Drats! I wanted to know more about future Lucy…


The cloaked girl who turned out to be Lucy reveals that she is from the future. She says something about the country but collapses before she can finish her message. Natsu grabs the unconscious Lucy and brings her with him. His team plans to shoot a signal to the other members of the guild – their rescue plan was successful.

Darton and Hisui are still having their balcony conversation. Darton wonders why the princess sent the celestial magi to Hell Palace when she needed their magic to open the gate of Eclipse. The princess said that it was because she had all 12 keys in her hands and made a rash decision. But in the end, she lost the keys (Lucy and Yukino got them back). Darton wonders what the princess will do now, but it turns out that Hisui has already opened the gate using the keys while she still had them. Now, all that needs to be done is to open the gate with human hands. The princess is awaiting the result of the tournament before making any further plans concerning the gate.

Back at the arena, the current battle is filled with anger now that Millianna is trapped. Kagura goes for Minerva, but for some reason, Minerva pulls some trick and suddenly, the attack is heading for Erza instead. Luckily, Erza blocks the attack with her blade. Minerva walks away from the battle and tells Erza and Kagura to have a duel. Whoever will win will be the one to face Minerva. Erza tells Minerva to give Millianna back to them but that pisses Kagura off.

Somewhere else, Gajeel runs into Rogue. A bit further away, Laxus is preparing for a fight against Orga. Both of these battles involve people using similar magic. Sting is nowhere to be found. The princess and Darton are watching all the screens showing the ongoing battles. Darton is wondering if it will really end like future Lucy said. Sting is seen sitting in a well secluded area. It’s not clear what he is up to, but he is definitely prepared for a victory for Lector’s sake.

I’m a little bit disappointed that the future Lucy collapsed because I’ve been waiting so long for her to reveal everything. If she was feeling so bad, she should’ve rested instead of strolling around town, unless, she was attacked recently. Oh well, I’ve waited so long now, so I guess a bit more won’t hurt. Also, it’s probably just my fangirl mind going crazy, but Natsu’s hand…

Aside from that, there were quite a lot of things going on in today’s chapter. I guess the most important part is that Eclipse is now unlocked and can be opened by, basically, anyone. I don’t think it’s very clever to leave something dangerous like that open. Who knows what people might’ve overheard that conversation, or if there might be any traitors in the palace? Having the gates unlocked seems like a perfect chance for any villain to barge in and destroy everything. I kind of have a feeling that something like that might happen, but at the same time, it’s more likely that things will go wrong in tournament (as future Lucy has said), and the gates will be used for what they have been unlocked for. There are many battles left, so we’ll probably have to wait for a long while until we know anything concerning the horrible future Lucy comes from.

The battles today were quite interesting. I must say, I did not predict any of this. I had assumed that Kagura and Erza would take down Minerva together, that was wrong. I was thinking that Laxus might fight Jura before anyone else but that was also wrong, however, I had one correct guess – Gajeel is up against Rogue! For now, the main battle is Erza and Kagura. It’s quite frustrating to see Erza in such an emotional battle. I think she will win, but this will be hard on her feelings. Kagura has already managed to surprise Erza by saying that she shouldn’t act like Millianna’s friend. I don’t think of Erza as Millianna’s enemy, but I can definitely see where Kagura is coming from. Erza likes the man who unintentionally murdered a friend of Millianna, and while that wasn’t really him, the hate in Millianna’s heart makes sense. I guess this battle will be more of a mental challenge for Erza, so it’ll be quite interesting to see where this goes.

As for Gajeel and Rogue, their battle is not surprising at all. I am absolutely sure that Gajeel is capable of taking down his opponent. Especially if it’s someone who has been defeated by Natsu already. Of course, there are many things we don’t know about Rogue. He does seem somewhat different – everyone in Sabertooth has changed since Sting attacked their master. So I don’t think Gajeel will have it easy. But when it comes to Laxus, I doubt that battle will be much of a difficulty for the second generation’s Dragon Slayer. If he could take down an entire guild on his own, a God Slayer shouldn’t be too hard. It’s quite interesting to see two different types of magic of the same element though. Oh well, now that everyone in the FAIRY TAIL team have engaged in battles, I expect the upcoming chapters to be intense and exhilarating!

Moete kitazou!


    1. Orga is a God Slayer who would have ever thought… oh ya EVERYONE. Even the passage “You figured it out eh” was classic. However I totally agree Laxus is one of my favorite characters so I’m looking forward to him letting loose.

  1. Erm, why is everyone thinking about scenarios, we all know what we think will not happen in reality…. And Sting still dun emit the I’m evil now aura, just a kid who lost his best friend and want revenge.

      1. That’s why he would lose again to Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail would never give into blackmail just like when Lucy was taken prisoner by the royal army, they split their teams into two to rescue her and participate in the games too, but when Lector was taken hostage by Minerva all Sting could do was cry like a little baby girl and now he thinks he’s a badass that will take on Fairy Tail he’s sadly mistaken.

        K C M
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  3. Orga is a God-Slayer, as expected from his display of black lightning.

    While this revelation is not surprising, it does raise a few questions. If Sabertooth had been in possession of a God-Slayer all this time, why was he not publicized to the extent of the twin Dragon-Slayers, despite supposedly being higher tier? Also, when Minerva suggested that Sting replace the guildmaster, she stated that he is the strongest aside from herself, but Orga did not voice a single word of objection. Furthermore, Rufus was able to copy his black lightning, despite it being a lost magic and him not being a God-Slayer. Lastly, when Chelia was revealed to be a God-Slayer, everyone including Mavis was surprised, but no one was surprised at Orga’s black lightning.

