「追憶の…楽園喪失(パラダイス・ロスト)」 (Tsuioku no … Rakuen Soushitsu ( Paradaisu . Rosuto ))
“Paradise Lost…of Memories”

For a show that has gotten by so far on cute moments and pitch-perfect comedy, there were a lot of deep, mournful scenes this week. But it’s too soon to talk about those. Let us do as KyoAni did…start it off light, with some fun and comedy and budding romances, and then gradually move into the deeper stuff, the meat of the issue, from the uplifting moments of acknowledgement down to the crushing moments of realization. Then I’ll probably cap it off with a bunch of gushing and some jokes, because I can’t be serious all the time. Seriously, it’s in my contract. “Be the crazy, silly one.” Damned inconvenient at times, but there it is.

I had thought that last week’s episode might be a one-off Isshiki affair, but clearly I had too little faith in KyoAni, as they didn’t waste the character development they laid out. (I blame a combination of hype backlash (trope!) and Endless Eight…hey, someone has to be the cynic!) Up until the beach scene, I was prepared to declare this an Isshiki x Kumin-sempai episode. I was especially fond of Shinka catching Isshiki looking at sempai’s mole (*droooool*), and then later trying to obscure his view of her in her pure white swimsuit, only to fail (until she succeeded). As I’ve said before, I’m a big fan of B-couples, so I’m wholeheartedly rooting for these two. Go get you some awesome Naptime-sempai, Isshiki!

Speaking of B-couples, Shinka and Deko-chan. C’mon Shinka…first you’re fighting with her, then you”re taking care of her, then she sicks her familiar on you, and then you’re taking care of her again (plus those tramp stamps “sun marks” you got together)…face it, you’re just asking to get shipped with Deko-chan! *puts on his yuri goggles* Shipped haaaard!! I love it when all the major characters get a love interest, don’t you? :3

But for some couples in potentia, things aren’t that easy. You know, in the revelation of what was bothering Rikka, I’m reminded of the latest episode of Sakurasou. With one parent dead, the other having abandoned her, and an older sister and grandparents who don’t approve of what she’s doing, Rikka had no one who believes in her, no one who acknowledges her, no one who’s on her side. Sure, her belief that her father is beyond the horizon is a bit silly, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t important to her. And sure, she has had Deko-chan, but she’s a subordinate; it was an equal or elder whose support Rikka needed here.

Enter Yuuta. All he did, the only thing he really did, was acknowledge her. He didn’t say he agreed with her belief, he merely said that it was valid and offered to help her find out, once and for all. That’s when Rikka returned to her old self, where she moans cutely after getting smacked on the head and tells Yuuta he looks cool at slightly inappropriate times. When I saw that, I smiled, warmed straight through to my heart. D’aaaww!

They escaped, bouncing off the hedges and then racing through the streets! When Rikka proclaimed “The Dark Flame Master is the greatest!”, my heart sang, and when Yuuta accepted it with a contented smile and a burst of speed, the singing redoubled, and took on a bit of reverb, some soul. Silly though it is, she had to do this, and thanks to Yuuta, she would…and they would grow closer because of it.

Then it all shattered. The moments leading into this scene were perfect, moving from the hopeful music and the soft warmth of Rikka’s memories…only for all of the music to cut off, leaving nothing but the sound of chirping bugs, the coldness of the summer night, and Rikka’s stunned disbelief. I must say, I couldn’t bring myself to listen to the ED this week, for it would have ruined the mood. Better was the silence, like that inside Rikka’s heart.

Last week we didn’t have a chu2 battle, and this time, as tears tumble down Rikka’s cheeks, we end on the cusp of another one. I once said that the chu2 moments only really worked when there were some kind of stake in them, something on the line – even if it was something silly! – and next week it looks like there will be a lot on the line, all of it serious. Amidst Rikka and Touka’s battle with umbrella and ladle, Rikka will fight with her feelings on her breast, raw and exposed. I wonder what will come of it, and where another week will leave our young couple. I can’t wait to find out.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Beach ep! We have Kumin x Isshiki, Shinka x Deko, & Rikka…all quiet & mournful? It’s time for Yuuta to rescue her, as only he can. #chu2koi

Random thoughts:

