「すぐに戻れる、すぐにまた会えるさ」 (Sugu ni Modoru, Sugu ni Mata Aeru sa)
“I’ll be back soon, we’ll see each other soon”

[X] Touch Fluffy Hair

Change of pace this week! Stilts is off drinking (probably – that’s usually a fair guess) with friends so I’ll be taking on coverage of Maoyuu Maou Yuusha for this one week. My posting style is generally fairly different but bear with me, I’ll try to contain my ranting! Probably. Alright I won’t, but there isn’t much of it – just a few things here and there I want to address while I have the opportunity.

There’s always an ill omen in the air, a hint of foreshadowing, whenever someone writes something along the lines of ‘I like how peaceful things are right now’. It’s one of those obvious flags that means the peaceful days are coming to an end and disaster will soon strike. And strike it does. Or rather, begins to strike – the strike appears to be on its way in upcoming episodes. The conflicts with demons aren’t the only ones, as a shamed general, now willing to do anything for revenge under the guidance of one of the more corrupt central kings make preparations to crush the Winter Nation. It’s a continuation of the themes Maoyuu so greatly favours – good and evil aren’t dictated by species, but by the individuals themselves. Demons are not inherently evil; humans are not inherently good.

Conflict is always a pretty big theme in this series which is kind of a given when ending the war is its central driving premise. War itself cannot truly bring about peace – there will always be dissent from the losing side, having their freedom of choice snatched away from them by others. The conflict remains, quieter but still present until something sets it off and fighting breaks out once more. Knowing this, and with Maou’s desire to save everyone on both sides of the war, Yuusha is obviously going to be left feeling useless when his skillset only allows him to kill. But the fact of the matter is that he isn’t useless, his clever use of scare tactics aside, no matter how idealistically they want to go about creating peace, fighting is going to be unavoidable. It’s a damn war after all. Even after it’s over, some semblance of force will need to remain, as the old adage says: Si vis pacem, para bellum (If you wish for peace, prepare for war). In a world where conflict has played such a large role for so long, expecting things to work out without some show of force would be naive.

I could probably go on for ages about some of the concepts Maoyuu Maou Yuusha brings up, but I’ll restrain myself and talk only a little about the one that I think is most relevant even in present times. You need education to know you need it. It’s hard to find something more true and it applies so greatly even now. There’s still so much we don’t know about our universe and yet we consider ourselves to be highly intelligent and knowledgeable beings. This is only because we don’t know. We don’t know what more there is out there, we don’t know what secrets life might hold. Information may be far more easily accessible in this day and age so we don’t suffer problems as widespread as those present in Maoyuu, but it remains something that will continue to apply as time goes on. For their world, the printing press is but the first step forwards on that journey.

The accelerated history is perhaps one of the things that draws me most to Maoyuu. Maou is basically one of us, a being ‘from the internet’ with such a wide range of knowledge that could be applied to the world, thrust into the middle of a traditional fantasy video game setting with the opportunity to do what she can to fix things. It’s fun to try and imagine what one would do in that situation and equally as entertaining to watch a character go through those very motions.

As a reader of the manga I have my issues with the adaptation. It’s no surprise really, adaptations almost never quite live up to expectations, they always fall just short of our hopes for them. I love the music, it’s perhaps one of the things that draws me to this adaptation most. But coming from the Ishida Akira manga (which I highly recommend to those who enjoy the show) I continuously find myself disappointed by the comparatively bland light novel designs used in the anime. Karyuu Koujo (Itou Shizuka) is a particularly strong offender in this category. I also find that the pace is moving extremely rapidly for no solid reason, with many awesome scenes skipped completely. The battle scenes, rare though they are, also lack impact. Combat may not be the main focus of the series, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be spectacular when they do come up. One of the big draws to the manga came from some of those slice of life scenes that have been cut entirely. I wanted to see Yuusha’s hilarious attempts at teaching swordsmanship!

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – Education, accelerated history, and the birth of a new conflict. #Maoyu

Random thoughts:

  • Yuusha has it right – in warfare there isn’t really a ‘fair‘. War is not a sport and death is death, whether chivalrous or not.
  • And then Yuusha had a boner so powerful the whole world shook. Do you tell me that’s not what happened? Lies! The timing was too perfect!
  • Meido Chou knows what to do!

Full-length images: 04, 09, 11, 20, 25, 26.

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    1. mmmm, to be honest, I am wondering if it is only the hero that is blushing at the woman who has a non-existant chest, a certain old man wouldn’t care much for such sight. Though I really like to learn how to take that kind of screenshot, I feel attacted to her for some reasons. Anyway, my main concern is how I do feel sorry for the demons that were recently killed by Female Knight, after seeing the corupted king, I am wondering when will she put her blade on the “real” antagonists.

