「僕は友達が……」 (Boku wa Tomodachi ga….)
“I Have… Friends”

Seeing how we already knew that Kodaka would be spending time with Yusa and Hidaka from last week’s preview, I entered the episode questioning what kind of impact two brand new characters could bring. Because, at least from Yozora’s perspective, the two are an encompassment of what the Neighbors Club strives to be (or possibly strives to avoid) — friendly, popular, and down to earth with a decent amount of common sense. But boy, was I wrong for questioning the writers and their decisions to introduce new characters during the last episode! Because after two seasons of watching Kodaka endure unwarranted glares, it was nice to finally see people outside of the club recognize him for the person that he really is. And while Yusa’s view may be a little bit exaggerated it really puts things into perspective when Hidaka, the most popular/powerful person in school, follows suit and gives him the benefit of the doubt. And not only did it really get the ball rolling by providing a stark contrast between Kodaka’s view of the world versus a regular person’s but had the episode started with Kodaka being blackmailed by Rika into meeting her, I doubt it would have had the same impact.

But boy, the second half of the episode really was something. What do you get when you get the two most sane members of the Neighbors Club in a heated battle to the death? Besides almost real nekomimi and deadly projectiles, you get the perfect environment for two people to face the lies they’ve been telling themselves. Honestly though, I never once thought about all the sacrifices that Rika made for her friends in the Neighbors Club. Sure there were all the technology related things she managed but after listening to Kodaka point out how she had to do all the dirty work in order to keep the peace I started to feel really bad for her. In the end though, things came to a close in a fairly clear manner — Kodaka manages to get passed his fear of relationships by finally opening himself up to someone else and allowing that person to help him stand on his two feet.

Final Impressions:

Before I start my final impressions, I wanted to point out something that really stuck out to me toward the end of the episode. There was a scene at the end of the episode where you see a young Kodaka staring at a young Yozora and it transitions into the present Kodaka looking at Rika. The moment that I saw that, it dawned on me that Yozora had officially lost the battle she’s been fighting at for the entire series — trying to keep Kodaka all to herself. While she was going about it in all the wrong ways, it’s a little disheartening to think about how all of her efforts have been in vain. Not only did she lose on both fronts, friendship and love, but to watch Kodaka get ripped away from her because of the very club she created must have been ripping her up from the inside.

Haganai’s second season in my opinion was one of the rare occasions where a sequel manages to reach even higher heights than the first. (I’m looking at you Baka test!) With wacky characters who acknowledge that they’re missing more than just a few screws, this show leaves all the stale gags behind and creates situations where both the environment and the characters work together to create something that feels new and different. Be it the fake trap Yukimura wearing awfully revealing clothes before we found she was actually not a trap or Yozora and Sena ignoring motion sickness and taking on a gigantic rollercoaster way too many times — it doesn’t feel out of place but still brings out all the laughs.

But Haganai really shone this season with its constant focus on the emotional side of friendship and its shove at the very end for Kodaka to face one of his biggest fears. As the hints became less subtle with each episode, it became clear that the focus wasn’t on who Kodaka would end up with but rather when Kodaka would open up and acknowledge all the feelings of those around him. All while hiding the gigantic surprise that Rika would be the one who’d become Kodaka’s first official friend. In hindsight it probably should have been fairly obvious with all the screen time she was getting but it just makes me feel all fuzzy inside after watching the two let everything out and end up even stronger than before.

All in all, Haganai stuck with made it such a good show in the first place and then added more than anyone could have asked for. By keeping the gags at first and slowly transitioning into something much deeper than a standard harem comedy, the show was able to transcend into something that could make you question some of the decisions you’ve made in life. Don’t get me wrong though — this show is far from perfect. With pacing issues and jokes that some people probably wouldn’t be comfortable with, I wouldn’t say this this is a show for everybody. But for those of you who don’t take things too seriously and watch anime to enjoy it, I would have no problems recommending a show like this.

P.S. Thank you everyone for taking the time to read my posts and leave all these awesome comments. It’s because of you, the readers, that I even consider doing this episodic-blogging thing. <3


      1. Rika is now THE MAIN HEROINE of this harem! It’s hilarious cuz before in the first season most of us (me included) don’t even consider her as a great potential to being with Kodaka as we all thought that it would really come down between Yozora and Sena.

        Man we were all wrong! Rika got close to Kodaka and to all our hearts! I mean this season even Kodaka mentioned tons of times that Rika is cute, even though I dont remember him saying or thinking that to Yozora or Sena at all. I think he even thought about that towards Yukimura but not to the supposedly main girls Yozora and Sena. It’s ironic cuz it’s even those two being shown as the main contender for Kodaka in the OP and ED songs, but Rika just stole the spotlight this season! I dont even think of her as a supporting character, but definitely as a main heroine girl in this series! I really dont think she got friendzoned as Kodaka is closest to her than any other girl, and he knew more about her more than the rest. Plus we all know that compared to the other girls, he finds Rika to be the one he most preferred, “Right in the middle of his strike zone!” Rika did a lot more than any of the other girls whom were selfish, though they the right to be, by thinking of themselves alone, but Rika was different as she thought about Kodaka, the club, and the rest of her friends. She’s the one acting out and finally showing how amazing she is as a main heroine in this series!

      1. @Takaii
        You don’t even need to go to foreign languages to see differences. The British say I’m going to Hospital” and most Americans would probably say “I’m going to the Hospital”

    1. I feel sorry for Yozora. clearly she saw her Taka becoming friends with Rika (official friends) and must be feeling sad because she feels she lost him as a friend and possibly as a potential lover. The part where Sora turns to Rika, as Kodaka’s friend, was a big surprise. Usually with anime like this the guy ends up with the first girl they show, which is Yozora.

      And it makes me wonder how Sena fits into all of this. Personally, I’d like maybe Sena and Kodaka to get together, Yozora is just not very driven. It’s clear that the story is about growth and maybe this anime has a deeper story than most.

      By the way, about the ending… Kodaka means ‘hawk’ in Japanese, so I think when they show that feather touch Yozora’s shoulder it is implied that Kodaka may have gone after her to bring her back.

      Rika’s always been my fave character though. If I were Kodaka I’d have gone for her.

    1. Well sadly it may be a LONG while before we get more. Vol 9 hasn’t been released yet since Hirasaka (the novels’s author) was writing the show’s scripts.

      By the by I remember a long time ago (I think when vol 8 was first released) Hirasaka saying that novels 1-8 (the place we currently are in the anime) will make up about 1/3 of the total story so we still have years of this before the end.

      As for a winner, the scene with Sena and Kodaka meeting at the end was not in the original novel so I think it shows a strong hint that Sena wins (since the author wrote it in).

