「おいでませ!松楊祭」 (Oidemase! Shōyōsai)
“Come Down To Shōyō Festival”

It feels good to organize data like this — I hope Shizuku would be proud!

It’s been a wavy ride so far, hasn’t it? After finally formalizing the heartbeat of the show into data I can understand, it’s clear how much these two have already been through. Although it was a little frustrating, a little saddening, and definitely maddening to see Haru and Mitty in such desynchronization with each other…it looks like things may finally be getting better.

Shizuku, I’m glad you decided to finally face the issue of Haru with bravery rather than trying to contain and ultimately escape it. It’s great that you’re finally being honest and trying to open yourself–every other character is glad to see that shift in your nature. Even Yamaken, despite his tsundere nature, led you in that direction so that you could finally be yourself. Yes, continue to work hard for your studies so you can make something out of yourself, but know that your dreams don’t have to be alone. Studies are undeniably important, that’s for sure, but Shizuku, you suffered too much by trying to disconnect yourself, by avoiding making amends. You almost said, “Without studies, I have nothing,” but that’s obviously not true. You have grown a new part of you over these past few episodes, one that is largely independent of your studies. Accept that that part of you can be in harmony with human intimacy, and things will work out eventually. Haru has given you time, so now face your troubles openly and maturely! I’m rooting for you, bookworm!

Haru, you make so many mistakes, and often you’re confused about the situation, but your honesty and misunderstood way of caring is what Mitty and everyone else enjoys about you. For a genius, you may be the stupidest reactionary in the show, but you’re slowly figuring things out. Keep on improving yourself with the advice of Natsume, Mitty, Ooshima, and all your other friends, so that you can avoid ever hurting Shizuku in the future. Your past, along with Yuuzan, may be your greatest obstacle, and it will definitely haunt you in the future, but as long as your friends care for you, keep moving forward, away from your past. Don’t become clingy, but keep on being there for Shizuku–be the warmth for her, and she will be the companion for you. Wait for her to accept that, don’t rush, and keep smiling, making her tingly inside.

Natsume, you are a true friend for imparting your advice, especially out of genuine concern. “I’m your friend and Haru’s…it is my business!” is what you said, amidst your tears of relief. Although in other situations this would be a selfish thing to say, your concern is touching and lacks selfishness, which Mitty notices. Natsume, you have made great strides in being there for your first friend. Your kindness definitely doesn’t go unnoticed, as more than one person has seen. What comes around, goes around–your future definitely looks bright, both with Shizuku and everyone else.

Sasahara, you may have missed your opportunity this time to Mi-chan, but it’s obvious that you are one of the most observant people on the block. Don’t lose hope that you weren’t able to be there for Natsume this time, but let this be a lesson not to let that opportunity slip by again. You definitely have great potential to be a heartwarming character, so go out there and be there for everyone else (especially Natsume)!

Ooshima, it really does suck that you have to be Haru’s outlet for his frustrations, both physically and emotionally. You love him for his bravery and ability to stick up for others, but unfortunately his heart is taken by another. He may confuse you at times, but it’s obvious that he’s not falling for you anytime soon. But alas, many of the characters in this show are actually pleasant people, so don’t give up Ooshima! You are definitely a kind person, quiet in your listening skills, but wise in the few words you say. Although you should still get caught up in everyone’s antics as a friend, romantically, it is the time to look elsewhere, despite how hard that’ll actually be.

Yamaken, you’re so misunderstood and tsundere, I truly pity you. Although you may have some nastily elitist and distant traits about you, you do care about Shizuku…I think. You speak your mind and provide a different perspective, and although you might be disrespectful at times, when it matters most, you definitely straighten up your act. Standing up to Yuuzan, considering how much trauma he must’ve inflicted on you, is a feat I must applaud you for. Hopefully the show provides more opportunities for you to show your better traits before this first season ends.

Finally, Yuuzan…screw you.

Overall, today’s episode definitely brought more positive feelings and hope for the future than previous episodes. There definitely was some drama that shifted seats, but the hopeful note the show leaves us on reminds me of the earlier episodes and the endings that left me positively grinning. Hopefully this is a trend that’ll last for a while, because it is those moments, along with the constant comedy, that make me look forward to Tonari every week.

