「2人の距離」 (Futari no Kyori)
“The Distance Between Us”

The foundations that held Haru and Mitty’s relationship have crumbled, leaving the two to start their relationship again. Each of them are trying their hardest in their own way to make things work, but their imperfections and horrible timing constantly get in the way. Though both have their unlikable traits, it’s the fact that those traits are displayed often and shake their foundations that makes the show: character growth from imperfection. When I think things have worked out…there’s something that happens to continue their conflict.

Haru, though well-meaning and a good listener, struggles with his social ineptness and past getting in the way…constantly. Let me tell you Haru, being clingy is one thing, but licking is a BIG nono! That stuff doesn’t even fly in IRC, so don’t pull it off her! Each clingy action added to the irritation I had for Haru–A lack of respecting personal space, an inability to read between the lines, and occasional self-centeredness all contribute to why Haru can’t connect with Mitty, at least on his end. (though, in my experience, when a guy says “I just want to be close”, I agree with Haru that they don’t actually mean that)

However, there was that hold-off at the end that, although it freaked Mitty and myself out, showed Haru’s true colors. Haru doesn’t have ulterior motives or a completely lewd perception of Mitty–Haru is just an idiot. I say this affectionately, because Haru’s listening skills, when framed out in a direct manner, are superb, and has the potential to not be such an idiot after all. Thanks to Aunt Kyoko, there are some great life lessons that he acquired and tries his hardest to live by, even if those lessons were long ago. Haru makes mistakes, but they are never malicious: with the help of another person, Haru can push himself to change. At the end of the day, I can’t feel too negatively towards Haru because he just doesn’t know any better. Though he does need a push, Haru can once again make Mitty feel comfortable around him.

This is where Natsume, the shining stalking paragon of advice, comes to save the day! I applaud her for being supportive of Haru, informing him the reality of his actions. Her relatability to Shizuku lends to her credibility–all those guys popping her personal bubble have finally paid off! Without her, I cringe to think of how Haru could possibly fix himself in a timely fashion. The people called for Natsume to have a bigger role, and so she has, in epic fashion too.

In addition to her advice, Natsume’s observations about Mitty are an interesting insight. It is ironic that although she wishes Mitty would open up to her more, it is Haru that she helps for Mitty’s sake. Although Natsume’s perception of Mitty is correct–her uncaring aura allows Natsume to feel comfortable around her–Mitty actually does care. People underestimate Mitty’s receptiveness. Understandable–her closed persona shows no signs of her caring, except in those instances she does reach out to do something out of kindness.

But it is that closed persona that collapses the foundations. The few moments that Mitty does open herself up emotionally are quickly covered up by her stoic and rational efforts. Although it is admirable that Mitty wishes to excel academically, her resistance to compromise with her emotional side is unproductive and unhealthy. Haru was right in pointing out that Mitty did say, “I’ll be waiting for your response!” Mitty may have lost her surface interest in Haru, but her resistance of expression to Haru’s declaration is insensitive towards Haru’s feelings. Instead of discussing the conflict she has with Haru and trying to work things out together, Mitty instead chooses to handle things in solitude. I wouldn’t have a problem with Mitty if she were acting this way out of real disinterest, but her actions suggests that she wants to achieve her goals in isolation, that she can control the situation. Although Haru almost licking Mitty was…a close call…it did help crack Mitty’s outer shell, forcing her to reconsider her stance.

While this suppression isn’t what I wish for Mitty to do, it’s understandable. Faced with her own rival every day in terms of grades, she wants to prove to herself that she can overcome everyone else, especially Haru, with her dedication and hard work. She wants to believe that she doesn’t need natural talent to be the best, and that her success against “lack of effort” will be a success for proving her independence. Why she exactly thinks this way, or her ulterior motives, are currently hazy, but in the end, I believe we will see more justification for her actions. It does look like she’s reconsidering her position though, even slightly, as the anime hints ever so slightly that Mitty has a surprise in mind, if that camera focus on that plastic bag she had were any indication.

It is here that things have gotten worse before they can become better. Haru now is beginning to understand the fault of his social awkwardness, and listens intently to Natsume as he strives to fix it and prove to Mitty that he should be with her. Shizuku now is forced to reflect upon her feelings for Haru that obviously never went away, even going as far as preparing something special that’ll be revealed next episode. Natsume finally takes a major role in shaping the couple’s relationship, and does so in fashion.

At the beginning of the series, although it was really giddy to see Haru and Mitty kiss, it was a relationship based heavily on gut attraction and that “new relationship high”. Now that those are gone, only the problems remain. The foundation has to be rebuilt on a stronger understanding of one another, with an agreement on what relationship they want, and why. If one of them would slow down their pace and wait for the other to catch up, the situation would get a whole lot better, and a much stronger, much more meaningful and touching connection between Haru and Mitty can begin. While a rosy relationship makes us d’awwww, if the road to that relationship is one of growth, mistakes, and picking oneself and each other up, that rosy relationship in the end becomes even more beautiful.

Now, you are all free to comment on how much you like/hate Yamaken and like Ooshima!

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  1. This episode was amazing, and I really really liked it, but it was still annoying to see Mitty run further away from the relationship they had. I loved seeing Mitty get so blushy 🙂 Which is why I LOVED ending this episode.

    “I’m going home!” lol her face told the entire story. She looked so embarrassed and flustered. It was crazy!

    As for Yamaken and Oshima, I like them both. Especially Oshima. But Yamaken seems eerie. I’ve had that feeling ever since episode 1.

    And Oshima is becoming more lovable as the weeks go by. All I have against her is her lack of confidence. I’ve grown up as a guy with natural confidence in myself, mainly built up by the people around me. But she’s coming along nicely 🙂

    I can’t say too much for Yamaken yet, I just don’t know what that guy is thinking….

