「凪の日」 (Nagi no Hi)
“Calm Day”

Only Pinion would look at a futuristic super-robot and think “barbecue”.

I feel like with every passing episode, Suisei no Gargantia continues to prove just how beautiful a work it really is. This week’s episode wasn’t nearly as philosophical or down to earth as the last couple have been, but it nevertheless did much to paint Ledo’s predicament in a fairly down-to-earth manner. I suppose if you wanted to, you could designate this episode “the fanservice-ridden beach episode”, and you wouldn’t be wrong (despite the lack of a real beach), but there’s still a fundamentally realist core at the center of all the swimsuits and transvestite interest in our unlucky protagonist.

To start with, while becoming an accepted member of Gargantia is all well and good, Ledo still hasn’t found any real purpose in his staying there. Namely, he’d like a job, something where he’d be a contributing force to the fleet’s needs rather than just another mouth to feed. Of course, finding a job isn’t as easy as snapping your fingers and declaring you’ll get one; it requires effort, time, and most of all, luck. Like any job market, there just aren’t positions for anything Ledo considers taking on (except clearing manure, which he can’t even stand for longer than a first whiff of the stuff), and this is a universal issue for all soldiers who leave the front lines. Just what kind of work should you take on after all that time at war? As Chamber constantly repeats, there are simply no jobs suited for Ledo’s uniquely acquired military skills, and unfortunately that means Ledo still hasn’t found a place to feel fulfilled while among the Gargantians.

However, there’s more to life than just work, and though Ledo and Chamber may not understand this (“I repeat: What is the significance of this?”), it’s at the center of more or less everything the Gargantians have to offer him. Throwing a party, having a barbecue, racing gliders, and running from some very persistent would-be employers don’t necessarily serve any greater purpose, but as Bevel explained last week, sometimes you don’t really need one. With every passing day on Earth, Ledo becomes more open to the idea of life as a journey rather than a destination, and slowly but surely his perspective on his own existence continues to evolve beyond the narrowed mindset of a soldier.

If there’s one thing that struck a particularly bad chord with me this episode, however, it was the girls. Amy and her friends have always acted as the genki eye-candy (though Amy has far more depth than the other two), but one particular conversation this week really bothered me. When the three girls discuss body image, Melty essentially makes the point that she and the others have to watch their figures for the sake of getting boys to like them, rather than because they want to. Call me an annoying feminist or whatever you like, but whether you’re a boy or a girl, skinny, round, square, or triangular, you should never base your self-image on what anyone but you yourself want. If you change yourself for the sake of someone else, you’re objectifying yourself (and yes, I’m speaking to you boys too) and that’s just not okay. By all means, change yourself, but do it because it’s something you really truly want for yourself. That aside, however, Suisei remains my favorite offering of the season, and this episode goes a long way to prove that it can be just as funny as it is intelligent.

Note: I’ll be covering Suisei next week as well; Zephyr-senpai has been having a tough time these last few weeks so I’m filling in for him until he gets things sorted out.

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    1. Yeah, Ridget’s swimsuit can be considered “daring” but I find it odd how it can be so since the girls and Bellows showed a lot more flesh than her. Reminds me of the underwear and swimsuit debate…


      1. Your answer lies around Ridget’s breasts & thighs.Notice how her swimsuit is more exposed around those particular zones when compared to Bellows’s or any of the 3 girls.Those parts carry a lot more weigh on the daring scale than others 😀

      2. The key lies in the fact that, normally, Ridget keeps herself covered. The girls and Bellows show too much skin, so it wasn’t much of a departure from the usual, but when you finally get to see the unseen after all this time, it’s something more alluring about it =03.

      1. I wouldnt say he was off-model, but rather handled by different artists; this whole ep looked like it wasnt drawn by the usual staff to me though i could be wrong.

      1. Initially, I tried cutting out every other frame, but that just made the camera pan choppier.

        So I settled for some dithering and figured it was going to have a big filesize, no matter what I tried.

        And thank ye :3

  1. This looks a lot like what we have – too many people and not enough jobs. Or rather, too many chasing after ‘respectable’ jobs and too few who are willing to take up unwanted labour (i.e. working with manure).

    Oh, and beware, some jobs chase after you – take the men in the dresses for one.

  2. This was a pretty fun episode overall. Poor Chamber got abused pretty hard and he still didn’t understand what was going on.