      1. tsk tsk tsk. You have much learn young padawan. 🙂

        Sortedevaras, when have you ever seen a writer ditching and dumping his main character (Yozura) in anime, making her walk the shame walk in this way, and that’s the finale? Never, ever happened and never, ever will happen. Not in Japanese anime.

        This is a fake ending, similar to “death note” season 1. This is a harlem show, so the most likely outcome is that a) no one wins and the writer milks it until the cow comes home, followed by b) the main girl wins, in this case, Yozura.

        If what you’ve said is true and this is only about 1/3 of the way, Sena certainly won’t win since she blinked first (and way, way too soon) and now will get rejected promptly. They can’t become a couple and expect to fill the story for the next 2/3 of the way. They won’t be any story to write if that’s the case. That’s not how a harlem anime works, you know?

      2. wow I woulda thought this was like 3/4 done and maybe one more season to finish it off, but if it’s true this is only 1/3 of what he has planned, I don’t think I can take the franchise dragging on that long. But alas we won’t get another season soon if he is only on vol 9.

      3. thanks for the response. I havent read all of the volumes so I’m not sure. I personally enjoy Sena a tad bit more than Rika. But that’s just my opinion, I can honestly see why so many people love Rika. I usually go with the girls that were there at the beginning

      4. I like it well enough but I’m not sure I could stomach the author dragging on the romcom (tomocom?) for another sixteen volumes. It’s not like there’s any serious main plot apart from “let’s goof around”.

  1. A question: near the end, when Yozora sent that mail to all members of the Neighbors Club (telling them she was going going on a journey and not to look for her), why didn’t they immediately rush to look for her? I mean, it’s practically the stock phrase of an emotionally hurt person wanting to be comforted and assured by the people close to her, right?

    Most funny scene: where Yukimura mentioned about being a strong man and wanting to enter Kodaka’s “Yaoi Hole”. Haha.

    So I guess Rika wins and/or is the best girl of Haganai NEXT since she finally made Kodaka acknowledge that they’re friends after all?

    1. i think its because they perceived it as her just being stubborn and difficult like “Sigh, we cant take our eyes of that girl without her saying or doing something wrong…looks like we gotta go get her”…that’s the way i saw it at least.

    2. The show ends right as everyone is initially reacting to her email. Plus, she’s pretty far enough away by the time she sent out the message, as Kodaka still comes back to the clubroom and has that brief moment with Sena before she sent it out.

    3. None of the club members are actually pictured running to or NOT running to find her, so it’s up to your imagination. As to whether they DID end up going to look for her or not, as well as who Yozora is turning around in response to at the end.

      1. Well, while it didn’t show anyone running after her, at the VERY end, when the feather landed on Yozora’s shoulder, she turned, and appeared to be looking at someone(s) behind her, and then it cut to black.

        So I think there’s a possibility that either Kodaka or ALL of the Neighbors Club is there behind her, likely out of breath, etc.

        …Or it was just the usual anime thing where characters look at absolutely nothing in particular during openings and endings.

        Either way, it was more showing flashbacks right after they saw her message, so we don’t actually KNOW what they all did after that. It just showed Yozora walking with her head down, as a montage of all that had happened went by, up until the feather scene. My guess is that season 3 will start off with Kodaka/the whole gang standing behind her. Either that, or perhaps it’ll be one of those types that start off after a small time skip, with Yozora coming back…? Who knows. Only time will tell~ 😉

        Oh, and just to add fuel to the fire — I’m all for Kodaka x Yozora. Screw Sena. She annoys the hell out of me. Except for the humor she’s involved in, of course. Haha, that girl can make me laugh, at least. But I do respect her for being the FIRST to confess. That shows courage and strength. I do like that…

  2. what a great yet cruel cliffhanger from this finale; glad to see that Rika has gotten Kodaka to take that next step. In many ways, Rika is like the sempai of the group and yea, i feel bad for Yozora; she feels that she has lost everything important to her. On a side note, I wonder how that scene would have progressed between Kodaka and Sena had they not been interrupted; it seemed like Kodaka might have given her an answer she would have been pleased with.

    1. Sadly I think Rika has already been friend zoned, she is pretty much Kodaka’s best buddy and is the only one he really hangs out with in a semi-normal way. The only real credible threat to Sena is Yozora but that’s only if during her journey of self discovery she becomes sane.

      1. i agree that Rika has been friend zoned; there’s all this buzz about Rika possibly being a contender for Kodaka’s heart but that’s not the point of her character. As great of a character she is, she serves the purpose of being Kodaka’s friend and a mediator of sorts. The real bout of affection has always been and will be between Yozora and Sena (not to say Rika or Yukimura’s roles are not significant because they definitely are, Rika more importanly; Some say Sena’s early confession is a bad sign but i highly doubt it, then again i guess it’s still anyone’s game. The story doesnt stop being interesting just because a winner is decided or a confession is accepted; There are tribulations to be had when being in a relationship and one can build a story off of that. Besides im sure yomi wants to delve more into the idea of friendship and how it lasts and changes over time. I brought up the idea of the story extended past their highschool years and going into their college years; I would really love to see that happen cuz it would make a great series.

    2. On a side note, I wonder how that scene would have progressed between Kodaka and Sena had they not been interrupted; it seemed like Kodaka might have given her an answer she would have been pleased with.

      Depends upon what you mean by “pleased with”. Marriage? Don’t see it happening at this stage. Kodaka is struggling to “officially” recognize/accept friends – marriage is far, far, beyond that. Friendship? My gut instinct is that was a likely outcome (something like “I’m not ready for marriage, but how about we start as friends and see how it goes”).

      1. by “pleased” i mean more along the lines of giving her hope; like telling her that he thinks she’s a strong and diligent person and he might like to be with her in the future but its too soon to decide that. You know, something that might give her a little bit of hope, even if it is a rejection of sorts.

  3. Was the best show this season for me. I’ll die waiting for the next one. Ugh.

    Rika stole the season since day one. For some reason her jokes always hit me good. And they really did a good job on the last few episodes. The intensity. The characters’ reactions. It was only Yozora that I had a hard time sympathizing to. She has such a big mask that it feels weird when she shows her weak side (e.g. her shaking after Sena confessed). Although it was pretty consistent throughout the season, the stark contrast just feels off to me. It’s like how I don’t like Masuzu in Oreshura. But this is just my personal opinion on her character. I think they managed to justify Yozora’s loss of esteem with all that failed plans and unexpected revelations. Aww… Now I feel bad for her.

  4. http://en.necomimi.com/

    I see Rika is wearing the Necomimi(R).

    Had Kodaka met Hinata (Hikasa Youko in another Student Council president role) and Aoi before bumping into Yozora talking to herself, the name of the series would have changed to “Seitokai Yakuindomo”. LOL

    Poor Yozora.

