「暗闇」 (Kurayami)

First off, in case you missed my reply comment on the previous post, I want to apologize for the spoiler troll mess with the last post. You guys have been awesome, civil commenters, and up until now I’ve had very little need to closely monitor the comments on the series, which was why I didn’t check back until it grew so out of hand. The oversight on last week’s post was a proper mistake resulting from my complacency, and rest assured I’ll keep an eye out for such trolls closely here on out.

Now, how about that episode? Seems like with the series entering its last legs the production quality is getting a suitably equal beefin-up. I can’t remember the last time a Shin Sekai Yori episode was looking quite this good, with some brilliantly animated juryoku action, awesome, awesome close-ups, and pretty consistent drawings through and through. Here’s hoping they can keep this standard up through towards the end.

And I really do hope so, because having suitably great animation (and the consistently awesome cinematography) really piled on to the “first encounter” vibes this episodes had going for it. Not discounting the perpetual tension in this show, but they’ve really brought it to some incredibly chilling heights here. There’s such a striking contrast with that other time we saw a fiend in Tomiko’s memories; Boy K’s depiction was utterly savage, and had a thourghly visceral tone that heightened the sense of danger a fiend posed back then. Not here, with Saki and Satoru’s first encounter. Fear is what all the characters are feeling, and by god, Shin Sekai Yori is going to impart that fear to you. They’ve got the atmosphere down pat with the dilipated hospital and disturbing human cocoons, crazed survivors and close calls with the beast to continuously unsettle, and those oh-so-effective bursts of utter brutality to terrify, all to just make this unstoppable presence known as the fiend scare the shit out of you. I even liked how the show purposefully avoided having any character spell out the obvious identity of the entity, just to make the unnamed seem all the more malevolent. I suppose understanding the circumstances, that our characters can’t retaliate for shit thanks to their death feedback-enforced pacifism, only adds to the terror the fiend embodies. Such terror I myself haven’t seen matched in anime since those first few terrifying episodes of Higurashi, and the effort here comes close.

With this, many of our suspicions can somewhat be confirmed; yes, there is a fiend involved, he/she was responsible for the giant hornets’ elimination, and is definitely linked to the robber fly colony and Yakomaru’s plan in some manner. However, there still quite a bit to speculate on how exactly the robber flys got a fiend to cooperate with them, or otherwise how the queerats managed to subjugate and manipulate such a volatile specimen. It’s still highly likely Maria and Mamoru are connected to this fiend in some manner, and I’ve been seeing the the theory of it being their child gaining quite a bit of popularity. There are persuasive arguements for it: that there is a strong likelihood for a fiend to develop during adolesence is one, and the timespan would put their child in the suitable age range of 10-12. As is the idea that the queerats would be more capable of rasing a child to be their perfect “god” killing machine. It’s an interesting theory which would fit in quite logically, but at this time the evidence is mostly circumstantial, and I’m not entirely sold on it yet. An interesting thing to note at this point is the captured humans in cocoon, and why in particular they were kept alive. Being used as a bargaining chip is a unlikely proposition, but what if these humans were somehow linked to the development of fiends? Maybe Yakomaru’s found a way to convert humans into fiends, or maybe he’s found some way to breed them into his service. Either ways, both thoughts are equally disturbing in the idea that the queerats are toying with human lives.

It’s pretty amazing how humans are still acting with complete disregard in the face of all this. This new arc has been giving this particular point a surprisingly large focus, and I find it’s likely to be one of the key takeaways of this human-queerats war. That the queerats could even come so far is to some extent attributed to this arrogance of humans as the superior intelligence and the airtight belief in their power of juryoku that puts that at the top of this darwinian ecology. Time and time again we’ve seen the queerats intellectually compete with humans counterparts and work around their powers, and yet here we see again another example, where kuromochi declares the queerats as lower in intelligence and has complete security in his powers to stop the queerats, before meeting his end at the very hands of the creatures he belittled. Not every character is so flippingly oblivious, least of all our two protagonist who knows what queerats are capable of, but once again there’s no discounting that ingrained arrogance that permeates the psychic society. There’s that mentality that they are the fittest of this ecology, emphasized by the Pest control department, Koufuu, and humans’ belittling attitude we’ve seen over the past few episodes. That it is, until a fiend turns up and turns their world upside down.

