「クールなあの子にあっちっち」 (Kuuruna Ano Ko ni Acchicchi)
“Hot for a Cool Girl”

Ahhh, to be young and bashful again. Compared to our cast of lovable extroverts, the noticeably introverted Asagiri Shiori sure is a change. This was only partially a Shiori episode though, as Dera once again went about stealing the show.

Dera’s New Love, and his True Destiny

I’m sorry, but I just found Dera hilarious this episode. He just had that smooth, but not as smooth as he would have preferred thing going, that awkwardness dribbled over some legitimately gentlemanly actions (and slightly dubious intentions) that is so familiar to anyone who has spent time out on the dating scene. In fact, by the end I was referring to them as ‘gambits’ or ‘moves’, and laughing when he rolled into one, unexpectedly succeeded, or failed spectacularly. I especially enjoyed when his oh-I’m-so-lost gambit unexpectedly worked (you can pick up girls like that? I should try it out sometime…), as well as when he flagrantly flopped over (“No, I mean…I’m not okay!”) to get her to come over again. If Shiori were more experienced with such things, she probably wouldn’t have fallen for his crap, but he did it with awkward style, just like most men do. Also, there’s the fact that he’s a bird.

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Bashful Shiori-san

While Dera brought the funny, Shiori brought the cute. I have a feeling she’s a character that many will either be able to relate to, or feel a nearly irrepressible desire to protect (or just befriend. She just wants some friends!). To many folks, the hardest part about talking to new people is getting started, but the first part after that isn’t much easier. That she couldn’t even do that without running away is rough…but also very cute.

I am glad that Tamako kept after her, and that Dera – as dubious as his intentions may have been – actually did help her get closer to Tamako. True, he told her it would be better if she talked to Tamako herself because he wanted her to come over again, but he was still right! Sometimes music may speak louder than words, but you still need to spit those words out so that others can be sure of where they stand. Dera’s narration over the last scene summarized the theme nicely:

Sometimes, words are hard to find. Sometimes, words just aren’t enough. The things we want to say never quite reach. But one day, they will.

Amen, Dera-chan. Been there. You creepy bird you.

Looking Ahead

So far, Tamako Market is doing a good job of giving us gradual character development; it doesn’t feel like a lot happens in each episode, but there’s always an important shift for at least one character that carries over into the following episodes. There were hints of that in this episode with Midori, and I’m sure Shiori will get the same going forward.

So who’s next? It looks like it’s going to be Anko (Anko: “Call Anko An!” Stilts: “Okay, okay. An-chan”). A non-tsundere Hidaka Rina imouto in the spotlight? Yesplz!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Sometimes, the right words are hard to say. It’s worth it when you do, though. Also: Dera has some moves! That creepy bird #tamakomarket

Random thoughts:

  • Kanna’s locker fetish was just weird. I hope she gets her time in the spotlight soon, just so we can figure out what makes her tick.
  • Here’s a fun drinking game: take a shot every time you see a bunny in an episode of Tamako Market. It’s fun! Disclaimer: RandomC is not responsible for any mishaps or accidents that happen as a result of playing this drinking game. Seriously, those things are hidden everywhere. Don’t die.
  • The sensei who was absurdly happy about his new marriage is a nice character. Even better though would be if shit went all Shinobu/Urobuchi on him, with his life spiraling swiftly out of control as he sinks deeper and deeper into a twisted abyss of depression and despair brought about by everything he knows and loves being torn inexorably away around him…only for the rest of the show to proceed as normal. Wait–what’s wrong with me?!
  • Though this is more relevant to last episode, I only realized it after the fact, so here it is: re-watch the ED. Did you notice that scene where Midori is peeking out from inside the locker? Symbolism is fun!

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    1. Tamako Market really is better for you than Psycho-Pass. Watch too many shows like PP and you become convinced the world is a worse place than it actually is. I recently read a study in this subject and it turns out that violent, pessimistic television shows are partly responsible for the rising crime rates in most developed countries. But Tamako Market is such a positive show the opposite has to be true. Every character is well-meaning and polite. If the world were a little more like the one in this anime, it would be a warmer, kinder place.

