「決意と決別」 (Ketsui to Ketsubetsu)
“Determination and Separation”

All diplomatic talks have failed. All the hints point towards an epic battle on Balbadd’s soil, where the main forces will be magical users duking it out. However, the future of Balbadd itself is still uncertain. Will the dark rukh prevail in wrecking havok on Balbadd, or will Ali Baba and Sinbad find a way to stop it?

Even if Balbadd’s government were to be overthrown, what of its new government? Ali Baba has repeatedly expressed his insecurity and inability to lead such a country, even though everyone “believes” in him. Although Sinbad is a king that travels around the world, we can guess that if Ali Baba were to take up the throne, he’d have to stay seated in Balbadd as he rebuilds his entire government from scratch. This doesn’t seem like the type of work Ali Baba would do. Perhaps Ali Baba will usher in someone else to take up his place, or perhaps some group of people. While Sabhmad has good intentions, his lack of will to lead and oppose doesn’t make him a prime candidate. But if not anyone in the royal family, especially Ahbmad…who will lead this country after the conflict?

But alas, befoe Ali Baba can figure that out, he has tons of opposition facing him. The Banker seeks to take down Balbadd no matter what the price, even collaborating with a new “banker” (unless they are one and the same) to bring about warfare through the Fog Troupe. Now that Kassim has resurfaced, Ali Baba faces a triple threat: the government of Balbadd, the Kou Empire, and now the remnants of the old Fog Troupe, all of whom oppose Ali Baba for different reasons. It would be a desperate scenario for Ali Baba, especially without Aladdin, but thankfully Sinbad’s reinforcements are imminent–while Sinbad may have his own adjusted agenda at this point for Sindria, the assistance he’ll bring to a frantic Ali Baba will be a blessing. God forbid though that Judal recovers before Aladdin, for there will be hell if that occurs. It is stupid at this point from a political standpoint for Ali Baba to go out and fight alone, especially without mastering his djinn equip, but alas…what else is he to do? Morgiana will probably save his ass anyways like last time.

But now the question remains: will Ali Baba have enough willpower to oppose his greatest enemy–his step-brother? I find it highly illogical and hard to believe that despite all that Kassim has done to Ali Baba–punched him, said he hated him, abandoned him, refused to listen–our current protagonist still will not ask Sindria to help eliminate this opposition. Is he still truly your brother if he seeks to kill your fellow countrymen for the sake of revenge and revolution? I get that they went through hardships together, but one can only go through betrayal so many times. It is this reluctance that will be Ali Baba’s greatest roadblock in the episode ahead, for Kassim will make peace in Balbadd a whole lot harder…despite his “ends justify the means” mentality.

In other news, I hear good tidings that Porno Graffiti and supercell will be performing the OP and ED for the new cour! I am especially thankful that supercell is taking up the role of the ED–I’ve grown tired of how the ED constantly clashes with the tone of the show. Hopefully supercell and PG can set an even more epic tone to the show just in time for the major battles that lie ahead.




  1. LOL Sinbad, the Lady Killer of the Seven Sea.
    Anyway, Thanks for the review Zanibas, glad you did not forget about this, and keep up your style of posting, I always enjoy it. ^_^

  2. Why am i the only one who sees it, the weapons dealer is Judal, it’s pretty damn obvious, his eyes are red (completely different from the banker eyes), and he has dark rukh emitting from his body (the only one so far who had that was Judal), how did he heal this fast .. one of the henchmen of the Kou princess clearly had healing powers .. it would probably take a day or two for him to heal Judal (considering Judal also isn’t a normal human to begin with), even if the weapons dealer isn’t Judal there is one thing i’m 100% sure of … the bank simply can’t be the weapons dealer .. they look completely different.

    Also, the beast-men of the Kou empire finally fully revealed in the next episode, i wonder what are they for real .. were they born like that or is that the work of some magical artifact that turned them half-animal half-man … anyways, i hope they turn out to be interesting villains.

    1. No, I don’t think the weapon dealer is Judal. Ep10 shown Judal is not the kind of person/Magi that tends to hid/disguise himself.

      As for the beast-men, I assume they are the dungeon monster Judal talked about in ep10. He did told us that Kou has an army of them, or something like that.

      For the Weapons Dealer and Banker’ relationship, well, since I am a manga reader, so I shall not spoil.

  3. I am especially thankful that supercell is taking up the role of the ED–I’ve grown tired of how the ED constantly clashes with the tone of the show.

    Super excited for next episode! Some epic stuff to come.

  4. What Sinbad said about Alibaba (before being corrected by Mor-san) was, what I think, what most of us were probably thinking: Alibaba is just a weakass.

    I liked watching him vs Kassim, and actually seeing Kassim’s jelousy. I really hate relationships where you keep your loyalities to your friend, even though he betrays you more than once, I don’t like relating to anime’s sometimes, but I’ve been through that, and I still keep them loyalities. People may call it dumb, but it just goes to show that Alibaba’s a caring charecter

    This episode was great, I loved it. A part of me assumes that Alibaba still acted like a kid when he went in alone, but I’m so dying for next episode, argh! Do they have to hurt us so bad by making us wait!

    About the banker, I don’t like assuming things, because I am always wrong. I don’t think its Judal because of one thing: we don’t know his face. It is the same guy that is always with Judal and we have never seen his face. His voice is the same, so we know it’s probably the banker and the same guy that guided the Shariff guy (from first episodes) and he just playst he role of the little rat always. We just know that this guy takes any form he likes. Damm you the voice actor who did Colonel Mustang’s voice, I can spot his voice whenever!

    Thanks zanibas for the post! Cheers xx!!!!!!!

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