  • Mjolnir Tornado~~ XD
  • Way to show your uncool side in front of sempai, Isshiki-kun. Faaaaail!!
  • Shinka’s bikini is nice, no denying that…but Kumin-sempai’s pure white one-piece? HNNNNNNNNNNNNN– *massive nosebleed*
  • I’ve got to say, after glomping Shinka and then chasing after her at Dekomori’s behest, Cerberus is now officially the best familiar in this show. Also… *takes a giant breath* PUPPY!!!!! *Stilts runs off to kidnap a Golden Retriever* *stops, comes back* Chimera, you’re on notice! There’s a new best familiar in town! Prepare yourself!! *runs off again*
  • We had some good shippers on deck (trope!) this episode. First there’s Shinka, who was totally behind Yuuta x Rikka, but if you look closely enough, I do believe you’ll see Kumin-sempai shipping Shinka x Deko as well! Or is that just a hint that my yuri goggles are on too tight?
  • I like that there’s more equality in media now-a-days. Yes, now the father can be the one who dies, while the mother can be the dirtbag who runs off and abandons her children. That’s progress…of a sort. Right? =/
  • Best. point of view. EVAR!! Seriously, Touka is the perfect waifu. Caring, sexy, an awesome cook, just a little bit frightening, and she can effortlessly flip herself onto a roof and stick the landing. Touka is amazing!
  • Vulnerable Rikka in her little black dress is super cute as well, in a fragile and delicate way. I just want to hold her close and protect her. Guuuuh, get on it, Yuuta!
  • “Onee-ch–I mean the Priestess…” D’aaawww :3
  • One last item, a little theory from ‘ol Stilts-niinii. You know how Touka always carries around that ladle? As much as she seemingly wants Rikka to snap back to reality (though mostly just so she’ll accept their father’s death), I think she’s purposefully playing along with her chu2 fantasies a little bit, because she knows that’s the only way she can communicate with her imouto right now. Just a bit, though ; )
  • Actually, I lied, one more thing…though effective, I never got the “chill of awesomeness” from this episode, that visceral feeling that tells me I’m watching something special. It was good, yes – great even – but it didn’t rise to the level of an emotionally cathartic gut-punch. I guess we’ll see if KyoAni can up their game even more next week.

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    1. I don’t think the photo was from 3 years ago. More likely to say it’s beyond that. It was taken during his father had more health left in him or at least that’s what the photo depicts.

  1. Dude!!! What does mine say? Sweet!!! What does mine say?” (cookie for those who get the reference)

    I have mixed feeling for this episode. When a purely comedy (so far) starts drawing in drama, I generally hate it since they tend to be overwrought and pretentious. I’ll keep my judgement for now, hopefully KyoAni will do well with the execution. They haven’t disappointed me yet (at least not since Endless Eight). I did like how cute Rikka was during her momentary out-of-chuuni mode. And I do sympathize with Touko, its hard when someone can’t reach out to their still grieving sibling.

    And I’m with Stilts, Shinka and Deko for OTP!

    1. Lol, you nerds ; )

      References aside, I have to disagree on the comedy-turning-dramatic point. Yes, in a pure comedy it’s not terrible welcome – drama in Nichibros woulda been ridiculous – but in character-driven comedies it, when done well, elevates the story to a whole other level (think Binbougami Ga! or, well, this!). Without taking it up to that level, eventually the jokes will grow stale and boring, until suddenly it’s 10 years later and we realize a beloved franchise has turned into Garfield *shudders* Better to grasp for greatness now by wrapping a great story around the comedy!

  2. Deeply impressed and touched by the second half. I started to get a bad vibe when Rikka’s grandfather appeared.
    And for the record, Nisemorisummer+sidetail+bikini=2012 anime maiwaifu finalist

  3. Rikka’s story is starting to unravel. I’m really liking it. Aside from the random focuses of humor this reaffirms that these two are the main cast.

    More people keep saying more of this and that but that’s not the point.

    But I will gladly be a hypocrite just to say MORE OF DEKOMORI X NIBUTANI! Sorry just had too… This episode shown them in a more different but similar light. They really are close friends and I’m really enjoying seeing these two.

