「そんな遊びはいけません! 〜君がいると世界観が乱れる〜」 (Sonna Asobi wa Ikemasen! ~Kimi ga Iru to Sekaikan ga Midareru~)
“You Can’t Do Something Like That! ~My Idea of Reality Gets Screwed Up When I’m With You~”

I’ll admit that I haven’t been the best at noticing some of the cameos that Haganai has been featuring each episode. But if you were there to see my face when the writers made a Mayo Chiki reference, you’d probably be laughing your head off.

In all honesty, the Mayo Chiki reference actually made a lot of sense when you compare it to the situation that Yukimura is facing. For those of you who haven’t seen Mayo Chiki, one of the main characters is actually a girl who is forced to maintain the facade of being a male butler so she can both serve her childhood friend and uphold her family’s name. Naturally, she gains popularity amongst all the girls who mistakenly want her for themselves and lives a fairly easy life until her secret is accidentally discovered by the male lead. After which a love triangle forms and you have a fairly standard harem with a reverse trap! But if you take a second to stop and think a little more about it, wouldn’t it be amazing if Yukimura were somehow able to follow the same path and make a whole ton of friends (and possibly a boyfriend?)? Especially when you compare how little of the spotlight she gets, it’d be an interesting way to flesh her character out!

Seeing how each episode thus far has focused on a specific character, this week’s was Yozora’s for sure. I don’t know if I was focusing on the wrong things but I just couldn’t get my mind off of how she handled her ending to that otome game. It may have been the way she phrased it or the look on her face but I couldn’t shake the impression that she was using the ending of the game as a self fulfilling prophecy for what may happen to her after she finishes high school. Because not only is thinking about life in that manner terribly depressing but it seems almost out of character for someone who’s supposed to be as cold and cool as Yozora.
Throw in how she’s been constantly mumbling about making mistakes in terms of how she handled removing the “competition” and I can’t help but feel that things might go down a darker path in the near future. And it certainly doesn’t help that Rika’s “Time Machine” seems to have revealed Kodaka and Yozora’s secret past. While I still personally can’t figure out why it’s such a big deal that Yozora and Kodaka knew each other in the past, I suppose it makes sense that the other members of the Neighbor’s Club could feel betrayed or even jealous since the pair used to share some sort of external relationship. But honestly, how much of that do you think is driven by their need to get into Kodaka’s pants?

Judging from the preview though, it looks like things don’t go nearly as bad as the ending would lead us to believe — if anything it looks like it spurs even more changes with Sena in maid outfit and Rika out of character with a legitimate gloomy look on her face.

P.S. Was it just me or was Rika totally awesome this episode? I think I may have officially become a Rika lover.



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    1. Indeed. This episode may have focused on the probable results Yozora’s personality will lead her at the end of high school, but Rika just totally stole the show this week….well, last week two(get it? this week, last week, 2?). Her jokes were totally on target this week and her choreography was amazingly funny. Plus with all the different hairstyles, and the way she was animated, she looks EXTRA cute =03.

      On a very minor note, I liked the art style of the female Kirameki game, which is done by the artist of the Haganai manga, but that’s just me.

    2. Indeed. She made this episode for me. One thing I’ve noticed about Rika this season is that they’ve toned down her pervertness considerably. I mean, it’s still there, but not as crazy as it was in the first season.

      1. Perhaps it’s becasue now she’s a perverted girl in love. Before her perverted fantasies were filled with all manner of different characters, but now there is only one other than her. Perhaps that’s the reason.

  1. What I like about Rika is that while she is portrayed as the most “crazy” out of the neighbor’s club, she’s actually the most logical and perceptive of the group. She’s unconcerned about how others perceive her because she’d rather be true to herself than maintain a facade. Thinking about it, nearly EVERYONE in the club is maintaining some mask. Yozora clearly created the club as a guise to getting Kodaka back, Sena is also not being clear with her feelings, Kobato with her Kurogane no Necromancer (almost sounds like Kuroneko haha) play, Maria also to a certain extent with her rivalry with Kobato. Kodaka is also a big offender and Show Spoiler ▼


    1. I can’t wait for that scene. I’ve always rather liked Rika as she’s quite honest and up front compared to the rest (plus I suppose it helps in getting the ultimate NIGHT/MEAT combo). Still, Sena will always be my #1. I can’t consider her “sunao ni narenai” character trait a flaw, because it’s done in a way that’s much too endearing for me.

