Maybe my memory is fuzzy because of the week’s break, or maybe it’s the late nights and early mornings I’ve been having, but I’m beginning to lose sight of all the ongoing threads, and in some cases, their purposes. Now that a runaway spirit has possessed Urara and aged her physically perhaps some might consider a romantic conquest by Keima a little less creepy than before… (the almost immediate panty shot certainly suggests Wakaki might think so!) well maybe if she didn’t still have the mind of a young girl… and Keima wasn’t trapped in the body of a young boy… Oh but the latter of those is fixed in another illusory world created by the runaway spirit possessing her! I’m not entirely sure where we’re going here anymore and it’s been quite a while since Dokurou’s de-aging was last brought up leaving that thread hanging somewhere in the background. In fact pretty much everything about Dokurou is still an enormous mystery and it doesn’t feel like any of it is really being addressed anymore. Instead we have an increasing number of new mysteries constantly being added to the mix.

The important one this week is the sudden appearance of the apparently dead Kayoko whose relationship with Urara’s grandfather is still not entirely certain – is she his adopted daughter? Daughter-in-law? Something else? Why is she even here? Or is it Urara now possessed by the runaway spirit and bearing her mother’s appearance? The possibilities are almost as endless as the number of dangling threads and mysteries present in this arc. Here’s to hoping we get some answers soon! And no, ‘mysterious space powers’ doesn’t quite cut it!

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – More mysteries added to an arc already stuffed to the brim with mysteries! #TWGOK

Random aside: I released an awesome eight track sci-fi electronic video-game-inspired album! You should listen to it, buy it, and spread the word or something!


  1. I feel as though it still connects somewhat to Dokurou. Right now, Keima is focused on preventing the previous bad end by resolving whatever issues drove Urara’s grandfather to hate the demons so much. I’m sure by capturing the runaway spirit in Urara (the same one that was in Kayoko), Urara’s grandfather can be talked out of his war with the demons and the fortress construction will stop.


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