「どでかい花火をあげてみろ」 (Dodekai Hanabi Woagetemiro)
“Let’s Fire a Big Firework”

There is no earthly way I’m going to be able to say everything I want about this episode. Holy hell it was phenomonal. Let’s get into it.

The beginning of the episode holds the only part I’m really going to criticize on this episode, because over all I loved it. Starting off, while I dearly enjoyed Misaki-sempai going all lipstick yuri for megane Nanami (HNNNNGG!!), I thought it distracted from Sorata getting his results. The girls were too loud to totally focus on Sorata, but I wanted to find out if he got accepted or not, so both things suffered. I think it works better when it’s bursts of comedy around the serious stuff, rather than keeping the two overlapping. Fortunately, since this was only finding out if he passed the first round, it wasn’t that big of a deal. At the time, I assumed they would give more space to later (more dramatic) announcements. As it turns out, I was right. But more on that later.

I enjoyed Sorata prepping for the presentation, partially because it introduced yandere Meido-chan, but also because Akasaka’s advice was correct. People underestimate how useful it is to practice presentations (or interviews!) in front of others. Practice does indeed makes perfect, and seeing Sorata practice in front of the others, no matter how (rightfully) hard they were at times – wake up, Mashiro! – made me respect him more. Especially since he did it ten times. Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever gone past two or three. Props, Sorata. Good training arc.

Then there’s the presentation itself. Sorata was already nervous enough as is, when suddenly he realizes that his hero Fujisawa Kazuki is there…who then blindsided him with a curveball. “What do you think you need to do to become a game designer?” Harsh. Throwing a question like that at a kid is unfair…but at the same time absolutely fair. It’s not like others are going to hold back, after all.

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But that rejection…ouch. Once again, I feel for Sorata. And here’s where the story walked a veeeery delicate line where they could have made Sorata completely unlikable, but deftly avoided it. Had Sorata wallowed in depression totally and gone full emo, he would have lost much of the good will he has as a main character. That said, depression is normal in this situation – he put himself totally out there, exposing his dream to the approval of others, and he came up lacking. That hurts! This was the first time he truly poured everything he had into something, and to fail in such a seemingly embarrassing way…that’s what nearly broke him.

Nearly. And here’s where they threaded the needle so well. His interaction with Mashiro right after he got back, when she had succeeded and he did not, were not great (that is, for him as a person), but they were both understandable and better than most could claim. The jealousy welled up, but he didn’t want to hate Mashiro, so he pushed her away, just for the time. That’s better than pure emo, but still not ideal…had they left it at that, Sorata could still have descended into severe unlikability.

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Fortunately, there was Misaki-sempai and Jin to the rescue! (Man, that was a lot of swimsuits O.O Mizugi dorobou!) While Sorata comes out looking like a badass after this episode – though really, everyone does – Misaki-sempai and Jin get a heavy dose of that too. When Mashiro can’t help and Nanami is liable to be too serious (which would have caused Sorata to wallow even more), they did the thing he needed most – something crazy to get him tsukkoiming again. But more than that, they give him an opportunity to liven up, to blow off steam, to be happy with his friends instead of wallowing in defeat.

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Of course, I would be remiss if I did not mention all the fanservice. I disagree Jin, Nanami looks great! :3 As does Mashiro, and of course Misaki-sempai too. And yet it was undeniable a guy who made me enjoy a swimsuit scene the most. I never thought I would have said that, but there it is.

But it only got better from there (so, so much better!). When the security guard appeared, I was genuinely surprised – Fail-sensei always seems pretty useless, so it seemed like maybe she would give them permission, you know? But in retrospect, when it comes to her job she really is pretty responsible – she ordered the sick Nanami back to bed, if you recall. That’s why it was a (hilarious!) shock when they got yelled at, and Misaki and Jin are already half way over the fence. “Run.” HAHA!! Misaki-sempai and Jin are such good friends, truly.