    Only thing that sort of confused me was how they managed to have a mini pasture of sorts on one of the ships, housing animals and probably some vegetables as well. For that matter, there’s a lot of vegetation; several trees were around that tower.

    1. Think of that ship like a green house without the glass or area that have dense beadrock and thinner top soil. They just need enough nutrient rich soil and deep enough to grow stuff. The can dredge soil from the see bed as well.

  3. I’m not going to fall for Urobutcher trick, I’m not going to fall for Urobutcher trick…. beach scene… <3

    If Urobutcher going to kill all the girls I'm definite not going to watch any anime that include him as the writer anymore :v

  4. what irks me slightly is that chamber has more personality than ledo…

    for an advanced society that can create an super powered ai robot, (that doesn’t really appear to require much instruction to go about fairly complex tasks) why do they even bother with pilots at all. It certainly doesn’t seem to be for the decision making human element, as ledo doesn’t really seem to be capable of making his own decisions…

    i really like the look of this anime, but i want the plot to drive on a bit…

    1. If anything, Ledo doesn’t seem to be capable of making his own decisions because he’s still trying to adapt to the differences in culture between his space life and that on Gargantia. After all, the past two episodes highlighted how Ledo is still trying to understand how he fits within this society, and I suspect that until he figures that out he’s going to be very indecisive.

      1. that’s a fair point, but i don’t even feel like hes got several options in mind. More just waiting for the next order.. Not that this doesn’t fit his characters past and current situation.

        I guess i’m waiting for someone with an actual agenda to show up… maybe i’m just in a rush because actually i find all the (often approaching fanservice) interactions a little unnecessary. its all a bit too idyllic or rpg quest progressive. even the pirate battle was pretty slapstick…

        don’t get me wrong, i do like it.!

    2. Hmmm,an interesting point you got there.There could be a few assumptions for that.For instance,a reasonable & simple one would be that they prefer humans to be in control,or just make it look that way.

      Since we’re on the subject of Ledo’s society,I wouldn’t mind 1 or 2 episodes or some more info with added flashbacks that show’s us more about it.

    3. No, Ledo definitely knows how to make his own decisions. Just not outside the context of military space warfare. This is an entirely new experience for him, so any decision-making expertise he’s learned in war is thrown out the window.

      1. If you look at it another way, the being a test tube soilder up to this point he has only learned to be a military drone in his though processes and decision making. It like children soldiers that have to be re-assimilated into society all over again in term of mind set he has. To train, fight and survive.

        He doesn’t know of what other jobs there are then that. 😉

    4. Ledo’s entire life has been pretty much “follow orders, kill aliens”. But now he’s got nobody to issue orders, and no aliens to fight. He’s completely out of his comfort zone where pretty much everything is concerned.

  5. 3 things to say:
    1)I find it more shocking that Hawaii shirts, like cockroaches and germs, will survive the Ice age and global flooding.

    2)Turns out there ARE things more terrifying to an Alliance soldier than carnivorous alien flowers. Better watch your rear.

    3)Conning a sentient, highly advanced mecha into becoming a BBQ griller…Pinion, you sly b@st@rd!
    PS. I’m sure Pinion just hates Ledo, otherwise why put him through all those trials?

  6. So… This is turning into a slice-of-life show, is it. And Ledo’s a NEET.

    Anyway, I had the thought that Ledo, really, shouldn’t be that physically strong
    because, in space, where would he exercise? (Plus he’s been at the bottom of the
    water for some time – humans lose muscle and bone mass under those conditions.)

    Chamber continues to make me laugh with some of his tongue-in-cheek answers —

    It is irrelevant to compare
    yourself to this machine. — Chamber

    At least in this episode, for this version, Chamber did the sponsor intro after the
    OP music – it was so funny. Like it’s his show!

    Anyone catch the indirect kiss between Ledo and Amy at the very beginning? So cute.
    They really drew attention to it because Amy wiped it after she tried to play the flute,
    but (obviously) didn’t know Ledo had just tried playing it himself! Love always starts
    with spit (Euuuwwww – I know)!

    So, is this really what it’s looking like – slice of life? No dark foreshadowing of
    some upcoming battle? Is UroButcher really directing Shingeki no Kyojin instead
    (I’m actually starting to wonder if I should be rooting for the Titans :)).

    Don’t get me wrong, I like it. But I kinda thought there would be more action…
    I’m so Jelly – 3 cute girls wanting to rip my suit off! I could go on…

    1. Dude he’s from a highly advanced space dystopian society that prides it’s self in having the strongest survive for reproduction. They obviously have done some genetic modification to make humans stronger and more adaptable to space living along the way.