    If I were to ask for something I’d like to see Dekomori’s story of how she got the 8th grader syndrome. Though yeah that might not happen here considering 12 episodes and they’re just the supporting characters.

    face it, you’re just asking to get shipped with Deko-chan! *puts on his yuri goggles* Shipped haaaard!! I love it when all the major characters get a love interest, don’t you?

    Must….. resist…. yuri shipping……

    1. Remember, not everyone needs a reason to do things like going chu2. Chances are, like Yuuta and Shinka before her, Dekomori is acting all chu2 just because she finds it fun. That’s not a “great” reason, perhaps, but it’s a damn common and understandable one ; )

    1. I thought the appealing aspect of this show is precisely seeing Rikka’s chuu2 persona falling apart in many adorable ways, especially in episode 5 (with her so HNNG at thanking Yuuta for helping her pass her math exam).

      Kinny Riddle
    2. It’s like with a tsundere, the fun is in seeing the tsun break down so we can get at the delicious dere center (not that way, you pervs!). Here it’s delusions and dere, so…mousoudere?

      Keep after her, Yuuta! You’ll get to the delicious deredere center soon enough! (Not that way, you per–okay, maybe that way :3)

      1. *rocks back and forth under his deck*

        She just keeps repeating the same day over and over again. So much chu2, it never ends, it just keeps going, nothing changes, it just keeps going, WHY ISN’T ANYTHING CHANGING!?!?

        *continues imagining his worst nightmare* *dies*

    1. Kinda forgot, but I’m glad they finally revealed what the “Unseen Horizon,” is for Rikka. I knew it wasn’t completely random, but a true end goal. Now looking back, she’s been yearning for a beta timeline so much from long ago and now an Imagine Breaker is forcing Rikka to accept reality… Dark Flame Master needs to give Rikka major TLC after the Synapse break!

  4. Blast Reality! Burst it into shreds!

    First we had Sakurasou show some real heartbreak and now this. While it may not have been a gut punch, I spent the second half almost tearing the whole time. Given her father’s death, mother’s abandonment, and grandfather’s lack of empathy it’s a wonder that retreating into fantasy was all Rikka did. I was struck by the last scene and the way Rikka was drawn when she saw the empty lot with the for sale sign. She didn’t look childlike like she usually does. She appeared like the young woman of 15 that she is. If they did that on purpose it was a masterstroke.

    1. @ bear

      Good catch on the art. It’s not like they really changed much, but she stopped acting like cute little girl she (often) is, and straightened out into the young woman. Subtle subtle subtle, but well done.

      @ 0927123

      This was good, but I have to disagree with you on Hyouka. It was interesting at points and subtle and well done, but it also wasn’t very entertaining…I had a real tough time getting through it. I don’t want to get into a fight on another series here, just wanted to say that no, even if they’re usually pretty good, even KyoAni isn’t perfect. They’re a studio made up of humans, and such will always fall short. It’s just a matter of how far and how often.

      1. @Stilts

        I had to watch it twice to convince myself of the change in Rikka. To me, not only is her posture different, but her face has a subtly more angular look to it.

        With Hyouka, it was more the budding romance between Hontorou and Eru that kept me watching more than the mysteries. The last scenes of Hyouka will stick in my memory along with the emotional scenes from Toradora!

  5. As soon as Rikka ran for her old house with that smile on her face, I could just feel the tragedy coming. Well I still liked the episode even if it left on a giant cliff hanger.
    On the other hand Kumin has become either my second favorite or tied in first with Rikka, when she first showed up I didn’t think I was going to like her as much as I have.

    1. You see, I should have seen it coming, but I was so swept up in the scene (and jotting down notes for this post) that my genre savviness didn’t active. That made it even more effective, though

  6. Nice episode. Can’t wait for the next. I also want to mention Stilts that part of Isshiki getting smacked by Nibutani in the face. That towel hit sounded so solid I think I felt it. Funny how Isshiki now interacts with Shinka the same way Yuuta does. No surprise there since she already got exposed.


    Call it being a little OC on details but in this scene I’m impressed KyoAni is able to make Kumin-sempai’s beauty mark stick out the whole time. I now feel the mole is already another Kumin trademark that has to be there when she’s in a bathing suit.

  7. Isshiki got upgraded to boss status by putting Shinka in her place.He’s all like “Girl please, Kumin Senpai is waaay cuter and looks better, get out my face!”

