「俺の幼なじみが修羅場すぎる」 (Ore no Osananajimi ga Shurabasugiru)
“My Childhood Friend Fights Too Much”

Amazingly, everything that I could have wished for after experiencing last week’s episode wonderfully found its way back. And amongst all the gags and heartfelt moments, I think I may have spotted something that may flourish into the first friendship ever being formed within the Neighbor’s Club! Maybe.

Just like last week’s episode, I was pleasantly surprised that this week’s took the same single topic approach. With the story revolving around the relationship that Kodaka shares with everyone in the Neighbors Club I thought it was pretty interesting how the writers decided to use a simple movie script as the catalyst that propelled everything forward. And while Yozora may have stolen most of the spotlight, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who’d say that it wasn’t an interesting change of pace to see Yozora finally break free of that gloomy attitude of hers. Not only does she have an awfully cute “nyaa~” but watching her bolt out of the clubroom instead of Sena was quite a shock.

On the other hand, it also felt like the story was taking the friendship aspect to a whole new level by throwing the idea right into our faces. Besides Yozora getting all worked up about the relationship she shared with Kodaka and Sena trying to belittle it, there was one other person who seemed to also be fretting over the idea. And while this is just speculation, the biggest hint was probably one that most people may have casually glanced over — Kodaka’s inner monologue during the first few minutes of the show. Not only did it seem a little odd how was talking from a future perspective but he was definitely talking about something between him and Rika. And if you take it a step further, I would be willing to bet that it may have something to do with how close the two are. Maybe, just maybe, the pair will be the first to take the first step and actually become “friends”?!

Speculations aside, I’d have to say that this week’s episode was spectacular. A role reversal between Yozora and Sena, Rika cosplaying as Kobato, and watching Yozora go crazy playing with cats were some of the highest highs that this show has reached. At the same time it was nice to see that everyone seems to be more open to everyone else’s feelings and it definitely shows when the show throws us some of those tiny smiles with that elegant background track. But if either of those didn’t appeal to you, at least there’s going to be NEW CHARACTER NEXT WEEK!

P.S. Just like Yozora asked Kodaka, in terms of friendships or relationships what’s more important — The Past or the Present? If you had shared a relationship with someone is the past and met them again in the present, what would you pick?



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  1. As you guys know, I’m expecting the next episode, the appearance of Yusa Aoi!!!!!

    She has so naive characteristic and so hiliarious!!

    In this anime, I want to focus on 1thing… the confabulation(paintings)
    it is totally different compare to 1st seasons that the painting evolved tremendously!!
    particularly, Rika became so gorgeous!!!, with good Cos-play hahaha

  2. c’est si bon!
    now that is out of the way:
    -Sena going pero-pero on Kobato – she deserved the flyswatter!
    -so we now know why the filmmaking in the opening
    – is Sena going commando??? https://randomc.net/image/Boku%20wa%20Tomodachi%20ga%20Sukunai/Boku%20wa%20Tomodachi%20ga%20Sukunai%20NEXT%20-%2008%20-%20Large%2009.jpg
    – c’est si bon!!!
    – Yozora going all dere-dere on cats was simly HNNNNGGGGGHHHH!
    – Sena making Yozora cry in a sudden role reversal… I think that while its a karmic justice of sorts, it also highlights that behind her haughty and harsh personality Yozora is fragile and easy to hurt…

  3. – Sena getting pero-pero on Kobato – she deserved the flyswatter!
    – Now we know why the moviemaking in the opening!
    – Is Sena going commando?
    – C’est si bon!!!!!
    – Yozora going deredere at the cats = HNNNGGGH!
    – Sena making Yozora cry and run was a karmic justice, but it also showed how under that haughty and harsh pose Yozora is fragile and easy to hurt…

  4. When Yozora ask Kodaka that question and neither seems undecided, I literally just want to go in there and slap them both. But that’s just me and my personal view towards the question >.>

    Past has already past so why not pick the present time. Anyone who living in the past will not move forward nor see the future. I’m not saying in any kind of relationship that the past events should be forgotten but rather it should be treasured, just like precious times, although it’s not always the case, ie. in a hostile/enemy type of relationship. Besides, there might be circumstances that might not be applicable/appropriate in the current relationship. This only means that there’s no constant in any given relationship and one has to accept the changes that comes along with it. So instead of worrying about the past, just make new memories and have it something to be remembered in the future.