    1. Actually if Rika never straightened Kodaka out and he continued to run from them by being in the student council, he will eventually form a new harem out of them cuz they are all girls in the student council. Then we would definitely have a Seitokai Yakuindomo lol!

  5. The scene that I thought was so cute and funny was when Kodaka was rubbing Yusa’s head and praising her. Afterwards you can see Yusa just melting with joy. I’m really beginning to like her a lot.

    Rika is the only one of the girls that actually wanted all of them to be friends. Yozora only wanted to return to the friendship she had with Taka, Sena wanted a boyfriend/fiance, Yukimura…well he/she wants something only from Kodaka. Rika has irritated me somewhat because she keeps pushing Kodaka to be the one to explicitly state that they’re friends, but why doesn’t she? Because he is the hub of the group? I suppose that’s the reason. I think Kodaka realized his position in the group and that explicitly stating that they’re friends would both make the club’s purpose moot and would bring the competition for him between Yozora and Sena to a head since neither one of them will admit to friendship with the other.

    I assume that it was Yozora that saw Rika and Kodaka on the roof and has decided she lost the friendship wars. Where is she going? My guess might be back to the playground where she and Taka were friends. I wish they had ended the episode just as Rika and Kodaka sealed their friendship instead of with Yozora leaving. If we don’t get another season for some reason that’s going to leave a bitter taste in my mouth.

    1. Rika has irritated me somewhat because she keeps pushing Kodaka to be the one to explicitly state that they’re friends, but why doesn’t she? .

      Really? Rika irritated me because she attacked Kodaka with flying steel marbles (guessing some sort of magnetic device controlling them) after blackmailing him (I KNEW that voice recorder was bad news) all in the name of “friendship”. Right idea (goal), wrong method IMO. Guess it’s twist on the “two get into a fight and then become friends afterwards” scenario.

      Where is she going? My guess might be back to the playground where she and Taka were friends.

      I can see how that make sense, but wouldn’t be much of a journey if that’s as far as she goes. Frankly, Yozora leaving to “find herself” (what it sounds like to me) doesn’t bother me at all. More than anyone (IMO), Yozora could use sometime to reflect. Who knows? She might come back a better person for it.

      If we don’t get another season for some reason that’s going to leave a bitter taste in my mouth.

      There’s always the LN 😉

      1. Yeah, the steel marbles were way over the top, but take those out of the equation (consider it artistic license on the author’s part) and how do you feel about what Rika was saying? All of it was to get Kodaka to make the first move on declaring friendship among the group. Why doesn’t she attempt to make it explicit with at least one of the other girls? The only explanation I can see is that he is the only male in the group and it’s hub. It seems as if she sees the club has devolved into a situation where they’re all friends with him, but not ready to accept friendship with each other so he has to make the first move. He sees it as risky because Sena and Yozora probably wouldn’t accept that. Certainly Yozora. Maybe not even Yukimura (“I am only here to serve my Aniki”).

      2. @Bear: If understand your questions correctly-

        1) Flying projectiles/blackmail BL recordings aside (i.e. the “wrong method” I posted above just to be clear), I think Rika went about it the right way by having Kodaka ask her to be his friend rather than the other way around (i.e. the “right idea/goal”). Psychologically, I think it’s a much bigger step for someone to be proactive rather than reactive. It forced Kodaka to face his fears directly rather than offer him an excuse (e.g. Rika “forced” the friendship upon him). Speculation on my part – once Kodaka was able to proactively make a friend in Rika and the world didn’t end (figuratively, of course), that gave him the courage/confidence to approach Sena.

        2) As for the other girls in the club, my thinking is pretty much along what you posted. IMO, the girls are “sort of friends” with each other. I don’t recall them ever doing some sort of non-club activity without Kodaka around. Plus, as you say, each one is primarily focused on their relationship (or lack thereof) with Kodaka. The girls are not very cohesive as a group – at least not enough to properly tackle Kodaka’s problem in a coordinated manner IMO.

      3. Sort of like how if there are countries in conflict/at war with eachother, but they really both want to end it and have peace. The problem is is that neither country wants to be the one to actually jump start peace talks by offering it to the other because, in their minds, they would look like the “weaker” country for doing so and/or trying to “appease” the opposing country, so they wait for the opposing country to be the one to step forward to offer peace and vice versa when, usually, the country that does brings forward the peace terms is usually the one looked upon more favorably by others.

      4. @daikama
        I agree with your assessment. I notice Kodaka also pushed the question back on Yozora when she asked him whether he thought that 10 years ago was more important than now. I think Rika has broken the ice and Kodaka can now face his fears. He’s also branched out with Yusa and the Student Council so his life won’t go all the way back to what it was before the Neighbors Club. Besides Rika’s vengeance is not something you want to face. (¯v¯)

        Thinking about it, I understand why he wouldn’t initially acknowledge that he and Rika were friends. It’s because he didn’t know how to make everyone happy and trying to think about it was tying his brain in knots. That’s really why he ran out of the room. Once he made any responds he felt he had to deal with the overall situation and the stress was too great because he didn’t have an answer. Any answer he made to Sena put him in a situation where he knew he had to deal with the others and he wasn’t ready for that because he had no answers. It’s easy to call him a coward when you aren’t in a situation like that. I’ve been there and had family members there. It ain’t pretty. No matter what you do it seems wrong. Somebody gets hurt. Somebody is lost.

        Yes, and if a third country tries to remain neutral and friendly to both, it usually ends up pissing both of them off.

  6. They’re definitely prepping for a 3rd season it seems, though to end it on a cliff hanger for who knows how long was a strange choice. Whatever the case, this was an enjoyable sequel. This was definitely the Rika season. Just everything she did was beyond amazing.

  7. Was kodaka about to confess or return her feelings to sena??? Poor Yozora! i feel bad for her since she’s my favourite girl! I wonder what will happen to her and kodaka? Let there be season 3 and let Yozora win! Amen! 😀

  8. >] “The moment that I saw that, it dawned on me that Yozora had officially lost the battle she’s been fighting at for the entire series — trying to keep Kodaka all to herself.”

    Beaten down in perhaps the most pronounced way a person can be, I might add; by having their resolve itself crushed.

    And I for one must say that, while I’m sure this ending left a bitter taste in many a fan’s mouth, I was quite glad to see it end the way it did for now. Kodoka redeemed himself in my eyes and Yozora got what she had coming to her.

    While I don’t outright dislike Yozora, she badly needed a defeat like this to knock some sense into her so she can grow up. Given a third season, I’m looking forward to seeing how she tries to come back from this.