    It’s funny because Isshiki, besides Yuuta, was one of the first male characters to say that Shinka was the cutest girl in the school.Proof that Older Women are the way to go!

  8. Just why da fruck did they avoied at all costs that Rika went there? Maybe her “syndrome” could be treated sooner… But let’s wait two years -.-‘

    I liked the ep very much, all the shipping and specially when they tried to run from the room jumping to the bush, not expecting that 😀

    1. If you look at the scene closely. It’s an open area where Yuuta and Rikka could see that there is no house there.

      Most likely what broke her heart is that the land is already being sold. I’m betting my *ss that the house got demolished ages ago with her(Rikka) knowing it but it’s just that the place was so special for her.

      They probably didn’t keep it from her for two years it’s just that they didn’t want her to keep visiting that place. It’ll just prevent her from moving on.

      1. Oh yeah. here are some pics from that scene.

        It’s so exposed that they’d know it’s empty. There are no walls or what too obscure the view. The only possible thing that got obscured was the sign. It seems like it sits right at the same level as the bush and the trees.

      2. From what I could see, they came from “behind” where the house would have been. From their perspective, trees obscured the area where the house was. In the pictures you post, in the first one, the area to the right is the “parking lot” where Yuuta and Touka stand at the end. Which is to say that the house is to the right of her in that picture, obscured by the bushes/trees. So she runs around those trees (we see the camera turn, as well) only to find that the house is gone.

  9. First there’s Shinka, who was totally behind Yuuta x Rikka, but if you look closely enough, I do believe you’ll see Kumin-sempai shipping Shinka x Deko as well! Or is that just a hint that my yuri goggles are on too tight?

    Your goggles are on too tight…XP More plausibly, she’s just secretly flattered about having someone who looks up to her in a way (With how her Mabinogi- what’chamacallit is Deko-chan’s life-bible and all)- even if Dekomori will never admit that she’s the real deal; like Dekomori, she’s just being tsun about it- but secretly sees the younger girl as a little sister of sorts…

    And the hatred of dairy products is actually rather common among East Asians. I’m guessing it’s due to the overwhelmingly high rates of lactose intolerance. Forcing Deko-chan to consume dairy products might actually be more harmful to her health than beneficial…

    1. I’m expecting an ending where Dekomori finally is convinced that Shinka is Mori Summer and switches her allegiance to her. Which is going to drive Shinka crazy with Dekomori following her around (but she’ll secretly be pleased by it).

    2. Lol, I dunno about a little sister or anything. Yuri shipping aside, they’re just becoming friends, and Shinka doesn’t quiiiite yet want to admit that this surprisingly smart (yet also stupid) chu2 middle schooler is totally her friend. Yet ; )

      1. Lol, I dunno about a little sister or anything.

        Yeah, I think I took that contention an order of a magnitude too far- I think it’s mostly because I’ve always wanted a little sister…:3

  10. I couldn’t bring myself to listen to the ED this week

    Kind of like the Clannad After Story ED right?

    I wish more anime would try to do something with the OP/ED to reflect the current mood of the series. It can be a pretty powerful tool considering how we are conditioned to expect the same OP/ED every episode.

    I still remember the impact of the sudden switch to the instrumental version of the OP in ef ~ a tale of melodies episode 6 when a plot bomb was dropped. The characters were also taken out of the animation of the OP leaving just the background. When something like that happens, you know shit is going to go down. It was also pretty smart how that series progressively added colour to the monochrome OP until it was in full colour at the end of the series.

    1. I suppose different directors and studios have different philosophies about the OP and the ED. Some simply treat the OP and ED as bookends to the show, with very mechanical functions. Traditionally, the OP and ED are for:

      1. Reminding viewers what they are watching
      2. Drawing in first time viewers
      3. Most importantly, fitting in the credits.

      Just like at the movies, many directors expect viewers to just tune out at credits. As such they do not use the OP and ED for anything special.

      Other directors and/or studios like to play with their OP/ED. This may be to encourage viewers to stick around for credits, because they feel that the OP/ED has lasting symbollic purpose even late in the show, or because they consider the OP/ED as extra minutes they can use. They tend to play with their OP/ED more, experiment with changes to the OP/ED, and be more willing to put real content after the ED.