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Yet even with all that I’ve gone over so far, the best parts were still to come. Can you believe that 14 paragraphs in (holy shit I need to cool it!), I’m saying that? But it’s true! The scene where Mashiro gave Sorata a new charm (easy childbirth, hah!) was great for the reaction it inspired in Sorata – for a second I thought he was going to cry, and I was damned well ready to cry with him – but that’s not even it. Nor was it shining Mashiro and her leap into the blossoming sky, though the ambiance was beautiful there.

No, it was as the ED played and everyone was running, the conversation between Sorata and Nanami. I sort of wish I had waited to write my latest SOL this week, because more than perhaps any other scene in any I’ve seen, this one resonated with me. Note: I’m not saying it was the best I’ve ever seen! Just that it resonated with me, Stilts, in particular, and it resonated hard.

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One final thing before I end this Deluxe Stilts Special™. Throughout the episode we saw Mashiro grappling with the question of “What is love?”, and by the time swimsuits were donned Nanami was thinking about it too. Then she said this:

“I love people who know what they want to do! I love people living as hard as they can!”

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The episode caps off with the revelation that Nanami actually went no pan (no pantsu, no life! XD), and that she’s starting to understand love…something that she tells to Mashiro. The gauntlet hasn’t quite been thrown down, but the battle lines are becoming clearer all the time. Fuck yes. I cannot wait!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Through the fires of failure, Sorata drags himself out of depression & learns to love losing, w/ a little help from his friends. #sakurasou

tl;dr: v2 @StiltsOutLoud – “Getting serious can be pretty crazy!” “It’s better [to be M] than normal.” “I love people living as hard as they can!” // I love this show

Random thoughts:

  • I enjoyed how Mashiro asked about love, so Sorata started talking about decorative koi pricing. Such a pro tsukkomi.
  • Oh my, when Mashiro was drawing in Sorata’s room she got a little jealous of Nanami, even though she didn’t quite understand why yet. Excellent. Also: D’AAAAWWW!
  • I gotta say, Sorata dressed to the nines and all determined was pretty awesome. I could go for more of that. Also, Mashiro looking like the wife to the husband heading off to work? More of that too, please!
  • I know this wasn’t the right scene to be thinking about this, but Nanami sure does love those shoulder-less outfits, doesn’t she? For which I am eternally thankful. *drools*
  • I love this show.
  • Misaki steals Sorata’s swim trunks, and he’s still the one that gets hit. Oh Nanamin! XD
  • When Mashiro leapt, I thought she was going to say something meaningful, and in fact she did – “Don’t stop running.” Don’t stop running towards your dream, Sorata. Oh and also, that pissed off security guard right behind you :3
  • The funny thing? This is one of my longer individual-episode posts (save for…well, you know the ones), and yet it was one of the easiest ones I’ve written in a while. Inspiration is a fickle mistress, and not to be depended on, but when the light goes on inside of you, you truly can fly. Okay, I’ll shut up now. Until next time~

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    1. Ahaha, I know, I know. I really should figure out a way to limit myself (damn lack of self control!)…though I have a feeling that, even if I did, it wouldn’t have worked on this one. Sometimes the words just flow, and it’s a damn shame to turn off the faucet when the pipes finally unfreeze.

      That metaphor made sense, right? Oh screw it, I’m going to bed…

      1. Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules… You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things… they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.


  1. I guess this was why it took several hours more to post eh Stilts =p ? A bit nick-picky on the minor negatives imo but overall you captured the exact reasons why this episode was amazing with it’s balancing act of Romcom-Angst-Fanservice (fun for the whole family!).

    Next week is the appearance of Rita, and with her comes the debut of another long awaited character =D

    P.S – Remember what I’ve said about this not being a harem? Yeah, just keep that in mind for next week ^^;

    1. Yeah, I was definitely being a bit nit-picky, but for some reason that one just struck me. Normally I’da probably weeded it out, but meh, I was on a roll!

      Not a harem. Gotcha! Will keep that in mind.

  2. This was a step back in the right direction after last ep, which I considered the most uninspired episode of this series. Thank goodness for that.