    And Rika, what can I say? Fist full of awesome, you are. ;D

    Ryan Ashlight
  9. Takaii, why is it “disheartening to think about how all of her efforts have been in vain” when her effort is “trying to keep Kodaka all to herself” as you said, in psychotic, disturbing way? She was about 15 years away from being the Kathy Bate character from Misery at the rate she was going, LOL! As you know it wasn’t about winning love, but literally keeping the boy all to herself and preventing him from interacting with any other human beings (except for his sister perhaps) in any meaningful way -although for whatever reason this boy never even talks to any human male (except for the weird Sena’s dad character) for freaking 24 episodes and that sort of blatant anime harem irritates me and I can see why she is uneasy with the anime boy talking to the anime girls (none of them are ugly and most of them have big racks and thin, obviously… note to self: why bother asking, eh? oh well. Anyway I don’t get it. Unless you’re so blind by that one character, Yozora, I don’t understand this sentiment for the life of me.

    Any sane person can see that wasn’t the way it should’ve been and it’s a good thing she lost and lost it badly. Now she can learn. I still think this Yozura character will be the last woman standing when the LN ends since this is Japanese anime/LN we are talking about. When 95-98 out of 100 times something happens in a certain way, you stick with that outcome. As much as I don’t care for the bully bitch Yozura character, you can’t find against the trope, folks. So yes, the smart money is on Yozura and not on Sena/Rika and I’m sure the writer will bring back Yozura back all fixed up and kinder (aka no longer bully bitch) in no time. I dread for such predicament, but it is what it is. Just how long it will take will be depends on the writer’s desire and willingness to milk the cow. 😛

    1. I’m pretty sure deep down inside of Yozora, she wants to be the one Kodaka picks. Because what bigger chain is there in life then being stuck in a relationship with someone? I mean, sure Yozora could learn from this. Or you could end up with the standard harem route where all the girls agree that they can all try to go for the guy :p

      (I’m not a LN reader though, so this speculation is just from the anime. I have no idea what actually happens after this)

      1. That is the route I want this series to take definitely! I think all the girls deserve a happy end and dont want them to end up heart broken and have a drama filled episodes one after the other as one by one each girl gets rejected. I absolutely dont want that for this romantic comedy series! This has to end in a happy harem end where all the girls learn to share the guy and Kodaka learning to love them all and accepting it.

        I have not scene a harem series where it actually ended up in a clear and TRUE happy harem end, and not where 80% of the time it ends up with only 1 girl while the rest are rejected and heartbroken and rest of the 20% it ends in an open ending where the guy doesnt chose anyone at all (Like To-love-ru and Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!).

  10. If there is a 3rd season.. We’ll be stuck with a bold love confession from Sena that would demand some sort of resolution. I felt like he was going back to the club to finally confront her properly about it, not necessarily an acceptance. Yozura left the cast so something or someone must find her again and drag her out of her bitterness. Rika has made the most positive progress of them all with friendship in mind and wouldn’t be shock if she even becomes a true love interest. They have so much invested into each other that I would support it.t Sena at the end left the impression that she just wants to fulfill something that happened yrs ago much like Yozura. Yozura wants to keep an old memory alive, Sena wants to honor an old engagement, the only one who is actually focusing on a similiar goal is Rika with wanting friends.

    Its clear that Sena will chase after Yozura and confess her undying love like I had expected since the start of this season. Just sayin’.

    1. Its clear that Sena will chase after Yozura and confess her undying love like I had expected since the start of this season. Just sayin’.

      Where does all this Sena x Yozora fandom come from? -looks into the night sky-

      1. Long ago on a galaxy far far away my friend. – Stares into the sky too-

        Maybe it was more official in the earlier episodes when Sena was rubbing between her legs as she stare at her Yozura shrine ceiling. Or maybe when Sena actually teared up at the motion of Yozura caring. Or maybe – – -! Seriously, I could be here all day. But you get the picture.

    2. Its clear that Sena will chase after Yozura and confess her undying love like I had expected since the start of this season. Just sayin’.

      Huh? Are we watching the same show? You might as well ship for Kodaka x Pegasus while your at it. >_<

    3. So Sena just throws out confessions when the situation pops up for one (or not in Kodaka’s case). That left a bad taste in my mouth. It must of been the chunks I blew right after I read that.

    4. >] “Its clear that Sena will chase after Yozura and confess her undying love like I had expected since the start of this season. Just sayin’.”

      Sena I can understand, but Yozora…? Mayhaps it’s me, but I just don’t see it.

      Sena x Yukimura, perhaps? Hilarious. That is all.

      Sena x Kobato? “Taste of the forbidden fruit” never sounded more appropriate.

      Sena x Rika? Eh… swinging for the fences a bit, but I could buy it.

      Sena x Kate? Eighteen-wheeler packed full of awesome ready to steamroll over my heart. -Sigh-

      Ryan Ashlight
      1. How can I not see it, you ask? I don’t see it because there’s nothing there to see.

        …I mean, look, I’m about as much into yuri as the next guy. Granted I’m no expert; but when I look at the possibility of Sena x Yozora, all I see is chaos. Unrestrained, incoherent, cuckoo as Wacko from Animaniacs ever lovin’ chaos.

        The two are frenemies near to an almost fault. That’s where their comfort zone as characters is and that’s where they belong.

        Ryan Ashlight
    5. I dont think sena wants to fulfill a past agreement from years ago because she had not even remembered the agreement until recently; she even said so herself that the agreement to get married or the bond between their fathers doesnt matter, only her feelings for him now in the present. All she wants is to be with Kodaka and the idea of marrying him does not bother her in the slightest.

  11. I thought the finale and the season as a whole was great.
    It felt definitely different and revamped compared to the 1st season,
    and the comedy in every single episode since ep 2 was phenomenal.

    I’m surprised how good this show turned out to be O_o

  12. It was a great show indeed. Too bad that there was no Kobato in this finale, but Aoi was a nice replacement; she was epic! It’s a shame they introduced her so late; I’m sure she would have been a great addition to the friends club…

  13. This episode was 98.6% WIN, 1.2% OMG, & 0.2% WTF!

    The OMG was the remote-controlled “Nine Lives Breaker”. I thought Rika went newtype on me for a second. The WTF was the functional brain-wave neko-mini.

    I’m handing out academy awards to both Kodaka & Rika in this one. That scene was too awesome for words. They excellently trolled their situation & the harem anime genre, including the pitiful protagonist & all the hapless girls that thirst for him. If more harem situations showed more insight like this instead of pummeling us with moe-blobs, cliché nude scenes, & blue-balling, the harem anime genre might actually be INTERESTING! BRAVO!

    Honorable mention goes out to Aoi for that aww-lolfest post head pat.

    Any it looks like Yomi got his way & left it to end where it should have “ended”. Now he won’t be distracted by having a shitty adaptation hanging over his head. I wish him success on this endeavor (although I think the whole thing was premeditated to begin with).

    Oh yeah, happy trails to Yozora too, obviously she was at the door when KxR was going at it.