      Kyoani tends to fall into the first camp. Their OP/ED are functional and “watch it once” affairs. Whenever they need more time in their episode they invariably chop out the OP. They do not give their bookends much consideration.

    2. I agree, Fling (& crew). This is one (of the many) reasons why I heaped praise on Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon, because they always swapped out the ED to suit that episode’s tone – either using the peppy happy one, the dramatic one, or letting the episode keep going with one or the other playing in the background. Just using them as static bookends (as Passerby so rightly noted) is a missed opportunity.

      Also, the After Story ED was fucking horrible. I smashed the pause key on that on every single episode. Broke my mood so badly >_<

  11. First, yes Touka is the hot, and Yuuta will be very lucky if Rikka grows up to be similar to that in 3-4 years time (how much older than them I assume she is). Also, I agree that while she wants her sister to accept reality and move on she plays into the delusions because she does love her sister and wants her to be happy. Shinka looked very nice in that bikini.

    On Nap-Sempai, given how quickly she joined the conversation on the train after showing off clevage while “asleep” I am betting she was awake the whole time and is just drawing in Isshiki.

    Also, I was totally shouting in my head when we see Rikka shouting she is rejecting reality (which might not be as much a part of her delusions as we first thought) “No!!!! If Evangelion has taught me anything rejecting reality for fantasy is bad!” I hope things are able to work out well for her.

    Gouka Ryuu
  12. You know i think they will do a battle in the roof scene. Now i think only the combination of Dark Flame Master and The Wicked Eye that can beat priesstes.

    And for the other pair i hope they will get their touching momment later.

  13. Although I can see where you’re getting the yuri vibes between Shinka and Dekomori, I actually think it more likely that Shinka likes Isshiki. She’s been acting circumspectly tsundere toward him ever since last episode – and notice how she’s always interfering with his… admiration of Kumin!

    I predict that we will someday learn the identity of the mystery girl who wrote Isshiki’s note. And my money is on Shinka.

    1. I don’t believe Nibutani and Isshiki can possibly be paired since Nibutani is only doing this because she knows how he can be perverted and Kumin is pretty much clueless. But the mystery note is still in question so, who knows?

    2. Yes, Shinka’s attitude towards Isshiki seems a lot like how most couples I’ve read where the girl likes the guy, but knows he’s a pervert and slides into the “protect everyone” from his pervertedness.

      It would be quite an interesting love triangle, that’s for sure.

    3. Yeah, I’m not getting that at all. She just sees a pervy guy acting all pervy towards her rather clueless friend, and would rather prefer he stops. I don’t think Shinka is looking for love with anyone, much less Isshiki.

  14. So we get the beach episode and it is not what I expected. The girls are wearing their suits from the OP. Well done, KyoAni.

    @Stilts. I do see that the ED music might not have fit with the mood of the cliffhanger. But if you just read the lyrics, I think it’s very poignant. Rikka’s sense of identity, being her father’s daughter, was shattered three years ago. She’s asking for others to acknowledge her, to understand her. She’s searching for a place that she belongs.

  15. Rikka temporarily lapsing into her pre-Chu2 mode and called Tooka “onee-chan” – D’AWWWW

    To escape from the pain of losing her father and her mother abandoning her, for three years Rikka has sought refuge in her almost Quixotic-like Chuu2 adventures, preferring those to the harshness offered by her strict grandfather. It’s no doubt tough on Tooka as well, as she would have to mediate between Rikka and their gramps by her willfully taking on the role of the “bad guy” (Priestess) so as to keep conflict to a minimum. But she cannot be by Rikka’s side forever, and must be secretly glad at Yuuta’s presence.

