「紹介します!」 (Shoukai Shimasu!)
“I’ll Introduce!”

Ahhh recap episodes.

I’ve never been a fan of recap episodes – it always feels like a waste. On the plus side, this particular one wasn’t created at the expense of a proper episode so I can forgive Girls und Panzer for its existence. It was originally intended as a Bluray extra, but due to certain circumstances, the sixth episode had to be pushed back a week and this was aired in its place. I’m saddened that it’ll be another whole week before we have the conclusion of the battle with Saunders, but not nearly as much as I would’ve been had they intended to include this from the start.

As recap episodes go, it’s pretty standard fare, so you’ll excuse me if this is a rather brief post. We had the reintroduction of the entire main cast with a small segment of their biographies recited at us, Rommel’s love of WW2 history and Kondo Taeko’s jump serving skills being some examples of the titbits given in Miho’s narration. I’d say that the only really interesting part that came up over the course of the episode was the additional tank exposition served by the ever knowledgeable Yukari. At least we got an episode six preview!


ED1.05.5 Sequence

ED: 「Enter Enter MISSION !」 by 渕上舞、茅野愛衣、尾崎真実、中上育実、井口裕香 (Fuchigami Mai, Kayano Ai, Ozaki Mami, Nakagami Ikumi, Iguchi Yuka)



      1. google translate:
        “Because of the quick-and-dirty work of a single person, big trouble for everyone. I will never forget the name of that person.”
        I believe it’s the director, Tsutomu Mizushima’s twitter account

      1. Preproduction take around that time. I think, it has something to do with that.

        (Background, animation Chars, Animation Tanks, Animation Background and so on.) Cannot be done in 1 Week. Okay, depends on the “Menpower” of the Team.

    1. THAT’S IT! The final straw has utterly broken the camel’s back! I crown thee to be the most detailed and well researched anime i’ve seen. It has far surpassed Strike Witches.

      I’m utterly surprised that a WW2 German helo makes an anime debut. I seriously don’t think my fanboy-mode and body can take it any longer.

      Wonder if the E series and other panzer monstrosity or your tier 10s would make an appearance

      1. You saw what that guy said in the blog post right? He found, or rather, saw what kind of ship Ooarai uses as their motor launch. They’re using a bunch of very accurate stuff.

        [“Here’s a small gift of imformation. The ferry ship which Ooarai students use is Protective-cruiser Matsushima, one of the “San-Kei-Kan”. She is flagship at the battle of Yellow-Sea, and she is quite funny ship.

        Matsushima-class had main armament of huge single 38cm gun in barbette, two of class was fitted at front deck, and one was pointing backward. You can guess, of course, that one is Matsushima. She looks odd, but she’s cute, I love her.

        In that period she planned, Japanese Navy was quite small, and battleships is far too expensive for Japan, which nation was still in a early step of industrial modanization and glowth. By the reason of naval budget shortage, they can not built or import battleship to withstand two German built pre-drednaught ZhenYuan class armoured turret ship, in the forthcoming war against Sina(China).

        At this moment, some person gets idea from Idiotic French naval architect, Louis-Émile Bertin. He invents some extraordinary combat system you’ve ever heard, by four light armoured cruiser with huge single gun, two for forward and two for backward, attack in the line of formation, for act as single large battleship. For now you can clearly see why this idea was idiotic. But too sad to say, three of them was completed, but one of backward gun ship cancelled for good reason.

        Aftermath, entire four-ship system reduced for three, they named by three Japanese epical sight-seeing spot (San-Kei), Matsu-shima, Itsuku-shima, Hashidate. Matsushima had tall bow, and long enclosed fore upper deck, and quite stable, confortable at sea indeed. This is main reason why Matsushima choosen for flagship of fleet, for provide extra confortness to Staff of fleet. I think she was nice ship, rather than Warship…….well, anyway, it’s good choice for choose Matsushima as ferry ship, isn’t it?”]

        Emphasis Mine

        I love well researched anime, or even anime that takes time to explain it’s future/fantasy tech in detail. It’s why I like Gundam 08th MS Team over any other due to the hilariously amazing detail they put into it. Why I love the Macross series so much, and why Legend of the Galactic Heroes and the Sekai series hold special places in my heart.

