「問題児たちがお祭り騒ぎに参加するようですよ?」 (Mondai-Ji-tachi ga Omatsurisawagi ni Sanka Suru You Desu yo?)
“Looks Like the Problem Children are Participating in a Festival?”

I love this show. It has everything. From unflippable skirts to fast-paced combat, from heart-warming friendship to adorable ships, you name it. Everything. Yes, crêpes too! Oh and apparently trio combos for comedy! I always like it when a show decides to add in a random new element to keep things fresh rather than trying to continuously fall back on the same old jokes.

Speaking of jokes, there’s no better way to run with one than turning a joke character into a terrifying joke character. I’ve always liked Kurousagi, but seeing her turn berserk when a little joke got out of hand was certainly a lot of fun! Her capture antics and wonderful expressions aside, the showdown between her and Izayoi was spectacular. They seem to be pretty evenly matched both in terms of strength and cunning which is a huge surprise given how overpowered Izayoi has been so far (I would hazard a guess he’s holding back). I can ship those two right? They’re a pretty damn adorable couple! It’s kind of refreshing to have this kind of cast without the atmosphere of a harem – there don’t seem to be any hints towards attraction from the others in the group.

I’ll admit that I was a little disappointed the letter wasn’t a newcomer from another world. I’d kind of hoped for a rival other-worlder to stand toe to toe with Izayoi. But I guess Kurousagi is the next best thing and the event does give us an awesome pretext for a change of scenery. And I certainly love the different aesthetics seen across the Little Garden so far! It’s always enjoyable to see these kinds of fantasy towns and cities, their inhabitants too! On top of that we should be getting properly introduced to another new community next week!

It would seem as though Izayoi’s plan to spread their reputation is working quite well given that they already have a request from a floor master. Reputation truly is a powerful thing, especially when you have a reputation for doing something crazy that no-one else would even consider doing! Or in the case of floor masters, are supposed to do but don’t actually want to! At any rate, hopefully we’ll find out more about Salamandra and whatever request this floor master might have next week! Here’s to hoping for another great episode!

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – Unflippable skirts, ships, and a joke gone too far! #Mondaiji

Random thoughts:

  • I can certainly imagine a world in which no-one can disobey would be boring for Asuka. What makes people interesting to interact with is their free will and the conflicts that arise from meetings!
  • Poor Jin… maybe…
  • I wish I could travel ~980,000km that quickly!
  • Hopefully we’ll learn much more about the worlds our trio came from as time passes!
  • I’m not sure whether to be surprised or not at seeing Izayoi try to do something nice for Asuka, even if it does come with benefits for him and the community.
  • Oh Izayoi, is there anything you can take seriously?

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    1. Well, I can certainly see why Shiroyasha is so obsessed with Kurousagi. Kurousagi is just so lovable and fun to tease. Mondaiji is the one show this season I look forward to most each week. Then again, it’s also because it starts the weekend off for me…

      1. There are also other BIG TRASHES out there like One Piece of crap with over 500+ episodes of GAR im a stretchy pirate! This show could go on that long and i’ll still love this show compared to some stretchy pirate, really stretching powers? pathetic

      2. Hopefully, it’s because of pacing. I’d rather have a well-paced 10 episode anime than a stretched out 13-episode anime.

        Makes me think of the 10-episode second season of Kore wa Zombie desu ka? which I felt was a good deal better than the first season for the same reason.

    1. The obvious answer would be that the “No Name” community was a pretty good community before it fell into it’s current state. I mean they also had a “Knight of Little Garden”.

      1. That doesn’t answer it, though. They’re still a seventh-gate community. Their land is on the lowest floor. And it IS their land: Kurousagi made a big deal of saying they were holding onto the land that their community had always lived on to try to preserve the memory of who they had been and all that. So she’s been part of the lowest-floor community for a while, but apparently seeing a rabbit anywhere below the upper floors (which means level 4 and up) is shocking to everyone.

