「この世界に私は」 (Kono Sekai ni, Watashi wa)
“In This World, I…”

Although we cannot dismiss the possibility of Kotoura’s mother coming back to cause even greater drama, her presence in this episode was fairly light, with more focus on Kotoura’s ever happy life. In this world, Kotoura appreciates and treasures her happiness with everyone, simply for the fact that she knows what her life was like without them. It might not have been the most explicit message, but the subtle juxtaposition of Kotoura’s past and present has executed itself well. At the beginning of this series, I felt it would be a tragedy if the show decided to lay low on the drama, but seeing Kotoura be happy and around a crazy group of friends and family isn’t so bad an alternative.

I don’t exaggerate when I call them crazy though…it may actually be an understatement. First it was theme parks and personal chefs, but now it’s progressed to striking oil and spontaneous aphrodisiacs! Each episode of Kotoura-san has progressively become more ridiculous, departing from extreme sadness and heartache to extreme shenanigans. Alone these characters are a treat to watch, but the interactions they often share with each other have been the real treat this show. Kotoura may be suffocating at times due to the craziness of her life, but in fact it is that energy that sustains her and continues to melt away the painful emotional scars, as seen by her slow acceptance of her mother and the relationship they share. While it is hard to forgive Kotoura’s mother for still holding a grudge after all of these years, I hope that the show does reveal some sort of reconciliation between them, even if it is a bittersweet farewell.

Aside from the main plot, we got to see more of Mifune’s and Muroto’s shared past together, when Muroto was a boss and Mifune was a target of cruel bullying. Though brief, it explains Mifune’s desire for Muroto’s attention while still conveniently leaving Muroto’s reasons for going cold on Mifune for another day. Although one cannot be too sure about Mifune’s intentions on revealing this information to Kotoura, Mifune’s revelations through these purposeful flashbacks should help pave justification for any non-altruistic acts Mifune should attempt in the future. That shouldn’t be too hard though, for Muroto, though apparently uncaring, will most likely come to knock sense into her if the time should come.

Meanwhile, Moritani and Manabe have their own crazy events happening…starting with a terribly convenient aphrodisiac. I’ll admit, I laughed obnoxiously hard when Moritani was molesting Manabe…and laughed even harder when Moritani got really confused the day after–the two of them openly express their guilt and shame (Manabe even feels ashamed of being ‘physically’ dirty), which strangely leads back to Kotoura lecturing them not to be sexual deviants. Apart from their saucy night, Moritani and Manabe continue to show the pureness of their friendship, with Manabe maintaining it and Moritani building it up. Her character has made an amazing transformation from ultimate bitch to the most conscious-ridden friend in Kotoura’s life. She still has those thoughts that tempt pretty much everyone in a friendship, but her insistence on openly resisting yet acknowledging those moments make her a very endearing character to be sympathized with. The honesty (and physical self-harm) that she exudes have, at least in my eyes, redeemed her as a character. Although not as close yet to Manabe’s powerhouse of caring, Moritani will eventually get up there, if in her own suffering way.

While a bit too rushing towards the conclusion and perhaps a bit too light on the dramatic focus, Kotoura-san’s latest episode has performed well at the scene-by-scene stage. It’s good to hope for the drama that is to come, but it’s also beneficial to see the happiness that mostly everyone, not just Kotoura, gets to experience.

Sorry for being late for this episode! I was on recovery from working on three midterms and a project this week…so burnout was inevitable!

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  1. Muroto was a lot like Shun as a kid. That said, it’s probably a good thing he didn’t grow up to be handsome and overtly kind. Also, Manabe has been one of the best male leads so far. How many guys force the horrible cook to eat their own cooking? And what does that mean anyway? That Manabe and Moritani are so close he practically treats her like another guy?

  2. I’ve had the feeling that Muroto refuses to acknowledge Mifume’s feelings towards him and his own feelings towards her because of his size and her beauty. I think that he sees a romantic relationship with her as one that would bring ridicule on her. Any praise from him would open the floodgates and he doesn’t want to have to reject her (for her own good) . Sad. They would make a great couple.

  3. manabe & kotoura’s grandpa want hot spring so much keep digging til hit oil & then manabe got “hangover” due hiyori’s food which hiyori also eat.

    head priest talk to kotoura’s grandpa about the “mom” give still bitter yet she said kotoura will lose it all.

    next day time to head back kotoura & priest have little talk in room about mention the “mom” & soon all will be fine.

    manabe being “hmm” with bear suit & etc give kotoura look at pres’ past how she met daichi & help hiyori’s homework.

    which tada manabe been ready for kotoura’s b-day with cake & all give happy time.

  4. become more ridiculous, departing from extreme sadness and heartache to extreme shenanigans.
    Totally agree with your standpoint… I was thoroughly looking forward with the extreme and dramatic plot but it delegated solely love comedy or sth So disappointed with that

  5. Sure this episode had its hilarity, but I can’t understand how you felt a lack of drama from it. More than half the episode was dramatic flashbacks and realisations by the cast. Perhaps it is because the drama and comedy tend to blend well in this episode, masking the overall purpose a little more than most are used to. With this kind of effect, I just don’t feel the importance of dismantling this show into drama vs comedy, but rather to take it all as a single experience. Trust me, I usually don’t feel that way about shows (romcoms).

    1. “It might not have been the most explicit message, but the subtle juxtaposition of Kotoura’s past and present has executed itself well.”

      I think we agree, but my statements on the drama are from my desire to see more heavy-handed emotions drawn out when the show teased us with Haruka’s mother last week. I was just a bit disappointed is all.

      1. The mother’s involvement in the episode seemed like a bait and switch. I expected more with her such as a meeting with Kotoura. The thing about this show that I find unique is the writers ability to go from one type of emotion to another without missing a beat. Usually, I find that too jarring, but here they’ve made it work.

  6. I feel you Zanibas. I actually so busy to school but I always finished them immediately so i can watch animes and read a tons of reviews. Thanks for this one and yap, I totally agree on what you say to the “crazy interactions” of each one of the characters which is a good treat for the rest of the series I guess and as well as the drama is concern – I’m looking forward to see how the kotoura and her mother will reconcile in the end.

  7. Got a bit late into this one this season and holy hell those first three eps were amazing. Show somehow gives me a real Haruhi feeling, only better for some reason.
    Already a contender for most underappreciated in my book because I chose to watch Amnesia,
    Sasami-san, oreshura and sakurasou over it it’s better than all of them although I’m still deciding which is better between sakurasou and this.

    Amazing first five eps but it’s getting worse now, want some more drama!


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