「ウェンディ vs. シェリア」 (Wendii vs. Sheria)
“Wendy vs. Chelia”

What is a family? That is a good question, and I believe my answer to that is in line with Laxus’. To me, the bond between hearts is more important than the bonds of blood. And I don’t see why there should be any obligations in a family, especially in the Dreyar one. There is a matter of course a matter of responsibilities and duties that come with a bond, but those are relevant when there is love – something that can’t be found between Ivan and Laxus. I absolutely loved seeing Laxus stand up for his true family. He was marvellous and truly respectable. And wow, what an epic battle! So much for Raven Tail being an anti-FAIRY TAIL guild… Seven years is obviously not enough time – and I doubt any amount is – to surpass FAIRY TAIL. Especially not when they’re fighting for their nakama. I’m really glad that Laxus simply didn’t take down an entire team on his own, but also made them pay for what they had done for his team mates. Well, technically they aren’t his team mates, but they’re his fellow companions from the same guild. Nothing is more enjoyable and heart warming than companionship, in my opinion that is.

Raven Tail may be out of the picture for now, but obviously this is not the last time we’ll see them. With Lumen Histoire hidden beneath the old guild, I’m sure there will be more to expect from this guild. And seeing how Obra’s little pet ran away while he himself seemed unconscious made me wonder if that little creature is his true self while the larger body is just a vessel. I’m not sure but whatever he is, he is a terrible person and I want to see him burn for messing up Lucy’s amazing battle. Well, enough about that. Let’s not forget that there were two battles in today’s episode!

Wendy and Chelia’s duel was not very interesting to me while I was reading about it the manga. I thought the fight itself was just made for some cuteness in the middle of all the raw action, but I must say, the anime made me change my mind. I absolutely loved Wendy’s fight. It was intense, exhilarating, and of course, adorable! I enjoyed this battle a lot more in the anime, perhaps because of the amazing music and the extended action? Anyway, it was really nice to see Wendy back in action. It makes me happy to see characters like her who can be both cute and intimidating at the same time. Chelia was also really impressive. It’s nice to see opponents that are kind and not arrogant jerks like the members of Sabertooth. It’s quite interesting that Wendy and Chelia are both young and cute girls with similar magic. Even though Chelia clearly has an advantage in this fight, I doubt that she’ll ever be able to beat Wendy. Let’s not forget that the FAIRY TAIL members are as strong as one can be when they’re fuelled by their love for their friends. And that’s what’s going in Wendy’s heart right now. I definitely look forward to the continuation of this loli battle. Hopefully it will be even better than today’s amazing episode!

Moete kitazou!

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  1. I forgot how lame this was. They’ve been building up Raven Tail and Ivan for like 100 episodes/200 chapters and Laxus stomps the whole of them.

    At least Wendy/Chelia is great. Probably the only fight in this arc that I would call great so far and including the upcoming ones.

    1. What? After the Phantom Pain arc (when Ivan was first shown to be a scrub by his entire guild getting blown away by one spell) he was almost not mentioned again except briefly during the Fighting Festival Arc. Then during this arc it was clear that Raven Tail was a secondary antagonist at best due to Sabertooths presence and the fact Sting and Rogue were so prominent early on when Raven Tail wasn’t even mentioned. I always thought Raven Tail was in this arc for two reasons 1) Show how bad ass Laxus still is and 2) set up a future story arc.

  2. They need to watch out for Chelia. There is alot more to that girl then we have seen so far. She is OP (heals all her own wounds) and uses Zeref type magic. I wonder if her charm and moe aura are fake and hide a darker personality?

  3. Mavis’ tears in the preview almost made me gone back on my decision of not reading Fairy Tail manga (because I’d like my first experience with Fairy Tail to be in colour, as the magic and the world are so vibrant).

    1. It’s kind of cool that you aren’t afraid to say what you think. A lot of people censor their opinions so they won’t be down-voted or thought badly of. Of course, chances are good you are just looking for a hostile reaction. If that’s the case, why don’t you try talking about characters or events you like sometimes?

