「またしても、彼は元来た道へ引き返す」 (Matashitemo, Kare wa Moto Kita Michi eh Hiki Kaesu)
“He Goes Back to the Path he Originally Followed”

Maybe my expectations for this show are a bit too low — because every time I think things can’t get any better I find myself pleasantly surprised when the writers pull out something new and interesting.

As I was prepping to write the post for this episode, there was something that popped into my head and I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. For example, take a look at some of the recent offerings in this genre and take a moment to think about the male lead. They usually have some kind of personality or character issue and it causes them to be either extremely awkward or just plain dumb. As the weeks pass, we watch the male lead “grow” out of their problems or find a way to cope with them. Now, I like a happy ending as much as the next person but sometimes the way these characters get closure end up being too outrageous or just plain unbelievable.

And this is where Yahari once again comes in and manages to separate itself from the pack. Hachiman, who’s demonstrated he’s rather intelligent and able to hold his own when the odds aren’t in his favor, did something that completely caught me off guard — he ignored all the flags that were set and managed to stay true to his goals of not associating with others. The thing is though, it wasn’t ignoring the flags that surprised me but listening to him describe how nice girls are nice to everyone. Like last week, it was a melancholy reminder that the world we live in isn’t all smiles and good times — there’s a lot of crap going on behind the scenes that we usually miss.

Negative thoughts aside, I personally really enjoyed the episode as a whole. Even though the case wrapped up a little quick for my taste, there was a lot sprinkled in-between that made the it all worthwhile. From Komachi reappearing and Saika being mistaken as a girl to that huge cliffhanger of an ending there was more than enough to keep your mind busy. And seeing how negative next week’s preview was, I’m anxious to see what’s going to happen. Because from the sound of things, it looks like every one’s world is about to get turned upside-down!


ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「Hello Alone -Yui Ballade-」 by 由比ヶ浜結衣 CV: 東山奈央 (Yuigahama Yui CV: Touyama Nao)



    1. Here’s his monologue in plain text for all those people who can’t bother to open the link:

      I hate nice girls. Just exchanging pleasantries with them makes me curious,and texting each other makes me feel restless. If I get a call, for the rest of the day, I’ll keep checking my call history with a stupid grin on my face.

      But I know the truth. They’re just being nice. Anyone nice to me is nice to others too. But I always find myself on the verge of forgetting that. If the truth is a cruel mistress, then a lie must be a nice girl. And so, niceness is a lie.

      I would always hold expectation. I would always misunderstand. At some point, I stopped hoping. An experienced loner never falls for the same trap twice. A lone warrior, surviving hundreds of battles. When it comes to losing, I’m the strongest.

      That’s why, no matter what happens, I will always hate nice girls.

      -Hikigaya, Hachiman

      Man, all of that just from one rejection. This guy is hardcore.

      1. I wonder if it´s just one rejection what cause Hachiman to be like this, I don´t doubt it contribute a lot but to see this degree of bitterness againts life is amazing. And the truly sad part is that Yui was not being nice out of guilt or so it seems, I can´t wait to see how they are going to fix this epic mess, this show is awsome!.

  1. Man I really enjoyed this episode, Hachiman returning to his old cynical self was a nice surprise. I wonder if Yui is actually only nice to him because he saved his dog or if there are other reasons for it.

  2. While I don’t share the same perspective with Hikki (probably I was,albeit in a small dose), I could understand his idea and feeling, making him to be an even better protagonist among the piles of mediocre rom-com protagonist out there.

    Somehow I actually cathed a glimpse of big potential in Yahari in the early episode, since it’s confidently building their characters slowly, avoiding a lot of cliches (or even implicitly ridicules them) and doesn’t relying on cheap fanservices. From the get-go, it somehow telling me that it has an actual depth,and then here comes the 4th episode.

    Despite of other great names in this season’s romcom series, I decided to assign Yahari as my romcom pick of the season. Means it’s guaranteed that I’ll going to follow it to the very end.

    P.S Since I have no problem with nice girls and I feel that she is the one who can inspire Hikki to live a better life, I’ll root for Yui. Unless Yukinon could pull a very huge leap in character development later. (Although HikkixYui has a small chance to happening due to first-girl-win trope)

  3. That monologue is quite painful and sad, hinting at some trauma which made Hikki who he is today. To have an outlook like that requires a very jaded view on existence. I have never seen a protagonist like this before and this makes Yahari a standout compared to the other rom-coms I’ve seen.

