「彼女のきょうしゅう」 (Kanojo Nokyoushuu)
“She Attacks”

Hilarious episode! I do so enjoy the dramatic Sakurasou, but it’s these comedy-filled episodes that lay the foundation that makes the drama work so well. To me. I realize that this is a controversial statement to some – to those, the silliness of the characters in episodes like these makes the drama ineffective – but these are the episodes that make me irrevocably care about these characters, and it’s that fondness which makes the drama work so well. But enough of that–this episode lacked drama, so that’s the last mention it’ll get today! First we’ll go with a few relatively high-brow comments, and then we’ll descend straight down into DECFON 1 Gushing/Ecchi Mode, YOSH!

There were a few things that struck me and made me say “wow…that’s some good storytelling right there.” One was the cutaways that happened when Sorata was talking to his parents (among elsewhere). They were a bit jarring at first, but I came to enjoy how they took what would have otherwise been relatively dull visuals – nothing more than Sorata sitting there talking on the phone – and used that time to reinforce each of the character’s personalities. Anime is, after all, a visual medium, so anything that can be done with images should be. It also made way for the funniest visual gag of the episode. Them’s the ABC’s of love, Yuuko-chan (Ogura Yui)!

The other thing struck me (though not for the first time) was the deft comedic timing. This came from a relatively innocuous scene, where Sorata was yelling at Mashiro about the latest misunderstanding, and he tells her to “step on the breaks,”–only for the scene to shift to Misaki-sempai’s driving lessons. This was a minor thing, but simple moves like this illustrate to me how this series is being executed at KyoAni levels. So yes, maybe J.C. Staff should have put Sakurasou’s staff on Little Busters! – if they even could, that is…I don’t pretend to understand the politics of Japanese anime studios – and given it the adaptation it deserved. Or, you know, just done it spring of next year? Eh, oh well. Not like we can do anything about it now, right? Besides, I’m enjoying the fuck out of this show, so screw it!!

One last diversion before I start gushing and nose-bleeding like a…well, like me. On the brocon imouto: I’m not sure about this thing here. Yes, this from the guy who intro’d OniAi, but shut up! Stay with me here. While I love a good imouto as much as the next Stilts, anything that pushes Sakurasou too close (much less into) harem territory may not be a good idea. A love triangle is fertile enough territory for drama (okay, so I lied…I said it again), but too many girls going after Sorata could get tiresome and cliche real quick. But, does Yuuko really love love him? There are certainly hints, most notably when she was talking about saving him from the other girl’s clutches with her (future) big breasts, but I’m not yet convinced. Mostly she just seemed like a childish young girl who wants to be spoiled by her onii-chan…with just an edge of jealousy and a hint of brocon, to pull in those fans. Hopefully she’ll stay in disapproving-future-sister-in-law territory, rather than growing into a true rival. Hopefully.

Now, because the plot was relatively light, and because gushing is best done in bullet form, I’m going to forgo my normal Random Thoughts section…in order to move it up here. Let’s go!