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    1. Personally I think this is a series you should try and figure out the plot because you can bet there’s gonna be a logical explanation to everything that happens instead of some ridiculous explanations most anime have.

    1. seconded! I can’t believe I almost dropped this series during the childhood arc.
      And I REALLY feel bad for the people who dropped this series over the homosexual undertones during the teenage arc

      1. I don’t understand, why you would think about dropping it during the childhood arc? Bigoted people will drop anything if there’s homosexual undertones, I get that, but I thought the entire childhood arc was stellar.

      2. It’s not so much that The childhood arc was bad as it was that I just wasn’t patient enough to give this show a chance in the beginning. I kinda just dismissed this show on appearance alone before really giving it a true judgement for its plot.

    1. There must have been more of a reason then that. The only people kept alive were the medical staff, the doctor and nurses. So why exactly would Squealer (if the fiend was under his orders) or the fiend itself they need them?

  1. Genious episode! And we’ve already seen so many characters die, that there isnt this “nothing will happen to the two of them, I can relax”-feeling most anime have. Also a good decision imo: not only not mentioning the name but also not showing anything but a dark ominous cloud. The unknown is always worse than a (supposedly frightening) appearance.

    Well, I still dont understand how it is possible for Maria to have a child before having her bones given to the local authorities, but we’ll see.

  2. Lots of unanswered questions. But I find it difficult to believe a fiend would neatly tie everyone up in “cocoons”.
    So, I think the fiend has had help. Maria and Mamoru could have had a child and died, or she died in child birth —
    many possibilities. The fiend is shown in a cloud, so we’re not told what it is – male or female.

    One pattern that I think has been the thread through out the series was that their system worked for so many years:
    the purging, the same-sex pairings, and so on. In the context of the story to date, maybe all of that was to prevent the
    conception of a fiend.

    So, we say “good for Maria and Mamoru – they struck out and made it on their own!” But so much effort was put into
    verifying that they really were killed; it’s not looking like a punishment for being different, but maybe because if the
    pair conceived a child, it would most likely be a fiend.

    Also, remember the two (known) remaining survivors (Saki and Satoru) were/are part of a special group (I don’t
    recall the details a few episodes ago when Saki had the talk with the older woman) who can cross the “barrier.”
    I wonder if the feedback applies to them – was the original experiment to have someone(s) could protect the
    population against a fiend, should one arise? The theory might be out there, but I doubt we’ll see a resolution
    next week if this is the final arc.

    These last few episodes make Another look like a rom-com (but Another was a good series, don’t get me wrong).

  3. A-1 finally giving this series the quality it deserves. I really hope this last stretch doesn’t dip in quality.

    Not much to say except it was an amazing episode. Having watched something with such effective use of heightened atmosphere in a while. We’re in for nonstop heartbreak with all these deaths until the end…

    Is it next week yet?

  4. Animation of this episode was incredible. Among other things, when the Noguchi guy was arguing that they should all split up, they even had him spitting saliva. These small details go a long way to contributing to the overall atmosphere, and I salute whoever is the one making these calls.

    I’m curious, why do people think the Fiend is Maria and Mamoru’s child? With everything we know up to now, I thought it would be the most logical if the Fiend was Maria, and that Mamoru had died and for whatever reason she blamed the village for his death.

    1. I was actually thinking the fiend was Mamoru since they were drawing the comparison between him and ‘Boy K’. I’m not 100% sure why people think this is the potential offspring of Maria and Mamoru. I guess since they haven’t shown a fiend that has survived to the age of 26 or so. I guess something settles down in the mind after puberty, or a fiend would eventually die on its own like a karma demon from such an unrestricted output of power, or due to its ‘burn ALL the things’ mentality, it would be impossible to not hear about one being loose. That, and Maria did imply that she wants children. Those are my two cents.

