「夏期講習なのに修羅場」 (Kaki Koshu na noni Shuraba )
“Summer School Turns Into A Battlefield”

Enter left, StrictEpic Hall Monitor A.

This week on OreShura, our fifth and final member of the main cast makes her official debut — and well, let’s just say that no cast is complete without a tsundere hall monitor. Especially one that oh… you know, only shuts down the club you’re in because she’s jealous, feels like she’s in heaven because you complimented her cooking, and is so outwardly stubborn that she digs herself a hole she just can’t get out of. Yes, yes… that’s exactly what this group needed. Wait what?

To say the least, that was a pretty interesting way to give Fuyuumi Ai her debut. Wasn’t quite expecting things to end up this way, but it seems like OreShura just knows how to throw in that extra flair to keep things interesting. Fuyuumi Ai just seamlessly transitions into the series as if she was always there, and it’s just nice to see how flawlessly she’s integrated into the dynamics of it all. Each of the characters just bounce off of each other — Masuzu starting things off with her fabulous lines, Chiwa following that off with her propensity to get riled up by the smallest things, Hime following that up with a direct attack on Eita — and it just ends up being a pretty good series to watch for not only the background subplots in each of our respective characters, but just for the interactions our characters have with one another. Admittedly, it took me a bit to finally pick this series up (and only caught up quite recently), but as each week passes, I just wonder to myself: “how the heck did you not watch this sooner!?”

In any case though, part of me can’t help but notice a bit of similarity between Oreshura and the recently finished Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai from last season — sharing aspects involving Chunnibyou syndrome and the concept of fantasy versus reality amongst others. Notably though, that’s not to say that’s a bad thing — as I had quite liked the latter while it was airing — but it’s just quite interesting how many aspects they share despite them being rather different in their execution and style.

And well, what else can I say? This episode pretty much continues the trend that Oreshura’s set up until this point, and with all the cast finally assembled, it looks like we can expect even more from the series’ remaining six episodes. For the most part, I think it’s safe to say that the Masuzu’s club should make some kind of reappearance soon enough and we’ll likely continue to get some nice enjoyable banter (and shenanigans) as a result — but one wonders also if we won’t hit some more serious bits soon as well. Each of our respective heroines, as well as Eita himself each have a share of their own feelings to sort out and situations that they’re going to need to deal with before its all said and done, and well, let’s just say it’ll be interesting to see how it works out from here.

Regardless though… there’s just one thing I gotta say. Kaoru is the man. Seriously. Just can’t ask for a better wingman than that.

Author’s Note: Just subbing in for Zanibas this week, as he’s a bit busy and can’t cover Oreshura this week. He chose quite the episode to miss though… But yeah, he should be back next week.




  1. I’m really wondering about Kaoru now. Is he a real “he”, or is he a “she”? The androgynous body frame and the seiyuu’s voice aren’t helping things. Also, Fuyumi Ai’s character design sometimes makes me think of Saten-chan from Toaru Kagaku no Railgun.

    1. If I remember correctly, in the manga adaptation he makes a joke to Keita about being a woman in disguise, he later says it was a harmless joke but Keita secretly thinks that if Kaoru were a girl he would a really cute and popular one. I don´t if that´s a way for the author to throw a hint about him but I wouldn´t ruled it out just yet.

    2. in the LN, it is “severely hinted” that Kaoru might be a girl… (many references to his/her looks and acts)… the only thing missing is a physical check like they did in Haganai with Youkimura xD

      1. I was thinking the same. Too bad he/she’s too busy shipping Fuyummi.

        This show has gone straight to the doldrums. I’m sick of it seriously trying to deny the existence of the viewers’ brains. “We know the pink fool is lying but the dense fool doesn’t so it’s interesting & entertaining.” Yeah, that fact is the only “entertaining” thing I find about this – I guess that counts for something.

      2. WHY has nobody mentioned the scene of him remembering being at a fireworks festival when he was younger? There was a a girl in a kimono who had the exact same hair as Kaoru sitting there… Anyone?

      3. @Croos

        Ah, so that was the link to Ai! I kept thinking that all the other girls had connections, no matter how silly, but I couldn’t see why Ai was in love with him. Sort of a reverse Yozora. Instead of the childhood friend starting the club to get close to the boy, she shuts it down to get rid of the competition!