      (As for the writing in and of itself, I think PP is quite good, though.)

      1. aw great, another one who mistakes correlation with causation.
        In a similar study, it is shown that participation in violent movies or video games resulted in a temporary rise in aggression levels. This is similar trait found in those that partake in competitive sports.
        The very fact that you think a violent fictional show is partially responsible for rising crime rates just shows you how much of a slanted view your perception (and the research you source) on the world is.

    2. Why don’t we stop comparing and just to enjoy the show? ‘sides, everyone have different taste and shouldn’t we respect them?

      Not to mention tht TM and P-P is from two opposite end of spectrum and you can’t really do a good comparison….

  1. Asagiri Shiori …… oh you are such a woobie, I’m gonna die! How is it the main conflict of an episode is that a shy person wants to say ONE THING to someone else and it has me at the edge of my seat!? Maybe it’s because I’m naturally shy too.

      1. Are Stilts-Sama and Dera birds of a ferather?
        Sorry but this must be a lamest of the incredibly lame puns (T!)I’ve come with for a long time…
        Also, Dera scenes painfully remind me of wanting to see another bird, namely Nagoya from Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (heck, who am I kidding, I miss Mitty and her crew!)

  2. I totally know how Shiori feels — I used to be terribly shy as a child and would have to practice saying things in advance because I wasn’t used to having friends or talking very much. Still have the occasional moment where I bite my tongue from saying something because rather than being misunderstood, it’s more like I don’t want to throw unnecessary thought vomit out there.

    Dera was indeed hilarious this episode. I was just as lovestruck as he was. There’s such a charm to the developed characters so far. Well, even the undeveloped characters, such as the shopkeepers throughout the shoutengai… it really makes me miss Japan.

    I can’t wait for Kanna’s episode. She seems to be an engineer or architect in the making!

  3. I want to hug Dera , he tries so hard but never gets anywhere. But that’s what happens when you try to go for 2D girls, you never win. He really should be looking for more realistic avian prospects. And while he’s at it, start exercising to get back into shape.

    Turning off my goggles for a bit, I can actually relate to what Shiori is going through. For a really shy person the hardest part is making your first friend. Shy people tend to be more afraid screwing up a conversation, usually waiting for the other party to make a move.

    I’m also starting to get fascinated with Kanna, a moe CARPENTER girl with a compulsion to fix stuff? That’s something I haven’t heard of before.

  4. Shiori is so adorable. Initially she seems like a “cool” character, but in truth she’s just so shy that she doesn’t know how to talk to talk to people. Creepy bird Dera may be, but it’s a good thing he came along, because it’s practically guaranteed that she never would have worked up the courage to talk to Tamako and co. without his intrusion into her affairs.

    In regards to Kanna, I don’t think she has a locker fetish. I think she’s just OCD. Some folks suggested that after she made an architecturally-sound chocolate house for Valentine’s Day last time, and now I think they’re right. The fact that it was a locker that was broken was not what was important: it was the fact that it was broken. It was a thing that would be within the space of her normal routine, and it was NOT RIGHT. For an OCD person that would be like an itch they couldn’t scratch: it would drive them nuts, dominate their thinking until it was set right again. So she brought in some tools the next day and fixed it herself, because the school was too slow about it.

    All that analysis is too serious for this sort of series, however. Kanna is Kanna, and I really really doubt they’ll explore this side of her psychology.

    1. You might be surprised. I wouldn’t put it past them to explore such a thing, considering it’s not really “dark” at any level I can see her exhibiting (I’m sure there were other “off” things, but it was only something totally busted that got under her skin).

      Still, and interesting idea! Hopefully we’ll see more on her soon…after the An-chan episode :3

      1. Being minorly OCD myself I can completely see where she’s coming from. I wouldn’t be OCD to the point I’d be diagnosed to be OCD, but certain things being off drive me nuts till I fix them. Like if a TV or screen or video has the wrong aspect ratio, I’ll go nuts until I fix it, even if I have to interrupt someone else (or a bunch of people) watching something to do it. I’ll do the same thing with other things like if books on a bookshelf are not pushed all the way back against the back of the case (or my anime dvds on their shelves).