    2. Yeah and I agree that this is nice and all and i love tits and bathing suits as much as any other guy but you just can’t have a show that involves aliens and mecha battles AND NOT TALK ABOUT OR SHOW ANY OF IT FOR MOST OF THE SERIES! Come on their sitting on a gold mine of possibilities here and they’ve only scratched the surface. This series really needs to be longer than 13 episodes to bring out the full awesomeness of it.

  7. And so this going native tale continues. Rather than the outsider with controversial opinions go native, I’d like to see more situations where the natives are influenced by him instead- where he is a revolutionary, changing the society that he was thrown into either for the better, or for the worse by bringing in new ways of thinking and technology. A tale of social advancement or degeneration. The show’s plenty fun as it is and is probably the best sci-fi that I’ve seen this season, but really now- we’ve had way more than enough “Last Samurai” stories…

    1. But Ledo definitely isn’t your protagonist for a series like that though.It would probably a role better suited for someone in a higher ranking position than just a lieutenant.

      Although I could picture some hilarious moments where he’d try to train some gargantians to be like the soldiers he knows 😛

      1. But Ledo definitely isn’t your protagonist for a series like that though.It would probably a role better suited for someone in a higher ranking position than just a lieutenant.

        You’re right. I’m not asking Gargantia or Ledo to change. It’s fine the way it is- one of the better sci-fi shows of the last few seasons. I’m just lamenting the fact that writers these days love to stick to stock story archetypes- it makes things so predictable; I could foretell upcoming events from the previous with an absurdly high degree of accuracy- something like >80% of the time for this show. You must remember what I said about seeking out universal transcendent classics in my Shingeki 02 comments. You can still make great stuff at the genre and sometimes even the medium level by sticking to stock story-types- but you’ll never attain true universal transcendence.

        But anyways, Gargantia’s still a good show- one of my personal favorites of the season (Behind Shingeki though- which I have sentimental attachment to because I’ve been reading the manga since it first came out) Just my little rant…XP

      2. If Ledo ended up bringing innovation and revolutionizing the fleet, I feel that would have been far more typical and predictable than the current events. Also, it would probably throw off the intended nature of the anime, and would stray from the message that Urobuchi seems to want to convey.

        Of course, they could be bullshitting us and Urobuchi might do his thing on us, but looking at other details in this production, I somehow feel that it’s not going to end up that way.

      3. If Ledo ended up bringing innovation and revolutionizing the fleet, I feel that would have been far more typical and predictable than the current events.

        Maybe that would indeed be the case if he brought about positive revolution. But what about negative revolution- what if the people of Gargantia (the ship) were forced embrace Ledo’s rule for their survival? He subjugates them and imposes the rules and norms of the Galactic Alliance from which he came upon them- all those unsavory things that were mentioned in the show- like the euthanasia of the weak, the elimination of the family unit and a rigid autocratic command structure- the (scary) things he personally believes to be “moral rights.” And in the end when the real Alliance arrives, Ledo who’s gone mad with power leads them to their destruction in a hopeless battle against a vastly superior force. It’d make for some interesting social commentary…

        and would stray from the message that Urobuchi seems to want to convey.

        Thematic mundaneness. Everyone wants to send the same message, so their stories all end up being similar plotwise. Writers need to get more creative with their themes- same old friendship/family anti-subjugation/anti-communism themes every time.

        …they could be bullshitting us and Urobuchi might do his thing on us, but looking at other details in this production, I somehow feel that it’s not going to end up that way.

        I agree with you, Urobuchi’s probably put away the meat grinder for this one. Honestly it doesn’t matter to me how it ends up- because the consistency of its quality thus far gives me confidence that things will remain at least decent no matter what direction they decide to go in. What I am criticizing is simply the lack of thematic innovation in general, and plot archetype innovation by projection…

      4. Thematic mundaneness. Everyone wants to send the same message, so their stories all end up being similar plotwise. Writers need to get more creative with their themes- same old friendship/family anti-subjugation/anti-communism themes every time.

        When I said message, I meant how in an interview he said that the anime being aimed towards those in their late teens and early 20’s, and how it’s intended purpose is to cheer and encourage them on in entering society. Not thematic plot elements. I suppose those friendly themes are a result of such a goal, but what else are you suppose to do? Write an anime about subjugating society under your control?