      1. I wouldn´t terrible characters, it´s just that they don´t have that spark of love with Eita, in the other hand Masuzu might be a handful but all her character poblems are due to her past, giviing her a chance not to change but to find something she´s missing with Eita.

        Ai is without a doubt the titular tsundere the story needed to balance everything out and I have to say she´s extremely cute at it, let´s just see what might come this terrible misundertanding.

  2. I have dropped this show a while back, but I was just curious about one thing, folks who watch this show: is this pink hair girl a match for the white haired bully girl (you noticed I didn’t bother to learn names, but you will forgive me on this)? That is, the white haired bully girl was basically bulling and toying with everyone in this show (maybe she stopped doing that, I dunno since I haven’t watched), but this new (or maybe she’s been around for a while) pink hair girl looks rather formidable. She’s got that Ojou-sama aura, this girl. And doesn’t look that stupid, so she won’t be easily bullied like the rest of packs. A while back I think there was a blonde pigtailed girl that I saw in the screen-caps, but I guess she was defeated since she’s nowhere around here. O, this white haired bully girl is a formidable foe, like I thought! She defeats everyone, it seems.

    So tell me, folks, is the pink haired girl (or anybody, really) fighting back and holding her own against the white haired bully girl -or daresay, even winning and giving her own medicine (e.g. humiliating her for a change) somewhat? Don’t tell me to “watch myself” since I don’t wanna~~~ :P. I was curious, but not curious enough to actually spend 20 mins to watch, so the next best thing is just ask some nice folks at RC. C’mon be a pal.

    1. You know Deathtogeneric/formulaicshows, the way you ripped at this show is nearly the same way the show trolled itself by making Eita dense & thoughtful. I love it.

      All the girls are obnoxious fools however, the girl with the BIGGEST problem should win.

    2. And the blond twintail girl was “defeated” by the dense main and the black/bluisch haired girl. Well, she is white hairs sister and just a side character, she’ll come back one day as she’s a story device.

    3. I’m kind of curious as to why you have commented on every episode of this generic/formulaic show that you dropped quite a while ago. You might as well just be watching it if you’re getting the summary every week, haha. Also, your comments may be better received if they didn’t all start with “I’m not watching this but,”.

      1. I’m not Deathtogeneric/formulaicshows, but I don’t see the problem of following the reviews and commenting on shows you don’t watch.Personally I don’t watch Shin Sekai Yori or Psycho-Pass for one reason or another but I have followed every review on them(both of those are interesting shows) and when there’s time and nothing better to do, I check out reviews on shows like this one too(I didn’t drop this show actually I just didn’t bother to start watching this show when it said ‘harem’ and judging from what I’ve read here I’m not missing out on anything), to see if they might turn out to be interesting for me.And since most people would assume anyone posting comments here had watched the show/episode it’s important to mention you didn’t, if you didn’t.

        Before you know if a show would be good or bad for you, you need to know about the show and rather than watching entire episodes, reading reviews are much better for that and while you can usually decide if you like the show or not after the first 3-5episodes it’s not a ironclad rule, some shows change drastically in the middle or even at the end of the series affecting your overall impression of the show.
        I think taking 5mins to read a summary is better option than watching 20mins just to find out it wasn’t worth watching.

    4. I’ve bashed out your comment in one anime (forget which) sometime long ago. I can’t believe a day will come that I will agree on you and even join you for lashing out this show. I dropped the series after scanning the first four episodes. I really can’t believe that harem-themed shows are starting to become popular now, moreover the amount of bullying in this series is just unimaginable. Plus, the girls involved here are all too dumb and idiotic even the white-haired girl. I’ve read a few character description from wiki and it seemed that most girls have been a ‘someone’ to the main guy and they started coming back to him for some reason. And for some another reason, the white-haired girl wants them away from the main guy and she does that in the form of some unimaginable bullying. I never thought of bullying as a good weapon for a protagonist who has love problem. It’s more like she has a mental problem. The new girl I guess would be an additional to the bullying harem.

      I even think that the harem is not a love harem for the guy but a bullying harem for that white-haired girl.

      1. Where else have I seen a harem-comedy-esque show this season featuring a lead female character with a love problem who establishes a club to get close to the male lead and bullies other members to keep them away from him?

        Nope, nai.