    Jealous Mashiro is dawwwwwww. So is Dere-Nanami. And we should be getting a lot more of them now. Thank goodness for that.

    1. I took last episode as a breather episode, safe in the assumption that episodes like this would be back before long. I think that’s the safe way to approach most of the lighter, sillier episodes, because then you can enjoy them for what they are while being confident that the truly stellar offerings are on the way…and will be fresher for not having played the drama card every single week.


    Sakurasou is seriously screwing with my expectations – I thought this was supposed to be a fanservice beach/pool episode, and yet I got both this and some serious stuff. While I can sympathise with Sorata (being asked an unexpected question during an interview can really reset your brain), it was even more heart-breaking to see how he handled Mashiro.

    Though on the other hand, it was kinda cute to see Mashiro getting all jelly about Sorata.

    And then there was the fanservice… So many bouncing thingies, and no pan Nanamin.

    Not sure if sad, cute or excited – seriously, Sakurasou, STAHP DOING DIS TO ME.

  4. I didn’t really need the blood packs this week, but I still needed the defibrillator cus I love this show so damn much that my heart aches for it every single week. KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, MORE. MORE. I NEED MORE. AND WE’RE NOT EVEN HALFWAY THERE.

  5. It’s Always Raining During Job Hunts
    The first part cut me deeply, it reminds me of my first job interview.

    True friends stab you in the front (with a kick board)
    I guess this will be another JC Staff show about a beautiful friendship story but is also turning into a beautiful love story. xP

    A failure is not always a mistake, it may simply be the best one can do under the circumstances. The real mistake is to stop trying. (This show is just awesome)

    1. I guess this will be another JC Staff show about a beautiful friendship story but is also turning into a beautiful love story.

      I was waiting for later episodes to bring back my old Ano Natsu de Matteru mantra…but yeah, definitely. So d’aaaaww!!

      1. IS ZIS FOR REALS!? some of my really anticipated shows are on that unannounced list but damn that’s way too many to watch, maybe ill just give up my social life on 2013, wait or maybe i can make them watch it with me and share the suffering! hehe.

  6. Nanami in glasses
    Mashiro getting jealous when Sorata brought up Nanami’s name
    Mashiro becoming more independent for Sorata (She bought the charms by herself)
    Pool Episode and more Fan Service
    A short Misaki-Jin moment
    Mashiro-Sorata-Nanami in a tight spots
    No panties for Nanami
    Nanami admits that she really is in love

    Total overload. I can’t believe I’ll have to wait 1 whole week again…

    The Story You Don't Know
  7. Ponytail, tsundere, Kansai-ben, meganekko, hawt bikini, accidental exhibitionist.
    What’s there not to like about Nanamin? <3

    Poor Sorata, his nerves got the better of him. But this setback will only serve to make him stronger. And as cliched as this may look, he does have great friends around him who does the right thing at the right time for him.

    Wonder why the anime stopped short of Nanami throwing down the gauntlet, as the novel clearly had Nanami telling a surprised Mashiro "I won't lose."

    Kinny Riddle
    1. Pacing, I suspect. With everything already laid out, they can make slight tweaks to resolve minor pacing and character development problems. Maybe it seemed too early for her to throw down the gauntlet here, so they changed it? I can only guess, but it doesn’t bother me. It does in fact seem a little soon…especially since Mashiro isn’t showing that she realizes she’s in love yet (even though that time is rapidly approaching).

  8. How…..

    Seriously, Sakurasou, Tonari and Sukkite are competing head to head for the best Romance Anime of the season, and they are all evenly tied. This Autumns fixtures are a massive step up from Summer’s horror-fest of rubbish (where Kokoro Connect and Love Elections and Chocolates were the only passable Romances out there).

    Indeed, I hope that JCStaff skeptics would be silence by the brilliance of Sakurasou. This anime should be scoring the BD Sales it deserves – it really is a top tier work of art, and probably one of JCStaff best shows yet.