  5. P.S. Just like Yozora asked Kodaka, in terms of friendships or relationships what’s more important — The Past or the Present? If you had shared a relationship with someone is the past and met them again in the present, what would you pick?

    I would imagine that most people probably would choose old friends over new ones if they had to make a choice between keeping either or. Because old friends are probably the safer bet- you’ve known them for longer; this usually results in a greater degree of trust and mutual understanding/acceptance, which generally isn’t something you can build over a short period of time.

    Having said that, there are times when it would probably be to your benefit to ditch your old friends in favor of newer ones- like if you decided to clean your act up after running with a gang of delinquents for a number of years. Sure, you may have deep-rooted bonds with the delinquents, but if you continue to hang out with bad friends, you’ll probably fall back into your old, uncouth ways- not desirable…

    1. Edit: For me personally it’s entirely situational- obviously I’d keep both if it were possible, but assuming a forced hypothetical where I had to choose either or it depends entirely on which choice would better serve me under the circumstances…I have no inherent preference for either or…

  6. My thought about Kodaka’s excerpt at the beginning of the episode meant that they had already established themselves as friends, or at least he(and Rika) considered everyone as such.

    I was certainly impressed with Sena here. She definitely said what needed to be said, and in turn, helped Yozora grow a little. Rather than being impressed by setting her straight, I was more like “It’s about time.” for Sena to stand up to Yozora for something. Still, I tend to feel bad for Yozora. Her chances to really re-establish her and Kodaka’s relationship always blow up in her face, like the movie script this ep.

    Really Sena? No panties (O.o)?

    1. Good call, this episode really looks different.
      Actually though, the people doing the key animation changed for every episode.
      However for episode 8 AIC left a lot of the animation to other companies, so that might be the reason why the difference is bigger this time.

  7. That first screen cap before you open the post…

    Well anyways, finally, a trait about Yozora that I actually like. Cats are the greatest, cutest, most adorable, hug-able things on this planet. Not quite enough to vault her up into my favorite character list, but it’s a start.

    Man though, Yozora was legit pissed at Sena (Yuri ship has sunk?) after she said that her previous friendship with Kodaka had nothing to do with the movie script. She’s absolutely right and is one of the main reason I do prefer Sena as a character. Sena would rather work hard and build her relationship with Kodaka from the ground up not relying on their past, whereas Yozora feels entitled because of their past connections. I firmly believe that the best end for Yozora would be for Kodaka to end up with one of the other girls and for her to finally realize that she has real friends outside of Kodaka now.

    Also Sena’s reaction to Kobato-Rika was freakin’ hilarious. It proves she’s not shallow in her “love” for Kobato.

    1. Just like I described Yozora before: “shattered stain glass”. It really came out this episode. I like all the characters of the “Neighbor’s Club”, but I’m glad Sena finally told Yozora that. She really needed to hear it. I wouldn’t exactly call Yozora entitled per se; I would go more with the coward remark I saw someone use, although not as harshly…let me try to explain. In the previous episode she stated that it’s better to play around in shallow relationships than form deep ones because if you don’t have any real attachment, you can’t get hurt. I’m willing to bet that Kodoka was Yozora’s only friend 10 years ago (if it hasn’t been stated already, my memory on that is a bit hazy), and given her general outlook on the world and caustic personality it is no wonder she can’t make friends. She clings to that brief time where she more than likely felt the most complete she’s ever been. The problem here is that she can’t translate that to present time. She’s so stuck on the past and the shock of losing someone so close, that she can’t move on. So while everyone else is dealing with building a relationship presently with Kodoka, Yozora is trying and failing to reconcile all that happened between her and Kodoka in the past with trying rekindle and create a strong friendship and more in the present. Not really trying to defend her so much as understand her character. She acts like Kodoka looks to everyone in that school, and that is not a good thing. I just wish they’d change their thinking slightly and realize that they are already friends. *Sigh… As far as the question, I think I shall give a tl;dr on my Yozora rant as an answer: The past is important to treasure and learn from, but don’t be so mired in it that you can’t grow and experience even better things in the present.

  8. I loved this episode as we got to see aspects of some of the characters that we hadn’t seen before. Plus fake Kobato was a delight, and Yozora was really giving off a gender-ambiguous Mister X (Nakaimo) vibe in that tracksuit, as if she was trying to go back to the time when Kodaka regarded her as a boy.