        … Well actually…

      5. When I said message, I meant how in an interview he said that the anime being aimed towards those in their late teens and early 20′s, and how it’s intended purpose is to cheer and encourage them on in entering society.

        Well, I didn’t know about the interview. If that’s his goal then I suppose this is the best way to do it. I don’t really mind what he does because the quality will probably be acceptable regardless, but if anything it proves my point- it seems like everyone has similar goals (coming of age stories are a dime a dozen), so they choose similar kinds of themes and plot archetypes for their stories…

  8. By showing Ledo job-hunting, we get a nice look at the industrial, administrative and food sources that helped to make a good assessment on what kind of work life Gargantia had. Clusters of papers, stray fishing nets, and even some grassland for cows (and manure duties).

    With all those in mind, the girls’ convo was the single most boring and cliche thing to stand out in this episode, where as a beach episode it’s not the most cliche-ridden thing to have happened.

    The transvestites were a surprise, though. Wherever you go, there’s always some sort of escort service in any type of civilization, I guess.

    The Truth is in the Axe
    1. I gotta admit, it’s not my usual taste, but I was kinda smitten with Melty. There was something about her that was kinda alluring to me, esp this view of her, esp her eyes =03…. YEAH, I said it! Call me a nerd, otaku, or whatever, I don’t care!

  9. Thank you for your comment at the end. Ledo is very endearing, but I’m becoming sick of the “main male protagonist and girl(s) to help him along with his character development” formula. Ah, subject/object-man/woman dichotomies.

    I like the slow paced, “slice of life,” gentle world building that they’re doing, though overall I found this episode to be more lackluster than the others.

  10. This was the most hilarious episode yet and possibly the best.

    I like that Ledo wanted to put in work instead of feeling useless like some other male characters that have been in his shoes.

    Pinion is so mean for throwing Ledo into that trap.

    I thought Pinion was trying to repaint Chamber at first, but nope, let’s just use him like a grill lol.No Escape

    Bellows face said it all.Ridget stole her spot as the hottest girl.A nice body with glasses makes a dangerous combination.

    Chamber is forever alone, why is this necessary?

  11. Okay the pasture and cow is really pushing the suspension of belief now. The chicken from nowhere bugged me a few episodes back but I accepted it. If there is chicken then maybe nutria or rabbit, goat at the very upper limit are possible.

    They obviously don’t understand just how frightfully wasteful and inefficient cattle are. There is no way they can support those on ships much less bring them through and ice age and a flooding event. This is bull!

    I know, I know. Space going, laser spamming, unshackled AI mecha and all that. But that frakkin’ cow is supported only by Earth/Gargantia tech which isn’t possible considering the setting.

    1. I’m often worried by the series length lke you but only time will tell how it’ll turn out. If the show keeps going that way I don’t think it’ll be a problem. And like Kairi and several commenters said it’s not like the episode was purely focused on the sexual fanservice, it did it’s share of exposition and character developpment just like the previous ones.

  12. What grated at me was how wrong Melty was. Amy’s fine, Saya’s fine, and Melty is fine too! Perhaps if she had more confidence in her own appeal, Melty would not be depressing both herself and the other girls. Projection!

  13. It’s a beach episode on Waterworld! Don’t question it, just watch the fanservice!

    I don’t think I’d mind if the show were just about Ledo adapting to a new culture, but it almost seems like the budget’s too big for that. It’s kind of like that new cop gag manga in WSJ about the ex-military cop who has a tough time learning normal rules, but that was primarily focused on comedy. The opening doesn’t seem to suggest we’ll be doing much more than what we’ve seen, but to not have some part of the war (whether it be physical or emotional) come with Ledo seems kind of a waste of story material. Do we know yet whether this is 12-13 or 24-26 episodes?