  1. I am shipping from now on the OTT of Maou X Yuusha X Onna Kishi. The scene when the 2 girls met in front of Yuusha’s room was hilarious enough, but to find them both stroking his hair simultaneously…
    Other developments: printing press is definitely prerequisite for mass education. Considering Maou’s modus operandi so far, she will try to use it to broadcast her innovations to the world, and possibly trigger humans own inventiveness, leading to industrial revolution?
    Meanwhile, the cowardly general from the Gate City is back and he wants vengeance. I expect some major trouble from him soon… Fortunately both Yuusha and Onna Kishi are at hand to spank him hard. I am also thinking we will see some major development for Meido Ane, as she gets a hard task of impersonating Maou when needed, which gives her great responsibility, but allows her possibly to shine her own talents – Maou seems to place great hopes in her…

  2. The Missus and the Ex and who know’s how many other Ex’s. Let’s just all sit down and consider the harem option. Polygamy is not such a bad idea. Maybe Nodoka was right with the whole “saishoudoukin” thing. An alternative perhaps?


    1. Well, he is actually looking for one more ex right now, the female magician. It doesn’t seem likely that she is less interested in the hero then the female knight, considering what little we know right now.

  3. Can someone post a link to a picture of Karyuu Koujo in the manga? This post has peaked my interest. Really, Maou has made me rediscover why I love confident and intelligent women! Of course, being well-endowed definitely helps.

    1. Female knight only the third wheel, a great shame for being a great character. I wish she was in love with another and not forcing Yuusha place with clearly knows when this war is already lost.

      1. Lol, naw. I just had a friend in town this weekend, and there was no way I’d have time to cover this until like Monday. That would have been a critical strike to my pride, so Mooms stepped in to help me out : )

  4. That earthquake didn’t represent evil afoot, it represented the subconscious jealousy and anger Demon Queen felt when Dragon Princess hugged Hero.

    Also, as I said before, the Hero/DQ/FK triangle is the best aspect of the show =03. Too bad it’ll be cut short, since DQ has to leave =0(.

  5. THANK YOU! Finally someone else who is heavily disappointed by the crappy character designs. When I heard Maoyuu was being adapted, I really hoped they would have followed Akira’s art style. It gives it this nice flair, instead we got this plain crap.

  6. hmm.. Personally I find the anime art quite appealing! Maybe it’s just personal taste…

    Also I can’t help but platonically ship onna kishi and maoyuu X3 friendshipping is the best shipping

      1. Then you realise that women are automatically turned off by smart men who know what they want from the get go, and that writers take the easy option by having a dense MC rather than an alpha male harem lead like other series because its very very hard to establish growth if you’re already a alpha male harem lead.

  7. I feel like i’m the only one who prefers the anime/LN character designs instead of Ishida Akira’s designs. I tried reading his manga a couple of days ago, but I just couldn’t get into it because I didn’t like the character designs so much.

    I also read somewhere that the japanese fans don’t care that much about the anime character designs compared to the west. Maybe whatever one fans read first (LN or manga) decides which character design fans like.

    1. You’re not the only one. I only got into the Maoyuu LNs and dramas because I’m a big fan of toi8’s work. His style doesn’t translate to anime very well, particularly since this animation company decided to go with a bland, watered down version of it. See his own Maoyuu illustrations at his pixiv for example: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=15389349

      Not to say that Ishida Akira’s designs are bad. I enjoy the manga as well.

  8. “Which one is the wife or the mistress?”

    Well, clearly Yuusha is the mistress, seeing as how on the ball Maou is as a knowledgeable Mama and how Onna Kishi is the dutiful Papa. Look at how they dote on him!

    The Truth is in the Axe
  9. “My posting style is generally fairly different but bear with me, I’ll try to contain my ranting”

    Please keep ranting, I’m tired to read all these apologist reviews about the most recent coming of Jesus.

    “As a reader of the manga I have my issues with the adaptation.”

    There is this


    and there is that.


    Ishida has just put the bar very high, while the anime sadly chosed to remain faithful to the original LN designs, with the exception of the exclusive dead fish retarded expressions for everyone, ruining everything in the process. You can also lament on what will be use as the source of inspiration for the next comiket.

  10. female knight & hero have shower after some spare workout oh yea hero see knight “exposed” wonder who is wife & the mistriss will be?

    oh also dragon princess who have fire out of her mouth want hero tv give a quake happen when dragon princess grab the hero.

    red queen show new plan a printer device give want hero too give talking & argue between red & yellow of who want hero til share the bed.

    now red queen need to fix her license & oh white night kingdom gone crazy loco now want rid of winter land.