    2. They’ve already stated that their bones were confirmed with DNA and dental matches. That pretty much confirms their death, because I doubt the queerats can fake that. Also given the seriousness runaways are treated Tomiko has no reason to lie.

      1. With a fair amount of skill, I would presume one would be able to replicate the skeleton of someone using Cantus, given that you can mutate lifeforms and extend your telomeres with it. So what I’m thinking is that Yakomaru managed to track down Maria and Mamoru and got them to fabricate their skeletons, Mamoru somehow dies, and then Yakomaru gets Maria to cooperate with him to destroy the villages.

  5. The arrogance that the humans had towards the queerats began to really bother me when they began handling their wars like a fantasy football league. They never fully understood what the queerats were capable of, and now everyone is beginning to understand. Squealer/Yakomaru always disturbed me. He had these moments where he would just stare at people. Blankly. No words. That guy was processing something; thinking and cataloging events, but I never could tell what he was thinking. That, and not his physical appearance, was the most alien thing about him to me. My biggest question, which has been touched upon, is how he managed to get a fiend on his side. After witnessing ‘Boy K’, I assumed fiends were just berserkers; yet we have one that is ostensibly able to complete objectives and subdue without killing. Interesting.

    1. How they handled and animated Squealer (and the queerats) is just fantastic. I got the same very very disturbing feeling of him whenever he was involved in the plot. He’s like the Jew Hunter in Inglorious Basterds, I absolutely loathe him, but I would also like to nominate him for an Oscar. And that’s really saying something for a character that isn’t even human.

    2. That’s because the Queerats were never a threat. Humanity tried to wipe out the Cantus threat a thousand years ago and not only did they survive, but their powers grew as a result and ruled this part of the world for ages as insane emperors. Even with their technology the Queerats were never a threat. The only true threat to them would be another of their kind, which is exactly what’s happening.

  6. Its was an intense, Scary episode!

    I think we can pretty much confirm that the Akki is the child of Maria & Mamoru. Question is where is Maria & Mamoru? Dead by the hands of Yakomaru perhaps. Then probably Yakomaru took the child and managed to train/ have it obey the queerrats? Evil, smart, devious little Yakomaru. I mean the Akki has been screaming like a bakenezumi this whole time. Now question is how to kill this Akki? Surely not like the previous ones, since this Akki was brought up by the Queerrats.Eitherway it would be difficult.

    Shinsekai Yori definitely has the best plot this Anime season, followed by Psycho-Pass. Who knew from the first episode things would get this dark. I realized this Author is the same one who wrote “Aoi Honou”, a popular book they make students read/watch the movie ver in Japanese schools.

    Excited to see how this ends!

    On a side note, Sake and Satoru is an amazing couple. After all they’ve been through, we had better see at least ONE kiss!.

  7. Glad to see a great show like SSY still ascribe to the Red Shirt. Those other people with Saki and Satoru were pretty much dead the moment they joined up. That hospital is definitely creepy, its classic horror cliche done right. The scariest things of course are those the audience can’t see what is attacking them.

    I’m more convinced that the rogue PK user is a kid now, judging by its screams. It sounds quite young and a kid would be easy to manipulate by Squealer. As for the cocooned humans I think the explanation is quite simple. Leaving behind live but traumatized people would put a burden on its rescuers and making them easy prey. It certainly worked in this case. That also implies that there is some sort of intelligence behind these attacks.

  8. I have a few ideas about why the fiend is most likely to be Maria and Mamoru’s child.

    1. The time frame – It has been ~10~12 years since the last time we saw our characters/since Maria and Mamoru broke away from regular human society, such that the time works out – if the two had a child relatively soon after their escape (Reason #2), then the fiend-child is at an age where Cantus is accessible to him/her, but where he/she is still open to manipulation by the Queerats. Furthermore, if this fiend-child was indeed born outside of the Holy Barrier (i.e. not within the confines of pre-established society), then the psychological imprinting and education that the humans normally use to ensure safety have not been applied to this child, such that he/she is basically just a bomb waiting to explode. Furthermore, the worst part is that I don’t think he/she is even a Fiend, per se – I think that the child is a representation of the basest natures of mankind with access to limitless power; if you recall, the children must also undergo some form of training to make them feel repulsion against killing another. That is, while their genes have a self-destruct button in case of harm to others, it must be activated first through suggestive hypnosis and psychological imprinting. This fiend-child has not had any of that, such that he/she is merely running rampant with his/her power in its rawest, most uncontrolled form.