  • Censoring? We don’t need no stinkin’ censorin’! RandomC brings you the hardest hitting screenshots – along with a complimentary dose of Stilts’ reputation going even further into the sewers – guaranteed!
  • That banana…the gods love a good joke…and so do I >:3 LET THE MISUNDERSTANDINGS BEGIN!!
  • I was sitting here trying to figure out who voiced Sorata’s father…only to realize that Kanda-mama is voiced by the amazing Arai Satomi! Ohhh man, the only thing better than hearing her speak (seriously, she can say damn near anything and I’ll crack up) was seeing that little red riding hood reference. Remember what I said about the cutaways? Because I chose to take that as an Ookami-san reference, and LOVED it!
  • Related: after those conversations with his parents, I can see where Sorta got his habit of tsukkomiing everyone.
  • Cutest. boxer. ever. No arguments!
  • Sorata is Mashiro’s owner?? XD! Ohhh, but the Goddess of Misunderstandings is only getting warmed up… Also: doujins plz.
  • Initially I wasn’t sure…would a Hidaka Rina loli-imouto have been the better choice? But no, I think not. Compared to Rina-chan’s more tsuntsun disapproving loli, Ogura Yui’s more childish and in-over-her-head imouto was the superior choice. Also, yes, I am so familiar with all the loli seiyuu as to have strong opinions on casting choices. What? Stop looking at me like that! I-I’m not the ecchi writer, I swear!
  • Nanami was simply adorable this episode. That “Aaa~n!” bit? Me thinks she doth not protest too much!
  • “I think it’s time.” *Stilts nearly dies to intense fit of laughter* Oh man, the way that even Sorata was so shocked that he just gave a stunned “Eh…congratulations?” was wonderful! Ohhh Misunderstanding-chan, you’ve gotta be trolling us, right? So hilarious!
  • Yeah, they’re not even trying to hide it. Your life, Sorata… XD
  • During the bath scene, I enjoyed (in no particular order): the dwarf comment, the fanservice, Yuuko sizing up the competition, the fanservice, Mashiro groping Yuuko, the fanservice, the amusing censorship, and of course, all the fan–ecchi bits. Damn soap!
  • Related: it’s tough being popular, isn’t it, Sorata? YOU DAMN LUCKY BASTARD YOOOOU!! *froths at the mouth
  • Pro brick joke (trope!) – Plan C is back!
  • They won’t let go of him, HNNNNNNNNNNNNG!!! *staggers, trying to stay conscious* Wait, what are you doing there Nanami… *critical strike!* *collapses and dies* *Would you like to continue? Y / N*
  • Only Nanami wished for something for someone other than herself, and that makes me want to root for her more. Guuuhh, don’t do this to me, J.C. Staff! I don’t need this kind of stress in my life!!
  • I’m not sure if it was just me, but when the screen darkened and the characters wondered what high school Yuuko was going to apply to, I knew. I don’t say that to brag–it wasn’t hard. I say it because that simple lead-in made a tiny reveal into a pretty funny joke. There is some pro comedy writing going on in this show.
  • Mashiro Duty AND Yuuko Duty? That’s either heaven or hell, and I’m not sure which!
  • Ohhh man, she outed Nanami! I hope they don’t wait long before revisiting that little tidbit. Blushing Nanami is just too cute to leave alone!
  • This episode ended with a view of the driving school sign, and then a shot of Misaki-sempai triumphantly holding her license to kill drive. It’s the little things that make these jokes all the better. That, and anticipating the future carnage. Bring it on!
  • Final thought, and a question: was this episode good? I enjoyed the hell out of it, and a few useful plot points (Yuuko’s introduction, opening the door for her to reappear later on, Misaki-sempai’s driver’s license) were slipped in to boot…so yeah, definitely! I just hope they didn’t use too much time here, for fear of the rushed Toradora ending. As for the question, anyone know how much of this was anime original? I know series creator Kamoshida-sensei was heavily involved, but I don’t know if he just moved things from later volumes up, or created new content whole cloth. If you know, head to the comments below…and if not, do it anyway! That’s where the party is at, all the cool kids are doing it, I GET SO LONELY WITHOUT YOU! …erh, ahem. Right. Until next time, tehehe~ ; )

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – My blood pressure can’t take much more of this HNNNG + hilarious. Can you die from laughing? Watch this episode to find out! #sakurasou

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  1. That was a seriously AWEFUL episode! Up until now Sakurasou no Pet has flirted with but managed to avoid having a stereotype character. Then .. o god .. they have to introduce a brocon little sister? What the hell where they thinking?

    1. Hey what gives? How come “Scruffy” here gets thumb-up treatment for trashing a show on its post?? (at the time of my writing it has +2 net positive votes!!)

      I have no opinion on this episode one way or another, so it doesn’t matter, but this makes me curious~~. C’mon, RC people!! Your no.1 rule to bury any hint of negative comment under a mountain full of negs and a collective head-shake to boot, no matter how the show deserves some goo’ old trashing~~! Where are SAOsheeps when they are needed anyway? Whenever I write “AWEFUL episode” on SAO posts in the past, I get negged so fast at SAO and people yelling at me to take a hike, you wouldn’t believe it!!

    2. “What were they thinking?”

      Perhaps you ought to take the issue with the author Kamoshida Hajime himself, for it was none other than he who wrote the screenplay for this episode.

      Kinny Riddle
      1. On the contrary, word is that the anime will end together with the light novels, much like the Toradora adaptation, with the anime coinciding with the light novels wrapping up all loose ends nicely.