      2. @Wanderer: what if they like the land? Or have some huge attachment(?) with the land? Shiroyasha is a 4 digits but choose to spend most of her time (in what we see anyway) in a 7 digits area

    2. here is what I gathered from LN (most of it from vol.3, which the anime won’t likely to cover): Show Spoiler ▼

      1. That does not answer the question still. As we can see a sighting of a Moon Rabbit is like looking at a celebrity visiting the slums.

        But still, I have a feeling that Izayoi intended for BR to go ‘berserk’ so that they could have fun in full view of the public as part of his Master Plan.

      2. well, it seems that I don’t fully understand the question… but if you are asking why people get so surprised by the presence of moon rabbit, then it is rather simple. there aren’t many moon rabbit to start with. if they are so common, people won’t be surprised at all then. of course their power is another reason why people worship them. rare + powerful = valuable, so I guess it is natural to assume moon rabbits typically live on upper floors, which may or may not be true. of course there could be more to it that I don’t know since I only read through vol.3 of LN, so I welcome anyone to correct me xD

      3. @JRJ – I think you’re right on point here. Inhabitants were suprised to see a moon rabbit simply because it’s a combination of they are rare and and “nobility”/”upper-class” (not sure what’s the right word here. One simply wouldn’t expect to see them in such a “low-class” place similar to seeing royalty today knock back a few in a dive bar.

  1. It’s not that the skirt is unflippable, it’s that you can see just a little inside it and that’s it, the rest is dark. Which is why Izayoi said the only way around it would be to just stick his head right up it.

    1. To be precise, it’s a gift that reveals what’s underneath the skirt, but doesn’t, so he basically has to break the gift to see the “content”. LOL

      Still, what a f*cked up sadistic gift!!

  2. This was a great episode. Finally the other characters didn’t feel overshadowed by Izayoi, Kurousagi showed that you take her lightly at your own peril, the new environment looked great, I loved the time spent with Asuka, You looks like she’ll be getting a good Game soon, the thing with the Floormasters shows promise for the future, the problem children got to be problem children again AND ended up suffering consequences for it, and Izayoi didn’t win at something he got himself into. Tons of great stuff this week.

    Oh, and a skirt that almost lets you see up it but never quite lets you succeed, courtesy of Shiroyasha. Perfect outfit for our favorite Bunny. 😀

    1. VERY UNDERRATED, while there are absolute trash animes out there that are WAYYYY TOOOOO OVERRATED!

      I sincerely hope that this series will get a sequel right away, cuz man we are only 4 ep away from ending this AMAZING SERIES!

    1. It’s the perfect skirt if you think about it.

      Seeing a girls panties in an anime is an every day occurrence. But Kurousagi’s panties? They they are the unclaimable, the unattainable… the ultimate panties…

      Then again Izayoi can kick a super petrification death ray in half so he better tear that skirt to shreds before the series is over now that he knows the trick…

  3. Another satisfying episode… I am glad the anime faithfully showed the game between Izayoi and Black Rabbit xD I particularly like the fact that they kept the fact that Izayoi isn’t all mighty in all area (he doesn’t hold advantage against Black Rabbit in speed or information gathering) from the LN… This kid is portrayed as overpowered so far, and this is one of the first instance that shows even Izayoi can’t beat every game effortlessly.

    And of course the unpeepable skirt was awesome 🙂 Shiroyasha is such a great pervert master… Can’t wait for them to move to the main event of the arc though…

      1. @daikama, glad you enjoy the stuff I post here xD I really like the series so I like to share what I know to the others. Plus it might help English translation moving along a bit quicker xD

    1. The unpeepable skirt is a brilliant use of absolute territory, in so many ways.

      How do you get a modest bunny to show off her legs? Just give her an outfit that “has the gift of almost letting people see the contents of its miniskirt.”

      Shiroyasha, you are a genius.