  4. https://randomc.net/image/FAIRY%20TAIL/FAIRY%20TAIL%20-%20169%20-%20Large%2018.jpg

    Say… we still don’t know how that’s gonna affect the events in the manga yet.

    Anyway, I actually like how Laxus turns out up to now. He literally went from despicable jerk to awesome teammate.

    Finally, am I the only one who expect the worst happening to Mavis?
    Show Spoiler ▼

  5. Good episode, about time raven tail got their lights punched out. I don’t really need to say more about wendy vs chelia, looking forward to that. BUT, MAVIS CRYING DURING THE PREVIEWS?!
    Someone must die for this.

  6. I love how the fights and most scenes are portrayed in the anime. It doesn’t feel as rushed and makes us want to see more of what’s to come next week. That’s how I felt after this episode. Why must we wait another week to see Wendy’s moment to shine?! WHY?! But that look Mavis had at the end kinda has me worried for some reason.

    On another note, I also loved how much Laxus has changed since his introduction. At first, he was my least favorite character, (which is currently Minerva, but man I love her voice actress) but ever since his return I’ve started to see him in a new light, especially after this fight. The way Laxus declared Fairy Tail as his real family, and took down his father and the rest of the Raven’s was so cool and touching!

  7. The extended fights. The flurry of awesome OST. The cute lolis battling it out.
    What a great episode, though I kinda wanted more than Laxus pawning the elites of another guild in one shot. But the title did say it was about the loli fight.
    Speaking of which, I can’t pick. Loli with boobs or loli without. Both are appealing on their own. AHHHH!! *gets locked away along with the bald announcer*

    Hmm, that part with Mavis in the preview isn’t in the manga right? More extended stuff is good with me. It seems to me that whatever detail Mashima missed or wanted to extend in the manga, the anime is making up for it. Is he doing this on purpose?

    1. Possibly, but in risk of spoiling a little for those who only watch the anime, there is a scene like that with Mavis in the mange, but it’ll probably be extended, just like every great scene with this show.

  8. I really like this arc, but the Raven Tail vs Laxus fight was so disappointing (or was it intentional?).

    1. Is this tournament really that important that Ivan seriously expects Fairy Tail to hand over Lumen Histoire without a fight?

    2. After all that build-up, Raven Tail turns out to be such a joke against Laxus? I know Laxus is strong, but still…

    1. This was most likely just a set up for future arcs as Raven Tail and Lumen Histoire are bound to be brought up again. Honestly, I’m glad we got rid of Raven Tail, because even without them there’s SO MUCH going on in this arc that it may get confusing.

  9. Was an alright episode. The animation was sorta down, especially in the first half, which upset me a bit. Also, I honestly can’t get over Chelia’s magic looking nothing like wind <.< That aside, I loved the music playing during Wendy's match, especially the start and Wendy's major spell. March 20 needs to hurry up v_v

    Thanks for an awesome post ^^

  10. Out of all the shounens I’ve seen, this one’s at the bottom of the barrel. I can’t take the villains in this show seriously and fights just drag on with uninteresting battles with pointless results, as most of the bad guys in this show end up becoming good guys and so on.

  11. Watching Laxus take down all of Raven Tail was certainly something but it rather pales for me in comparison to how Wendy and Chelia’s duel is being handled. There’s always something pretty cool about cute and innocent girls pulling out some really badass powers! Especially when they’re so damn adorable!

    Thanks for another awesome post <3

  12. I have to say the bond of family is an interesting one especially for Laxus. No one could deny his bond to his grandfather is a special one. It’s not just about the guild in that respect. I think the family bond between the guild members and the family connection can coincide and both exist. Just that with Ivan it proves that both can be missing as well. Laxus has no positive feelings towards his father and sharing blood isn’t enough to make anything exist there.

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