        Kinny Riddle
      2. The cynical point of view: Or, perhaps he (Kamoshida Hajime) didn’t want this (type of) episode at all, but the producers/sponsors/marketing dudes (anime bureaucracy) insisted on it- so he decided to take things into his own hands for the sake of damage control- which he was moderately successful at doing…

      1. That’s just the mentality on RC though, if you don’t have anything positive to say about an episode, then nobody wants to hear your input. I totally agree with you though, and I thought it was very insightful! (if you want to compare RC with a review by Enzo on LIA, you’ll find a massive difference, also in the comment section)

    1. Ahaha, actually it took no time at all. After all the shows I’ve capped for RandomC, I can get any view I want on my second try, and most on my first. It’s…one of the more fun but useless skills I’ve acquired in my life 😀

      1. Seriously Stilts, why the heck did they censor a panty shot anyway??? I don’t get these anime writers. They dress this middle=schooler in a 4-inch mini skirt and have her jumping around, THEN censor it? Yep, no logic at all~~~! Besides these folks live and die with teenage and pre-teen panty shots, but suddenly they are too bashful for it??? (it’d be more convincing of this new-found modesty had they not had 3 girls grabbing and rubbing each other in a bath a few minutes later in the same episode, BTW). I thought the rule was to ONLY censor naked naughty bits? These folks really do work in a mysterious way, I tell ya!!

      2. Yes, they were just doing it to be funny. Only the censorship in the bath later on was actually intended to censor for, ya know, legal reasons and stuff.

        And I don’t even need to frame step anymore. I’ve got the ecchi screenshot Force over here!

  2. Like you Stilts, I was completely overwhelmed by the rapid fire romcom barrage this week @_@ Oh yeah, you forgotten the part where Mashiro was using the fan to make her ‘Alien’ declaration of war speech (probably indirectly to Yuuko).

    As for whether it’ll become a harem… I can assure you that it wouldn’t, but it certain does look like it a couple of times ^^;

    1. Regardless of whether I liked this episode or not, I’ll still have faith if I liked the earlier episodes because I can see that even this episode (whose existence is probably required by producers) was still written and directed skillfully (Stilts mentioned lots of examples that’ll support this).

      1. The ABCs of Love are similar to the “base” system, i.e. “Yeah man, I got to third base!” If memory serves, A is like 1st base, B is like 3rd base (I think), and C is a home run. The pictures more or less bear that out.

  3. I personally found this episode to be frequently cringe-inducing (quite literally), with every other scene degenerating into dead-horse “accidental pervert” scenarios. I will note however, one major exception which is the contextual misinterpretation sub-trope that functions as running gag of sorts. While certainly neither original nor terribly intelligent/inspired, it is rather uncommon in shows of this ilk (romance/ecchi), enough that it maintains a certain degree of freshness and is able to remain genuinely entertaining- without the unpleasant effect of inducing widespread muscular spasms in the (this) viewer, unlike its sister sub-tropes. Another minor exception was the sheer outrageousness of the rice-grain on face scene; amping things up to 11 for comedic value there was a nice move, quite refreshing- however, it is notable that in doing so they forwent the possibility of a more subdued approach involving only Yuuko and Mashiro that embodies significant emotional potential. Also somewhat notable were the phone-call cutaways, which while certainly innovative, were ultimately rather jarring, being so terribly inconsistent with the show’s established style and atmosphere.

    Nonetheless, none of this lessened my enjoyment of the episode. This episode is what it is; it is quite simply a customary fan-service episode designed to appeal specifically to the core viewer demographic of shows of this breed, that is, the typical Japanese otaku who presumably appreciates these kinds of (customary) cliches. One cannot deny the brilliance of the anime directors who came up with the killer-marketing tool that is the fan-service episode, a tool so effective that even shows outside of the ecchi genre frequently make room for one, and for better or for worse, this episode is a celebration of their brilliance- it was my fascination with this that kept my eyes glued to the screen for the entire duration of the episode, as it is with any others of its like. And in acceptance of the episode for what it is, I was even able to find much hilarity buried within most of these horribly cliched gags (Laughing while simultaneously cringing, of course..XP). And J.C. Staff’s efforts to keep things fresh by including certain elements like the cutaways should be applauded- even if the overall success of their efforts is questionable at best…

    1. As with (most) anime, I enjoyed this episode by recognizing it for exactly what it was, and then enjoying it for that. It might not have been the most original thing around, but it was still funny, and there are a lot things worth than spending half an hour laughing my tail off!

  4. Overall, this was to me one of the “weaker” episodes but it kept a good level of shenanigans at least. Swimsuit episode next week? I’ve got a week to prepare blood bags and a de-fibrillator.

  5. Stay with me here. While I love a good imouto as much as the next Stilts

    There is no next Stilts… you’re one of a kind.

    Anyway, great episode and I’m starting to think that Mashiro trolls everyone on purpose.

    1. Yeah, I think it’s both. Like at the end of the episode, where she was talking about teaching Yuuko “everything about her” (or something like that)? I’m 95% certain that was her joking. Earlier though, I’m not so sure…but it was funny either way! XD

      In fact, I think that’s part of the reason Mashiro is so funny – we just can’t be sure! Nishishi ^^

      1. Are you kidding? With a dysfunctional family like Yuuko has, Mashiro
        is going to make Yuuko a protégé of herself so Sorata can take care
        of her when she enters high school!!!

