Well this was certainly an unusual chapter by Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai standards. Mutilated corpses? In TWGOK? We’ve certainly been going down a darker path these past few chapters, what with the sudden gore and appearance of firearms. Someone once joked that perhaps Wakaki was intentionally trying to get the series cancelled with all the antics between Keima and Urara in previous chapters, and with this sudden direction, it certainly seems that he’s experimenting with a lot of new ideas. I doubt that he’s actually trying to get the series cancelled, nor do I want to see it cancelled, but it’s certainly strange to see it go off in so many directions different to those it has in the past. Not that I’m particularly complaining – I enjoyed seeing Dokurou tear into those Vintage members, just as I enjoyed watching Elise be moderately useful last time!

As previously suspected, the devils killed Urara’s parents – at least that’s who I assume her grandfather means when he refers to his son and daughter. Chances are they were human rather than devils themselves (though that could still be in question), which means the big mystery here is why. What connection did her parents have to the devils? Were they devil and buddy as once was speculated? Did they have some other connection to hell? Or were they just innocent bystanders who happened to be killed with no deeper motive? At this point, there are too many possibilities to count. What we do know is that Dokurou is far more dangerous than she’s seemed so far this arc, and it seems like Keima has finally hit another abrupt bad end. Assuming he’s about to have to repeat events again, I wonder just how far back he’s going to be launched…

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – Dokurou brings to light a darker side of the #TWGOK manga!


  1. The real question is: what was the Bad End trigger? Urara’s grandfather dying? Keima almost dying? The devils killing anybody at all? The devils existing at all?

    Grrr, it’s like P4 December all over again – a billion options and only one forward path.

  2. i think the trigger was keima coming to the fortress, the cave .. that place, you understand. Well at least that is what i understand from dokurou saying to keima to not come to that place.

  3. I see that Wakaki-sensei totally merge all of his past experiences in playing VN for years in building kaminomi’s storyline.

    Groundhog day is a common trope that became a bread and butter for many epic story-driven VN (See steins;gate, Muv-luv series, Baldr series, etc) or incorporated into bad-ends, due to nature of VN that’s made to be “played” (thus amazingly increases the involvement effect in this kind of plot). Gore is also a common things in this kind of plot, so this surprise is a very good element for me.

    And to see it (and many other epic plot elements) integrated in a manga that has a premise about otaku who capture lost souls in heart of girls by romancing them… Wakaki-sensei, you’re a genius.

  4. What you said zero. Freaking genius. BTW, how the hell do I suggest this to friends? I can no longer think of a way to describe everything that goes on anymore. Just because its so awesome.


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