        So yeah, her wanting to fix that would make sense, especially as its something thats very out of place. A completely clean wall of shoeboxes, except one is all broken.

    2. Kanna strikes me as a budding architect. I’ve known architects who are very aware of, and object to, flaws in the built environment. Misaligned windows or other features that should be aligned; angles slightly off 90 degrees; visibly shoddy construction work; features that should form a pattern but do not — all these things stick out like sore thumbs to them whereas I can hardly see them. And then there are her blueprints for the chocolate house — pretty professional!

  5. http://dic.nicovideo.jp/a/%E3%82%AF%E3%83%BC%E3%83%87%E3%83%AC

    Shiori is what we would call a “Cool-Dere” (クーデレ), her cool exterior actually a front for her shyness. It takes someone persistent like Tamako to gradually pry open that exterior and discover her true self. I would say most introverts (including myself) are of this sort of “dere” types.

    Speaking for many introverted people, we would all wish to have a Tamako as our friend. Persistent in never giving up in wanting to be our companion, but never doing so in an annoying in-your-face manner (some of my former schoolmates and co-workers come to mind), i.e. always respecting our personal space and tactfully letting us gradually open up in our own pace.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. And speaking for the extroverted people, while they may want to be your (or Shiori’s) friend, it’s always better if you can muscle up the courage to make a move, whether it be a first one, or merely reciprocating when they do so. You can’t expect everyone to be super tenacious, especially when they (like Tamako) can get worried they’re bothering you.

      Side note: though I spoke for the extroverts, I’m actually an introvert. Was just using that whole empathy thing we introverts are so good at (+ having talked to many extroverts about the matter). Though I’ll freely admit that I’m not as deep on the introvert side of the continuum as most, so I don’t have it nearly so “bad”…as if being an introvert is bad *scoffs*

      1. Not sure if the person who decided to downvote me without saying anything (something I find very annoying with the system, I cannot read your minds as to WHY you’re disagreeing with me) disagreed with me due to the reasons you stated, though I’d like to add that I’m not so naive and delusional as to constantly just sit by and wait for a Tamako to appear in my life, I would take measures to ensure I’m moderately socially approachable.

        Kinny Riddle
    1. Tamako with glasses and sidetail looks like a sexy twenty to me. Possibly a touch older. She’s rocking the “new teacher/librarian” vibe, much like Shiori, although Shiori looks her age.

  6. – On the contrary, I found Kanna’s antics very cute in this episode. The impression I got is just how much into the family business she is. And a cute girl who’s into something uncommon for girls her age, like carpentry…It’s a cute perk.
    – Nice insight Stilts on how it made sense not to make Dera a human character. Even though his antics came out as creepy in this episode, I still like the end result of it being Tamako and Shiori getting closer. Contrary to what Tamako thought, her own friendliness didn’t feel forceful at all and their exchange at the coffee shop was very heartwarming. Gotta give props too to the coffee shop owner for his words of wisdom in that scene.
    – One again I liked the warm friendly atmosphere that the shopping district conveyed. This even extended up to Tamako’s home, shown by their hospitality. Shiori and Yagi-sensei experienced friendly feeling first hand.
    – It reminded me a little of K-ON on how Midori, aside from resembling Mio for me, got assigned to a different class also like what happened to Mio. Loosely, Shiori also reminded me of Azusa in the sense that they’re both the new girl trying to fit into a group of friends already close to each other.
    – I second that Shiori is very cute. Two big factors being the ponytail and glasses.
    – I’m not familiar with Shori’s seiyuu but she gave off vibes of Kana Hanazawa, which added more to Shiori’s very cute appeal. And to think Hanazawa-san also voiced a character named Shiori(TWGOK).
    – Let’s not forget that Anko was also very cute in this episode.

    – Can’t help but notice, aside from Mochizou’s lack of screentime, his tall friend in this picture. Dude had that mysterious feeling on his person. Must be because you can’t see his eyes.

    1. Both the OP and ED are marvelous. Though I enjoy many, these are some of the few from this season that I’ll actually boot up an episode just to listen to the song. Can’t wait for the singles!