    I’ve been on the Nibutani x Dekomori yuri ship for some time before it started getting popular this week, they just get along too well to not give those of us equipped with yuri goggles a wild idea. XD

    And Isshiki x Kumin-sempai is starting to actually be appealing. At first we all thought it was a one-off, but Kyo-Ani has wisely chosen to go on from there.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. Up to now, Rikka’s excuse of being as she is was the same as Yuuta: overload of sappiness. Now that we’re seeing her real face, I’ve just have a single word for her: COWARD!
      Taking refugee just because the real world is harsh? Sorry, but I’ve seen characters more broken that didn’t need an entire series to man up to reality. Touka is another example: she’s just using Yuuta because she’s tired to act as the intemediary and need a final solution. Yuuta is trapped in another family’s issue, and he’s just going by because he feels sorry for a fellow chuu2 and is too beta to know it. Way too convenient. There goes the plot.
      These last 2 episodes have been completely dependant of the hijinks of the supporting characters, and it shows. This one has tried to make a series full of funny shennanigans to turn into the darker side. If KyoAni choose this instead of Little Busters! just because they thought this was the equivalent in drama, this is their first big mistake. This series is not a Key/Visual Arts work that manages to wrench your heart.
      I’ll give this a couple more eps to see if they can recover.

      1. With deal respect, I’ll have to respectfully disagree.

        Admittedly, Rikka is being a “coward” for not knowing how to deal with her grief, choosing to live in her Quixotic-like delusion, but she is not the first character to do so, and she will not be the last.

        To dismiss the integrity of the plot right away just because of that aspect of her character is just stretching it a bit too far. You might as well dismiss Evangelion for Shinji being too emo all the time. Not to mention using Kyo-Ani’s passing of Little Busters as a feeble beating stick.

        Kinny Riddle
      2. Keep in mind, she was a 10-11 year old child. It looks like she came from a fairly happy family, so she had little to steel herself against this. Also, keep in mind that this family decided to keep her father’s decline a secret. So, we have a sudden death that jars her. This is compounded. Because she can detect, but not be able to communicate due to her youth, how different the rest of the family feels. They’ve had time to prepare. She is on the outside looking in.

        If I found something that made sense off in the horizon, you bet I would be packing my bags and heading in that direction.

      3. Yeah, I disagree with the coward assessment of Rikka.

        This is her way of coping with this loss and ideas she doesn’t have the tools (read maturity)
        to properly and emotionally manage herself. If she were a bed wetter, thumb sucker, fixated
        on a stuffed animal, I agree the series wouldn’t be as palatable in cuteness to its audience.
        These are the realities in Anime story-telling for a series like this — do those other
        circumstances make their actors cowards too?

        I believe, per the story, that Yuuta is (now) much more aware of Rikka’s chuu2, and had no
        obligation to go with Rikka and her sister; he could’ve said no. But, this was a choice he made
        because he’s interested in Rikka — but not in the “I’m your saviour” way, he really just wants
        to be her supportive friend.

      4. Here’s the thing. What you use as criticism I actually see as praiseworthy points. It may surprise you that realistic human beings are often not ubermenschen and do not have all the answers to their problems. You don’t even need mental health statistics to know that. Rikka’s delusions may be dysfunctional, but it’s easy to accept that as her coping mechanism (as these things often are). As for Tooka, you must remember that she is not Rikka’s mother; she is her sister. Tooka was simply thrusted into a parental role by default and she understandably does not know how to deal with Rikka. You are free to call their weakness cowardice or whatever you wish, but there’s no point attaching labels and complaining when the weakness is written as an integral facet of their characters.

        To err is to be human. Humanity is what makes characters compelling.

  16. well by look it was to a beach ep with shinka vs sanae usual doing with dog lick on shinka to sun burn names to kumin all white outfit.

    but here big drama give rikka bit feel sad then meet her grandparents then big wham why being in that area cause 3yrs ago her dad is “gone” while their mom send them to grandparents.

    yet rikka stiil think her dad is ok then her & yuuta escape to reach place her father’s house is at but harsh reality kick in cue said rikka now to attack her sister.

  17. I thought this show was meant to make us smile out of all the moe, not bawl because it’s so sad…loved the episode, though. Poor little Rikka, i just want to embrace her and hug her ;_;

  18. It can take many years for one to finally realise their dearest is gone. It is just 3 years, what do you guys expect? And Rikka did not know until her dad passed away. Cut her some slack and show her more affection. Tooka and family is pushing her too hard to accept the truth. I feel you, Rikka.

      1. No, your spelling is completely valid. As とおか is To-o-ka. Though Japanese people would sometimes like to Romanize the とお in their names as “Toh” as they think double-o’s look a bit too redundant. It depends on personal preference.