    1. Like I mentioned above, my foremost prediction is that it’s gonna be the Mecha Version of the Last Samurai basically- the Galactic Alliance will arrive in several episodes or something and attempt to subjugate Earth, perhaps forming some kind of alliance with the pirates- Ledo who’s gone native (There will be enough episodes allocated to portraying this in an emotionally plausible manner before the Alliance arrives- we’re getting close) will fight for freedom. Another somewhat less probable possibility is that the Hideauze arrives and they’ve destroyed all of humanity in space over last X000 years or so (It only felt like six months to Ledo because the wormhole threw his through time). A less probable, but perhaps more interesting possibility is that both the Alliance and the Hideauze eventually arrive on Earth- which would serve for some proper, complex factional interplay. Or maybe the pirates will discover another pilot in stasis with an opposite philosophy to Ledo’s- then we’ll have a face-off scenario. The most boring, (and I hope the most unlikely possibility) is (god forbid) that Ledo simply ends up being Gargantia’s last samurai against other fleet-cities or pirate- technologically inferior enemies which won’t serve as any more than cannon fodder before Chamber’s might. I could be wrong, but I do think that there is a high probability of the story progressing just as or similar to one of my predictions, with descending levels of probability according to the order presented above- but we’ll see…XP

      1. I should mention that if the show’s long enough (3-4 cours) then they might be able to pull off an interesting combination of the possibilities listed above quite convincingly. With 1 cour I wouldn’t go for anything more than one of the conflicts I mentioned due to time constraints- with two, I might go for one-and-a-half. I am sure many folks will be sorely disappointed however if it somehow ends up being mostly just a mecha slice-of-life…

  14. Am I the only who thought Grace the flying squirrel was ridiculously cute this week? What with it poking at Ledo’s Bluetooth communication device and floating on the water while Amy taught Ledo how to tread water?

  15. The issue about finding work as a retired soldier is very relatable IRL. Thanks to acquintances, I learned that in my counttry there’s formations on how to handle a job interview and such for soldiers who are forced by the army to take their leave when they’re “too old” for the army. Some never experienced job hunting as they were always in the army and it’s quite difficult for them.

    Sure, that episode had swimsuits, but it wasn’t only Bellows’ marshmellows, Saya’s plumpiness (I’m one of the guys she was talking about) and Ridget’s assets that I enjoyed watching. For starters, I loved all the little details the staff made the effort to cram into the episode, like Ridget’s assistants stretching, or the doc and the little girl taking turns to fan each other, before getting exhausted while Bebel outsmarted them with the machine. Moreover using Chambers as a grill was really clever. I laughed a whole lot, especially at Ledo’s “KORE WA!?!” when eating the meat with the sauce, I thought he was about to get a Yakittate Japan! reaction.

  16. Not surprised to see a little bit of fan service this episode, but it was easily overshadowed by the beautiful shots of the scenery, and not to mention the brilliant use of a giant robot!

    Just A Random Guy
      1. The sub groups I usually use are FFF, Horrible subs (ironic I know), GG, and Anime Koi.I used Commie one time and never again after that.

        I know about the boat preview thing, but after that and the song ends, no end card ;/

      1. I checked out UTW’s version of this episode and the end card goes by real quick.You see it in like 1-2 seconds.It was hard trying to pause it at the right moment just to see it because it just ends up restarting the episode.

      2. Change your media player’s settings so it doesn’t repeat. Mine auto-pauses with the last image that was in the episode when the video reaches the end, so the endcard stays up until I start something else in the player.

  17. You know there’s something wrong with a guy when he sees three cute girls in bikinis and doesn’t react. Luckily for Ledo (well, his butt), he still has some survival instincts. Maybe there is hope.

    weird d
  18. If there’s one thing that really struck me this episode, it’s that it’s playing out more like a slice-of-life sci-fi anime. Not that it’s a bad thing, it’s always been a dream of mine to see a sci-fi/fantasy anime that didn’t have any real serious plot going on and just focused on characterisation and worldbuilding. I know the plot is going to come back in later, but for what it is now, it’s amazingly refreshing. It’s not very deep or thought-provoking, but it’s just as engaging. It just feels good.

    1. I did; I’ve just been having such a crappy weekend that I’m not being as harsh on stuff as I should be. The girls were the part that most stuck out to me, but I did see a lot of stuff here and there I wasn’t too happy about compared to how well the series has resonated with me prior to this. I didn’t comment too much on the transvestites for one thing, though that bothered me too, but with the way my mood’s been I just appreciated the ability of the episode to make me laugh (mostly thanks to Chamber). It wasn’t a terrible episode, nor a wonderful one. There was some good stuff with Ledo to counterbalance the not-so-nice stuff, so I won’t call it a failure, but I very much hope we go back to the excellence of the last four episodes next time.

  19. When the trannies were offering Ledo a job, I was thinking “beggars can’t be choosers, Ledo.” The same goes for the farmer and that big pile of sh- manure.