  7. This is a Kyoani anime episode that simply flowed smoothly the entire episode in a while now, at least for me. I think it also gave us an idea of what Tamako Market would be really like. Can’t wait for that Kanna-centric episode.

  8. I really liked this episode more than the first two (which I liked a lot). This one seemed to get past the feeling that I got from the first two episodes that they had to get a lot of stuff done, so they were going about it. They weren’t really ‘rushed’, just that they took no time to linger over anything, to savor anything. This episode did exactly that. It savored some of the scenes, and by doing that gave me time to enjoy them more, instead of “Ok, that scene’s done, let’s go! get to the next one.”

    1. Isn’t it remarkable how much a few extra words can change a sentence? I started out thinking you didn’t like this series…until I read “(which I liked a lot)”! 😀 I have no real point in saying this by the way, it’s just late and I have no filter anymore.

      Also, what you pointed out is one of the lovely things about original works, especially those of the slice of life variety. Once they’ve established the basic pillars of the series, they can take as little or as much time as they want. There’s fewer constraints, or rather they can write to the constraints they’re given, rather than be forced to muscle things in or cut things out merely to finish the story. Probably why they’re so much fun to blog ^^

      1. heh I thought your point was going to be an analogy about how just like a few words change how you understood his enjoyment, a few extra words/scenes in an anime also makes it more enjoyable

  9. I can’t help but notice that followers of Tamako Market either finds Dera extremely annoying and thinks that he’s a meaningless character in the series or, likes the series in general because they like Dera, period (it’s very obvious when you see the forums). I’ll just say that Dera isn’t some randomly created character just for the laughs. He had a hand in the character developments for this episode and the past ones, no? If not for him, Midori wouldn’t have anyone to talk to when she was having problems accepting her feelings for Tamako possibly and like what Stitlts said, he did actually help Shiori get closer to Tamako in a way. He’s there for a reason.

    1. Not terribly surprising that Dera is a polarizing character. I wasn’t even sure about him at first, though I’ve come to enjoy his antics. You have a good point though…to dislike Dera is to dislike a huge part of this series, because he’s such a major part of it. I mean, how can you dislike the very idea of one of the main characters and still enjoy the show? I mean, other’n people enjoying Evangelion despite Shinji, but that’s a bit of a different situation

    2. I like Dera enough the way he is now. I think he’s got enough personality that even if I’d rather see Tamako and her interactions with other people, having Dera there isn’t horrible. I have just had a worry about him getting Supporting Character Syndrome, especially with so many people saying things like “the show needs more of Dera” and “he’s the only good thing in the series.” Given that it’s just a one-cour series, I don’t think there’s too much of a danger of Dera’s wacky antics completely taking over the show, which I think would be a disaster. But like all wacky supporting characters, there can definitely be too much of him.

  10. Needs more Kanna! I really doubt that she has a “fetish” for lockers. To me it sounds like she either has a hobby of fixing things (her dad is a carpenter after all) or she has OCD-like tendencies, which I find unlikely in an anime. It might also be a combination. But yeah, it’s not really all that weird.

  11. Sometimes I get the feeling that doing adaptations has only been holding KyoAni back. Every single aspect of this show is so great. It’s warm, fuzzy, cute and funny. The characters are diverse and top notch, the humor is absolutely *spot on* (yes, I’m saying it, the humor is better than Nichijou’s). They know what makes a good show tick.

  12. Shiori! This episode connected with me the way the first two didn’t (good thing I followed the rule of three). Almost totally due to Shiori and in spite of that damn bird. I have to confess that they’ve made good use of Dera to catalyze the action and to provide useful insights to the girls. Stilts comments on Dera are right on I think. Shiori shooting him down when he offered her his feather was almost cruel (she was polite since she did bow). I just find him too pompous. Shiori, however is a treasure. Liked her from the moment she caught Dera on her racket, but I wasn’t sure where they were going with her character till she went to the bathroom to practice her thank you. God that was dere. I’m thinking though that at this rate they’re adding so many characters that we’re going to be frustrated with a lack of development for many of them.