    2. The Bonobo Effect: If you recall, the children also undergo psychological imprinting to ensure that they all but automatically go to sexual activity as a way of releasing pent-up aggression and stress to ensure a peaceful society – but couldn’t this be just as easily taken advantage of by the Queerats? You have two teenagers of the opposite sex, with a conditioned psychological impetus that compels them to engage in sexual intercourse, on top of their regular physical libido – which means that all that Yakomaru (or Squealer) would have had to do was put them in a dark room and stress them out a bit, and the rest would be history. This was hinted at by the way that Squealer’s colony utilizes their queens as merely a mechanism for reproduction; Maria and Mamoru could have just as easily been used in a similar fashion, at least until Maria had a child that Yakomaru could take advantage of. Furthermore, I feel that Maria and Mamoru would have had sex even if Yakomaru didn’t threaten them with harm or danger – their lives are stressful enough that just putting them each other’s proximity in a foreign landscape with only each other to rely on should have been more than sufficient.

    3. Why is Maria so important anyway?
    – This was harder to figure out, but when you consider why Mamoru isn’t as dangerous as Maria, at least to the humans, is that Maria is female. Let that sink in for a bit. Mamoru, once he has fulfilled his role of impregnating Maria, can basically be “taken care of” by the Queerats to provide forensic evidence of his demise to satisfy the Ethics Committee, followed in a few months (after the birth of Maria and Mamoru’s child, ostensibly) by Maria’s dead body/bones, made to look like it had been weathered and beaten by time and the environment to finally confirm that both of them were indeed dead – thus satisfying the Ethics Committee further. The temporal set-up works incredibly well, but there is a flaw with my argument here; would Maria really have let the Queerats kill Mamoru in such a fashion? I don’t know – but knowing how the Queerats were able to subdue even their queens with a little bit of “surgery,” I wouldn’t be surprised if they organized it in such a way that Mamoru’s death coincided with Maria’s incapacitation, where she is kept alive until she gives birth, after which she is disposed of. Furthermore, going by how well-trained and technologically savvy the Queerats are at this point, killing one or two frightened teenagers doesn’t sound like it would have been particularly difficult, especially if it was timed right.

    All in all, quite gruesome, and the very stuff of nightmares, to be honest. But I think that my theory works quite well – though only time will tell if this is actually true. I feel that the whole concept of Maria and Mamoru being kept alive by Yakomaru and his Queerats isn’t entirely out of the question, but judging by how sinister of a turn the plot has taken in recent episodes, I feel like the “happier” option isn’t really an option.

    Also, “Fox In Henhouse Syndrome” is a great name for Fiends. Self-imposed restraint causing ultimate downfall… It’s almost beautifully tragic in its sheer horror.

    Furthermore, isn’t there almost a sense of devilish poetic justice in the demise of the human society that treats its children like major threats to the survival of the species, at the hands of a child, borne by two runaway children that the society initially rejected; it’s karmic, horrific, and utterly terrifying.

    I have a couple more ideas, but for now, I’ll wait to see what next week brings me.

    1. I have a hunch it’s Maria who turned into the fiend based on Saki’s last words at the end of the second episode. “I think if Maria had never been born unto this world, then untold numbers could of been spared.”

    2. I have to agree with the points made an am quite curious how they’ll be able to solve it. It wouldn’t surprise me if some form of self-sacrifice will have to be made in order to stop the feind, just as the doctor in EP 12. I doubt Saki and/or Satoru will survive either way; saving their civilization from the feind spawned from their best friends would surely be a befitting end..