Everyone…you’ve made your mistakes, but it’s time to start fresh and make amends. Do your best! Ganbatte! =D

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  1. Up, down, up, down, up, down, up. You can really see from the graph that their relationship is like a roller coaster. I love the parts when Mitty starts blushing, and I also love Natsume for trying to help out her friends

  2. That’s a nice chart, too bad it gets really boring after a while because it repeats too much. You can even guess if the manga continues indefinitely after the show, the chart’s ups & downs will forever remain the same. Interesting now but ~yawn~ later.

  3. I love the chart – It’s exactly how I feel at this point about the series. Like I’m on a roller coaster!

    This episode touched on something in Haru’s past that led him to the hostage behaviour with Ooshima; I admit
    I don’t fully understand but I hoping it’s explained in future episodes.

    Again, Mitty can take the punch. If I were Haru, I’d feel about 1 inch tall after that – there wouldn’t be enough I could
    do to make up for it. I can see why Haru is such a terrifying fighter – he literally goes blind with rage and swings wildly.

    Poor Ooshima, looks like she did fall in love with the wrong guy – but he was kinda gruff about it. I thought he should
    have let her down gently.

    Great episode – hoping we’ll see some great development from here on out!!!!

    1. I kinda like this series but neither of the leades are likeable people. Haru has a good heart and means well but is rough with girls, socially inept, and can you imagine what he will be like after they get married if things aren’t going well and he is having a stressful day? He grabbed her wrist so hard it bruised the skin and lets not forget that punch in the face. He wasn’t even devestated that he gave the girl he “loves” a knuckle sandwich to the face.

      She is so focused on getting the best grades she is forgetting to have fun too. She will never get those high school years back. She is a loner, mean spirited and rude to people trying to help her. Her comment to Natsume was just plain mean. At least she appologized for it but I could see the same thing happening the next day and the day after that. Thats the kind of person she is.

      We like them because we are supposed to like them as the main characters. They both seriously need to change their ways as they are pretty unlikeable.

      1. I can imagine that their character makeup may be unlikable for a good number of people, and that’s a completely justified case.

        For me personally, I find it an interesting layer that deserves to be explored more in romantic comedies. There is always the case with protagonists that are practically perfect, and that any “flaws” that they have are just moe points in some people’s books. Imperfections that are actually UNLIKABLE in a character, a protagonist no less, is a big risk, HUGE since it can backfire so easily, but it allows for different character development and interaction that you can’t get by “playing it safe”.

        In this case, the flaws help illustrate the struggles of an actual relationship. In my own experience, while people may fall for each other right away and become all snuggle snuggle, that “quick get-together” is prone to the first serious argument. Once the illusion of “they are so perfect!” is broken, even a little bit, that’s where short-lived romances begin to weed out en masse. Haru and Mitty have just gotten over that first roadblock (though not officially in a relationship), but of course more are to come, because well…what’s a story without more conflict? Their flaws illustrate the frustration, the hardship, the struggle with the apparent incompatibility that a number of people face. That’s why I love this show so much: they aren’t making it easy for me to accept characters fully, and they definitely aren’t making a MittyxHaru pairing a walk in the park.

        Sorry, went off on a rant there…^_^

      2. They seem to have a certain aura about them that causes them to accomplish the exact opposite that they intend to do. They’re both anti-social on some level. Haru runs away from his problems while Shizuku is so blunt that she can’t think through way she says (& she’s suppose to be a girl – I thought that’s a basic characteristic of anime guys). Compile that with all of Haru’s present flaws with Shizuku’s inability to consider others’ feelings & you get a time bomb.

        Anyway these two just seem completely incompatible with each other & forcing them into any kind of relationship is your detonator. With most shoujo couples, they compliment each other, but I can’t feel that here for the life of me – it just seems like a bad joke. They may have to fight through heaven & hell to get together but I guess that’s the most fascinating thing about this.

      3. Haven’t read the source material but I assume they are both gonna slowly deal with their negative character traits by the time the series ends? Or at least be working on fixing them.