      1. Because most of loners in other anime aren’t portrayed close enough to the truth. Hachiman totally hit the right note, thus creating a huge score in aspect of “highly relate-able character”.

    1. Hinting at some past trauma? He gave a bunch of stories about his problems with girls in the previous episodes. At least one of those stories had a girl who was nice to him, causing him to misunderstand and then get rejected. Two I think.

  4. Fan service that’s sweetly and elegantly done.

    Lovely black lace though

    But I cant help it watching the monologue and the preview. I was screaming my heart out

  5. This series bites a bit too close to reality for my comfort. Being loner in RL I understand Hachiman all too well…
    It was nice touch bringing the younger brother of the barmaid to show that someone is concerned about her.
    speaking of the barmaid, the way she verbally knocked out the teacher was marvellous…
    “Somebody, just marry her!” – as was Hachiman’s inner comment.
    One thing that ocurred to me is that Hachiman might be more comfortable with yukino exactly because she is so bitter and cynical, being total opposite of the “nice girl”.

    1. Not to mention that she’s brutally frank and honest, not holding back in what she says as opposed to being nice simply for the sake of appearing nice when they obviously feel otherwise at times like the “nice girls” Hachiman hates.

    1. there might be truth in television, many beautiful girls just get skipped either because guys think they are out of their league, or because they keep some impossible stndards about prince on white horse…

    2. It’s bloody obvious that it’s her personality that keeps her from getting married. She’s either trying to get guys that hate her personality or she can’t find guys that like her personality (M’s…)

  6. My favorte line in this episode, and probably a quote I’ll save: “Reality is cruel, so I’m sure lies are a form of kindness. Thus, I say that kindness itself is also a lie.”

    It took the last minuets of this episode to let a piece of my heart burn. Many people say they are similar to Hachiman, and I will be another one. Basicly though, don’t get me wrong, I got along with a lot of people, and I always had many people to call ‘friends’, but when it comes down to it, I never really see them as friends, we just got along.”You are around everyone and no one” was what I was usually told. I remember clearly the one time I let my guard down, and did the same thing he did at the final episode. I don’t know.. it just really got to me. I think my eyes need plumbing.

    That aside, the episode was great, and I guess we know now that Yukinon is some rich kid, but my focus is elsewhere. I kind of felt iritated at how they like belittle Hachiman so much, but I guess so does he to himself..

    Thanks for your review. I’m dying for next week’s! I hate an episode that lights a burning fire in your chest then tells you to wait a week! TuT! Thanks, M.

  7. “Tardiness isn’t a sin” – Hikigaya Hachiman
    Yet another memorable quote among all those that he has said so far. Seriously though, so far its been only Hachiman’s actions that has helped to resolve matters. Yukinon’s solutions has been pretty well…poor compared to his solutions. Somehow I have a bad feeling that he won’t be recognise for any of his actions, but instead be hated even more by the others.

  8. The monologue of Hachiman really hit me. I felt the same with nice girls because they are nice out of obligation, not because they like the person per se. When they try to avoid being with you, nice girls do the sly route of avoiding you and when you slowly realize it, it just hurts. I’d rather hear it from the girl if they are interested being friends or not with sincerity because there’s no second guessing.

  9. As much as I adore Yui, she brought this on herself by not being honest with Hachiman from the beginning. Now she has to “pay the piper” as they say. Hopefully she learns from this unpleasant experience and comes back a better person than before.

    And say what you want about Hachiman, but people like him are the ones who usually end up changing the world – for better or worse. I have nothing but deep admiration for his character, which continually marches to the beat of his own drum instead of allowing himself to be influenced by those “fake” aspects of today’s society that I absolutely detest. He and I would get along quite well in reality, because our wavelengths are practically in sync. Who needs a dozen so-called “casual” friends when you can have one like Hachiman? Quality over quantity; substance over fluff. The former beats the latter any day for me.

    Lastly, Yukino really needs to learn the meaning of the Golden Rule. We finally saw karma catch up with her this episode, and they’ll likely be more coming her way if she doesn’t change her belligerent attitude toward Hachiman. That popular saying “what goes around, comes around” immediately comes to mind. If Yukino keeps it up, she’ll be learning this truth the hard way.

    1. Personally I think Yukino’s attitude towards Hachiman is fine. She tends him seriously and honestly and he knows exactly where he stands with her. Hachiman is far more relaxed and comfortable interacting with Yukino then with anyone other than his sister.