  9. Well, nothing will please me more than to see Yakomaru/Squealer get spaghettified slowly and killed – and stay dead.

    C’mon~~ SSY, show me that soon! He must die for the story to properly end! …Similar to how Shun had to die for the story to move forward…Man that Shun’s death still stings. The boy was so talented, that one~. Had he survived, I’m sure he would’ve been as strong or stronger than even “double-iris” Kaburagi.

  10. It’s been a long time since a show has made me go “ARGH!” at the end of every episode. Not “ARGH” as in “ARGH these idiots!”, but more “You’re ending things THERE!? ARGH!” It’s been so long since a show has drawn me in like this with every episode, building things up little by little. I’m loving this!

  11. It could be that the fiend might be Maria, as stated by older Saki in the earlier episodes that if Maria had died then alot of people wouldn’t have died.

    It makes more sense to say that Mamoru died and the Queer Rats somehow tricked Maria into believing that his death is the result of the SSY Society. That would explains “HE” working together with them.

  12. I must be going off topic but, although he did not appear in this episode, Squealer has to be one of my favorite characters in SSY! I liked him since the beginning when he clearly calculated his moves and used the human he encountered. We also get to see him grow into a more complicated character as time passed (i.e.using Saki and Satoru again during their search for Maria & Mamoru.) Having finished reading the novel, I have to say I am very much satisfied with the author’s careful depiction of Squealer, even up to the very end. Although I must sound like a weird person liking a “villain,” the mastermind behind these chaos, Squealer IMO just saw his chance and went for it. All in all, to me Squealer has to be the most interesting and fascinating character in SSY.

    1. Well , it is sort of weird , liking a villian , but from what i understood from your comment , its not that you like him as a person(so to speak) but more for his role within the story.That , i don’t find so weird. While I would like to see Squealer/Yakomaru die a slow and painful death , I can appreciate how much of a role he has had in the story so far-without him , a lot of things that have ahppened would not have happened.

      (by the way , if I’ve interpreted your comment wrong / offended you , I’m sorry. that was not my intention)

      1. Yes I meant that I appreciate Squealer as a character, not as in his personality. :)He adds so much more depth and tension to the story. In a sense, though Saki is the main character, Squealer is more of the center and moral brought through the conflict between human and queerats.

    2. Squealer is an exceptional glorious bastard, so no, it’s not weird to like him. Good villains are hard to come by, especially in anime, but Squealer is also consistent across the board. I really can’t wait until everything comes together and all is revealed so I can rewatch for all the foreshadowing they’ve done. I’m holding off on reading the book for just that reason.

  13. The dialogue between Satoru and Dr. Noguchi (?) about the fiend incident just made me question the death feedback mechanism again.

    Correct me if I’m wrong: From the information we have been given by the False Minoshiro, the death feedback mechanism works by disrupting the body’s metabolism (chemical ion potentials) to a fatal level when your central nervous system has deduced the murder of a human. With this, we can assume that death is not instantaneous because it takes quite some time for toxic chemicals to build up in the body/blood stream (think of snake poison). Because of this, these PK humans have two choices when faced with a fiend: 1) Run and die by a fiend or 2) Fight and die by DF and/or fiend. It’s obvious that if you’re going to die anyways, natural instincts will kick in to defend oneself even if it will cost you your life because you have no other choice but death.

    However, we have seen time and again that PK humans in SSY chooses choice 1 (to run and die) rather than choice 2 (kamikaze style for the greater good). Or choice 3, the PK humans in SSY can defend themselves using PK with the death feedback kicking in later but are too cowardly to do so..(i hope this isn’t it). This leads me to conclude that the death feedback mechanism is more than just a chemical metabolic disruption but also inhibits the use of actual PK against a human. The show has never mentioned a passive mechanism that prevents the use of actual PK against humans. The show has only stated that PK is not used because of the active death feedback mechanism as a consequence if you do harm humans. Again, correct me if I’m wrong (episode references please?). If someone has read the book, some enlightenment about this matter would be appreciated with spoiler tags because the show is giving conflicting information.

    Or, I guess this inability to harm humans is not due to the death feedback mechanism but many several generations of selectively breeding docile humans but the show has supported this assumption. The show heavily talks about the “consequence of death feedback” as the sole reason PK humans “should not” harm against fellow humans.