      Yozora’s reaction to the end of the game makes sense given how she’s been since the start of this season. She’s clearly trying to be more on the offense in trying to get rid of the competition, but her way of doing so has consequences to her personality. The game showed her that ever so clearly. It’d be nice if she opened up to the idea of friends besides Kodaka, because it’s obvious she wants to be more than friends with him and there’s more to life than only a significant other.

      1. Meat is really the worst character out of the group. She’s the most annoying out of them all, she was worse in the first season, but gotten better in the second season, but still pretty bad.

      2. Agrees…
        What redeeming features does meat have, she’s “intelligent” but a big idiot, besides those useless meats…

        Yosora’s much smarter and i personally like her figure the most, she’s not a walking fanservice either, bot Rika and Yukimura are quite good as well…

        If there will ever be a conclusion, im rooting for Yozora…

      3. Yozora is not a good friend. She don’t care about anyone.

        Her future will be just like in the game she played. Completely friendless because she never was nice to other people. She wants to live like that, after all. It’s her decision to be a bitch to everyone else.

        Everyone else in the neighbor club has the quality to be a good friend, because they are not evil like her.

      4. @Djisas I think Sena’s redeeming quality is that she wants to win Kodaka over the right way. Show Spoiler ▼

        This can be contrasted with Yozora’s near obsession of trying to get Kodaka to relive their Sora/Taka relationship. This isn’t to say that Yozora is completely irredeemable, I think it’d be great if she outgrows this mentality and avoids the “bad end.” Seriously, that game was rather poignant and spot on with how Yozora is currently acting.

      5. @Djisas:
        In addition to what RickyMack said above, Sena is introduced into the show because she wants friends. She didn’t join the club to find a boyfriend or anything, she’s just a lonely rich girl who doesn’t know how to treat people. But how will you learn how to treat people when your social rank isolates you in the first place? (Rich, father is the chairman of the school, etc.)

        She’s shown that she’s actually a nice person, in spite of what she spouts off. This is what helps her put up with Yozora’s bullying and name calling. Even though she is constantly bullied to the point of tears, she continues to put up with it and returns to the club because she believes Yozora is the closest to a female friend she has. She even lets the “Meat” nickname slide, despite how insulting it is, because she treasures that it’s the first nickname anyone ever gave her.

        Sena’s trying to change and it’s gradually showing. Honestly, it’s insulting that everyone jumps at the assumption that Sena fans are only in it for “useless meats.” FWIW, I actually went into the show liking Yozora’s design the most.

    2. There’s nothing wrong with masks & facades since the real world is pretty much just that. No body really gives a damn about what people are really like unless it effects them in some way. However this is problem with Kodaka’s mask which is a big spoiler that I won’t get into. This is what makes Rika’s character so unique – but her character makes me glad that people use masks. Too many Rikas in a person’s life would make anyone crazy.

      1. Is this mask of Kodaka and Rika calling him out going to be explained this season or is that a little down the road? I guess put the answer to that in spoiler tags for people don’t want any clues.

      2. Oh well, it’s not that much of a spoiler but it does eats away the core of plot:

        Show Spoiler ▼

  2. Yukimura – she’s so adorable as a butler!
    Rika – mad scientist pervert girl FTW! her hairstyle changes are fun, too, but the way she menaced Sena for disturbing Yozora’s playtest of otome game, was just splenid!
    Yozora – it is sad to see her attitude getting her into “bad ending” even in-game. Been there myself.
    Plus all her plans to get rid of the “competition” backfire wildly!
    Sena – loved to see her revenge for Senoponuma. Too bad she eventually got on the bad side of Rika…
    last but not least, the big wham! arrives with revelation of the Kodaka X Yozora childhood memories… I wonder hwo will they handle it?

  3. In honesty I found Rika’s character extremely annoying in the first season. However this season, she has been my favourite characters thus far. Whether it is to do with her ever changing hair design, her random outbursts in English “GOD DAMN!!!”, or her random actions in the background, she has been perhaps the most entertaining character of the group so far this season.

  4. Shame they didn’t make good use of Iguchi Yuka to make the Mayo Chiki reference even better, considering she is part of the cast as Maria.

    This episode was undoubtedly on Yozora, and how she realizes if she continues to allow her life to go on as it is now, she’ll end up just like that bad end in the otome game she just played. And what better way than for Rika’s invention to spice up the intrigue.

    That said, Rika and her constantly changing hairdo is stealing the show here, and I am not complaining.