      4. They probably won’t reach this far in the anime so…

        Show Spoiler ▼

      5. Megas, is that so? Well I will put this in spoiler tag since I’m responding to your spoiler: Show Spoiler ▼

  4. Character Love and Respect This week at SOME point during the episode:
    Natsume: +2

    Mitty: +2

    Oshima: +3 (She’s really growing 🙂 I like that about her. She has no confidence, but she’s trying hard to take the initiative. That indirect confession was just a sign of her growth.)

    Haru: +1

    Sasayan: +1

    Yamaken: +1 (He has great insight. He was able to understand Mitty’s problem right away)

    Mi-chan +2 (Cheering up poor Natsume :D)

    Character Hate and Disrespect This week at SOME point during the episode:

    Yamaken: -1 (He’s really playing around with Haru and Mitty too much. Just stop man, your actions aren’t making anything better :/)

    Characters that can go FUCK themselves this week:

    Yuuzan Yoshida: (No rating for this guy. I used to see him as a good guy who wants the best for his little bro. But now he’s literally just PLAYING with Haru, seeing him react this way fro the fun of it. It’s gotta stop dammit. That fuckery needs to go back from where he came.)

  5. Finally, Yuuzan…screw you.

    No, Zanibas, screw you! (Okay, that’s a bit much perhaps, but you went too far as well on this hating on Yuuzan!!) What’s with all this hatred, man? I guess it can’t be helped since they dropped every backstory on him and to lesser extent, Yamaken’s, but I’ll have you know that in manga, it’s explained that the reason Yamaken dreaded Yuuzan is when younger Yamaken bullied younger Haru, Yuuzan would come and protect Haru and punish Yamaken for bulling Haru. Go ahead, read the original source!! In anime, since Yuuzan is like the least important bit character introduced so far, they dropped ALL small details that could explain the fuller character (they also dropped what could’ve been at most 5 sec scene of Mitt looking at a Haru’s picture Yuuzan gave her, which would’ve further established mischievous side of him) . Now he’s no saint, I have no doubt, but he’s no A-grade a-hole devil, either! BUT, I give you that anime version of Yuuzan’s rather black and white character that most will love to hate unfortunately; he’s another victim of adaptation.

    1. You DID read the manga right. The part where we find out about Yuuzan haven’t even happen yet in the show – they did cut out some stuff but it’s just nonsense about those 2 idiots playing around. Even so, HE’s still just playing with Haru. Just as he did when he they were younger. Haru resents his past & Yuuzan is still acting as the past is now. Why would Haru even move out if he didn’t dread being with his brother & father – they’re the reason why Haru is like what he is now.

      1. Stop blaming George Bu.. wait! that’s not it, Stop it, stop it, me! I’ve been brainwashed~~~. 🙁

        Anyway stop blaming others for his problem, man!! 🙂 Like him punching and hurting Study bug and glasses girl are all those two evil men’s faults, I suppose?? I quote George Carlin for this: “And besides, it happened back there, it’s over now, stop living in the past!”. ah ha ha, that George was so funny.

      2. This “George Bu” happened in an anime, you have to understand that “George Bu” is suppose to be the lesson here – but that’s why this is an anime. They haven’t even gotten to the part to where we even know that this is suppose to be the lesson. But they gave a general gist of something that Yuuzan did scarred Haru as a child. The Japanese male psyche in anime is WAY too brittle to accept things of that nature & get over it – i.e. the BS we normal real people deal with every day.

      3. ” The part where we find out about Yuuzan haven’t even happen yet in the show”
        Megas, you mean the part where Yamaken tells Mitty why he dreads Yuuzan? It happened already in the “show”, but they cut that out. Otherwise, I’d have put it under a spoiler tag. It could’ve done under 10 seconds, but the anime writers didn’t feel any need to give positive score for Yuuzan, as after all, he’s the least important bit character introduced so far. But if you meant something else, nevermind then.

      4. Show Spoiler ▼

        We can tell Yamaken dreads him just by his reaction, but why they didn’t include it is beyond me. Maybe they don’t intend to go that far into the story but not including that leaves it as a guessing game for now.