  14. Like many good shows, Boku wa Tomodachi kept getting better as the season progressed. I liked the season finale a lot. After two seasons/24 episodes, normally I’d prefer to see some sort of resolution to at least some of the issues the characters are facing. However in this case, I think the director made a wise decision. Kodaka asking Rita to be his friend was a great way to end the season – much better than trying to force some sort of resolution over the various relationships.

    @Takaii: Haganai’s second season in my opinion was one of the rare occasions where a sequel manages to reach even higher heights than the first.

    I agree, and I believe the reason is because we finally got down to at least addressing, if not resolving, some of the underlying issues. Compared to this season, Season 1 sort of feels like a long introduction to the series. There was some progression and character development, but not nearly as much IMO as Season 2.

    The moment that I saw that, it dawned on me that Yozora had officially lost the battle she’s been fighting at for the entire series — trying to keep Kodaka all to herself.

    JMO, but I think this goes back to Yozora’s hyper focus on the past. Yozora can’t recreate the past no matter how hard she tries. Unlike her, Kodaka and the rest of the club members are focusing on the present and perhaps even the future. Yozora’s interested in Kodaka, but in a sense, she focuses almost more on other club members by constantly trying to undermine their relationships with Kodaka via all her underhanded machinations.

    Conversely, the other club members focus primarily on Kodaka instead – Rita being a very good example. Had Yozura cherished the past, but focused her attention on the here and now, she might still be a front runner for Kodaka’s affections rather than the one with the least chance to end up with him. The problem for her is that would require her to change in some ways, and so far, she doesn’t appear willing to do so. In Sena’s terms, I think Yozora is swiftly headed for a “bad end.”

    By keeping the gags at first and slowly transitioning into something much deeper than a standard harem comedy…

    That’s were I think Boku wa Tomodahci works best – when comedy is balanced with addressing the various relationships and personal issues. The jokes were fine, but after a while, watching minor variations of the same thing got a bit repetitive for me. Once the show started to get more serious and address the underlying issues, I think it noticeably improved. It’s a shame the show ended where it did since there’s a LOT left to be covered. Rika definitely got the spotlight this season, but there are a lot of other characters I’d like to know more about let alone how Kodaka progresses, and of course, who he ultimately ends up choosing (can NOT see a harem ending here).

    Again, I must comment on the excellent job the director and staff did with the finale for Season 2. Somehow, I’m completely satisfied with it, and yet I’m more eager for another season than I was after Season 1. Sign me up for Season 3 – I’m ready for it right now.

    Takaii – thanks for taking the time to cover the show. I enjoyed reading your reviews and discussing the various characters with everyone.

    1. @daikama
      I agree that Yozora has focused on the past, but that was her intent from the beginning. On the negative side, she also failed the dating game but accepted the fact that she would be friendless. On the positive side, when Kodaka met her in the hall in episode eight she asked him which was more important 10 years ago or now. He says he can’t choose and then he turns the question back on her. At first she says 10 years ago, but when he asks her if now isn’t important she admits she can’t choose. So her resolve is starting to break. Two of the things that interest me about a character are: what made them the way they are, and can they overcome it and grow? Sena doesn’t interest me because there is no reason for her self centered personality other than that is just her. Yozora has at least some backstory that created the person we see. Neither one seems to be really capable of changing at this point, but I see more of a chance for Yozora.

  15. Hooray for Kodaka getting his first friend during his High School year and for Rika her first friend ever. By the way Takaii, about Kodaka, so it’s clear that he was faking his being dense. I just want to clarify if it’s just towards the girls’ romantic feelings for him. When Kodaka stopped Rika from saying they were already friends in the episde prior, I wondered why he’s also afraid of acknowledging that. I thought maybe it was the same as Yozora, who didn’t want to get close to anybody for fear of being betrayed. Or is it because of being branded a delinquent for a long time has caused him to have the same kind of fear of getting close that Yozora has?

    1. I don’t think it was explained clearly but what I took away from it is that Kodaka has a fear of letting others get too close and in turn “relying” on them. Be it mutual or romantic, sharing relationships is just not his thing.

      And honestly, I can feel for him. He has a horrible social reputation and no matter how hard he tries, he can’t get passed the stigma that he’s a delinquent. Throughout his entire school (which is also a gigantic monastery) he has one place that he feels comfortable at — The Neighbors Club Room. And if you add in what Yusa said today, he is the only guy in this safe haven of his.

      So if you put two and two together, I think he’s trying to avoid any thing that could jeopardize the serenity of the club room (I’m using serenity very loosely here).

      In response to your question, my guess is it has something to do with how the word “friend” is practically taboo within the Neighbors Club.

      1. Following your train of thought, in the first place their club’s purpose was for learning to make friends. Perhaps Kodaka also thought that acknowledging being already friends would mean the Neighbor’s Club is no longer needed and he feared it would be may be disbanded. Like you said this was his safe haven in a place that treats him like an outcast (except for 2 student council officers thankfully) so breaking the status quo might endanger his safe haven. It might also be why like Kodaka said, Rika was always “playing her role” despite seeing clearly what the situation is within their small circle. Thanks Takaii! Your explanation helped me a lot to understand Kodaka more.

    2. Kodaka’s problem is the relationship that Sena and Yozora have (or don’t have) isn’t stable. The last thing they would accept is that they are friends (frienemies?). Any change in the status of the group (even stating the obvious) could cause the group to shatter. He’s been without friends for so long that everyone is precious to him. He doesn’t want to lose even one of them. He’d rather have half-a-loaf than risk losing everything. Can anyone imagine Sena and Yozora admitting they’re friends? Would they even accept Kodaka being friends with the other?

      1. >] “He’d rather have half-a-loaf than risk losing everything. Can anyone imagine Sena and Yozora admitting they’re friends?”

        Sena’s stubborn to be sure; but much in the same way as she eventually admitted her feelings for Kodaka, I don’t find it such a long shot that she’d eventually concede Yozora as being a friend.

        Yozora herself is the real problem, hands down. Until she gets over the past and starts living the present; no way she’d ever admit anyone other than Kodaka as a friend.

        >] “Would they even accept Kodaka being friends with the other?”

        Given that Yozora and Sena both have a romantic interest in Kodaka, I don’t believe conceding his having a friendship with the other would be all that difficult.

        Well… at least in Sena’s case, that is. If Yozora would at least acknowledge that her feelings towards Kodaka are in fact romantic, I’m modestly certain she’d be more open towards his having other friends.

        Ryan Ashlight
      2. @Ryan Ashlight
        I agree that Sena would be more amenable to being friends with Yozora and she’s shown some indications of that but you really can’t be friends with someone you treat as beneath you. As long as she acts as the haughty ojou-sama there is no way it’s going to work. Given their history so far Yozora would have to go first and I don’t see that happening either. If Kodaka says regardless about how they feel about each other he’s friends with both, we’d wind up with a competition like the roller coaster ride did. Wouldn’t be good for Kodaka. At least with the roller coaster all he did was get vomited on. (¯ – ¯)

      3. @Bear

        >] “As long as she acts as the haughty ojou-sama there is no way it’s going to work.”