    1. It feels like they toned everyone down, really. Yozora is less prickly, Sena is less haughty (although they toned up her Kobato-centric creepiness), Yukimura shows less disturbing ideas of what ‘being a man’ is…

      Hm. Now that I think about it, probably part of the reason why there are so many Sena fans is because she’s always been flawed in the least threatening way. Although I’m partial to Yozora myself – women with bad personalities have more character. 😛

  5. A chance to take Yozora to the place that she deserves (a firing squad for starters) and the author defends her till the last moment. All in all, the first part was a copy pasta of ep2 of the first season with the girls version of Sena’s galge. But while Yozora managed to troll Sena in S1, just as Sena was taking revenge of her, Rika intervenes. The MayoChiki reference just added some spice, but all in all, the first half of this was just a rehash of past ideas, which is already bad after the retcon of Yukimura’s real gender.
    Why, oh why, someone in his right mind wants to defend Yozora? The Neighbor’s Club existence is just for her to keep Kodaka at her side. Every time she trolls one of the girls is because she’s a selfish, jealous bitch. Yukimura being a girl and Yozora’s admition of failing about making her masculine just proves that. The whole club is a farce, as Yozora clearly don’t want to be friends with anyone, and Kodaka is just a prospect of a slave-husband for her.

      1. Yozora will be the only person without any friends at the end of the story.

        She wants to have a friend who cares for her more than 100 people (Kodaka), but she don’t is a good friend in return. I know people like this, they are just assholes.

        Just get rid of her, Kodaka!

      2. and how are the other characters meddling when Yozora has not been upfront that the club’s actual intention is for her to get Kodaka? the other characters honestly believe the goal of the club is to learn how to make friends. then when you examine every activity that Yozora plans, her intended goal is to try and drive a wedge between Kodaka and one of the other female cast.

        “dammit Yukimura was actually a girl! i only made her dress up as a maid because i thought it would be funny!” for someone who originally started out as trying to protect Kodaka from bullies, she sure has turned into big bully herself.

      3. Yozora is trying to manipulate the situation the group is in by being somewhat of a control freak. Bullying is secondary but it’s still the result of that. It’s pretty clear that this type of nonsense will catch up with her. I’m ready for her to fall hard.

  6. Up till ep 6, it has been rather easy to spot the references made by each episode’s title, except for ep 2. Does anyone know what ‘Homo Game Club’ was making a reference to btw?

  7. I wonder if the anti-Yozora fans actually realise that the desire to peg Yozora down a notch is a greater form of bullying and just adding oil to the fire.
    What’s even worse is some Sena fans saying that this dream sequence represents Kodaka’s fear of Yozora’s personality. I mean, really? Is there anything wrong with putting Meat in her place either then?

    Giorno Giovanna
    1. It seems like more people believe in bullying the bullies and seeing them suffer.
      Hate begets hate, honestly. More people should just learn to deal with things passively and break the cycle.

  8. I’m torn about Yozora. The people she messes with are those that have started it first (Sena and Maria), except for Yukimura, which is evil I will admit. She hasn’t messed with Rika at all, though Rika has messed with her sometimes (I think she’s afraid of Rika). It’s been a long slow slide to what she’s become from when she and Taka were friends. She wants what she once had but it’s been too long for that to happen. She’s changed too much. The ending of the game was terribly sad. It showed someone who is unable or unwilling to change, but is aware that that will bring a sad life. She is in essence a tragic character for all her negative actions.

    Sena is just as bad. Her problems are brought about by her haughtiness and spoiled character. Couple that with her total lack of comprehension about the real world and you can see why she has no friends. Her crazy father doesn’t help either.

    I see from the comments that a lot of people agree with me on Rika. For all her craziness and perversion she is the one character I really like. She is not only crazily intelligent, but perceptive. Her reaction to the boys in the game was hilarious, though I wonder what BL thoughts were lurking in the back of her brain. The one girl I want to see “win”.

    1. I think, that when Yozora and Sena finally get to befriend (or more, depending on level of your Yuri goggles) each other, they will find themselves finally “at peace with themselves”… Hoping much for such turn of events, though it can devolve into ugly version too…

      1. well for Sena, she actually believes that what they do to each other is friendship. while the other girls in school ignore her and talk behind her back, Yozora actually confronts her, which i think Sena likes. so while Sena attempts to bully Yozora and loses, she actually enjoys the bullying Yozora gives her because she sees her as a friendly rival. Show Spoiler ▼

        unfortunately, Yozora only sees everyone else as an obstacle rather than friends.