        That’ll be the second season!

  6. You asked If the episode was bad? Yes. Yes it was. Also, I-I hate these M-M-M-MISUNDERSTANDIIIIIIIINGS. They’re so tiring, for Sorata but especially for me.

    The only positive side was that since the Tsun-Tsun role was taken in this episode, Nanami got to act like a real human being

  7. There’s “good filler”, there’s “bad filler”, and then there’s “official word-of-god filler”, i.e. filler written by the author himself, thus giving it a more respectable canon status than regular fillers written by “lesser” writers.

    This episode is one of those – doesn’t advance the plot, but still equally enjoyable as the characters are still behaving exactly as you would expect them to behave since the author is still behind the steering wheel here.

    Speaking of steering the wheel, so that’s how the anime explains Misaki getting her driving license. I was wondering after last week’s omission of her van, how they could write around that as the novel has Misaki driving a lot.

    Ja Jan-jan Ja-jan! (How about using this as an intermission between paragraphs regarding different topics?)

    Arai Satomi was just hilarious as Sorata’s mom, with such batshit insane parents and an insanely brocon loli sister, it’s no wonder Sorata has such an amazing vocabulary when it comes to tsukkomis. XD

    LOL at this scene. What better way to get Mashiro fired up than some serious competition? (Suggesting Nanami doesn’t pose a threat now that she’s been “friended”. Poor Nanami… )

    Kinny Riddle
    1. looool that part where she had the neeeed the neeed for speed was funny but so far from reality! if you ever been on those driving instructor cars them damned guys have a break on their side and they LOVE to use it! dont ask me how i know *looks away* i never had the need for speed…;) sooooo her need for speed should have been stopped prettty quickly!

  8. The “I’m expecting…” remark from Mashiro!!! I practically needed CPR after that one. And she says it twice!!!

    IMHO, a good story (telling) is like the growth of a flower. From episode 1, the seed(s) of character development grow,
    leaves and stems appear until the point where we see the flower’s bud appear. Finally, from our perspective, the plant’s
    rapid growth stops with the bloom of the flower. Everything up to that point was to support the flower. Okay, mushy I know…

    That’s how I feel/felt about this episode. Everything worked so well because the character’s groundwork was laid out so well.
    Even the “new” things: Sorata’s parents, his sister all fit – would we have expected his parents to be any different? It’s almost
    like we already knew his parents by how well his character was set. A loli for a sister, absolutely double-check.

    Poor Nanami, the rice on the face only bought the interest of Chihiro. Yes, there was a some development – both girls
    have confirmed their romantic interest in Sorata and Mashiro is definitely aware of the strengthened competition.

    The only bad frame in the whole episode was the cigarette in the rose (I usually prefer a glass of wine myself), but I digress.

    More importantly, I learned a new word – “Gainaxing”. I can’t wait until the next episode to learn how to use it in a sentence…

    1. A good metaphor, that flower bit. I might steal that sometime, if you don’t mind.

      Also, I am surprised and appalled you didn’t know what Gainaxing was! Though I assume you just didn’t know the word, because I’m positive you’ve seen the effects before. I mean, anyone that hands around my shows would have to… 😀

  9. I enjoyed this episode, even though I had to frown at some of the cliché’s they’re throwing in here. I mean, isn’t the ‘supercute little sister who wuvs her onii-chan lots’ cliché on the way out already? I didn’t mind her that much in the end, though I do hope she isn’t going to turn into some annoying character that exists solely to mess with the main chars relationships. Could’ve done without some of the excessive fanservice too.

    Anyway, I did enjoy our two leading ladies. Especially ever-deadpan Mashiro, whom I could swear is causing these misunderstandings on purpose. She can be snarky, after all (the dwarf comment was hilarious). The visual gags with Sorata’s parents and Misaki’s driving lessons were fun too. I assume the things set up in this ep will be important later on too, so I’m interested in seeing how things will progress from here.

    I do hope next week’s swimsuit ep won’t be repeating the gags from this ep too much though.

  10. I think it was a great episode. Lots of comedy after last week’s seriousness, so that was much appreciated. I found myself laughing far too often and loudly enough that I got caught watching anime when I was supposed to be sleeping (oops i regret nothing).

