「3人の宇宙飛行士」 (3 Nin no Uchuuhikoushi)
“Three Astronauts”

It’s funny how Uchuu Kyoudai still manages to maintain an emotional high despite moving back towards its former style. Even though the tension everywhere is abating, this episode was somehow almost more emotionally stirring than those which preceded it. There was something in the pure relief felt by all the characters, Mutta and Buddy close to breaking down, everyone at NASA applauding, Freddie’s soft sigh of thanks and even Azuma’s subtle smile. Then there was Hibito’s simple gesture, nothing particularly special but so very Hibito in its execution – there was something amazingly powerful about that scene. Even the thematic music that’s been present throughout the series since its start made a triumphant return after being absent during this past arc. Things are finally returning to normal!

I can feel a little sympathy towards Claude. He appears to be feeling quite bad about the whole thing after making the decision to have Buddy and Freddie ignore JAXA’s advice. Were it not for Azuma’s insistence on sending the oxygen drone to the point indicated by Mutta it would have cost them Hibito’s life. It’s no surprise he’d be feeling quite guilty about it. Strictly speaking, he probably made the right call based on the information they had to hand, though I doubt that makes him feel any better about the fact that it was the wrong call given the circumstances. It would’ve been an extremely tough decision to make.

So as the title suggests, three astronauts saved the day, partially through clever thinking and partially through sheer coincidence. Had Brian not left that figure so many years ago, Hibito would have returned to the ravine and died there. Were it not for Mutta predicting that Hibito would move rather than remaining in one place (I still wonder if Hibito really would’ve broken protocol and moved if nothing serious was requiring him to do so) and Azuma’s insistence on sending the drone to that point, the oxygen supply would never have arrived in time. With this arc over, I wonder where we’ll be going next! Looks like we’ll be getting some flashbacks next week at any rate!

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – Another emotional episode in the aftermath of the accident. #SpaceBros

Random thoughts:

  • It’s amazing to see how long ago Brian and Eddie Jay got those figures. It seems they really would be able to last in space!
  • Good old Brian, always the joker!
  • It’s quite nice to see the return of the typical brand of Uchuu Kyoudai humour. Its absence has been quite noticeable these past few episodes!
  • And Nasuda makes untranslatable puns! I’m slightly disappointed that no effort at all was made by CrunchyRoll to localise it!

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Random aside: I released an awesome eight track sci-fi electronic video-game-inspired album! You should listen to it, buy it, and spread the word or something!





  1. I’m a New Yorker, so I enjoyed seeing scenes of Rockefeller Center and NYC in 1980. And it makes me have an even softer spot for Brian knowing that he grew up here.

    And I agree with Buddy, Damian’s swollen hands look so painful. They’ll hurt more after sadist Karen gets through with him.

  2. I teared up when that flashback about Brian and his brother appeared. Brian’s brother was so cool. When Brian said that he wanted to ask Santa for the astronaut dolls, Brian’s brother stopped to think for a moment and said that “he’ll write a letter”, which means he bought them. That makes it the more tragic when Brian died without both brothers standing on the moon. Shit, this anime just makes me feel so moon.

    Ahhh, next episode, more promises! Ahhh! I don’t know why but whenever I hear promises in Space Brothers, it’s either going to be very tragic or very joyful. I can’t wait!

  3. Keeping buggy on route and sending Brian to the alternative was probably the best decision given knowledge of the situation. It doesn’t rely on putting all your eggs in one basket. Mutta’s call was based more on instinct (perhaps some brotherly link or insight) rather than facts. For example, they had no knowledge of the drone being salvaged by Hibito would help allow them to escape.

    I am more confused about Brian asking if $90 is expensive. Aren’t most kids familiar with money and asking parents to buy stuff for them?

      1. I was more curious how the author wanted us to take that comment. In japanese, you might not take the comment as seriously viewing it in terms of being part of the conversational flow. If you take into the context (NYC 1980, two young American boys), you might view it in a different light.

        Most kids have a sense of money especially if they grow up in a city like NYC. His comment suggests that he is very unworldly and simplistic as a kid (perhaps like Hibito). It begs to question when and how his persona changed as he became an astronaut/mentor that is respected by everyone around him. When does he develop such varied interests in so many different areas?

        He is the ideal astronaut and the pair that Mutta and Hibito are supposed to be compared to. You can see their shortcomings in him and wonder how much they still have to develop.

      1. I thought it was a valid question though… I mean, while they’re not rich, it would be even more logical to know if something was expensive or not. Like, why aren’t they familiar with money even though they can’t ask their parents about it?
        But I’m guessing it’s because Brian was a kid who didn’t care about those things, and he seemed pretty innocent to me. While his brother was more reserved and responsible… much like Mutta and Hibito’s relationship.

        Anyway, awesome episode, as usual.
        It’s always getting better! and I’m glad – SO GLAD – it’ll go on for another arc. Hopefully they’ll cover the whole manga. And yeah, you gotta love Nasuda! haha

        So you’re releasing an album… that’s nice! I just listened to the previews there. I wish you good luck, though I’m not buying it myself since it’s not the kind of music I like… sorry. 🙁
        I like the concept – how it’s inspired by video games and how it does resemble them – but I’m not a big lover of anything too electronic…

  4. “Karen’s a sadist?” spake Freddy. “If only I can trade places with Damian” bemoaned Buddy…. I’m sure he meant that he wishes to shoulder Damian’s pain or something, buuuuuut that’s not exactly something to say after a “sadist” comment. But man, did I cringe at the sight of that frostbite >.<

    The Truth is in the Axe
    1. He was expressing slight envy towards Damian with Karen ‘taking care of’ him, so I’m pretty sure it’s not just wishing to shoulder his pain, but yeah, probably better not to delve into it too much. LOL


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