        Key word being “acts”.

        I think we can agree at this point that underneath it all, she’s just your average, awkward girl who’s struggling to find a way she can just be herself.

        Treading a bit into personal subjectivity here; as one who believes in understanding and compassion through conflict, I see the constant fighting between Sena and Yozora as the blossoming seed of a darn good friendship once they get past their personal issues. And, again, I see Sena as being somewhat ahead in this respect as compared to Yozora.

        >] “If Kodaka says regardless about how they feel about each other he’s friends with both, we’d wind up with a competition like the roller coaster ride did.”

        Even if that did happen, I don’t necessarily concede that that would be a bad thing. Sometimes the best of friends need to really have it out at each other before they can come to an understanding. Kodaka and Rika’s brawl in the last episode is testament enough to that, and there’s no reason it couldn’t happen with Sena and Yozora.

        Ryan Ashlight
      4. @Ryan Ashlight
        Yes, it could work out, but I don’t agree about Sena. Maybe I’m unfair to her, but I don’t see anything positive in her core personality. Her off hand comments I think are more true to her personality than anything else she might say or do. Rika’s “You did that just to get back to your game” Sena: “Obviously”. I see her as caring about others less than Yozora does. Just my view, but there have been too many instances for me to think otherwise. The only thing keeping her from being unredeemable is her naiveté. Maybe I just don’t like rich privileged girls.

      5. @bear

        yeah you seem to be very impartial towards Sena as a character (im assuming the rich girl trope really pisses you off) that it makes it hard for you to see the good in her character; As much as i dont prefer Yozora, I can still acknowledge when she does something redeeming such as not wanting to watch the club’s movie unless Rika was there without thinking there is an alterior motive as to why she did what she did. Sena is a pretty flawed character but that’s kind of the point of the series; still she does have some redeeming aspects

  16. It take him 24 episodes to fully realise a simple point: They are all already friends.
    Expectation are high and they delivered.I would say it surpass the first season by a lot.
    Erm, so Rika is friendzoned or what?


    WOW! Words cannot possibly easily describe how amazingly epic this ending is for this awesome series! Rika FTW! Man, Rika went up to a lot of fans ranking, cuz she definitely felt like the main girl in the harem for this season! Not only is she closer and understands Kodaka a lot better than the rest, she was even the one responsible for bringing him back and actually even replaces Yozora’s place of being a best friend for Kodaka. Since Yozora as Sora was best friend with Taka, but Yozora could not establish that same best friend relationship that they had back then, worst is she has tons of rivals now with Sena skipping ahead of just being friends, but directly wanting to marry the guy!

    Now we heard from Kodaka’s mouth of him wanting to become a main character of a harem cuz that way he can make everyone happy, well he really should become one! Unlike most of the harem series out there, Kodaka definitely deserves one as he seriously thinks of all the girls welfare as well as his own. Go for it Kodaka! Get a happy harem end!

    PS. It’s hilarious how Rika was really pissed off when Kodaka become friendly with Aoi and Hinata, cuz it’s true that given enough time, he would’ve eventually made Aoi and Hinata and perhaps the other 2 girls from the Student Council fall in love with him once they get to know the guy better and create another harem again lol. Good job straightening him out Rika!

  18. The writer basically gave each of the main girls a season to shine. In my opinion, the first season was the introduction and Sena , the second season was Rika. And since Yozora is the main character she will be last to shine because she is the main female character of the show. No matter how much damage she does in the anime/manga, she is still the main female character. I was so annoyed how her development didn’t progressed and no screen time at all. That is not what you call the main character( female). The writer knows exactly what reaction everyone will have for each female character and that’s what the writer wants. So everybody may have their opinions about each character but in the end the writer will have a surprise for the readers when its time for Yozora to shine.

  19. After a season like this I cant help but find myself spell out G-O-O-D E-N-D-I-N-G! This episode was great from begining to end whether it be watching Kodaka interact with new persons who I would think can probably be called his friends to watching him and Rika turn this show into a shounen battle for a short period of time while coincidentally talking about Kodaka’s role in the show leading me to wonder if at some point In the show he’ll face the screen and start talking to us like FG does often. I have to admit being a Sena x Kodaka fan my heart dropped when I saw Rika and Kodaka as the main focus pic just before the episode title since I thought a Rika x Kodaka moment would happen but instead they literally gave Rika the main protagonist role in the story since she was the only one in the story trying to make friends and I think this episode made it clear that everyone else in the Neighbours club has there own hidden agenda for going to the club besides the main purpose like how Yozora is there for Kodaka, Sena is there for games, Yukimura is there to make us wonder whether or not we should like her more or less since this Yaoi hole thing has me frightened to know what she’s capable of, Maria is there to play and Kobato only goes for her brother. What was surprising thought is that in the opening we saw for the last 11 episodes I thought Kodaka would be reaching out to Yozora or Sena but Instead this episode ended with him reaching out to Rika plus the whole dying her hair black thing kinda felt like it assisted in making the moment feel like 10 years ago with Kodaka and Sora. When it comes to romance I think Sena won this season since Kodaka was obviously going to accept her feelings and maybe even the marriage proposal, after all as stated by Rika she has all the cheats. I felt a kinda bad for Yozora seing her cry while walking away but at that time I was reminded of the episode when they played that boy dating game where at the end she stated that she lived her life the way she wanted and if thats what lies at the end of the road she would gladly accept it, this very statement makes me believe that Yozora might not end up with Kodaka after all with her personality she may most likely accept him and someone else. After this episode I found myself craving one thing more than any and that thing is….Yusa Aoi! That girl is just waaaaayy toooooo cute. Even though my heart is already set on Kodaka and Sena I would not completely mind a Yusa ending infact during the part of the episode when they were alone in the storage shed i heard a subconscious voice in my head echo “kiss her, kiss her,” which probably would’ve made my day since my favourite female choice only made one appearance in the episode, plus the way she described kodaka, blushed when Hidaka thought she was Kodaka’s girlfriend, hid herself with a towel while Kodaka accidentally stepped into the changing room, bumped into Kodaka with the boxes and continued trying to walk despite obviously being stuck in one position for a long time reminding me of many video games I’ve played before and finally the way she acted after Kodaka rubbed her head made me love her more in this one episode than some of the other characters I’ve seen for two seasons. If another season does come out I hope they involve more episodes with Yusa as well as Hidaka since I loved her too, although, I think she may be dangerous to the plot since I think it can be easily said that if she had more involvement in Kodaka’s life he may end up falling for her since they have the same don’t judge a book by its cover belief and she has a sparkling personality, not to mention she looks like she has a lot of flags and if Kodaka did like her and joined the student council they may have to change the name of the show to Haganai Box or Hidaka Box. Anyways to end my rambling since I think I may have typed more than Takaii this season was awesome and at the end of year poll randomc has will definitely get a vote from me hopefully we wont have to wait years for another season but even then I think it’ll be worth it since I think it can be easily said Haganai has become a classic in our hearts that we wont soon forget.