    There was quite a long discussion on some forums on why Sakurasou ended up with top tier production values , animation and script-writers/adapters while Little Busters seems to have gotten the second stringers.

    Another amusing thing: last week, quite alot of people came down hard on Sakurasou for the Imouto episode too. (=

    1. Even I will admit that it’s odd. Were I in charge of J.C. Staff, I woulda recognized the dangers (and potential benefits) of Little Busters! and amped money and staff into it all over the place. That leads me to believe that it was in some ways beyond their control…perhaps Sakurasou was put into production earlier and got their best staff before Little Busters! appeared, or they were forced by another company to push Little Busters! out now instead of waiting for a season where their top-tier talent wasn’t busy. It could even be that the Sakurasou staff just WANTED to work on this and not LB!. Perhaps we shall never know…

      But yes, this is one of J.C. Staff’s best offerings, if not of all time (I don’t purport to have seen everything they’ve done), then at least of the ones I’ve seen…and I’ve seen some damn good ones! (Ano Natsu, Toradora, this, probably others)

      1. Just as a reminder Sakurasou is being produced by genco and LB by warner,these are the guys that have a big say in the funds and scheduling of an anime (for example it’s someone from warner,not jc staff,that told viewers there’d be more than just 2 cours).

        Here’s a list of JC staff shows produced by genco: Azumanga daioh,Honey and Clover,Zero no Tsukaima, nodame cantabile,Shigofumi,Toradora,Ano natsu de Matteru.

        That’s a pretty darn solid list.Of course there’s maybe a bit of coincidence but production companies (others include aniplex and starchild) do make big decisions like the lengh,schedule and budget of a show (of course some studios also produce themselves but that’s not really JC staff’s case)

    2. If I had to pick the strongest elements in each would be(when compared to each other),
      Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo: drama,ecchi
      Sukitte Ii na yo: romance,realistic
      Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun: comedy,character development

  9. I know this is a very weird thing, but I really hate it when they drop their papers during an intense moment. Then they have to pick it up, sweating, while the staff watch him intensely. That’s where I feel for him. That’s the part that always gets me.

    Yup. My new favorite episode that passed ep 4. I can’t name all the reasons as to why I enjoyed it…there are far too much. But everyone above me pretty much stated why I loved this episode soooo yeah. That’s why :D!

  10. Wow, look at all the “show more” tags…guess you really loved this episode, Stilts! Of course, as did I- failure is but an ingredient of success; every failure successively expands one’s knowledge and understanding of the task set before him, increasing also the probability of success concurrently- if he would only have the strength to set aside his disappointment and learn from his failure, and the tenacity to persist in his efforts, of course…

  11. Whoa, this ep really surprised me. I was expecting a beach episode ep for cheap fanservice, but what we got was one of the best episodes so far. This show has been exceeding my expectations at every turn – to think I was planning to drop it after the first episode. Glad I stuck with it.

    Loved your post too, though it was long, you managed to nail down everything that was good about it and made it fun to read to boot.

    1. Strangely enough, my favorite beach / swimsuit episodes aren’t the mindless fanservice ones, as fun as those are. It’s always fun to subvert the “swimsuit episode” stereotype by throwing in some major plot and character development. It’s like a nice beer that makes the fanservice burger taste even better, or something like that.

  12. Whenever they get serious in this series, it always seem so damn real. They back it up with characters that slowly self-destruct. I love it.

    I’m usually not a shipper of any characters in a series of this nature because the choice seems so bloody obvious & usually the ending forces that choice into overdrive. Nanami’s character is a fishing boat: HIGH RISK / High Reward to No Reward. While Mashiro is someone who you’ll have to save from herself for life – but I HATE tsundere with a passion (it’s a thing I have with bipolar bitches).

    As for that resentment stuff, it’s only typical selfish human nature to hate someone for their success while comparing it to your own failures & misgivings. Experiencing that is just another part of growing up, not that experiencing it as an adult makes it any easier.

  13. This week’s episode is penned by Hanata Juuki, another Kyo-Ani associated writer, who is already busy as the series coordinator for the excellent Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai.