    Kind of a low-key God-Slayer.

    1. Maybe they think that a god-slayer is weaker than a dragon slayer since that fire god-slayer was defeated by a dragonslayer? But then again, who taught them god slayer magic in the first place?

  4. I still dont get it where God Slayer’s learn their magic from. Also is there a limited number of God Slayers??
    Laxus line “Just cause you can kill a god doesnt mean you can kill fairies!” was awesome xD

    1. Erza will always win in the end… the straight forward path is the two agree to work together for Millianna’s sake against Minerva and then dual over Jellal’s fate afterwards. An alternate path is Kagura temporarily overpower Erza and went after Minerva… Erza then catch up to save Kagura and crowns Minerva.

      Regardless, I just want to see it happens.

  5. My impression of the last two chapters:

    Minerva used ultimate attack
    … it wasn’t effective

    Minerva used taunt
    … super effective

    Minerva used retreat

    Effective strategy :p

  6. If you guys go back to the last two chapters( the country until tommorrow & threesomes ), you will find out that Minerva is not wearing any underwear. I looked closer and I discovered that I can see a part of her fresh naked butt with no panties, try it and you will see it.

    K C M
      1. Wow, I thought that I was the only one that noticed but any way thanks for noticing. By the way I forgot to say Happy New Year to you Zero. If you had a good 2012, I hope you have a better 2013.

        K C M
  7. I expect Erza to loose for some reason, (not necessarily against kagura) while laxus/gajeel most likely win.
    Whatever the future holds it has unraveled future lucy so its only a matter of time to see it all unfold. I will cry in the meantime over the wait period for everything to unfold as it should *cryyyy
    Good chapter nevertheless

  8. somehow I get the feeling that either one of these scenarios will play out:
    1. Erza will defeat Kagura but remains both emotionally and physically exhausted, allowing Minerva to backstab her and win thus leaving her to be defeated at the hands of another Fairy Tail member…or who knows maybe she will be taught a lesson by the Saint Wizard himself Jura.

    2. Erza will win, Minerva will still backstab her but to her shock that only ends up pissing Erza off and she’ll go rampage on Minerva’s ass.

    As for Rogue vs Gajeel considering the one sidedness of their previous encounter I think this time Gajeel will run into some trouble but will still emerge victorious.

    Laxus is also unlikely to lose which leaves the question who will face Jura? I get the feeling that Jura will end up winning this last battle which will give the title of the strongest guild to Lamia Scale. Either that or Fairy Tail emerges victorious out of all of their fights and the members will team up to defeat Jura as I can’t really see any of them being able to solo him especially with the fights they have in their hands right now.

    1. That’s exactly what I’ve predicted before, I believe that Lamia Scale will take first place, even if Fairy Tail will get second place, at least they will avenge their honour and regain their popularity and their Dignity back. Here’s my take on the final results.

      1st place, Lamia Scale.
      2nd place, Fairy Tail.
      3rd place, Sabertooth( although I want to put them in fourth place ).
      4th place, Mermaid Heel ( or maybe I should put them in third place ).
      5th place, Blue Pegasus.
      6th place, Quatro Cerberus/Puppy.

      I could be wrong but then again I’m just speculating, I really want Fairy Tail to win but if it turns out like this I would be okay with it.

      K C M
    2. If we want to keep the speculation going:

      Jura is pro-FT… so he might go after Minerva… as his shiny forehead reads “I will go after the most dangerous one first”. Also, it is unlikely that FT will come out with 5 people because the point system is still at play. Juvia and Gray are the next two most likely candidates to fall… the question is if they are taking Lyon with them. Gajeel would take down Rogue and then go after Sting to try and one-up Natsu, so it’s very likely he will be sticking around… That leaves Laxus and 2 godslayers.

      Considering that the princess already know the outcome of the tournament from future Lucy, FT is pretty much the guaranteed winner. So now it’s just a matter of shuffling around the points to make it a tight match.

  9. Thought this was an odd chapter where Eclipse is concerned. First Eclipse needed to use Lucy or Yukino as a sacrifice but now the princess can just use the keys and push it open? Also, not sure what to make of Lucy’s odd feeling about her future self. Perhaps future Lucy isn’t who she seems after all. Though I’d like to think Mira of all people could spot someone using transformation magic.

    I did like the magic games portion of the chapter. Match-ups seem interesting although Laxus and Gajeel shouldn’t have too much trouble. Sting is ridiculously annoying and Lector was horrible to begin with… hope that gets dealt with quickly.

    1. technically speaking we don’t even know for sure future Lucy is really future Lucy (could be someone in disguise, could be an evil clone, could be some elaborate illusion, who knows atm), so its certainly a point worth noting that we still need to take her words with a grain of salt until further notice.

      1. and Imitatia spent most of the Key of the Starry Sky anime arc appearing to be a rich girl named Michelle Lobster and a distant relative of Lucy’s.

        Mashima’s obviously set it up for us to all believe she is a future Lucy; just as everything was set up for us to never question Imitatia’s cover.
        like i said, “technically”.

  10. For weeks now I’ve been saying that I want Gajeel to fight Rogue (we all knew it would happen) and Laxus to fight Sting, but I have to say…I like that Laxus is up against Orga. I think that makes more sense, seeing as how they’re opposites (like Natsu and Zancrow were). Right now, I’m not sure which direction the Erza/ Kagura/ Minerva fight will go. I do love to see a fight between two sides that I feel have both the right to win, though I think Erza is probably the one who stands a chance at THEN fighting Minerva.

    Meanwhile, I’m keen to know what Gray’s up to. I hope now because he’s won a fight he won’t be left out of the rest of the story.


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