    So for me, past or present? It’s probably my age showing here, but past wins every time. It’s not that the present is bad, far from it, but there are some things that can never be restored once “the destroying minutes” (as the poet Edwin Muir put it) have done their work.

    Oh, and I’m sure Sena is wearing panties really, but thong/t-back style. She has to keep those butt cheeks bare and ready for spanking at a moment’s notice!

  9. Interesting episode. I almost had to rewind to make sure it was Yozora, not Sena, who ran from the club room in tears.

    I like Sena, but -1pt for her suggestion for her class’ presentation to be about her… >_>. However +1pt for calling out Yozora for continuing to throw out the “We were childhood friends” “trump card” again. Yeah, Yozora you were friends, but seems odd to me that you don’t think so now. I thought Sena’s line (paraphrasing) “I hate that woman, but I never wished she didn’t exist” explained well the difference between the two.

    LOL at the “Cat Cafe” – it’s just as it says on the label! Make sure to watch out for hairballs in your coffee :P.

    As for past or present for relationships – I have to go with the present. The past may be more comfortable and consists of fond moments, but people as well as life changes. Even if the past is better, you still have to deal with the present (and future). You can’t adapt if you’re stuck looking backwards. IMO, until she realizes that, things won’t get better for Yozora – including any chance of a relationship with Kodaka

  10. I’d pick the present of course,it’s where one lives physically at least if not mentally and nothing will change that.

    But Yoroza is being silly here.She’s acting like she’s not part of his present and only the past while she can be both.But instead of focusing more on the present while using the past as a little helper or “edge” over her meaty nemesis she chooses to focus entirely the later and ignore the former.Ketchup can help a hamburger taste better but it can still taste good withouth while you can’t just have ketchup withouth a hamburger.

    On the other hand,Sena continues to impress,especially with this & last week’s episodes.She’s pursuing her interests nice & slowly,taking action at the right time with Kodaka while continuing to be herself most of the time thus making her more mature side come out nothing to be very shocked about.Whether she’s actually thought about all this or not I have no ideea but she’s doing it regardless.

    I came out of season 1 liking both Sena & Yozora equally and entered this one with the same mindset.However one has to give credit where it’s due and Sena has definitely taken the lead with that.

    Of course it goes withouth saying that that’s available for Rikka too:P

  11. Justice is a dish better served cold, and that’s what Sena delivered this week. This was not an issue of belittle the FORMER friendship of Yozora and Kodaka, but a statement that Yozora don’t have the right to use the club and/or it’s activities for personal gaining (in this case, Kodaka) and that she need to stop dwelling in the past and move on.
    Forget the moe moment, this chapter showed exactly why most of all hate Yozora: she’s a coward that don’t want to make friend only because she’s afraid of being hurt. Newsflash for you, girl: that’s life! Hoping to chain Kodaka to her by using the club is way too sick, and she blatantly confirmed that by altering the script twice only to be by the idiot’s side. But for once, Sena hold her ground, told her the real deal, and without her bulling advantage, Yozora run away. Poetic justice.
    Even worst, the bitch not even wants to be friends with anyone in the Neighbor’s Club, and by wishing that Sena shouldn’t exist (just because that way, Kodaka would be her without even trying), I don’t know how anyone would like her. She’s as selfish as SAO’s Sugou/Oberon, totally despicable.

    1. How sick is it to use the club for personal gain? This happen in real life too, it is fairly obvious some people use club for personal gain. You mean you never met someone that uses clubs for personal gain?
      Her initial goal of setting up the club is to be together with Kodaka not make a bunch of friends… You are delusional, go back and watch the first episode of season 1.

  12. Yukimura tearing up when her lead role is threatened. Sugar overload!!! How can anyone not like her?
    And there are so much more reasons to like a cat. Cats are just too awesome.

  13. I have to agree with Yozora completely on this one when she was playing with the cats. It’s better to have people you just play with and don’t get attached to, otherwise it’d only cause pain if you become friends with them. Also, the 2+1 situation is completely tree. The friend of a friend isn’t a friend. You’re always going to be the odd one out, not being in the “friends” group, it’s the worst feeling.

    Yozora’s very perceptive about these things and that’s one of the reason she’s my favorite character in this show (plus she’s my type, both appearance and personality-wise). The only thing that bothered me is that she chose both now and past are important in the end, which to be honest is more influenced by Kodaka’s lack of response than her original intent. I would be as confused as Yozora if I was in her shoes her, because something like the Rinjinbuu just doesn’t appear often in real life, if at all. It has a very “Genshiken” feel to it, thus for that very reason, I’d say Yozora’s made the right choice again in the end to pick present, only because she’s with a good bunch of characters (unlike those real life popular people).