      I hope they continue like this.

      Firstly, because it funny.
      Secondly, being able to interact with someone on a regular basis, regardless of the content, is very useful for Hachiman. I don’t think he would have been able to do a lot of the things he has done (e.g. confronting blondie during the tennis episode) without all his arguments with Yukino.
      Third, because changing them so easily cheapens both their characters.

      1. The way I see it so far,a YuixHikki end would probably be about how SHE gives him new hope(mainly in love,amonst other things) & changes him whereas the YukinoxHikki would be about how BOTH of them manage to support & comfort each other while keeping most of their views on the world and remaining true to who they are.Both of these pairings can be realistically done.As someone who was a Masuzu shipper in OreShura I suppose I’m gonna support the Yukino ship here as it appeals to me more when two people support each other on equal terms rather than one moreso than the other and in this case here because as said,it might cheapen their characters,especially Hachiman’s.So far,I liked Masuzu more than Yukino thought but that’s also because Eita was no way near the sympathetic and interesting character that Hachiman is and also because I don’t recall her being as bitchy towards Eita as Yukino is towards Hachiman.

        Even so though,I find it a very nice change of pace when I’m watching a RomCom where I wouldn’t really mind either pairing as much as in others and I’ll probably be content with Hachiman’s choice.The main reason for that is none other than him being the BEST and most interesting character of this anime as opposed to even some of the better RomComs out there where we’re all more focused on the girls surrounding the protag,rather than himself.

    2. Are you implying that Yui doesn’t have genuine feelings for Hachiman? You realize that Hachiman is so consumed with self-deprecation that he can’t see how someone like her could would even want to be friends with him, right? Hachiman is a tragic figure, not a fucking role model. The fact that he can only respond to the type of treatment Yukino and his teacher give out because he sees even kindness, both fake and sincere like Yui’s as unreal is sad. Hachiman is such a likable protagonist because instead of whining that he’s alone, he puts in the effort to carry out his isolationism since he doesn’t see why anyone would be interested in being in any way real with him since nobody has since expressed that interest. Hachiman wants to be alone because he feels it’s less harm and trouble for both him and other people, but now he’s hurt Yui.

      1. Just so you know, I’m currently rooting for Yui, and hope she does eventually end up with Hachiman. Yes, I can tell she harbors feelings for him based on her tendency to blush whenever she’s around him or when she shows a great amount of interest in his past interactions with other girls. Despite her flaws, she’s still the most likable of all the girls shown thus far, especially Yukino, whose never-ending string of insults have been irking me from the start. But don’t go thinking that just because I’m partial to her means I’m simply going to look the other way when she messes up, and boy did she really mess up here by waiting this long to tell Hachiman who she really was. If she had just been honest with him from the very beginning this little incident most likely never would’ve even happened, because he wouldn’t have felt that he was being misled at any point. This may not matter to you but it does to Hachiman: The truth is everything. Hachiman hates when people don’t tell the truth and try to hide their real thoughts/feelings behind a facade of lies. That’s why he hates girls who are only nice out of obligation, because it’s fake niceties, not genuine ones. A lie is still a lie in the end, and those who use them shouldn’t be trusted. Ever.

        While you happen to see Hachiman as a tragic figure from some Greek play, I see him as the exact opposite because of how he prefers to play by his own set of rules instead of the predetermined ones forced on him by everybody else in society. You see, when you get down to the root of it all, the only reason he’s regarded as a “loser” is because he’s considered too different from everybody else. Sorry to say this, but when it comes to society, anybody considered too different automatically gets labeled as a reject, loser, etc. and then effectively gets shunned for it. It’s essentially taking the easy way out because, instead of people taking the time to try to get to the know the person in question so their uniqueness can be better understood, they just opt to push away and slap a label on them to avoid being inconvenienced. In the end, it’s not Hachiman who’s the loser here, but those people around him who would try to force such an unfair label on him, and all because they’re too damn lazy to try to put in the time and effort needed to correct their ignorance. So I have to disagree with you there, Hachiman is a role model because he doesn’t give in to societal pressures to change himself to fit the mold, and instead chooses to just be himself no matter how much flack he ends up catching for doing so. Exhibiting such a high degree of individuality is to be commended, not ridiculed and/or discouraged.