  11. I knew you’d stuff Stilts in a bag someday just to voice you’re distaste.

    You do not compare the adaptations Moomba. At first shot you show being biased aboit it due to being a manga reader. They’re different takes of one concept, so differenc is expected. Even this adaptation is a different take from the other adaptations.

    Remember what I told you about Maouyuu before the season started?

  12. Now if finally know firsthand the dragon princess.
    But if you ask me, I think better design Mamare Touno manga, not only for being more beautiful if not also for the oriental style of their clothes and horns, this along with his feet and tail get a nice design to Dragon Clan. But even still is cute dragon princess, despite having the same character aggressive than woman knight.
    The story I remain concerned with how it progresses and resume parts. Also wondering which end at the end this season.
    Thanks for publishing Moomba, is a great job. I hope aniki-Stilts in full operation next week

    1. Maybe there is a little political correctness in the design decisions. They may not have wanted the implication that the orientals are being portrayed as demons versus merely influenced by oriental style and so went with the more neutral LN design.

  13. But coming from the Ishida Akira manga I continuously find myself disappointed by the comparatively bland light novel designs used in the anime. Karyuu Koujo (Itou Shizuka) is a particularly strong offender in this category. I also find that the pace is moving extremely rapidly for no solid reason, with many awesome scenes skipped completely. The battle scenes, rare though they are, also lack impact. Combat may not be the main focus of the series, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be spectacular when they do come up. One of the big draws to the manga came from some of those slice of life scenes that have been cut entirely.

    Great job Moomba. Can’t say it better than that. Count me in as this (Ishida Akira) or even this (Asami You) (sorry best picture I could find with only 3 volumes released) as > than this. To be honest, I do prefer a few anime/LN designs are such as “young merchant”, “young noble”, “old archer (Grandpa archer – bah can’t remember), but overall I much prefer Ishida’s character designs. From what I’ve seen of the Asami You drawn manga, that might have been the best version from which to base the anime’s character designs.

    Arguably much more important than the character designs is the pacing of the anime. I’m amazed at how fast the anime is progressing. Sorry for those non-manga readers who feel this topic has been beat to death, but it can’t be understated just how much of the comedy and “slice of life” moments which add to a character’s depth has been left out. “Side” characters which play a larger role as the story progress are being almost entirely ignored. Young Merchant is mentioned as an afterthought and Young Noble and Young Soldier are MIA. I feel like I’m watching the CliffsNotes version of the story.

    I’m sure many who have not read the manga (and some who have as well) are enjoying the show – and that’s great. Always nice to find anime you like. But after the seasons over, if you still like the story, I do suggest reading at the manga (Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Become Mine Hero, I refuse! since almost 5 volumes translated vs. one), or the LN if translation ever gets picked up again.

    As for me, I’ll still watch the anime, but it’s no longer a priority. Too many scenes I really liked in the manga were left out for me to completely enjoy the show. Sadly, I agree with Moomba that most often (rather than “almost never”) adaptations prove disappointing. What’s frustrating is that many times, that doesn’t need to be the case. IIRC, neither Spice and Wolf nor Fate Zero deviate much if at all from their respective LN sources. I’m sure there are other examples as well. The director (perhaps along with others) decided to advance the anime story line and cut scenes rather than closely follow the source material. Given the quality of the source, I fail to understand the rationale behind that decision. Better IMO to cut the anime story line short and pick it back up in Season 2 (if there is one).

  14. Blah-blah MANHWA DEZIZNS WUR BETTUR, holy shit people. Is it that hard to understand that original material is specifically made to engage readers imagination with as little detail provided as possible and further promote the experiment of disrupting your typical fantasy continuum with technical progress? Whole no names but story functions thing exists to support that(role of individual in historic process, marxism anybody?).

    And people keep complaining how dragon princess is not dressed as a whore. The story is what you make it, indeed.

  15. I like how the header banner preview for this post on the home page is of Onna Kishi and Maou touching Yuusha’s hair.

    More specifically, how the text box covers up most of Onna Kishi, leaving only Yuusha and Maou fully visible.


  16. I really don’t get the fuss over character designs and adaptation issues since I’m an anime-only viewer, but so far I’m liking Maoyuu as it is now. Sometimes I get the feeling that I’m missing a bunch of things (eg., Yuusha’s journey on Demon land, etc) but it’s not irritating.

    Although sometimes I feel that this should have been an epic anime. You know, the kind of anime that makes your heart pump each episode and you eagerly wait for it every week.

  17. To tell the truth, initially I didn’t like the Dragon Princess design, either, but finally seeing her in motion made me appreciate some aspects of it. The way she moves her tail and casually breathes fire is just enough to turn her design from bland to subtle.

    Too bad Stilts isn’t around, I’m sure he liked the Kimi vibes Maid Chou gave this episode.


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