  4. I kind of expected that Izayoi would just bash the building, he’s just like a villain and hero at the same time and he just disregards the trouble he gets into(…excellent!). Mu-wah-ha-ha >:D

  5. so 3 probs hero see a letter for invite to city to do gift games want in & tick off bunny girl the chase is on.

    so after meeting shiro-kuro simple clap enter world dragon people area but here bunny girl catch animal talker while izayoi & voice lady wonder around & soon voice got catch too.

    meanwhile shiro-kuro talking animal talker of idea to make bunny girl happy while voice lady so curious about the area give due from being another world look around.

    & izayoi & bunny girl well game match to on equal level that lead to draw & oops here come police for uh nice job for breaking a building izayoi?!

  6. Seems like Izayoi was rather annoyed at the end for not winning at something. Seeing the constantly harassed Kurosagi match the op male lead was epic.

    I’m curious about how long after the war Asuka is from. Also Leticia looks great in her white outfit.

    WHy only ten eps? Why?!?!

      1. I’d reckon it’s cause of the lack of budget seeing as the novel didnt have much of fanbase and novel sales before the anime so they cant even make 12-13 ep, but getting a second season would be likely seeing as the weekly novel sales QUADRUPLED after this series got anime. Heck I didnt even know about this series at all, till i’ve seen the anime and now i ordered the novels which i hear the anime is unfortunately rushing through cuz of the ep count constraint.

      2. @TheProphet, having read the first 3 volumes of LN (vol.4-6 in translation process at the moment), I can say that only minor details (mostly inner thoughts and jokes) are cut and the order of some events/flashback are changed for better pace, so I would say the anime is rather faithful. I hope you enjoy the LN xD

        I think it is likely this thing will get a season 2 with the amount of popularity the anime generated for the series… at least we know there will be an OVA bundled with vol.8 of the LN.

      3. Translation by who, where, into what language? I haven’t been able to find it in English anywhere. On the other hand, that may be because the anime has completely flooded all the hits on Google.

      4. @Wanderer, a publisher in Taiwan has bought the right to the book, so there are official Chinese translation of vol.1-3, and vol.4 is coming out this month… Vol.5-6 are currently picked up by Chinese LN community… (I know some people will not like me talking about this, but this is just info)

        though I believe that there are some talk on Baka-tsuki about possible translation project for this series given people like the anime enough. I sure hope they do pick it up soon.

      1. Just as Asuka comes from a world where everyone had to obey her, and found it boring; Izayoi may have come from a world where he had no challenges, and found that equally boring.

        It also seems he’s just as good at studying as physical efforts but, because it was all so effortless, comes off as a slacker. He only livens-up when he can cut loose.

  7. It’s kind of funny that this show actually had an action scene that was way better than anything most big name anime have shown lately (I’m looking at you, Magi and Maouyu). It was a joy to watch, and it showed more of the power Kurousagi really possesses, despite her buttmonkey nature in the show. Izayoi finally had a challenge, and watching him tease her never gets old.

    And it is indeed refreshing that this isn’t a harem. We don’t get hung up on typical harem antics or romantic intrigue, but more on how these characters interact with this world and the things they do (like cause chaos wherever they go, heh), which keeps the show interesting.

    Welp, new area, new story. I’m wondering where this will go. Definitely an underrated anime, this.

  8. Likeable main characters = great show. The synergy between Izayoi and Kurousagi is absolutely fantastic. Also, Shiroyasha and Izayoi make a great combo for entirely different reasons.

  9. I would hazard a guess he’s <Izayoi> holding back…

    I get the feeling the Izayoi carefully pulled the draw. Why? So far, he’s done nothing without a hidden
    purpose – I think he wanted to draw out the officials and contesting a draw would be a perfect way, IMHO.

    I don’t know why, but so far he’s fast-tracked everything. So I get the feeling that he’s doing this to
    achieve a greater goal much faster.