      2. I can see this being an essay title: Hachiman – A role model or a tragic figure?

        I agree with vanfokerdumplestein, but there’s two coins to look at it. When I felt sad for Hachiman, it was not the ‘tragedy’ of him being alone that got to me, but rather the fact that we, as viewers, felt a little that his surrounding began to expand, and maybe because we slightly became used to having those peopel around him, he too probably went on with it, but it only takes ‘one piece of information’ to make you realize what ‘you were about to do’, that is ‘another mistake’, and so he stops it. He makes it clear, loud for her and for himself, that he will not fall for this, again. That he was almost ‘blinded’ by the fact that she was kind to him because of him, and so he had to publicly end his self-guilt over not realizing that things were not going the way they were because of random event, but rather because of someone else’s ‘pity.’

        I see no tragedy, I see stuborness and the retirement to the ‘sidelines’ to avoid having the ‘pain’ of things surge back into your life. Being on the sidelines is only tragic if your bullied into it, rather than forcing it upon himself.

        I love Hachiman.
        I am dying for next episode the more I read people’s comments. Cheers, M.

      3. I agree with your sentiment that Yuigahama should have told the truth. That doesn’t justify the dick move he pulled on her by making the assumption that Yuigahama is only hanging out with him out of obligation. Hachiman has no idea what Yuigahama wants, and he jumped the gun and automatically labeled her as a fake, just like how you in your second paragraph describe what you think society does. Her lie also does not make it so she should never be trusted; lies are not okay, but neither is hurting other people.

        Just want to get this out of the way, but associating tragic figures with Greek theatre isn’t fair when tragic figures exist in many different types of literature belonging to an even larger amount of civilizations and time periods. Your curriculum teaches you that one of the earliest uses of tragic figures was in Greek theatre, not that it derives from it.

        Do you know what people who “play by their own set of rules” look like? They look like shut-ins, criminals, and terrorists in the extreme cases. But let’s just go with how you praise Hachiman, who actively chooses to avoid other people because he’s been hurt by them before. You are essentially giving praise to cowardly acts, a defeatist attitude that tries to justify that if people can’t like him, then he’s better off alone. Hachiman avoids people because he’s afraid, not because he’s venturing off into some great unknown. If anything is praiseworthy, it’s his determination, but not his isolationism where he puts all his efforts into.

        Lastly, I’m sorry for whatever allowed for these misconceptions to form into your head about what society is, but society isn’t obligated to give a damn about you or anyone else. There is absolutely no reason to peruse into the mind of every lone soul out there and see if they have anything to contribute to society, if Hachiman continues to express his desire to be alone, then he will have it. There is no reason other than good will (in this anime, this takes the form of his teacher) to try and tell him to tough it out and actively seek happiness and identity in this world instead of vegging out as a cynic. Good will to integrate anomalies into society exist in the form of mental hospitals, rehab centers, and prisons. Hachiman’s desire to remain stagnant should NOT be considered motivational, it’s a sad circumstance (not to mention, awfully common and less difficult) that he formed this opinion on the world, not a great occurrence.

        Hachiman puts unrealistic expectations on society, it’s not the other way around. It’s infinitely more easier to be a cynic than it is to actively pursue what you really want out of life, Hachiman only turns to isolationism because he feels rejected by society. He is awfully damn lucky that someone like his teacher (physical abuse aside) actually gives enough of a damn about him and Yukino to slap them together and hope they come out as better people in the end.

      4. @Mi-chan, while he’s not actively bullied into it, Hachiman has been rejected by society on numerous occasions. Maybe it is just me, but I do think it’s definitely sad that Hachiman sees no other option to live than to actively try and be a loner. Everybody deserves a chance to try and achieve their happiness, Hachiman’s desire isn’t in his isolation, it’s just the only avenue he feels like he’s worth traveling. This is what I believe to be a tragedy, not a “Oh no, the volcano is erupting on a village of women and children” tragedy, but it’s a sad circumstance that shouldn’t be forced on anyone. Needless to say, however, Hachiman shouldn’t give up in actually trying to make friends with the people who we’ve seen accept him. Being afraid of rejection can only get you so far, Hachiman deserves better, but only if he’s actually willing to seek better.

      5. @bolton

        Umm, I don’t really consider Hachiman’s actions to be a ‘dick move’. All he did was -politely- tell her that he ‘knows’ that she is just being nice to him because of the accident and that he doesn’t want her pity.