    2. Yesh eph, unfortunately, Yuuzan’s anime adaption is lacking in some layers. My reactions are solely based on his portrayal of the anime, since I don’t like spoiling myself ahead of time.

      I take note that he may have a more layered and thus more understandable character in the manga, but that’s the thing: it’s the manga. It’s not uncommon for anime and manga adaptions to have different nuances or lack of–it just happens to be that the nuances are lost here. Thus, although you are free to also tell me to screw off :3, I feel justified in my current reaction as the anime portrays it. We talk manga, then maybe it’s a different story. *wink*

      However, specifically in this scenario, my full list of responses is:

      Yuuzan is just an asshole: screw off!
      Yuuzan is just practicing tough love/helping the process: Screw off, but…thanks. 🙂

  6. so let see is school festival doing with shizuku as zombie nurse give blonde guy looking some hmm with her til haru come in & oops punch shizuku cue everyone left in snow.

    blonde guy try fix things up yet while hidden haru got kana hana rep & then come haru’s brother cue haru having kana hana shield til people seeing run away.

    after some realize shizuku said sorry haru, asako, & everyone to back to school doing with after long day alone time for shizuku & haru.

  7. I don’t like being spoon-fed on what I have to think by anime writers or bloggers, so I think a bit differently on this Yamaken/Yuuzan involvement on Haru. (disclaimer: I only read up to what’s available, manga CH 34 + anime ep 8, so don’t sue me if any of this turned out to be incorrect later on)

    Yamaken: yes, on a glance, he seems to get close to Mitty while he’s not that interested in her after seeing a certain reaction of Haru on that and to further provoke that reaction ( Show Spoiler ▼

    ). Quite a natural reaction of a high schooled, pre-18-year-old kid. What else did y’all expect from a puny child? When he’s 28 and he’s still acting like that, then I will have a plenty issue. But he doesn’t exactly go out of his way and take a giant dump on their relationship just for fun and hurt Haru when he maintains zero interest on the girl. While it’s slightly mean-sprited at times, it’s not quite assholy in my book. There also seems to be a some sort of rivalry or a certain inferior complex going on from Yamaken toward Haru built up from childhood, which people tend to not see. I don’t see him as a monochrome 1-dimensional character who manipulates people around, has no compassion, and hates Haru. If anything, due to obvious viewer bias on main couple, he’d probably get more bad raps than he deserves going forwards. Admitted he’s got that rich jerk vibe going on, so no matter his true character, it won’t help his causes.

    Yuuzan: also yes, he shows up on the school, even though he knows that his brother freaks out and runs aways whenever he sees him. I don’t claim to know why Haru is acting this way towards Yuuzan, so until I know I can only speculate. Haru is portrayed as a immature boy, no one would argue against that. But how long does he plans to act like a 7 year-old and keeps running away from his problems and acts all spoilt just because he gets a little uncomfortable? Unless Yuuzan had sexually molested Haru, this is not exactly natural, is it? Similar to Yamaken, I don’t see Yuuzan going out of his way to ruin Haru’s relationship with other people. If anything, he gives good advices on those around Haru and seems to force Haru to face his problem head-on, no matter how uncomfortable it makes him. His friends all seem too nice and accommodating towards Haru to face his obvious destructive mental issue. And NO ONE, both characters and viewers, seems to criticize Haru for going crazy and hurting innocent bystander, Ooshima, especially all Yuuzan did was just step into the same room Haru was in (or don’t get me started on how many times he closed-fist puches Mitty (2-3 times and counting). Does anyone here criticize any of that nonsense, even if none was intentional? BIG FAT NO~~~); this nonsense of his really gotta stop for his own good. There is no hand-holding & babying coming from Yuuzan towards his brother’s issue (his cold stare and telling him “do you want to cause another scene” and “are you really going to hurt that girl” is telling). For all I know he could be JUST a bastard and messing with his brother, but he could easily be more complex than that, like most of human beings???

    There seems to be kid-glove treatment among viewers on main couple while a slight defect on perceived rival characters turn them into witch-hunt subjects. I don’t necessarily claim that I love these two characters (the only one I like is Natsume…naturally 😛 I just happen to find her voice actress’ voice cute), but don’t get pigeonholed too easily into by the too-obvious setup. There are different ways to look at things, me think.