        Kinny Riddle
      2. Actually, 十花is written in hiragana as とうか. It’s pronounced とおか. The うafter the とprolongs the vowels sounds of とwhich is お, hence とおか. In written form, it should be Touka, or Tōka, but rarely Tohka anymore. It can be written as Toka but technically it’s not correct. There are exceptions from common use. Tokyo is 東京which is とうきょうbut nobody writes it as Toukyou or Tōkyō.

      3. I stand corrected then, bertman.

        Again, here I must rail against the downvoting system, as I see almost every post in this conversation getting one downvote.

        If one is just making an innocent erroneous statement, particularly academic topics like this one, I really don’t understand why they should receive a downvote.

        IMHO Downvotes, if they are to be kept as a “necessary evil”, should only be reserved for “subjective opinions” and blatant trolling, not factually incorrect statements made via error rather than malice.

        Kinny Riddle
  19. To be perfectly honest, when I first started watching this show I didn’t expect a great deal of depth. I thought this was going to be one of KyoAni’s lighter shows, with a laid-back attitude and cute characters. Boy am I glad it turned out to be something different. It strikes a nice balance between the comedic moments and its character depth. Definitely one of the best shows of the season.

    On another note, Touka would indeed make a good wife! Great body, an excellent cook; and despite her harsh personality, she seems like a very loving, caring person. In other words, she’d always be there to keep you in check in case you start slacking.

  20. and an older sister and grandparents who…

    (Stilts) think she’s (Touka) purposefully playing along…

    I had wondered about that, then I saw Touka carries the same ladle that she had in the previous episodes on this
    visit to their grandparents. That’s not explained, and I wonder if it’ll be in the next episode.

    And with that, I wonder is (this is my theory) if Touka, I won’t say encourages but, allows Rikka her fantasy escape
    because when the tragedy happened to both of them, Touka felt herself too old to grieve in that way and had to be
    the pillar of strength for her younger sister. I mean, we know very little of how everything affected Touka: suddenly
    becoming a “parent”, 100% responsible for Rikka; her sudden lose of both parents; having to strike out on her own
    to protect her sister…

    So why encourage Yuuta? Maybe (more theory) because she sees that he could be the stepping stone for Rikka to
    grow and become more emotionally self sufficient, something a “parent” couldn’t (easily) do?

    I don’t think Rikka’s loss of her father affected her as deeply as the loss of her mother. At Rikka’s young age, this
    is more significant in her development as a girl to young lady to woman. I know what you’re thinking – but she’s
    specifically trying to communicate with her father, right? I think Rikka understands that her father is dead and
    can’t communicate with or return to her. But maybe in her mind, if she can “right” things with her father from beyond
    the Ethereal Horizon, she’ll be worthy of her mother’s return, somehow, since her mother would be the closest
    connection with her father (and in a way, he would be back through her mother’s memory of him).

    IMHO, this is the strength of a great story.

    I also don’t judge Rikka’s mother; not everyone has a steel temperament. It seems like her husband slowly passed,
    and she simply broke down from the pain of her loss. Not saying it was right thing, but there are realities, too.


    Okay – show of hands of all of those who rewound the tape to see Kumin-sempai’s mole (yeah, count me too)!!!
    You know, I don’t know if the concept of spin-off shows happens in Anime, but I could definitely watch a
    Kumin-sempai series based on her many cute napping techniques — hey, I’m trying to help here!

    Kumin-sempai’s pure white one-piece? HNNNNNNNNNNNNN– *massive nosebleed*

    Stilts, I’m really sorry about this. You see, we could never go out coursing together because we’d be pointed at the same
    prey (ducks and runs at the strong sexist remark just made).

    I could easily triple this comment – this series seems to be doing so many things right. I can’t wait to see
    how the battle will play out next week!!!