        Fact is, all she needs to do is to explain that while she originally noticed him because of the accident, she actually likes him (as a friend naturally) and isn’t just talking to him out of pity.

      6. @moridin24

        I consider a passive-aggressive “Back off, I know you are pitying me as well as why and you should just drop it” to be not only presumptuous, but a pretty big assumption he’s making of her. It seems to me that he’s calling her out for feeling obligated to spend time with him for saving her puppy when he has no idea how she feels, or what her true motives are.

      7. What if he was right? If he was right then this was the cleanest way to cut ties. Most of the other ways would result in her continuing on with the facade so not to “hurt his feelings”.

        Since he’s wrong… she can just explain this. Instead she cries and runs away. Relationships are a two way street. He pushed her away, if she wants to be friends with him then she needs to push back.

        Personally I am hoping that is what Yui is going to do. Rather then expecting Hachiman to do it.

      8. @moridin84

        in my experience, it doesn’t matter whether you’re right or wrong in your assumption. judging to know more about a person than the facts tell is off-base. of course, rarely would anyone call someone out for acting on a hunch if he was right, but it still stands that hachiman only presumes to know about yuigahama’s intentions without having all the facts.

        what happens next is pure speculation, so i won’t presume to know what may come about, but i will make the prediction that the ball is still going to be in hachiman’s court once he’s learned that yuigahama probably quits the club (from the previews it sounds like it). he’s the one that fucked up, yui’s omission didn’t warrant something like what he did.

      9. @bolton

        – Umm, I think that Hachiman gathered all the facts before coming to his pessimistic conclusion. He obviously doesn’t know what she is actually thinking but what she is thinking isn’t a fact.

        – In my experience people make judgements about other people all the time. Sometimes they voice them. If someone voices a negative opinion of you which you think is incorrect, it is normally up to you to correct that misunderstanding. You don’t really expect the other person to magically figure out that they are wrong.

        – The ball probably will end up in Hachiman’s court. That would make the most sense, thematically speaking. I don’t think it is actually correct but hey, opinions.

        – In regards to Yui possibly leaving the club; If I was in Hachiman’s shoes, Yui leaving the club would make me think “oh, I was right, she was just hanging around because she felt sorry for me”.

  10. wasn’t really a fan of the whole mystery this week though i’m not sure why. i think it’s just because i didn’t like yukino this week though she’s been becoming more and more unlikeable. also don’t like where they’re heading with the potential yukino plot, so contrived…

    also, the teacher and her abuse is driving me nuts. it’s not funny.

    the last 5 minutes definitely made the episode, and i like the character and plot potential between yui and hikki…

    1. You’re right, Sensei’s abuse isn’t funny, but Sensei got owned with a Verbal K.O. so that’s a start.

      Now we just need one to happen to Yukino.Yui already got what was coming to her at the end of the episode.

    2. Thank the hell that someone else actually thinks the sensei abuse is ridiculous. It’s probably the only thing that’s completely out of place. But this show started with that BS so you know it’s not going to end. Seeing her pwned over & over is the only thing that will settle my qualm with that.

      1. i know right? heck it’s not like the way hikki messes with her all the time with the assignments and his late excuse isn’t funny it’s just why does it have to end with her socking him one right in the gut?

      1. it’s not that i’m upset over it, simply expressing the fact that one of the gags in the show is not funny (in my opinion). more to the point there’s been at least one of those jokes per episode. i didn’t find it amusing the first time so the fact that it’s become a running gag is even more obnoxious and is a legitimate problem to have with the series. comedy is certainly subjective and if people find that sort of joke funny more power to them. but to me, watching a teacher beat up a student for being cheeky isn’t so much dark comedy as just dark and tasteless.

      2. So what? A joke isn’t a joke if it isn’t funny? Is that what you are saying?

        Cause I figure that a joke that isn’t funny is just a bad joke. It doesn’t change its colour.