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who took the little red riding hood as an Ookami-san reference! ^^

  11. Still going strong for Mashiro.

    I have warmed up to Nanami, but our cute little blonde is just too much. Anyways, at first I thought Yuuko was just a brocon, loli imouto but now I thnk she is an imouto who is just lonely. Throw in a bucket of jealously once she finds out why Sorata didn’t come home and you have this episode. Plus all the misunderstandings, and trolling from Mashiro, just add to everything. Yes, I do believe at times Mashiro knows exactly what she is saying and what the reaction will be. While she is normally expressionless, I’ve noticed that she shows a lot with her eyes. Since episode 5, I’ve noticed her sharp looks, perhaps glares, at things she disapproves of (Sorata calling her Shiina when she was on his bed, Yuuko’s comment about Nanami). The glares don’t last long but when they show up it is noticable. Basically, it seems that anything that may threaten Mashiro’s relationship with Sorata recently gets a sharp look.

    Or I’m just seeing things. Time to rewatch the last 3 episodes and document those glares!

  12. I bet when it comes down to it, Sorata will have a really hard time choosing between Nanami and Mashiro. Can’t he just have both? Anyways, hilarious episode. Though there were a lot of hints in the previous episodes, somehow I still thought Nanami was just fond of being with Sorata but this episode proved me that she really likes Sorata in a romantic way.

    The Story You Don't Know
    1. Haven’t read the manga, so this is a SWAG. While the big money is on Sorata/Mashiro, I’m getting a vibe that it will be Sorata/Nanami. We already have one couple where Misaki is gifted and the Jin wants to be good enough to stand beside her, and we cheer him on. As a 2-cour show, I’m betting Sorata will find his ‘gift’ and really get into the game development, and Nanami will be his ‘Jin’ with her seiyuu skills being her contribution. Mashiro has the world at her feet already, and I’m guessing the end will have her stepping aside for Nanami.

  13. da dam dam da dam
    isn’t this part of the visual novel?
    if so then this ep should be respected on how the author wanted it to go through
    or probably the anime just wanted to show this filler ep?
    either way now we know that he has a sis whose craving for his bro’s attention.

  14. This episode was absolutely hilarious! The loli sister had to have been one of the most annoying characters I have seen in a while, but the episode worked as a whole because it seemed to be parodying every romcom trope in the book. Taken as a light hearted and airy pisode this definitely rates very high in my book!

    Censor this!
  15. An answer to your question: I thought this episode was good, really good that I almost died with laughter and enjoyment. During that bath scene when Jin was trolling Sorata, damnnn… Nanami’s aim was just absolutely perfect for that headshot XD I still rooting for her! But I do agree that having too many girls interested in Sorata wouldn’t be a good idea. Also I wasnt just you Stilts, it was pretty easy to figure what school Yuuko would choose. Next week be ready to have a bucket or something for your nose bleeding =P



    1. Girls on Kirito – “Ooooh he’s all black! So cool! I think I’m falling for him <3"

      As for Sorata, we don't know why Nanami fell for him. Mashiro definitely fell for him because he was her "first" lol.

      The Story You Don't Know
      1. Nanami doesn’t really need to have a concrete reason because it’s hormones after all. But Nanami can see the kindness in Sorata, and I would say she really likes that part of Sorata based on their interactions.

  16. I believe it’s a good episode. And i thought Ogura Yui is going to do her usually loli-imouto voice, for example Ro-Kyu-Bu’s Hinata, but this type of Yui? HNNNNNNNNNG-

    Totally enjoyed it~ <3

      1. Yeah I thought maybe they can be a couple but she seems so out of it sometimes that I can hardly seeing that work. I’m sure she’s just as the name suggest, a pet who loves her owner.

  17. well, the tone of the episode certainly caught me off-guard… was thinking there would be some new trouble that would come which would stir up another conflict between the tenants but i guess this kind of an episode is good for a change…

    and Stilts, i didn”t know u didn’t like Toradora’s ending…i thought it was perfect..

  18. God, we need radio warnings when Misaki will be driving in the city…
    Loved the prayers/wishes… note that Nanami’s wishes coincided with Sorata’s! good omen! And Mashiron’s ones were almost cat-like in their simplicity!
    Ahh and censorship with style! The infamous pussy shot!

  19. People complain too much…And I’m pretty sure my votes are going negative for this comment, or stay stagnant. :p

    Pretty fun episode. I especially loved the scenes with Misaki inside – She’s just too funny not to laugh at. Yet behind all the cheer we’ve already seen the problem(s) she faces. None of that here though.

    What took the cake was the “It’s time” scene for me. Can’t believe Sorata actually replied to that! Getting caught up in Mashiro’s pace there.


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