    1. “I fell in love with the wrong person!”

      “I’m willing to make a mistake: I’m not ready to give up yet!”

      Gogo Ooshima, Fight-o fight-o fight-o! She’s getting serious, and I hope that she continues to get more serious, cause serious = more screentime!

  2. Thanks for the post! I can’t wait to see how Shizu will confront her feelings once again next episode. I kind of understand why Shizu is acting like this. Emotion is a very scary thing if the only thing you had been relying on was ration. Well, time to step out of the comfort zone 😀

    1. Oh… I forgot to comment on the see-saw metaphor! I think it appeared twice: once when Auntie Kyoko was lecturing Haru, and the other time is when Shizu ran away from Haru. Would it be implying that relationship between people is a constant struggle?

      1. I actually interpreted it as Mitty’s attempt to balance herself on the seesaw, without needing Haru to be on the other side balancing it out.

        I never did fully get the fish pond metaphor either though…so my interpretation might just be crap :P.

        Also, thanks for the thanks, you’re welcome! ^^

    1. gol/uyp/kfp/hjs/ckt, although I have to reread your comments like 10 times before I fully understand it, I appreciate your consistency in commenting! Thanks~

      For the rest of you regular commenters, I’ll thank you all properly soon enough! 😛

  3. Before I forget, I would like to make a side-shoutout to the music this episode. The piano rendition of White Wishes was done very well, and the show introduced many new tracks this episode, many of which I look forward to when the OST comes out! The soundtrack is just so bubbly and cheerful during the comedic bits, yet sweet at the same time when things get a little more emotional.

    Nakayama Masato, I love your work <3.

  4. Haha! I love Haru’s moe filter for Shizuku at the end! It was very hilarious! I also laughed at when Natsume said and emphasizes that there’s nothing more repulsive than being touched by a guy you detest. It’s like she knows how to go through Haru’s thick head!

  5. Ah, another case of bad timing. I’ve been there! But I like that this show touches on the fact that sometimes people don’t fall in love at the same time. It also demonstrates how characters grow at different rates. And as much as I love when those two are getting along, I can’t help but enjoy it when they push each other’s buttons. I’m proud of Haru for catching up and truly admitting his feelings! Now all we have to do is wait for Shizuku to get back on track ^^;;

    And as for Yamaken, I don’t dislike his character even though…
    Show Spoiler ▼

  6. fuck, that sudden change of thought of Mitty about how she considered Haru and her feelings for him was surprising…the transition might be jarring, but i gotta admit i kinda like this direction, since somehow Mitty blushed even moreeeeee…..(love her when her face goes red!!!!)

    that blonde guy can be a real deal for Haru, i expect a face-off between the two….

    fuck, i love this show!!!!(Sakurasou is still the romance of the season though….)

  7. I like our main couple. What is driving me mad is their attitude; because they are dragging down Ooshima in their turnmoil. I was glad that she realized she was a third wheel and decided to let the lovers their space. However all this “we are on; we are off” as a couple is going to drive her insane and she will look like the evil character trying to disrupt the main couple. When (at this moment) the reality is Haru and Shizuku insecurities driving them apart and not Ooshima.
    I love underdogs go Kana errr Ooshima 🙂

  8. BTW, I just can’t help but LOL like mad when I saw the English sentences scribbled on the whiteboard in ~9:55.

    “I have a cock. It’s atrocious.
    I have a cock. Its name is Nagoya.”

    One of the best examples of being unintentionally funny. Especially if you take out the second part and quote the first part out of context.

    Kinny Riddle
  9. “I can’t get drunk from banana juice!!” Oh Natsume, you’re so awesome xD
    But really, seeing Mitty denying her feelings is both frustrating and enjoyable to see…but I hope she’s going to sort her feelings out next time.
    And I love the moment when Haru was thinking about kyoko’s words and seeing Mitty behind the window…that was sweet ^^
    Seriously, watching romance stuff is very bad for me now, since I sort of got rejected the other day, but I’m still watching all the romance stuff…do I like to torture myself or something?! Well, atleast this show can cheer me up somehow. Go Monja Mondays! ^^

  10. Man oh man! My denial/stress meter for Mitty is running at 110%. I don’t think It can take much more of this!
    (Anyone remember that Angel Beats! episode with the stress meter?)

    The interesting thing so far is that Oshima is looking seriously good. I wonder how far they (the writers) will
    let her go before loosing out to Mitty — but, who says that even has to happen? I mean, guys are generally thick,
    but eventually Mitty’s nos will get through to him. Damn, Oshima is very cute, too.

    One thing I did take away from the episode is how prevalent fighting is in their lives, and how little they’re
    shocked by it (when Mitty walked past those boys getting beat up). So, Haru’s not exceptionally bad from the norm,
    but exceptionally good at fighting.

  11. wow i really like their girl uniform design!

    anyway, wow. this show man! what a great adaptation. i read this manga about a year ago and put it on hiatus due to slow releases. but i remember this chapter clearly. it was definitely one of my favourite moments. and it was so nice to see it in movement ;-; they really adapted this episode panel by panel.

    1. LiA occasionally has posts on kamisama. they did say kamisama is so direct it doesnt need coverage, and i agree. at least on tonari, there’re symbolic references so they definitely need some explaining.
      personal bias: (1)psycho pass (crazy plot), (2)tonari (likeable characters, awesome character development) (3)magi (for its epic faces and super wonderful chars)and so on~~

  12. NOOO– people should appreciate mitty for who she is, even if she is troublesome to deal with.
    TONARI HAS THE BEST CHARACTERS, i actually dont have one i hate, that’s a FIRST for me! XDXD


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