  20. Right now, I will be very disappointed if this show decide to follow the way of other Urobutcher’s work as it’s too predictable. SOL is suitsble for this show more than tragic.

    The alien may appear on Earth in the future but I hope Ledo can just drive them off in his robot with no one die, like a normal action anime. Action is not the main focus of this show, anyway.

    I will love to see Urobutcher do something different from his past work.

  21. I am starting to get uncomfortably paranoid about the sweetness of the show. You know there is Urobutchi around…
    Still mech-solar grill and swimsutis were fun…

  22. Beach episode! A fanservice episode =)) YAAAAAAAY! and probably this is what the fans should be happy about! We see amy in swimsuit!!! (Yey!) and Ledo was sharing some light moments with them (and building his own harem in the show) Isn’t that great? Awesome and wonderful episode and I really like how they were not showing the next preview of the episodes.

  23. At the pace they’re going, I feel like I’m watching Railgun, it’s becoming too fluffy. Well it’s not actually that bad, but I wish they leave the slice of life genre to Railgun and give me my slicing of life genre.

  24. Ledo getting BBQ sauce while being chased by the resident homosexuals and getting raped in the process, and Chamber being turned into a hot plate.


  25. Now thats just irresponsible. You don’t just leave your giant sentient mecha to lie facedown outside, exposed to the elements, after you’re used his surface area as a giant hotplate.

  26. So full of win.

    I’m starting to get the sense that I’ve just been trolled by the first episode. Where was the tension from the battles in the first few episodes? By itself this entire showing would have fully qualified for being slice-of-life.

    Love it how they didn’t just put Ledo as some robotic space soldier who knows nothing about common sense and everything about fighting. The episode highlighted his awkward situation well with him fruitlessly looking for a job (this coming on the heels of the encounter with the younger brother gives more meaning to it as Ledo can be seen as making out a purpose or meaning to his existence here) to Chamber’s operation protocol. Yet they refused to take the human element out of him, with those rare smiles and utterly bewildered and panicky expressions he had when he was desired by the overeager…men.

    Oh, did I mention Amy looks good in a bikini?

    Delighted with how the show is going. The conflicts aren’t just going to end here, I believe, but bring the sweet moments on. 🙂

  27. We finally get to see a decent range of facial expressions from Ledo this week. At this expression I could only think “I need an adult! I need adult!”

    This beach episode was fun. Though I could have done without body image spiel from the girls. It reminds me of everything I hated about being a teenager. “You have to look good or else you’ll never find a man!” Bleh, bad memories. Other than that, I enjoyed the manservice. It’s about time Ledo got out of that space suit.

  28. Well, I thought this episode was shit. Not a single gag was fun, and the body weight discussion from the girls was so off, and so stupid. It just made every character look shallow.

  29. Fan service! And I love it! Was I the only one who didn’t realize it was a fan service episode until they started undressing Ledo? I don’t know, this episode just seemed to fit in so well with the current feel of the series…

    Also, surely I’m not the only one familiar with Gen Urobuchi’s works and found themselves uttering ‘you’re all going to die’ whenever the smiled/became happy? Or have I just been ruined by anime…?

  30. The weight conversation did irk me, not because any of the individual girls might be concerned about their weight, but because the show presented it in that kind of, “this is true of all girls/women and pleasing men is always the reason why” way.

    The ~tranny gag~ bothered me more. I’m fairly resigned to tranny gags in anime by now, but particularly in this case, why would Ledo have such an innate frightened reaction? It seems unlikely his military-focused society would bother imprinting its child soldiers with mores regarding “proper gender roles”; at least I’ve had the impression they probably just regarded everyone as a soldier. Without his society teaching him that “trans people are weird/disgusting/wrong,” where would Ledo get this from? The show was obviously just playing it for a lazy gag, but to me it came across as, “Oh, of course everyone, even if they’d never been exposed to trans folk before, would automatically find them horrifying.” Issues about personal space don’t seem a plausible explanation; Ledo certainly didn’t mind when Amy and her friends jumped all over him, and while he does know Amy he doesn’t really know the other two.

    There were many other cute and humorous moments in this episode, but those two bits really marred it for me, sadly.

    1. I think you’retaking this a bit too seriously, first off the three girls worrying about their weight were both very young and impressionable, a flighty stereotype is fine every now and then. And I don’t get the basis of how not having gender roles is somehow the same thing as switching genders entirely, it would be wholly inefficient in Leto’s society to misrepresent ones gender or engage in any sexual engagement with members of the same sex. Given their policy on the disabled what do you think the standard Alliance’s mentality would be of the sexually ambiguous who don’t engage in useful reproduction?

