cheer for Sting from the sidelines somewhere before vanishing. How can we be completely sure if Minerva briefly sent him back to bolster Sting, rather than him being there in spirit and/or in Sting’s head? Until we see Lecter again, it could just be Minerva pulling Sting’s leg to get him to do what she wants.

    And I’m pretty sure Jiemma is still master; Minerva’s just waiting for the opportune moment to get rid of him, and that has to be after the tournament is over.

  3. Hey princess, if you’re feeling guilty over sending a bunch of kinds and a nice lady with a pair of cats down a ditch with your personal squad of assassins why did you do it in the first place?

    I think to spice things up Arcadios will look defeated as you have guessed but when the time is right I think let’s say one of the highest authorities of the kingdom like the king himself, the princess or the minister will issue an order against Arcadios and suddenly the soldiers turn out to all be loyal to him, allowing the guy to usurp the government and go on with the original plan. Currently what he’s playing at is probably a ruse so he can strike at the most unexpected moment. As for Yukino who mentioned of having a sister called Sorano most people already guessed that she is in fact Angel from Oracion Seis, given that in canon Angel should still be in the magic council prison I wonder if Hiro-sensei would ever reunite the sisters, or if Yukino would be dying to Eclipse possibly sacrificing herself to save Lucy. When was the last time anyone from the good guys died? If I’m not mistaken it was all the way back in the tower of heaven arc when Simon died protecting Erza.

  4. Guys I think I know how the grand magic games will end. I have no proof but I am just guessing and speculating here. I think it will be like this.

    1st place : Lamia Scale.
    2nd place : Fairy Tail. ( as much as I want them in First place I’ll explain below)
    3rd place : Sabertooth.(if Kagura doesn’t put Mermaid Heel in this position )
    4th place : Mermaid Heel.
    5th place : Blue Pegasus.
    6th Place : Quatro Cerebus/Puppy.

    Although I want Fairy Tail to take first position, however I don’t think that will be the case because the odds are against them they are being targeted by everyone which includes Jura, Leon, Kagura and Minerva it’s almost like a handicapped match. Some may say that Fairy Tail will prevail because they have their strategic First Master with them and I agree that they can still get the first place with her strategy but She admitted that Jura might exceed Her strategy and let’s not forget that Kagura might be tempted to draw her sword on Erza which the First has not seen so She can’t counter that. Furthermore Minerva’s magic is not all that clear, it would seem that she can make things disappear and appear but how she does that is still a mystery. Anyway I don’t want to be right on this theory I want the above first place and second place switched. Even if it remains this way at least Fairy Tail will attain their objective by punishing Sabertooth for making a scapegoat out of their Nakama although they will lose the prize money.

    K C M
  5. There is something else I think might happen. After Fairy Tail kicks Sabertooth’s asses in the grand magic games, Sabertooth will want to wage war on Fairy Tail for taking them out of the number one position just like the Phantom Lord declared war on Fairy Tail for becoming more popular than them.

    K C M
  6. Looking forward to see the fight on Natsu side. For now the only capable member to fight from Natsu side is Natsu, Mira, Wendy and Lily since Lucy and Yukino doesn’t have their key. It will be funny if somehow Natsu still keep Kain Hikaru voodoo dolls and use it on Lucy again. On the other hand on GMG fight i think Erza will face Kagura and Minerva will aim for cheap shoot. Juvia will face Milliana and Lyon will face Gray with added spice of who will get Juvia. Laxus will face Jura and Orge.

    Oh and Happy always using his shiping google. He doesn’t pass the momment to ship Natsu and Lucy.

  7. Even if Sting is currently Sabertooth’s guildmaster, I don’t think anyone cares enough to abide by the rules and inform everyone else they’ve pulled off mutiny. If he was. At the moment, I think Minerva is implying he has the potential. Given the route Sting is currently taking, my standard prediction is that Minerva is going to get pulverized like every antagonist and Sting actually will become guildmaster after completing his character development. Right now, I can’t direct any sympathy his way because this is literally the way he treated everyone around him. And now he’s breaking down at experiencing the same thing and throwing childish grudges at the way of people. But if One Piece and/or Fairy Tail has taught me anything, it’s all about that recovery people can make. People are people.

    On another note, even though Fairy Tail is a pretty conventional shonen series, I’m glad Mashima is still able to catch us off guard with subtle elements like introducing the Order of Hungry Wolves at this time. It allots for more flexibility -and adversely, convolution- but I’ve come to trust Mashima’s handling with his cast of characters unlike, say, Kubo with his manga thingamajig.

  8. I don’t really think Lector is alive. Minerva is the type to lie all the way.

    And I don’t want Sting and Rogue joining Fairy Tail. Natsu will never forgive them for ‘murdering’ their dragon parents. I don’t think Wendy nor Gajeel would forgive them either.

  9. So who do we have to cheer on FT… ?
    – Natsu
    – Wendy
    – Mirajane (^3^)
    – Pantherlily

    Sounds like it’s gonna be an uneven battle, considering that Lucy and Yukino are helpless right now…

    Oh, and Minerva is either totally bluffing or…
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. OH COME ON, why on earth would you want more flat-chested women. I understand if you can’t stand the fact that those big chested women are the antagonist, but flat-chested is …..TOO DULL. It’s like saying I want to take away all the color we have in life and then replace it with a grayscale.

  10. I almost doubted Team Natsu because Lacy and Yukino are weapon less but with Natsu/Mira/Lily on the offensive and Wendy as support I can see the light in their future.

    As for the tourney here are my Predictions
    -No one fights Jura (interruption by Eclipse) or Juvia & Laxus team up for critical damage sake.
    -Erza vs Kagura and Minerva
    -Gajeel beats Rouge but the Sting fight gets interrupted or beats both with the lesson mentioned above.
    -Juvia/Gray vs Lyon
    -Laxus vs Orga

    Also Yukino may join Fairy Tail and be part of the Siblings team.

    Finally, I don’t want to see Sting and Rouge in Fairy Tail, their personalities kind of clashes everyone else who’ve joined so far. And their cats are annoying anyways (just a personal opinion)

    Aquarian DragonSlayer
  11. I dont know about Arcadios. I mean if this was all part of his plan is there really a reason to play possum and pretend he’s been wrecked by the Knights in that underground prison? There’s just not merit or advantage to that. He needs Lucy and Yukino for his plan so why would he be sided with those knights trying to kill them? It doesnt make sense.

    I still want to believe there is more going on in the background and that Arcadios is not the evil master mind like the manga portrayed to him at first.


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