      2. One thing, I don’t think it’s comedic. (Well, that’s me.) And the second thing, is that really what you call ‘getting close to the male lead’? I understand that she likes the guy but the methods she used doesn’t translate to “I-want-to-get-close-to-you” thing. I mean, would you actually establish a club and bully each and every girl in it because they like the male lead who happened to be your fake boyfriend? That isn’t even jealousy or immaturity. It’s just plain old bullying. And the last thing and most important, what is the essence of such scenes? To show how much she loves the guy to the point of bullying? To show that she’s the world’s most beautiful girl and because of that she can bully anyone that gets in her way? I dropped the series for that reason. I really can’t find the romantic or comedic idea in this series. Even the idea of friendship is nowhere in the series.

  3. This turned out to be an entertaining harem series. I like the characters, and none of them seem
    too too far out to be totally unbelievable. There should be some good chemistry with this mix.

    …and, our leading man didn’t get beat up this week.

  4. I guess I was missing out on all the activities on this show, so I decided to read the LN and start commenting as well xD Too bad they cut the part where Masuzu was flashing Hime’s naked butt to Eita part (it was quite a scene in the LN)… but I have to say, I liked the anime so far. However, I heard a lot of LN readers are not so satisfied with the series for some reason… wonders why…

    Guess the “devilish” girl spot is already filled by Masuzu here… I was totally wishing to comment that all pink hair girl are devilish from the inside here… xD but yeah, I will continue to follow the posts, so thanks Zanibas and Zephyr xD

    1. Well, it was a pretty straight forward episode. Most of the first paragraph already covered most of the events surrounding Fuyuumi so… yeah. Any more and it felt like it’d be more of a summary than an actual discussion/impressions to me, and I don’t quite like putting a lot of summary within my posts so eh.

    2. Feel like Ai was introduced terribly. I was essentially watching 20 minutes of a girl trying too hard to be tsundere and doing the same thing over and over, which was beyond annoying.

  5. Looks like a bit of Masuzu is rubbing off on Chiwa. I didn’t expect her to be the one to accuse Ai of closing the club due to jealousy. They even spat in unison out of disgust of Ai’s lie(funny scene btw). Also can’t enough of Chiwa’s barking. Reminds me of that one episode in Kill Me Baby.

  6. Good for new character!!!!
    But Chiwa is best of all despite remained 3harem members are trying to appeal Aita’s attention
    Masuzu has good look but too wicked that she trys to manipulate Aita and the girl with black hair is kind of Chuunibyuu and the pink one has not been confirmed…
    Chiwa is so naive that can be good characteristic of being friend!!

  7. eita wake up see hime all in bed yikes here masuzu & chiwa knocking give hime distract almost cook here ai to spoil it to blah i have “boyfriend” while better than you.

    eita go summer study yet here ai (while cause masuzu tell eita to get ai’s weakness exposed) give yet ai also bit tsun sure act nice & ba ha ha mood give food for eita.

    yet here chiwa & hime wonder about ai & her so called “boyfriend” yet ai being more hammy it all so oh well for now.

  8. I’m confused about this show. The first few episodes were really good and made it seem like this show would be kinda serious romance. Now, though, it’s super harem-y and I don’t like it as much. Dunno if I should go on or not.

  9. Ah, another seiyuu “snapped” – going down the Screaming Riot path.
    Which is always entertaining to me ^^

    Hanakana in Binbougamiga (and in EVOL. You know, that ghost episode) and now Ai Kayano in this, hehehe.

  10. What I like about this show is that, everyone has a significant reason for being connected to Eita, some of which are definitely more than meets the eye. This is a harem show that is actually fun to watch! ^_^

  11. .oh my gawd zephyr… i like this post!! super!!!.. i thought it was zanibas but while i was reading.. i can sense a different aura and point of view.. no hate on masuzu or inclination to others.. please get this show.. please..

  12. One thing I know is that I like this pink girl more than Masuzu.

    Ranking til now : Chiwa >>> Hime = Pink hair > Masuzu > bitchy imouto.

    and if not for her love of Jojo I would not like her at all.

    1. It’s been established since with Louise that pink haired girls with tsundere personality just goes so well.

      Heck I guess I can also argue that even yandere’s goes well with pink hair as well, with Gasai Yuno and all….

      In any case, I’m glad that they finally showed Ai and I really love her tsundere character. At least she isnt the tsundere type that beats the crap out of the MC. And is it just me or her “Aho” sounded a lot like Kobato when she says it towards Mario in Haganai


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