    Next week is the beginning of the Rita chapter, and from the preview it sounded very much like Kawasumi Ayako would be doing Mashiro’s friend from England. Who better to do the voice of a hawt blonde (and well-endowed) English girl than someone who’s voiced the legendary King of the Britons herself? 🙂

    Kinny Riddle
  14. Oh, Nanami… I’m getting to like her more and more (super cute in glasses, why oh why you have to be so… wonderful); the inevitable showdown of Nanami and Mashiro should be one event to watch here (it’s a toss up – I am having a hard time who’s gonna win). Yes, this anime is poised to be one of the favorite rom-coms I’ve seen, and the other one is Toradora.

    And to think I was going to skip this.

  15. During the training “arc”, just as he start even thought it is toward the end of his practice presentation, I got bored already.
    Everyone have always face this kind of problem before. Prepare so much for the presentation, and all it takes is that ONE question to blow off everything. Hate it when it happens.
    Who say a wardrobe malfunction have to occur due to accidents? Sometimes, it just have to be deliberately taken off!

  16. This was probably the best episode of any series all season, in my opinion (and I watch everything). It had the innocence, the apprehension, the crushing depression, the fun recovery, tons of humor and just plain-out d’aaaaaw! and then that uplifting ending that made me want to go outside at 11PM and a run ten miles!
    This show is far too underestimated and avoided. Everyone needs to watch it. Definitely in my top 3 this season!! :3

    1. Yeah, it was perhaps a mistake on my part to watch / blog this episode so late. After it was ended I was super pumped up, and that didn’t end until like 3-4am >< Work suuuuucked today!

  17. I liked the beginning. I’ve been in bustling, lively, loving households (okay, I admit the yuri was a little weak in my case —
    damn my life!), but that how important news sometimes goes down. Honestly, I can’t imagine a better, funnier way.

    Akasaka is a really really fast typist!!! But when you think about it, that was very sound advice. Impression (wearing the suit)
    and delivery (practice, practice the presentation) until you own it.

    Aoyama’ll kill me if she finds you. — Sorata
    I’ll stay here, then. — Mashiro

    That’s my Mashiro — always has Sorata’s interests at heart; that’s why I love her!

    But, when it comes time to be serious, Mashiro can focus. It was so sweet that she found the good luck piece for him.
    Too, she assured him that she would be okay at her meeting – not to worry about her, but that her thoughts would be
    with him. (I also thought it was interesting that only Mashiro saw him off that morning.)

    It’s not often, matter of fact — never, that a guy’s plight would choke me up. But having been in Sorata’s shoes more than once,
    rejection, no matter how nicely it’s put to you, is a a very painful finality to the effort you put forth into your work. This was handled
    excellently and realistically in this episode.

    And you really need a super supportive family to snap you out of it, too! BTW, why do (we) guys react differently to swimsuits
    than to pantsu? Oops – little off topic here. Misaki’s “Welcome” party idea was priceless!

    I love this series – (without pejorative intention) it’s amazing that this series’ expectation level was low in the preview — and
    Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo is in a very tight running for best series of the year and it ain’t over yet! You just never know
    about Anime. I know some took issue with the last episode, but to be fair, we were told that the episode was all about cliché
    (remember at the very beginning with the banana – how much more of a cliché warning can you get?)

    Poor Sorata, caught between a soft spot and another soft spot — take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the future memory.

    My only complaint is that I don’t recall seeing much in the way of gainaxing in this episode 🙂 :)…
    …and (okay, that’s 2) he only had to turn his head a mere 90°s!! And I thought Mashiro would have been without. Man o Man!

    Stilts, I feel you pain. When you have an episode so well executed, it’s near impossible to stop writing about it!
    Can’t wait for next week!!!

    1. And you really need a super supportive family to snap you out of it, too! BTW, why do (we) guys react differently to swimsuits
      than to pantsu? Oops – little off topic here. Misaki’s “Welcome” party idea was priceless!