    1. hmm you might have misunderstood young children its usually young girls are drawn to daddy and young boys drawn to mommy but sometimes if daddy works too much and only mommy is around then sure all love is to mommy and daddy is never there… cuz dad-dy dadddy wasnt there! it seems he doesnt careee..(more so the grandpa then lol) haha but in the case of this show daddy was sick so daddy was there and did care! and left so soooon! ahha daddy issssues! suddenly rikka is even better than before we knew! lol d – a – d – d -y!!! yaaa

    2. No worries mac65, I’m a pro wingman when need be. We’ll swap off which ladies get a chance to slap us for our clumsy attempts at wooing them ; )

      But as for Rikka’s mother, I most certainly will not cease my intense judgment of her. When you become a parent, all of your shit becomes secondary. Everything – everything – should be for your kids, and anything you do for yourself should only be so you’re just barely sane enough to see them onto adulthood. To give her daughters up to her dead husband’s parents and just run off? Fuck that. Unless we find out that she was abusing Touka and Rikka, there’s no excuse for her not doing absolutely everything she could for her daughters, her own grief be damned…and if she was, then she better have “run off” to jail.

  21. I’m calling it, I think now that Rikka is in a rage she might beat Touka into the dirt and the battle will probably have to end with Yuuta intervening to prevent it from getting any more serious. Those eyes…they weren’t playing around anymore; Rikka is out for blood this time.

  22. Given the break point for the cliff-hanger, I’d say we’re at a turning point in relationships. I think it’s entirely possible that Yuuta steps in before they get started, talks to her and, maybe, even puts his arms around her, saying something like ‘let’s not fight in front of your father…’. It defuses the fight, probably shocks Rikka, but doesn’t demand a full ‘face the reality’ moment. Ah, the anticipation…!

    1. I agree that somehow Yuuta will stop them (by hugging Rikka most likely) and we’ll see her crack wide open. I’m beginning to be convinced that Tooka set this up from the beginning. Even to the bit on the roof where she calls Yuuta a dangerous element to make sure Rikka doesn’t think that she and Yuuta are working together. She knows that Rikka can only be reached by someone she trusts and that’s Yuuta.

      1. I don’t think she planned it all, but it is possible she’s making herself a bit of the bad guy on purpose. That does bring forth a question, though…why couldn’t she have been Rikka’s ally instead

        All I can guess is that Rikka started her “Priestess” bit before Touka realized what her imouto needed. At that point, she had to find someone else to be the ally, because she could only be the bad guy then.

      1. “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” – George Bernard Shaw

        Okay, it’s not quite as applicable, but I just like that quote :X

  23. i just dont get how that house looks proper but it got demolished kinda confusing how its just empty lot now… most houses look like they could be condemned and still standing! lol

    1. That…well, that’s one of those things that was mostly done for effect. A boarded up door or the old house with a new family wouldn’t have had nearly as much punch as the empty lot. Yeah, maybe it’s a bit convenient…but, well, KyoAni hasn’t done that but like once or twice this whole series so far, so I forgive them.

    2. That’s how the housing market works in Japan.

      Most houses are built of wood rather than concrete, and so they are constructed quite quickly within months of a buyer purchasing his plot of land. And when he moves out or passes away and his close family decides to move somewhere, it gets torn down, and the plot of land made available once again to the market.

      Kinny Riddle
  24. That Touka dere moment when everyone praises her for her amazing cooking which follows with “Best. point of view. EVAR!! Seriously, Touka is the perfect waifu. Caring, sexy, an awesome cook, just a little bit frightening, and she can effortlessly flip herself onto a roof and stick the landing. Touka is amazing!” -Stilts
    The other girls also looked amazing in their swimsuit =3

  25. Mori Summer approves of Dark Flame Master X Tyrant Eye shipping.
    What she needs now is to open her heart to the Mjonir Wielder.
    And ‘gattai’ together to form… DEKOMORISUMMMER. Even their names are made to pair.

    Looks like Isshiki is doing his best to master the art of napping.

  26. The “dark Flame” is the “key” for her, to get out of her own “Cage” of denying Reality

    Thats why she could not go on her own. She was Afraid. But “Dark Flame” has taken her fear. And you can say, this is a “jump of Faith” (AC3) https://randomc.net/image/Chuunibyou%20Demo%20Koi%20ga%20Shitai/Chuunibyou%20Demo%20Koi%20ga%20Shitai%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2033.jpg
    for her.

    And why her Older Sister play this Game? Well, it was perhaps her only way to rech out to her. Even then when She is the “Bad Priestess”. Well, She took her in her House, away from the Grandparents. She not “that” bad


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