    Unexpectedly great series so far – can’t wait…

    1. That’s not impossible and Izayoi probably has some plan here, but as for the game itself I’m not sure if the draw was intentional, he likely had a fool-proof plan to win when he smashed the building(judging from what he said), but it seemed like he didn’t anticipate that the top of the building would collapse like that, which in turn led to a draw.Your theory is also pretty plausible though.

  10. I heard cuz of the 10 ep constraints that this anime is burning through novel material fast, while COMPLETE AND UTTER GARBAGE like One Piece gets 500+ episodes. The world is insane!

    This series deserves at least 24 episodes cuz of its sooooo much interesting characters, plot, and setting compared to some stupid pirates looking for one bloody treasure taking more than 500+ ep to do so.

    This series needs not only to show the various communities, levels, characters, gifts, gift games, floor masters, demon lords, and so much about the little garden world and heck even about the world that the MCS belong seeing as they all come from different times and have their own circumstances like how they got their powers, etc.

    1. I think you pick the wrong example here … One Piece is not Garbage it keep getting better and there is another certain series that fit your case… that one chapter equal to 1-2 slash with little plot progress.

    2. Have you read/watched One Piece? If you haven’t, then you have ABSOLUTELY ZERO RIGHT to state what you’ve just typed. Something more garbage-esque would be more along the lines of Bleach past Soul Society arc, or ToLoveRu if you look past the fanservice. If you’ve actually stuck around to reading One Piece, you wouldn’t even DREAM of insulting it. And if you do say you’ve read/watched some arcs, and it’s still not your cup-o-tea, then don’t slander it. For one, there’s actual meaning to the completion of arcs; and there’s no repetitive shounen power-level/ups. Besides, if it really was ‘garbage’ as you call it, it wouldn’t have lasted and sold as much as it has. Ignorance is not an excuse to be dumb, good sir.

  11. Well, I sympathize with both sides here, Kurousagi going berserk is easily understandable considering those three are the main assets of their community atm and after all the trouble she and the rest been through, to lose them for something like this really isn’t funny and Kurousagi certainly won’t take such a risk.On the other hand it was cruel of Kurousagi to hide the invitation(I’m guessing it was because she knew they would definitely go if they knew) – even though the three of them passed it off as a joke – they have been helping the community with the only compensation being the fun of doing it and Kurousagi was essentially depriving them of that, not with any ill-intentions though.

    >Was I the only one who noticed how bad Izayoi was at playing the innocent victim(2:50) and You at acting pissed off(6:17).

    >Izayoi has the most carefree laugh I heard in a long time(16:16).

    >Lectures, yep, Kurousagi certainly knows how to threaten troublesome children.

    I find it hard to believe that the trio(at the very least Izayoi)didn’t realize how upset Kurousagi would be at their ‘joke’, I think it was also a ploy to get Kurousagi to come to the festival, possibly to blow off some steam and have fun.

    Oh Izayoi, is there anything you can take seriously?

    That’s what you call a rhetorical question, right?

  12. The longer I whatch this show, the longer it looks (for me) that we are seeing a mmo game from the perspective of the characters and the problem children are players that joined the server recently. It even would fit with the way the characters act.
    Izayoi is a veteran player that got kicked out of the main server and got his data erased because of some great fiasco that involved the police. He is hanging with the losers cause it would take too long to grind alone (that what he is saying, anyway).
    You (the character) got the game recently and just want to have fun.
    Asuka just finished a month long study binge and want to do SOMETHING

    Minus Magnus
  13. The longer I whatch this show, the longer it looks (for me) that we are seeing a mmo game from the perspective of the characters and the problem children are players that joined the server recently. It even would fit with the way the characters act.
    Izayoi is a veteran player that got kicked out of the main server and got his data erased because of some great fiasco that involved the police. He is hanging with the losers cause it would take too long to grind alone (that what he is saying, anyway).
    You (the character) got the game recently and just want to have fun.
    Asuka just finished a month long study binge and want to do something, ANYTHING with her free time that doesn’t ivolve books or work.