      Easy, because we’re supposed to see swimsuits and not supposed to see pantsu even if they show the same amount of skin. Funny how names can change how we see things.

    2. In my defense on the low rating, I got out-voted there >_< Though even then, I wasn't trying to rank it high...this adaptation is far more polished than the source material I read led me to believe. Yay for pleasant surprises! Also, there totally was some gainaxing! Mostly from Nanami. I would know, I was watching for it >:3

      As for swimsuits and underwear, personally I treat them the same. Both are equally welcome in my eyes ^^

      1. My point is that everything’s an educated guess at preview time.

        Also, I need to work on my rhetorical question delivery, it seems 🙂 …

        Oh, andanotherthing – Stilts, your coverage of this series is amazing
        and greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    3. I liked how Misaki-senpai was the one who questioned the difference between pantsu and swimsuits. It’s usually the girls who make the most fuss out of it, so it’s nice to see a bit of a subversion.

  18. Well once again I agree with this slightly longer then average post Stilts(enjoyable reading none the less).That part in the beginning was indeed to loud BUT HEY, that’s sakurasou for ya! BUT I DIGRESS. This show loves walking those fine lines as you called them(anymore and i’ll push it off, muahaha, KIDDING) but they always pull back and make awesome comebacks WOO! I don’t know what to write so i’ll just fanboy a bit. OMG AH LOVED DIS EPISODE and and like shiina constantly asking what is love always made me think of the song(mini montage in my head). This show went from awww *sad* to d’awwwww and man speaks to me and yes those final moments hit right here or over there. Point is I freakin love this show might be one of my top favs ever(hope it stays that way!)

  19. This plus Shin Sekai…….shows of the year!!! Holy sh!t this is a good show, one of those outstandingly good shows that comes out of no where and smacks you in the head.

    Oh and whoever animated the oppai this episode, you are my hero =)

  20. Stilts, you are awesome. Keep up the posts! Love your writings and ramblings and whatnots. 🙂

    If anyone’s still hesitating on following SnPnK, this episode should change their minds – The great blend of changing moods, the transitions, the characters or if not, at least for the fanservice. XD Can’t remember the last time I laughed out aloud without a care who was listening to me since Clannad and Kanon.

    Love those little moments of jealousy from Mashiro. Her interactions with Sorata never fail to get a smile or a laugh from me. In fact, I think I really like all the characters, which is often a rare thing when it comes to shows like this. There seems to be a right number, a good balance of screentime for each (except Useless sensei, so far) of the characters. We as viewers are given time to feel and to empathise for them. The mess ups with Sorata’s presentation? Been there. Aoyama’s ‘letting down’ of an entire group of friends? Done that. If anything, this has gotta be one of the shows strongest points aside from the humor and the emotional rides – Being very, very relatable.

    Still a little torn on the shipping, though. Both have their good points, both care for the protagonist (a lot) in their own ways, and that itself is interesting in what they do to help him achieve his dreams.

    Can’t wait for the next episode with Rita! =D

    1. I know what you mean! At the end of the episode I was laughing out loud without a care in the world, full and unabashed. True, I’m more prone to that than most – I’m pretty shameless >:3 – but this was a whole other level. Clannad indeed!

      1. I agree with you on everything, except, the scene that really touched was when Mashiro that beautiful smile at the sight of Sorata having fun at the pool, don´t get wrong, the scenes with second amulet and the fireworks were pure gold but that one hited the right but in my overly soft heart. Go for him Mashiro!.

  21. It’s been a while since I’ve been this torn between the two major love interests. Regardless of who comes out on top I’m going to really be heartbroken for the loser. Threesome maybe? I’m sure Misaka would approve.

    1. Sacrilege! Seriously, this has been great, but I haven’t seen something that reaches me the way the Christmas, field trip and valentines episodes did in Toradora!. Mind you, Misaki’s breakdown came damn close and she out genki’s Minori which I didn’t think was possible. Of course we haven’t gotten to the real romantic entanglements yet so there’s time.