    2. I don’t see how Maria “started” anything (calling someone “poopy”, which wasn’t even in the original source, doesn’t warrant physical assault, lies, deception, and stealing of one’s nap room), and it was painfully obvious that Sena was there to make friends, not get bullied, but Yozora would not drop her original prejudice (“look at you, Ms. Popular, you don’t belong here so I will now bully you despite those big goofy tears in your eyes”). Her treatment of Yukimura is just icing on the cake at that point, and probably less “evil” besides.

      That said, the girl’s just conflicted. She’s channeled her childhood aggressions, fears (betrayal!), loneliness, and regret into her current persona. She can’t help but lash out at anyone who might take her one true “friend” (potential lover?) away from her. A little clingy and jealous, but what do you expect from someone her position? Rationality and self-restraint? Where’s the drama in that?

  9. During the first quarter of season one I was rooting for Yozora, then that fell flat when she only seems to act like a bitch most of the time(though she did redeem herself a bit in the last episode of last season). The problem is that she’s always compeeting somehow so we don’t know what her real personality is like. Still she finds herself now at the bottom of my list of the girls I’m rooting for.

    Rika is currently sitting at number 1 with Yukimura in second. Seing Mayoi Chiki again made me smile cause I loved that show too.

    P.S. Rika rocked every hairstyle today. Awesome.

  10. It’s a good day to be a Rika fan. As has already been said, she’s both emotional and logical, and actually manages to act as the straight man here and there. Too bad that her chances with Kodaka are close to nil, but who cares about him, anyways?

    Speaking of Kodaka, he already got himself a good way out of the whole flashback dilemma, though it depends on how much of his dream was heard. He did say that it was a mess at the end, so why do they assume that Yozora wasn’t just another random thing in that mess?

  11. I once described Yozora like this: Shattered stained glass. Beautiful and interesting, sharp and cutting, and very fragile. I’d say shes the most fragile one of the club. Its been stated already, but Sena is actually a really sweet girl. She’s just so used to being “The Ojou”, that she doesn’t know how to act. She has grown over the course of the series though. Rika has pretty much always been my waifu. I have a thing for the aggressive ones and glasses girls. Yukimura needs more of an opportunity to express herself as a woman and not a background character. Kobato and Maria are fine as they are currently. Kids will be kids and all that.

  12. Yozora has the potential to do a school days ending.
    Lets say the circumstances/destiny makes meat and the guy to hook up and close the deal.
    Yozora then somehow by mistake or by intent kills the guy.
    Then Meat in order to avenge the guy terminates Yozora either by herself or with the help of the neighborhood club.

  13. so yukimura now wear butler outfit & talk mention of anime with “mayo & chiki” then rika want yozora play a game give sena try to ha ha cue rika’s red eye of doom.

    so yozora play game give seeing it goes til met meet with deliqent guy seem feel vibes “have we seen this look remind of someone” yea give how it goes til end route feel same thing yozora has in life.

    next day rika try blonde give kodaka go hmm unless other invention cue time travel work on minds for kodaka so 10yrs ago going to have talk with younger yozora give confess then horse head?!

    oh the device was dream machine give it work but oops he sorta said it all words of his dream to everyone giving “hmm” why you mention yozora?

  14. You know, I liked Rika in first season too because of how crazy and perverted she was. I mean, she’s still perverted but something feels different about her. I don’t know whether it’s because she stopped wearing her glasses or because of her continually everchanging hairstyle, but I’ve grown so much fonder of her. She’s easily my favorite character at the moment.

  15. Mayo Chiki reference was even on the original Light Novel as well. (So the animators decided to go all out) This is because both this LN and Mayo Chiki LN is published by the same company.

  16. It seems the only girl seriously considering a relationship with Kodaka (with the blessings of both families, I might add) is Sena. She realizes her feelings early on, started thinking about a “family” with him, and so forth. Sena is arrogant to a fault and utterly socially ignorant, but she’s smart and cute — and her innocent sincerity shines through now and then despite her best (endearingly misguided) efforts. The constant victimization at the hands of Yozora helps her overall impression, interestingly.

    It’s typically the “first girl” who “wins” the main character in these stories, but there seems to be trouble in Yozora land. While Sena seems to consider those around her (albeit in twisted ways, such as her embracing her derogatory nickname “Meat”), Yozora seems to be having some trouble. Actually, everything she does as part of the club is filled with some sort of jealousy or malice toward another member. For a club intended to bring friends close, she seems to want to “keep her enemies closer.” She clings to her past closeness with Kodaka at the same time she tries to push it away (“Don’t call me Sora anymore. And don’t tell anyone our past.”).

    Realistically speaking (realism in this show, hah!), what are the odds Kodaka won’t end up with Yozora?


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