    2. I agree about the weight discussion issue. Now to inquire about the transvestites thing, I also believe Ledo doesn’t know what a transvestite is, but he do knows about gender. Before even thinking about how it was in the Galactic Alliance or anything else complicated, my guess is that he simply was shocked to see men from Gargantia dressed as women from Gargantia, and he started running because he realized they were trying to abduct him.

      I think Japan is one of the countries where Okamas get one of the best treatments. Some of them are celebrities and are often guests in variety shows. If you’re accustomed to that joke and if they did that joke, it’s because burly men Okamas chasing another man is a reccuring joke in those variety shows & anime (Latest example I saw is Fire Emblem in Tiger & Bunny), but it’s not to make fun of them. I’m sure the Okamas themselves don’t mind.

      I’m pretty sure some of you (Enzo) already know all that and still found the scene mean-spirited so I don’t know what else I could say.

    3. I don’t think we can conclude on why Ledo wanted to get away from the transvestites. We don’t have enough information regarding the Galactic Alliance’s social structure. All we could conclude is that many of the people there are born to be a soldier; we, however, don’t know anything about their education system, or whether they have a culture or anything of the sort at all.

      It is possible that even with a Spartan system of education that culture would still be retained. Morality and values are not things that could be concluded as absent purely because a group of people are brought up to be part of the military.

      1. I don’t know, Actus. I got the feeling the men frightened Ledo and he simply wanted to get away.

        A. He had an errand to run for Pinion and he was busy.

        B. I think anyone’s natural reaction would be to run if a strange person started to comment on how nice your body is and grab your arm with the every intention of taking you somewhere unknown. Those are UNWANTED sexual advances. Variations of “Oh,God, what are you going to do me?!” thoughts would race though most people’s heads. I know my natural reaction would be to run, regardless of gender.

  31. There’s something refreshing about this episode. Maybe because it had its own mix of comedy, maybe it’s because of how innocent someone like Ledo seems to be in a place like Gargantia.

    That convo with the 3 girls about the weight thing resonated with me a bit, since I’ve been a bit nervous recently. Hmm… wanting to change for someone else rather than because you want to, or just let go and wait for someone that will accept you?

  32. This ep had everything thing I could want, well it didn’t have fighting and the trans weren’t to my liking, from the fanservice, to the scenery, the comedy, and those epic surf kites!!

  33. ep 1 freaking epic.ep 2 epic.ep 3 okay but they logic dealing with pirate cannot be accepted (my opinion).ep 4 yup we do understand they need to show how gargantia work.ep 5 show how society work ok do understand.ep 6 what? how about ep 7? i do understand they need to show introduction about gargantia and they way they function but correct me if i wrong but i hear only 13 episode they make.if episode 6 or ep 7 they keep the same style show introduction about gargantia work or other character info i am worry they do not have enough episode to show epic more in the future.if not they do not have enough ideas that my concern.
    i remember girl und panzer they try to put so much information about how main character life, battle tank work,how school work,how other character work and what happen after that? in the end they lose slot to put epic moment,ideas and episode they are allow is only 12 episode.and we the fan suffer and have to wait 2 month for ep 11 and 12.lucky it was freaking epic.
    i do not understand jap anime work why? best anime always end up with 12 episode then end.why not make 25 episode? if they really do not have any more money or ideas to run with 25 episode?i wonder why they try to fit whole thing into 12 episode.

  34. i do know suisei no gargantia is type healing anime.i do understand they target about motivate young people.i do read rumor about butcher who waiting in the dark waiting in correct time to slaughter the character.wait and see what happen in ep 6 🙂

  35. Thanks for covering this episode, Kairi! I think you’re doing a great job.

    As for the episode itself, it was far from my favorite thus far but it still had some definite charm. The earnestness of Amy, Ledo’s simple wish to contribute and have a purpose, those are some wonderful things that came through this time around.

    True, the transvestites pursuing Ledo made me a bit uncomfortable, as did the girls’ conversation about their “weight” (honestly, I wanted to kiss Saaya when she said she didn’t care, but alas, such sentiments were fleeting), but all in all I enjoyed the affection the Gargantia crew showed Ledo, both directly and indirectly, plus seeing the day-to-day workings of the ship and its inhabitants is a joy.

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