  22. A Darf Fortress reference in a Sakurasou post… I laughed nearly as hard at seeing that one that at the episode proper (which was indeed excellent). Sir Stilts, you have earned my eternal respect.

  23. Stilts, your post is too long…but that just goes to show how much u love this series, or perhaps anime in general, huh….

    i immensely liked the episode..the drama was there and though the result was kinda predictable, it was still gut-punching as ever (and the scene between him and Mashiro in the evening only added salt to my wouuuunds…..but as expected of the nature of the series, which values the meaning of catharsis (through the constant use of comedy and ecchi that follows up), this time we were brought to the school’s pool where they all had fun to wash away all the pain and also to contemplate their mistakes so that they wouldn’t do it again in the future and that solution proved to work just fine for Sorata….his solution was cliched, but hey, that was the only one, right?

    and it’s clear Nanami’s love for Sorata pretty much intensified in the episode…it’s gonna be painful seeing Sorata picking Mashiro over Nanami…it’s gonna be quite bittersweet when it happens, i’m sure of it…

    btw, i know the L/N is two volumes away from ending (and i know it’s not com in’ in the 4 months left time span of the airing of this series), i wonder if they are gonna come up with an original ending or what….

    anyway, Stilts, good job!!!

  24. and fuck, did i lol hard when Mashiro asked “What is Love?”, and when Sorata told him the other meaning of the word and she just accepted the explanation….^^^, good old-fashioned comedy, right there….

  25. – That super-depressed look when she turned away from Sorata after he said “This way isn’t foward” was quite interesting, surprised noone mentioned it
    – Nanami was completely useless at cheering Kanda up, or rather she almost made it worse
    – You’d think Kanda would be pretty used to underwear at this point, instead of being freaked out at (actually not) Misaki underwear
    – Mashiro is starting to be pretty forceful with holding her ground against Nanami
    – Sorata was handling his depression pretty well. Sure he was depressed but he was struggling against it
    – “Cover your breasts not my eyes” – To be honest, I think covering a guys eyes would actually be better? Breasts covered with hands are still a sight. How did the bikini fall off while tied anyway?
    – How did they managed to change so quickly in that transition, and without any boy/girl changing difficulties?
    – I thought he might have hugged her when she gave him the second charm
    – The ending with the the running and Sorata revelation was pretty moving. It’s better then being normal indeed

    And next episode is a tall, blonde, blue eyed foreigner?

    1. There are obvious answers to the lost article of her swimsuit:
      1) It was on tighter than it needed to be to accentuate her figure. Which considering she was trying to get Kanda to look her way, that would be the most likely.

      2) The other, is that the swimsuit was too small and again trying to be used to accentuate her figure.

      3) 1 & 2 together. I like this answer the best. Hey! Its not just cause I’m a pervert! …wait, can I take that last bit back?

  26. Stilts, you lucky b..Show Spoiler ▼

    you’ve got to review the two top shows of the season, ah ?! how did you know ? props to you for your sixth sense about anime 🙂

    I didn’t enjoy a comedy this much in a long time, personally this is my favourite show this season, and the reasons are all written line by line in your posts, so I’ve nothing left to add. My (close) second favourite show is Chuunisomething, with stunning artwork, animation, character design and a good story, but really, I have to admit Sakurasou is doing damn well with visuals too, drawings are never approximated, girls are so well shaped in the body traits and so hnnnnggggg with a lot of cute outfits, and the warm colors, and atmosphere … and characters I can relate to, making their experiences, developing their personalities …

    magnificent. I really think JCStaff is competing head to head with KyoAni.

    Oh, and as always, thank you kind sir for your posts that gives us a “more Sakurasou” place to hang out between the episodes. And such an high quality place.
    see read you soon 🙂

    1. To be honest? I have no idea how I got so lucky. I went into this season having no idea what I was going to cover and not being sure about the season (especially after my beloved Kyoukaisen last season), and somehow I came out smelling like flowers. This is like finishing Ano Natsu and Rinne no Lagrange for Div back in the winter…I have no idea how everyone else lets me get away with this!