    Minus Magnus
  14. Given Shiroyasha shop’s technology, it’s possible that a community could have land on more than one level, with gates, and that the No Names have just lost access to higher levels.

    1. well, if I remember correctly from the LN, Thousand Eyes is actually a community based on 4th floor (4 digit). It is a commerce community, which is why it has shops even on the 7th floor… and even before No Name lost its former glory, it is still based on the 7th floor… Of course, anyone could access higher floors as long as they can pay for it and can survive in the higher floor.

      1. I beleive that was also mentioned in the anime (four digit “postal code”). Correct me if I’m wrong, but my impression is that Thousand Eyes is unique as a community in terms of having locations on several floors. Frankly, I tend to view them (it?) as some sort of merchant/trading entity (thus having “branch locations” everywhere) as much as a “true” community, though we really haven’t seen many different communities for comparison.

  15. Hadn’t posted in a couple of episodes simply because it’s been “steady as she goes”. However, I thought this episode was the best so far. A very good blend of action, comedy and even character development – particularity comedy. Even the pacing was good. Nothing seemed rushed. With six episodes down, I think it’s fair to say that one strength of the show is it’s characters.

    Though not so much at first, I now find Izayoi quite similar to Akatsuki from Hagure Yuusha (a good thing IMO). He’s a fun loving hero with a bit of an edge which keeps him from being boring/stereotypical. Asuka continues to impress as a mischievous yet kind oujo-sama. Her attitude concerning her power of authority struck me as quite mature, and in a way, even selfless. While certainly that situation could boring, history is replete with despots, dictators, emperors/empresses and kings/queens who reveled in their absolute authority over others. Rather than world domination she sought companionship and fun.

    Poor Kurousagi. I’m seriously worried about her blood pressure XD. It was nice to see her turn the tables on the trio for a change. I’m interested in knowing more about her past and the history of “Little” (LOL size of the sun) Garden in general. From jrj’s comments, there’s a lot of details missing so far. Unfortunately, I doubt we’ll get to learn much, if any, of that due to time constraints.

    Others may disagree, but I still really like Shiroyasha. While not equivalent to a new “rival other-worlder to stand toe to toe with Izayoi” as Moomba wanted, she can at least “stand toe to toe” with him. I wonder what her unspecified request in exchange for transporting the trio will be. She also provides a number of subtle comedic touches (ex. she gave Kurousagi both her cosplay wardrobe (EP 03) along with her “can almost, but not quite see underneath” mini-skirt.) Seiyuu Arai Satomi is doing a great job IMO, just as she did voicing Shirai Kuroko in Toaru Index & Railgun.

    While not quite to the to the degree as Kotoura-san, Mondaiji-tachi so far has definitely exceeded my expectations, and is one of my favorite shows this season. I keep seeing “only 10 episodes” comments, but is that really confirmed? ANN still list 12 episodes, and according to this translated schedule , there are twelve episodes. I certainly hope it’s twelve. Frankly, if Dog Days can get a 2nd season, I don’t see why this show shouldn’t as well. For me, Little Garden is an expansive, complex world with sufficiently interesting characters and story line to warrant 24 episodes.

  16. As you said, I love how this show isn’t just another harem, like I expected it would be from the promotional art. And it really does have everything, from cute characters with badass sides, to great fight scenes and comedy and just…. everything. I love it. It’s one of my top 5 this season and I look forward to it a lot more than I originally thought I would! Can’t wait for more~~

  17. If someone doesn’t mind, I’m a little confused on the worlds thing. In here, Izayoi states that Asuka was from just after the war. I thought that Kurousagi, in a previous episode, had stated that they all were on about the same timeline, but from different worlds. Is it that the trouble kids are all on the same timeline but just on different points on the timeline?

    1. Kurousagi never said same timeline just from different worlds.So it’s possible they are from different timelines and different worlds but being parallel worlds there can be similarities between in each worlds histories.


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