  1. Its very hard to wait for such a great series, Im just thankful that there are other series available to assuage the void left by this week’s lack of Girls and Panzer 6. Here’s to looking forward to next week comrades.

  2. Argh… I’m just waitin for someone to sub 5.5… Don’t care if it’s a recap. I really want to know more about the characters….

    As far as my opinion of the show goes… My body can’t take it any more. It’s just too well detailed and researched

  3. Okay, the introduction episode made it clear for me that Momo-chan isn’t the VP but Yuzuko is. Some people pointing out that Momo is the vp and it had me confused. Despit being a recap, I want to watch the sub to understand each girl’s intro.

    Another week until episode 6.

  4. “It was originally intended as a Bluray extra”

    Eh…..a bit misundersranding,the only Bluray extra that is planned is the swimsuit episode that will come with the first BD. This recap ep. is never planned but they will also put it BD.

  5. I want to see this episode to learn the background info that it has. I’d want to see episode 6 more, but I’m not going to complain about that when it’s clear that the people making the show are just as upset as any of us could be that they had to have this delay.

    I just hope someone subs 5.5 soon.

  6. Well, instead of viewing today’s recap episode, I re-watched ep. 5 to find that clearer shot of the Sherman Firefly (muzzle brake visible) near the end of that episode.

    But since there’s some additional info about the characters that was mentioned in this recap (like Erwin)…yeah, it’d be nice to see this episode subbed. (But I probably won’t hold my breath for it, though.)

    Anyway, I was also over at Danbooru and found this pool:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    LOL, the tournament participation roster for Team Ooarai. What’s more amusing is that each of the girls have a favorite tank! Honestly, I didn’t expect Saori to like the M26 Pershing… Saori’s not exactly my favorite character, but now, I see her in a better light.

    And while I like the idea that Momo’s favorite tank is the Tiger II, thinking of her in one of those beasties and going all trigger-happy with it…yikes!

      1. Two words: Friendly fire.

        Seriously, you DO NOT want an 88mm shell impacting anywhere near you–even if Momo can’t shoot for s***. And even though there are safety precautions for Sensha-do (and I’m no expert on ballistics), an 88mm shell is sure to have considerable kinetic force.

        Anyway, subs for ep. 5.5 are out, but the one I saw is rather…cluttered. -_-” Still, the trivia about Team Ooarai’s members and the tanks they drive were a nice touch to the episode.

    1. Hmm… *reads wikipedia* The only listed flaws in the Tiger II seem to have been due to poor construction materials. Yikes. If one of these teams were to field one that was built without the financial burden Germany had during the war (built to spec, essentially)… Nothing our girls have could scratch that monster.

      1. Ooarai’s team have pretty old tank models, I think the StuG III F is the most upgraded they have.

        Convert that old Panzer IV into a Jagdpanzer IV with same the L/70 main gun as a Panzer and they might be able to take out a Tiger II from ambush using a side or rear shot.

      2. Main flaw of Tiger 2 was its weight, which limited severely amount of bridges available to cross rivers, and caused poor maneuvrability. The engine was basically the same as Panther which was 46 ton compared to 69 tons Tiger II…
        By comparison Russians managed to get JS-3 in under 45 tons, yet with as formidable frontal armor and overkill 122mm gun that would pierce Panther on test inside and out…

    2. In documentary of German Tiger class chassis, what make 88 mm so powerful wasn’t because the velocity and caliber made its’ strong but the bullet of 88 itself were heavy and durable. That what make 88 mm very strong and able to knock out any tank with ease..

      Lucky in this anime, they not include Tiger tank in 1st place and because Momo-chan had bad timing and firing. Her reckless firing can backfire even friendly fire among team.

  7. I know it’s minor in the grand scheme of things, but, eh, it’s noticeable considering it’s what the show is about: why do 95% of the characters have a favorite tank when they knew nothing about the Sensha-do in advance? They’re struggling to gain experience with the tanks, right now. Random, I know. Show Spoiler ▼

    It would fit better at the end of the series or part of an extra. Not a mid-series recap.

    1. They didn’t know how to _drive_ tanks, but it is still ubiquitous to their culture. That doesn’t mean they can’t pick out a favourite tank from a list, a personality quiz in a teen fashion magazine, or something.


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