  14. the look that rika gave when kodaka said “let’s keep trying to make friends so we can celebrate birthdays with them” was certainly telling.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    i’m so close to jumping ship hahah

  15. I was all for sena putting yozora in her place. Lot’s of people took that scene between them as Sena telling Yozora that her past with Kodaka in general doesn’t matter but i dont really think that was the case. The impression I got was that Sena was trying to tell Yozora to stop throwing her past around like it gives her special privileges when it comes to Kodaka within the club. In that respect, their past doesnt matter and what matters is the present. Sena naturally puts the present over the past, and i personally feel like it is important to always move forward instead of living in the past but im sure sena wasnt trying to say that Yozora’s past with Kodaka is meaningless; she was trying to point out that her past with Kodaka does not give her the authority to undermine the other club members by throwing her past in their faces; it’s not fair to her or the rest of them

    1. Normally I would understand that she might be trying to prevent Yozora from abusing the connection that she had with Kodaka in the past but you could say all is fair in love and war!

      Plus, let’s not forget how overpowered the word “friendship” is in this show. I don’t think anyone in the Neighbor’s Club is in the right position to talk about that specific subject — except Rika, maybe.

  16. The present always trumps the past. The past may play a role in the present, but nothing that happens in the past can have such a hold on the present or future that things can’t change. How I live my life yo~.

  17. After your comment on the interaction with Kodaka and Rika at the beginning, I rewatched it. Rika, is by far, the most observant of the group. Interesting that she is hanging back from stating the obvious and seems frustrated that Kodaka hasn’t stepped up. Kodaka’s reticence is interesting. Is it based on fear that, if he says it, it will be ruined somehow? Just as Yozora wants to return to the past, maybe he just wants to freeze the present?

    Yozora almost totally lost it this episode. It seems as if the only time in her life she was happy was when she was with Kodaka. The last ten years have been, at best, grey. She’s beocome borderline hikikomori and is desperate to recreate that time with Taka. Sena, of course, doesn’t understand why Yozora wished that she didn’t exist. Without Sena, Yozora thinks her original plan would have succeeded. Unlikely, but given Yozora’s mental state she’s desperate to believe it. Just the same way she dressed in “boyish” clothes thinking that would somehow recreate the feelings that Kodaka had towards her when they were young. It also explains why she shed them as soon as she could because being “cute” would have ruined the illusion she was trying to create. What’s even worse for her is when Kodaka threw her question about whether she preferred “now” or “then”. Her budding romantic feelings for Kodaka (or maybe just her enjoyment of having a the friends she doesn’t realize she has) are messing with her original intentions. She’s the one character I feel sorry for, regardless of her meanness. Not my usual reaction to that type of character.

  18. Past, Future, PLEASE! I only live for right now. You can only live right now. There’s no use thinking about the past (unless you want to learn from it) or the future (which haven’t even happened yet. What you do now can only affect the future, & it’ll never touch the past.

    Those kids seriously need to grow the hell up b4 thinking about relationships, especially Sena who probably likes Kodaka more than all the others put together. However, when have Kodaka ever hinted at liking any of them. They even cut out the part in the LN where he said that any other guy besides him would screw Sena over. We have no idea what he’s really thinking while we know all the girls like him. This crap can only go a one direction – TRAINWRECK!

    1. It’s a pretty thin line really.

      It’s important to always remember the past because it’s what shaped who you are at present and there’s nothing anyone can do to change that.

      At the same time, you shouldn’t let that same past completely influence your future actions. That’s what your present self is for and, sadly, that sort of thing happens a lot in anime/manga; characters letting what happened some time in the past COMPLETELY influence their present actions and their mindset for how to plan for the future rather than living and thinking in the present while merely using things from the past more specifically based on what they wish for the future.

      Yozora is basically trying to “resurrect” her past with Kodaka.

      In general, this would not be a problem. It’s totally fine that Yozora wants to be friends with Kodaka again and rekindle that bond. At the same time, though, she seems to be pushing to try to make it EXACTLY like how it was back then, when all they had was the other as a friend and no one else; them against the world, which, obviously, is impossible now.

  19. I think rika is the only sane person in the “Neighbor’s Club”. Her reaction on the birthday thing was priceless, she was really like “What a bunch of fools!”…


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