  13. @Stilts
    Though this is more relevant to last episode, I only realized it after the fact, so here it is: re-watch the ED. Did you notice that scene where Midori is peeking out from inside the locker? Symbolism is fun!

    Ah, but so is Kanna! I’m more inclined to ship that pair.

  14. Wow my prediction tht Shiori facade is just to cover her shyness is actually spot on… I can see where she is coming since I act totally different (I believe so) when I’m outside… I too often wish tht my friends would invite me to do stuff together…. Oh well, try harder when the next sem start. Good to see things work up fine for her 🙂

    -Poor Dera getting friendzoned…. Try harder you flirty-easily distracted-gentlemanly bird.
    -Shiori carbonara spaghetti looks delicious 😀

  15. The sensei who was absurdly happy about his new marriage is a nice character. Even better though would be if shit went all Shinobu/Urobuchi on him, with his life spiraling swiftly out of control as he sinks deeper and deeper into a twisted abyss of depression and despair brought about by everything he knows and loves being torn inexorably away around him…only for the rest of the show to proceed as normal. Wait–what’s wrong with me?!

    Bonus points if Tamako ends up giving him some mochi to cheer her teacher up, only for him to choke on it and die. Fun fun fun!

    Ahahahaha…ahem. Guess it must be rule 15 of the internet at work or something.

    Aaaaanyway, while I didn’t enjoy this episode as much as the other two, it still amused me regardless. More Dera is always a good thing, and you’re right in saying that it only works because he’s some kind of talking animal. He’s such a lovably arrogant pompous loser that you can’t help but root him for him, especially as nobody even really seems bothered by his existence. I’d enjoy the show a lot less if not for him.

    For the rest this episode was really about introducting a new girl into Tamako’s circle of friends, as well as the social dynamics between them. Shiori kind of reminds me of Sakaki from Azumanga, for that matter. I think it’s also more shyness than introvertism (if that’s even a word, hell I don’t know) that’s her problem, giving how she did want to interact with people but just couldn’t muster up the courage to do so with Tamako. Or maybe that’s just me, because speaking as another introvert, while I keep my distance from people and it takes me a while to warm up to them, courage is never something I lack (I can work with people I barely know perfectly fine, it’s anything beyond that will take time). It’s kind of a subtle difference, but it’s there.

    And Anko episode next time, huh? We haven’t that much of her so far, so seeing things from her perspective could be interesting.

  16. Gosh, this is too cute.

    Really, this show probably doesn’t need any analysis, it’s slice of life to its core, and probably one with a wackier-than-normal premise. There’s great fun to be had with Tamako and birdy Dera, and there’s so much sweetness and cute that will inflict diabetes on unsuspecting viewers. This is KyoAni doing what they do best.

    And yeah, thank you Stilts, because for some reason, I believe that you are the perfect pick to blog this show.

    1. *bows* domo domo. Yeah, it took a flash of some serious insight to get that bit of Dera analysis on this episode. Mostly it’s just impressions. I enjoy it that way : ) Probably why this is, strangely enough, one of the more fun-to-blog shows I’ve done, at least so far. Who woulda thought…

    2. In my opinion though, this series has a theme of accepting unconventional things. For example, a talking bird with human intelligence and homosexual feelings. You have to analyze it to realize that though. Tamako Market is not just a slice-of-life series, it has a deeper underlying theme to it. But then again, these are just my opinions. Maybe that is why the director said Tamako Market is about love (the relationship of the people at the shopping district with Tamako and also her friends at school) and humanity (the underlying theme). If KyoAni can pull off Tamako Market well, it’ll really show how far they can go with their potential (which I think they have) and prove to people out there they do not only excel at making ‘moeblobs’.

  17. I really managed to empathise with this episode-Shiori is a lot like me , trying to make the first move in social interactions , but finding it really hard to do so. Even with people I know , I can be like that , but I have gotten better over the years , but since I am not an adult yet , I still have a long way to go ….watching Tamako Market makes me want to try even harder to get over my difficulties.
    And Dera-Chan is just……..That bird is so creepy , but hillarious. I am glad he is a bird -I’d be scared if he was a human.
    While I don’t want him to take over , I will be really glad to see more fo him.


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