    1. I call upon the very first post, or the comments from episode one, where he pulled off the “rape” comment–people DO take note. I just happened to NOT emphasize that point here, since Haru’s already pulled off these antics plenty before, and the focus this episode was a beginning to an “on the same page” mentality. I appreciate your commentary, I really do, but I would not be so quick to start accusing an entire audience of ignorance or coddling the main couple.

      Although they didn’t focus on Ooshima’s aftermath from that scene, and I do have to agree that the reactions people have towards Haru’s actions (in-show) are a bit disconnect at times, I feel that people are adjusting to Haru’s attitudes, if ever so slightly, due to these shenanigans happening ALL THE TIME. While I can imagine that there’s a large set of us that would go apeshit on Haru if he did those things on our watch, Mitty doesn’t share that same mentality. Her level-headedness is what makes her a special character, even when everyone else is freaking out that she hit glasses girl (though the spectators at that point know that Haru lacks control in his rage).

      The main point I’ve been trying to shoot home these past few posts is that many of the main characters have shown flaws, but despite those flaws, they try their best, including Yamaken and Yuuzan (I actually gave him the shadow of the doubt a few episodes ago, and I still do, but I still don’t like the way he goes about things, hence the screw you). That’s what fascinates me about this show: the layer of depth from playing this game of adjusting to people and their flaws. Therefore, your BIG FAT NO, I feel, is uncalled for here, unless you misinterpreted my posts, especially as “spoon-feeding”, for which I apologize if that’s the case.

      I still invite you to continue posting on my own shows though, your commentary is welcome, though a bit on the “personal attack” side at times. 🙂

      1. Zanibas, well I wasn’t picking on anybody specifically. When I said “anime writers or bloggers”, I meant more in general terms and more about myself by that statement. I certainly wasn’t picking on you -even if I may or may not agree on things you’ve written on things. So don’t take it as a personal attack direct to your post.

        If anything, I was speaking towards a general trend that I saw or at the very least, almost all of vocal ones (I can’t know when someone feels a certain way if he/she doesn’t express it) who commented tend to be much more forgiving and patient towards the “main guys” while quick to dismiss and hate rival characters, just because the story involves around the main guys’ perspective. But that’s not Tonari’s issue, but any anime’s. And at time of my initial post, no one here was really pointing about yet-again-girl-punching-and-arm-twisting & bruising-Haru as if it’s okay, so hence “BIG FAT NO” comment to point that out.

      2. Alright, I getcha! Just remember to specify your statements, since well…it caused some confusion on my side. I still liked your commentary, so keep that up! We’ll see how the anime decides to treat Yuuzan, and how the manga ultimately ends up wrapping up Haru’s past.

  8. Natsume and Sasayan area awesome. Ooshima is also sweet.

    I’m confused about Yuuzan, is he like psychotic underneath all that? Why is “tencho” so accommodating of him? What did he do to Yamaken and Haru?

    Finally, I love the trio of idiots that follows Yamaken around. I hope they get some chance to shine as well instead of just beating people up and then acting like fools.

    1. Oh, and Haru needs to be receive therapy and perhaps medication. He’s too dangerous to be let loose in school without being monitored somehow. The school nurse should probably have referred him to a psychologist by now.

      1. That is true, but since we have rom com logic, it’s something we’ve got to accept, along with punches to the face having enough force to slam Mitty into a locker but not SERIOUSLY injure her, having a chicken coop surrounded by barbed wire (and maybe chicken wire lolololol), and the cops not showing up when a bunch of hooligans start thrashing up your hardware store.

        Can I justify these PROPERLY? nope. Suspension of disbelief due to rom com it is then :P.

      2. Haru grabbing Oshima broke it for me. Hitting Mitty (again) was an accident, but using Oshima as a shield was just too much. He’s dangerous. Either his anger or his fears are going to permanently harm someone. He needs to be institutionalized.