    Moreover, if the death feedback mechanism absolutely prevents any use of defensive PK against humans, it would be too arrogant for the scientists to genetically implement such mechanism on PK humans without a “plan B.”

    1. Edit: Or, I guess this inability to harm humans is not due to the death feedback mechanism but many several generations of selectively breeding docile humans but the show ***has not*** supported this assumption.

    2. I think you’re over estimating how the fight of flight instance works. When faced with certain death, run will always seem like a better option instinctively even if rationally both would lead to your death.

    3. There is also conditioning and possibly drugs that are used to enhance the effect. Notice how easy it was for the priest to “seal” their cantus which I believe was just psychological rather than actual. All Shu had to do was remember his mantra to regain it.

  14. What an ending. A positive cliffhanger FTW. So bad that I almost crawled into the telly! But man, I was positively reeling behind my cushion, and my heart really sped up when they showed Satoru’s eyes open up in fright at the realisation as they laid still on the boat … and before he said anything, I already knew what he was thinking. That was just plain terrifying. I’m kinda glad everyone else felt the same way too. At the end of the ep, I REALLY wanted to talk to someone about it immediately!!! Oh RC, if only your posts came a little faster, but it’s OK. 🙂

    I’m a real timid person really, and usually, I can’t stomach such suspense. But I think the author has really amalgamated psychological horror in ways which we can understand. Looking at the exchange between the 5 member group really made me reflect what I would do in the situation. It’s really easy to think ‘I’d done this’ or ‘I’d said this’, but on the ground, on the spot, you’re going on live and your heart and mind are running on adrenaline, fear and trembling logic. Imagine being told that you were surrounded by queerats by Satoru, and as you stand up and feel the boat rock under your feet before unleashing your juryouku, fear is mixed with anger. Hearing screams and queerats dying made me delighted that the enemies were annihilated, but I felt the sadness of their deaths. These folks don’t go around killing any other living life form on a normal basis, and they’re suddenly handed a gun and asked to swipe out whole entities. I just felt the way the author handled the characters’ emotions and feelings, and yes, the little actions like spit flying out, etc, really brought home to us, as the viewers, how these characters are feeling on the fly, live-action and unadulterated. That’s why I’m so hooked, and yet freaked out. I would probably make all the stupid mistakes, and hopefully I don’t. Yet you just don’t know until you’re tested. Some people have slabbed Satoru in this ep, and I’m thinking, “The guy is already doing the best he can in such a horrifically unknown volatile situation”. There was not ONE second that I was hoping the Aki would not pounce on them – whether they were walking to the boat, talking about leaving the cocooned survivor behind, etc. I was just worrying my guts out that the very next second, the damn Aki would splat them across my screen. It was because it was made so real, the possibility was becoming tangible.

    Just love SSY. The novels must be mind-blowing, and probably even more scarier to read and imagine in your head…

  15. What will you see, if these “Bandages” prevent the inside Peoples from altering? So they could catch the “Old ones they Killed!” and with the Help of the Bandages they could survive without getting Old. But then, how they managed to “control” the Fiend. Or make him into one?. Fear of Death? “We are the Good Queerrats, all other are Traitors that want to kill you!. Help US!!!” That would explain the Queerat War. But the Attack on the “GODs”? And have a Fiend “Non controllable Monster!”, that sounds more complicated

    And This Boy K. I bet he is not Dead. He is Alive

      1. and someone MUST captured a False Minishiro. And that can only be done from a “God” that knows how to Protect against their Self defense.. So, there is not much choice. Are they? Maria and Mamoru cave some Intel, for have their “Protection” against the other “Traitors” Squeerrats. Perhaps the Spider colony are the “Boss” behind this.. Conspirator and all, they can even trick Squealler.. But i doubt that, because this “VIP” Rat would have Screen time before

  16. Watched the episode , and it wasn’t until the ending song started that I realised that I was holding my breath.That was so tense , and when Satoru realised the fiend was following them…..That was just….no words for the feeling , really.
    I’m holding on to the theory that the fiend is a child of Maria and Mamoru’s…but there’s one thing I was wondering-a fiend basically goes beserk , and kills indiscriminately and continuously till worn out/death feedback kicks in. So how would Squealer/Yakomaru manage to control something like that , and how was the fiend able to stop long enough to tie up 3 people ?