  20. I’ll only say this, if Kodaka knew that Yozora was crying everything would have gone the other way…, that email that they received was for everyone, clearly not for Kodaka alone, so she drank all the sour flavor of the club and took it for herself alone(again). Since Haganai S1 we all see in the last episode how Yozora always did stuff to make happy Kodaka(inside very different from the outside) and when problems came she was the only one in trouble trying to think a way out of it, including club troubles, relationships and journeys to the mall and pool’s places where Yozora clearly does not want to go because she’s afraid of to many people and eve so she goes because of Kodaka, if the club did not have him then she would stay in the club reading as always. SPOILER, Btw by reading the novels we all know that there’s something weird that has not been disclosed that may be in vol 9, and it’s about how kodakas father and pegasus san married women from “england”, that’s why Sena has that hair just like kobato and Kodaka and they are both from england which people are still asking why england? is it one person? are they friends or sisters or cousins who they married and that actually died also?, im sorry to burst a bubble but it’s just a guess but maybe Sena and Kodaka are related by blood in some manner that the author has not claimed, and that’s why the parents wanted them to get engaged from the start(some parents do this we all know this), Sena’s looks are simply to close to Kobato, and Senas games and anime hobbies are the same as kobato’s, while Yozora only reads stuff, Yukimura serve’s stuff and Rika only pervert’s stuff around. My choice was Yozora from the beginning, we will have to wait for an OVA for the conclusion, we dont need a new anime, plus an ova does not need so much material.

    1. Kodaka and Sena are not related by blood; that would mean Sena’s father had a child with Kodaka’s mom and that doesnt seem likely to me. Sena is related to someone else though…that’s all im going to say on that matter. But yeah, it’s official that Sena is not related to Kodaka or Kobato whatsoever.

  21. Agreed with everything. Tied best show of the season for me, with Zetsuen no Tempest, and it definitely is better than the first season.

    If the author is trying to go in a more realistic direction(kinda sorta), and trying to show relationships and the progression and development in friendships, it may be possible that Rika may end up Final Girl. After all many relationships in life, especially at that point in the characters lives, comes from a friendship that moves onto the next level. While, it may be eventually true of the other characters, Rika has a head start, not even counting the fact that on numerous occasions Kodaka has thought she was cute and they have kind of flirted a bit. Also,l as was also stated earlier in the comments, both Sena and Yozora are looking to the past and not the present or future. That is really hindering any potential relationship. As a final word of thought I will leave this analysis posted by a member of TV Tropes that shows how Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai is a deconstruction of harem anime:

    One can say that Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai is a deconstruction of harem series:
    *Yozora, the “snarky” character, is just mean and misanthropic.
    *Sena, the perfect superhuman school idol, is self-centered, near-universally disliked for it, and is socially incompetent as a result.
    *Sena and Rika are otaku surrogates, and the others consider the otaku behavior to be creepy.
    *Yukimura, the guy who looks weirdly girly, really is a girl, and her gender confusion says disquieting things about the way she was raised.
    *Kobato, the chuunibyou character, is a kid, because kids act like that.
    *Maria, the “unusually intelligent child”, isn’t necessarily more mature or sensible.
    *Kodaka is your dense harem lead archetype who’s revealed to be simply faking being the archetype for personal reasons..
    *It’s worth noting that Rika is the exception; her loveable sex maniac trait gives way to her more serious side.

    1. I wouldn’t really call it a deconstruction. The only one really deconstructing the harem is Kodaka’s awareness of the others’ feelings but for the most part, the girls are doing what every other girl in a harem does – get into the main character’s pants, but call him out as a pervert if she’s not chosen.

  22. kodaka give bit hiding from neighbor club go help student council pres & small red yet seem fine til yukimura appear mention going while kodaka left.

    so after quick talk with yukimura time for kodaka face his fears aka rika with her metal balls of fury give reason you stink speech on kodaka.

    even kodaka admit give be nice guy if was harem anime he would help all in after all those balls hits, rika’s speech, etc kodaka & rika patch all fine.

    yet now for sena but til here come wham line call with yozora take a leave going a journey/soul searching/answer that she need to find & that leave door open for s3?

    yet we witness
    RISE OF RIKA (really even since glasses got to go she bit turned into clare http://degrassi.wikia.com/wiki/Clare_Edwards & with still usual doing & bit mix combine trying to channel eli http://degrassi.wikia.com/wiki/Eli_Goldsworthy i know add degrassi feel on it) now likely 3rd option for kodaka.

    FALL OF YOZORA give she seen keep thing like in the past trying to get kodaka til meat & rika want kodaka with how it stand right & to move on to future indded yea she is like LOST in ways going like on a soul searching/journey to find something.

  23. Thank you so very much for reviewing these episodes. I don’t think I’ve ever pined for another season as much as this ending has done. I look forward to your Yamato 2199 reviews.

  24. “The moment that I saw that, it dawned on me that Yozora had officially lost the battle she’s been fighting at for the entire series — trying to keep Kodaka all to herself.”

    really if you go back, that was the overarcing theme of the entire season 2.

    Yozora’s slow realization that the girl she considered her main rival, Sena, was actually closer to the present Kodaka than she was. and then to have her plans completely shattered upon the revelation that Sena x Kodaka predates Yozora x Kodaka.

    Yozora discovering her clever (in her head) plan to glue a boy to Kodaka’s side, thus in theory inserting a boy between him and all the other girls, had completely backfired when Yukimura’s true gender was revealed. Yozora had basically glued another girl next to Kodaka.

    and then the final scene of season 2, with Rika being the first to “officially” become Kodaka’s friend, that was pretty much the last straw.

    not only had her plan to stop the Kodaka Harem completely failed, but instead at best, Yozora was likely in last place.
    at worst, while it finally became obvious everyone else’s relationships had progressed, “i only care about our past” Yozora had actually positioned herself to be the one left out.

  25. Terrible dream . . . woke screaming . . . my wife may have called Them to come get me. She doesn’t understand! Dear, dear Yozora, sees Kodaka and Rika, can’t take it (awk, my eyes, they burn!!!!!!). She leaves, she walks alone (sniff, sob, wail…!!!) The last thing we see is a white feather landing on her shoulder….she turns . . . she looks . . . Show Spoiler ▼

    Oh Gawd!!!!!! Please let me wake up!!!!!!!!