  27. I hate this show so much. Usually it’s easy to ship one heroine with the MC over the others but in this show, the decision is just too hard. Nanamin? HNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!! Mashiiro? HNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!! It really sucks. Not only that, for the past few episodes, there’s just too many intense hhhhnngghhh moments shared between the two.

    Also I don’t care that people keep calling Sorata a beta. Even if he is truly a beta, I say that I respect him for the things that he have done. He’s awesome. I really love how even though he’s depressed, he can still pick up cues that Jin, Misaki, and Mashiiro is trying to cheer him up. Also how he picked up the cues that Nanamin is trying to help him by refusing her welcoming party (he is currently depressed so it would not be nice to have a welcoming party where she is going to enjoy it) in which he then say that they should do the welcoming party. He’s amazingly selfless and receptive of people’s feelings even though he’s in a bad spot. Who cares if he’s not badass. He’s very respectable. On a side note, I don’t really like the idea of alpha vs beta. It’s more about their attitudes and whether it can be respectable or not.

    1. Though Sorata don’t feel as capable as Mashiro, Mashiro’s genius is in great part due to her single mindedness towards her art. She can work round the clock when she’s involved in her art, which not everyone is capable of. It can lead to a one dimensional life as we see, Sorata is connected to people (and cats) and cares about more than one thing. While he may not reach the same level, on average, he’s as good or better at life than Mashiro.

      1. Yeah, this series could be an interesting exploration of what it means to be good at life. We have someone who will excel through crippling over-specialisation (Mashiiro, though the others at the dorm also count, such as Misaki), contrasted with someone with a range of talents (Sorata, and Jin, thinking of some of their conversations), but who is merely average at all or most of them. Though I don’t know how much this series will delve into that stuff, it may aim to be more light-hearted.

  28. And here I thought this show couldn’t possibly get more inspiring! This episode had my favorite lessons to date. My whole life I’ve been telling people “I’d rather be weird than normal.” I love how this show brought that point across. Then watching Sorata actually get EXCITED over how serious he was pushed me over the edge. That’s a feeling we strive for as human beings. Failing is probably one of the worst feelings in the world, but it helps teach us what’s truly important. And I was so proud of Sorata for coming to that realization instead of just spiraling into depression. I can only hope to find that same happiness someday. I feel the exact same way as Nanami: You can’t help but love people who really know what they want.

    On another note, I actually teared up from laughing at the scene where Jun and Misaki were halfway over the fence. “Run.” And then I like how it came full circle with Mashiro’s “don’t stop running.” This show is utterly fantastic ^^

  29. I’ve always wondered why shoulderless shirts are so popular… especially in China where little girls, 18 year olds that look like little girls, normal teenagers, young women, middle age women and old women all wear shoulderless blouses. Why?

    Suppa Tenko
  30. If everything goes acording to plan that scene with Sorata and Mashiro acting as a married couple might be the end of this beautiful story Stilts. That´s what I truly hope, those two belong together.

  31. For some reason this episode, no… this anime gets me really pumped up for life. It’s really portraying it in a positive way even though it may be cliche at times. Thankfully, like you mentioned, Sorata didn’t go over the barrier and make me hate him. Probably the best episode so far. I may have to start doing my own blogging about this anime now.

    1. For some reason this episode, no… this anime gets me really pumped up for life.

      Quoted for truth. I need to stop watching this at 10pm. Gets me so pumped up I can’t sleep for hours!

  32. it isn’t too long if i can read through the whole post word for word without feeling bored! and i agree, damn, the running scene is AWESOME! i wish i found something like that; i’m waiting to plunge into that stage in my life!!!!!

  33. Great episode (and post!) This was definitely one of my favorites so far. It’s always nice to see characters in anime actually breaking the rules for a change and the nighttime pool scene was top notch.

    Also, that scene with them running with the fireworks at the end? Sooo nice 😀 I mean, we’ve seen that in other series before, but this time just had a lot of heart. Totally psyched Sakurasou is running through winter 2013 too.


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