    2. Bah, sorry for the triple post (wish we could edit!)

      Anyway, one thing I found interesting is that Sasayan says “why are you being made to cry” rather than “why are you crying”. He seems to be rather protective =P

  9. muaha! I dig the chart! From the format in which you reviewed this episode, I can really tell that you’ve become emotionally attached and invested in these characters. I like that kinda energy for this anime 🙂

  10. I absolutely love the chart! Great work Zanibas! As someone who has been slaving over analytical chemistry graphs for the past few weeks, this is a welcomed improvement 😀 I’m glad the HaruxMitty relationship is back on the rise. Slowly but surely those two will end up on the same page lol. And as much as I love the main couple, it’s always nice to see a little SasayanxNatsume brewing behind the scenes! It’ll be nice to see their development…
    Show Spoiler ▼

    There are so many great side characters in this show and it’s nice when they get a little more attention. But of course I’m always looking forward to more development between our main couple. It’s nice when two people realize how much they can grow together ^^

  11. Wow nice chart Zanibas. But what’s with the “Desynchronization” part? Have you been playing too much Assassin’s Creed 3 lately? lol

    I can totally see it, you play as the descendent of either Haru or Shizuku, entering into the machine accessing their genetic memories, and then making sure they raise the right romantic flags to ensure history stays its course or risk getting desynched. (Please do pardon me from all the AC geekspeak. )

    Kinny Riddle
  12. Wow, Zanibas, what a great post!

    I’m amazed by how much effort you put into making the graph for Shizuku/Haru’s relationship.
    I really like how you addressed each characters.

    I’m still on the fence about Yuuzan though. 🙂

  13. hahaha nice chart Zanibas ^^ I’m glad Mitty has decided to face her problems and Haru head on. I’m glad she realizes that her bluntness can hurt others around her (our poor Natsume!).
    Haru also has flaws, he needs to control his rage otherwise Mitty is going to take another punch to the face. The two definitely have some problems to sort out, but I love the ups and downs they’re going through.
    As for Yamaken, I haven’t said much about him but I think he’s a good person, even though he’s heavily misunderstood, or so it seems.
    I’m not sure what to make of Yuuzan, but I think that beneath his nasty methods to confront Haru, he actually wants the best for Haru. He probably wants Haru to face his problems and not run away anymore like he does every time. I can’t say I agree with his methods though..

  14. @ Zanibas

    OH Almighty Relationship Guru ^^ XD (Bet you’ve never been called that before… if you have then OMG)
    I Am soooo HAPPY to have been Blessed by the one and only person who could Make an extremely in depth view of a relationship and also have the intelligence to string that view into eloquently flowing sentences which evolved into a Big Paragraph.

    I Really really Enjoyed the Fact that you Made the effort to Make Soo Many Full Lengths…. this week was a good amount but Last Weeks Episode was definitely the Mother-load … but it was too bad you didn’t choose to make ” https://randomc.net/image/Tonari%20no%20Kaibutsu-kun/Tonari%20no%20Kaibutsu-kun%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2039.jpg
    this into a Full length. I was actually clicked onto your review just to look for a Full length of that :O(Last week)

    I can say this Without a Shadow of a doubt You are Perfect for RC 🙂 I could almost even say You might be better than Devine? (maybe that’s just because Devine hasn’t been on for a while and that I’ve been looking for that same Quality of writing and In depth-ness that Devine has to Offer) Well you’re giving Devine a run for his money this Week 🙂 I’m glad to say

    By the way Did you make that Chart up There ????
    If you did Man i Seriously Need to just applaud you for doing that 😀
    I am Adamant that you are probably the best relationship analyst here in RC
    I would seriously love it if someone like you could do that for every romance Anime you blog/review since it just gives Everyone here in RC a different perspective on things and it is such an amazing idea i Vote you should carry on with this and make it a “Thing” XD you could do it like every few episodes or maybe twice every Series e.g. one in the half way point and one right on the last episode????

    Soo much good things to Say.. Love the Episode. Love the Art. Love all the amazing colors and Also Love all those Wacky Expressions that Induce Laughter, Hysteria and Jumping out of my seat moments.

    I Seriously hope you aren’t Regretting ever taking up this Series Because I am soo Loving all of it and i hope everyone else is too! OH and Keep up the good work !(Hoping more Cute Screen Caps To come)

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