  26. I thought the ending was pretty bad myself, because he still hasn’t cleared things up with Sena and Yozora has disappeared. Sure Rika wins and that’s good for her, but other than that I didn’t feel satisfied. It better have another season or I’m going to be pretty mad with all these damned cliffhangers.

  27. Mmmmm im actually glad for Rika (ignoring some kinks) shes a good girl. Imho either Rika or Senna are ok.

    TBH Yozora gives me the creeps .. I think she could really use some introspection and think about what shes doing wrong.

    Gosh gonna have to wait fir the LNs!!!

  28. Next season, please?
    I can’t get enough of Rika – btw the brainwave controlled nekomimi are real
    Yukimura was totally great when she confronted the Student Council “Real manliness transcedes your biological sex!”…
    Now Yozora tries to run away, what will do her friends? My bet is, chase after her.
    Stomps off towards LN translations websites…
    PS thanks for the coverage, Takaii!

  29. Several times I’ve found myself asking Show Spoiler ▼

    Naw…Gotta be a my brain on overdrive.

  30. I had to laugh hard, because I LOVED the first season and was wondering, if there’ll be another and then recently discovered season 2 being already over o_O ^^’

    Completely agree with your thoughts Takaii. Haganai is one of my most favourit shows ever. While being a harem anime in the core it’s way less stupid and not trying too hard like many other shows like that, has characters you just have to like and while keeping the gags going has a lot of deeper emotional moments to offer.
    I am a anime watcher from the older generation (27years old) and I’ve seen A LOT of shows, so saying this show is great means a lot to me. There are way too many shows out there these days, which are just average and frankly I’ve been so tired of seeing same old same old, that I almost stopped watching anime completely. Haganai is one of those shows which brings back the good feelings why I watch anime in the first place and memories of the older days, where I enjoyed pearls like Last Exile, The Vision of Escaflowne, Saber Rider, Kanon, Fate Stay Night..^^

    Thanks for the great job done on covering this show Takaii, I hope you’ll do season 3 as well, although that will probably take some time. As I get it one season covers 4 books and as we have 8 out in total atm, another 4 have to be released to get a new season started.

    On the relationship thing, reading that the scene with Sena at the end wasn’t in the novels, it can either mean:
    1) That it’s indeed a point out or a hint by the author what’s going to come
    2) Or it was just added to give the whole thing a bit more closure, especially since Kobato and Sena didn’t confront each other on the confession thing (which btw was a very tense moment seeing Kobato run away, Rika watching angry and Yozora shaking).

    I wonder if Kate will play some stronger part the next season and there is also Hinata Hidaka..^^

  31. Sena is the winner

    Kobato was blushing when he went to meet Sena. No one ever blushes when they REJECT a confession (it would be weird and wrong). Characters only blush when accepting confessions.

  32. I thoroughly enjoyed this season of the show as well (and only got to see the final 2 episodes today), although I found Yozora’s part to be somewhat lacking. I mean, she already revealed at the end of season 1 that she intended the Neighbour’s Club as a way for Yaka and Sora to be friends again, but she kind of leaves it at that. She certainly gets upset if another girl gets close to Kodaka, but she makes no attempt to somehow get closer to him herself. In a way, she becomes a powerless version of Ume from Kimi Ni Todoke who stands around waiting for the inevitable moment when the male protagonist is whisked away by a girl who does have the courage to confess her feelings. And at least Ume confesses to her love interest, even if at that point she knows that it is probably too late for her.
    Although I agree with the other posters who claimed that such a primary character as Yozora must have a meaty part to play (and no, I’m not hinting at Sena x Yozora here!) at some point, this season she became “cluelessly hung up on the past girl”. Hopefully, because the meaty stuff is reserved for some future date. But to see her spaced out on the grass just because infant-Sena and infant-Kodaka thumb-printed a make-believe marriage contract about 12 years ago… Was that really the clever, well-spoken Yozora that we had come to know?

    No, what Yozora should have done at the very least early in this season, is reserve a place as Kodaka’s long time friend who will stay his friend even if he gets romantically involved with another female. How about some physical activities like shooting goals (basket ball or soccer) with just the 2 of them? And if at some point her relationship with him starts to look like it might have potential as a romantic one, then she could have decided to go for it. And yes, there would be a definite risk of Yozora getting ‘friend zoned’ in this manner, but isn’t that really what she wants? And if not, then she would be in Kodaka’s face a lot more than any of her competitors.

    M. Munter
  33. Actually, the main character Kodaka piss me off, not only that Yozora too.

    Kodaka is so indecisive and Yozora is too chained up by jus thinking and remaining in the past. I mean, the past is like a lesson for u, to deal with the present that will influence the future. That why, I really do not understand y Yozora is so stuck up by the past. The same goes to Kodaka. He is the one who will choose who he wants to be with, but, instead, he jus do not want to confess to any. Honestly, when the author chose to create the harem route for this series, it really does not work out. Up till now, all the harem anime/manga I read/watched, the main character has some sort of decision to whoever he wants to be.

    However, in this case, I personally think that the ending (or rather, the episodes leading to this ending) is not well presented. No offense to all fans of this anime 😀

    I said my piece, I also welcome any comments

    Kyoko Satoshi
  34. I…Loved this anime…And now I somehow feel that it has…betrayed me…
    …Riiiiikkkkaaaaaaaaaaa…….#=.=…Y U STEAL EVERYTHING FROM YOZORA! O^O!
    I mean…heh, really, like, COME ON NOW! It cant’ just…END, like THAT!?

    Can it?

    Mack Cadarette
  35. I mean…IT MAKES ME SAD!

    I always hoped that side charachters would have a chance…But now that it has ACCTUALLY happened…To THE ONE anime that it wouldn’t make sense…I’m geting a little dose of reality…
    Even though I have always liked rika, (And hoped that some how she would get a peice of him too…)…She’s starting to seem like the ONE thing that brought that entire anime to a screeching halt…leaving all the fans saying, “DA FUC JUST HAPPENED!?”…

    Mack Cadarette
  36. for those who are wondering
    Why did no one rush to Yozora when they got the e-mail from her?
    if you were to go to the Haganai wiki, you will find this in the description of NEXT Episode 12:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    This shows that everyone in the club DID came after her after receiving the message. Just saying this for those who are confused by the ending. 🙂

    Saif Ali Khan
  37. Show Spoiler ▼

    Well, it “might” be at the end a new guy character appeared. One that went to the same school with her or something like that.
    It’s obvious that Yozora was already far away from the club so it should be impossible for them to get there without even have a clue where she is. This is just my imaginations going wild 😛
    *usually to let the main male character to realized his feelings, a new competitor will appear. But most often, when it does, the show will, almost, definitely got boring


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