    1. Actually , I just thought of something .What if it wasn’t the fiend who tied the 3 people up? What if , before letting the fiend free , Squealer/Yakomaru or some other bakenezumi did that ? I’m not entirely sure WHY they would do that , but I have no other theory.

      And a random thought: Is unleashing the fiend Squealer’s way of recreating history (asuming he has captured a false minoshiro and knows the bloody history of the society he is now destroying)

      1. How could Squealer manage that if they were conscious? Squealer’s henchmen would have been immediately destroyed. I think it was more of psychological torture. Wrapped up, blinded, listening to others screaming possibly, knowing at any instant you could be ripped apart or worse. If your out to inflict terror and to punish that is a nasty way of doing it.

  17. Yakomaru is treating the humans like livestock. About the fiend, there’s three possibilities I can think of 1.) It’s the child of Maria and Mamoru(which has a high probability and if you all remembered back when they where trying to save Squonk I think it was Mamoru who said that “children are forbidden to interact with queerats” I think the reason to that is that children are easily deceived and manipulated by scheming queerats like Yakomaru), 2.) It’s Mamoru avenging the death of Maria(If I recall correctly the survivors stated that the fiend is a “he” so it’s not likely to be Maria) and 3.) It came from another village(possible but farfetched). About the survivors in the cocoon-like state, I think is 2 men + a woman + overly stressed condition + bonobo effect = yes it seems Yakomaru is looking for his new livestock to produce his“puppet gods” to do his biddings and the fact that they’re doctors and nurses is that he definitely want the offsprings to be as healthy as possible and to add to note I think Maria died giving birth w/c is a possibility. Proud beasts of the wild thinking they are superior but where are they now? Extinct or Endangered.

  18. Very impressive and chilling episode. That feeling of sadness when they burnt the Queerats. The despair when they began to understand what they were facing. Well done horror episode.
    Though it pisses me off to think that Maria might have willingly had a child with useless and wimpy Mamoru. Sorry, but I never liked him. Even worse if she got pregnant right away being only 16 years old.
    Of course, as others have said, it’s possible that Squealer somehow forced/manipulated them to produce that cantus weapon. Which would mean that they never got away as far as Saki thought.

  19. People this is not a spoiler or a theory, it is a CONFIRMED FACT! Have you guys not listened to this anime properly?! It has been revealed and hinted tons from THE VERY BEGINNING! Who will become a karma demon and who will become a fiend!

    Ep.1 starts at 10mins in the ep. HUGE HINT = Maria was asked in class by the teacher to read out loud about what “Fiends” are.
    Ep.2 Starts at 1:40 min of the ep. Another HUGE HINT = Shun was the one who was asked by the teacher to read about what Karma demons are.
    Shun became a karma demon, who do you think becomes a Fiend?
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. You have a good point , but first , wouldn’t that be just TOO predictable , especially considering what happpened with Shun? And , if it turns out the fiend is Maria’s child , then adult-Saki’s comment about Maria is still releavnt-if Maria didn’t survuve , she would not have grown up , would not have left Kamisu’s 66th district , and would not have had the child who became a fiend.
      Either way , we can speculate all we like , but unless you have read the original novel (which i haven’t) we can’t know for sure.

      1. Show Spoiler ▼

  20. There is no way to stop a fiend. Unless by:

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. TheProphet, I really appreciate your enthusiasm, but I need to ask you to control yourself. I understand you’ve read the novel before, and I ask that you consider what you say so that you are not giving away what’s to come. I don’t want to see any spoiling, including the way you implicitly do so, for the upcoming developments. Hope you understand why I edited your comments.

  21. This was one of the most intense anime episodes I have ever watched. Seriously, EVER. This reminded me of one of those super intense horror movies. And what made it even creepier was that they didn’t actually show any gruesome things, and you had no idea what exactly was happening.


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