    3. you don’t have many siblings or older cousins/relatives, do you? it’s not abuse, 8man makes jabs at her and she jabs right back. sure, the literal actions can be considered abuse, but within the context of it being an anime, and the fact that you don’t get to see older relatives/parents of 8man in order to maintain focus on the plot and characters in the school setting, it’s obvious that these scenes not only serve as comedic relief, but also a way to see just who 8man opens up to. it’s obvious that he only submits those essays to her to see what kind of reaction she’ll give him, because she’s probably the only one who would give a prompt reaction in the first place.

      i see so many people empathizing with 8man, and while yes, many of us including me have shared his thoughts and outlook on life, yukino and his teacher are probably the only people that are real with him and can actually say “suck it up and actually try to live you fucking retard” rather than let him sink into his cynical fantasies. life’s all about being awkward, live with it. 8man doesn’t care for or respond to sympathy or politeness, because all of these approaches he will deem to be fake, and probably for the most part, he is in the right to do so. but being cynical doesn’t get you anywhere, people can’t be alone forever. life is full of awkward moments, hurt, and rejection, 8man is numb to even sincere kindness, and this is why he puts himself in a position to continuously be brought down to earth by yukino and his teacher.

      1. au contraire my fine feathered friend i actually have many. needless to say punching someone so hard they are on the ground in agony is a line we like to consider sufficiently crossed not to mention she’s his teacher which is definitely a bit much. not only that but yui is just mean to hikki. i mean, when she needs a monologue to insult the guy for just saying hi upon entering the clubroom we are way past the “not taking your shit” stage and into bullying. there’s much better ways to develop that sort of relationship without being a complete bully and that’s why i have a problem with the two characters. the dynamic the show is trying to create is good ideally but they miss the landing by turning it into a mean spirited attempt at humor. if it works for people fine, but it’s just not my cuppa.

      2. I still think you’re overthinking it. The extent of the violence is put there for comic relief, if he was in any real agony as a human being, he would be put in the hospital and suffering from a concussion. That’s not the case because it is still a comedic anime. It doesn’t cross the line in their world, and I feel as if people shouldn’t worry about the details so much as what is actually trying to be displayed, which, aside from the comic relief, is the fact that Hachiman only responds to these types of people.

        hachiman is a smartass, he’s not sensitive (not anymore at least). he’s already been through the rough and tumble of sticking your neck out only to get rejected or have his feelings betrayed, now he thinks he’s so keen that he can avoid it all by simply isolating himself, but loneliness make cynics; which is what his teacher doesn’t want, because unless he’s a fucking genius, cynicism doesn’t correlate with success or happiness. i’ve digressed a bit, but consider who he’s going to actually take serious advice from? sure there are better ways to help a cynic, but hachiman doesn’t respond to these better ways. this is a healing show, but it’s also comedy, and playing on the cynical thoughts that we’ve all at one point had is why this show steps out of its mold and relates on a deeper level with the audience. not sure about yukino, really, but his teacher is probably the only one who really cares for him aside from his family.

        one thing is for sure, though, yukino connects more deeply with hachiman simply because she’s essentially the other side of the same coin.

  11. “I hate nice girls.
    Just exchanging greetings with them will get them on your mind.
    Start texting each other and your heart will be set a flutter.
    If they call you, you are done for.
    Enjoy staring at your logs and grinning like a fool.
    However, I won’t get fooled again.
    That’s what your kind calls kindness.
    If you’re nice to me, you’re also nice to others.
    I always end up nearly forgetting that, Reality is cruel,
    So I’m sure lies are a form of kindness.
    Thus, I say kindness itself is also a lie.
    I always ended up with these expectations,
    and I always ended up with these misunderstandings.
    Before I knew it, I stopped hoping..
    A highly trained loner is once bitten, twice shy.
    As a veteran on this battlefield of life,
    I’ve gotten used to losing, that’s why I’ll always hate nice girls.”

    Let’s be honest, most guys have been there before- so with that said, Hikki’s monologue hits home. Is it a depressing way of thinking? Sure it is, but sometimes a rejection or two is all it takes for someone to reach such a warped view on life. Though I gotta admit I never saw it coming as heavy as it did, didn’t expect him to just flat-out reject Yui like that- the rest of the episode was funny and cynical like always, then bam, emotions start pouring out. (Not complaining btw, this episode was great)

    Moving forward I assume next week’s episode will be Yui and Hikki centered and probably have even more feels and some closure, though I don’t doubt that Oregairu can pull off the feels and it’s dry sense of humor without it coming off as forced.

    Two other things:
    Yukino saying “meow” and wearing a maid outfit was adorable, we need more moments like that from her! =3
    That ending sequence, my goodness. Really like that version of “Hello Alone” too, hopefully we’ll get a Yukino version in the future…

    With all that said, really looking forward to the next one- this show is going to end up as one of my favorite romantic comedies at this rate, it’s just really well done.

  12. Hikky is obviously much, much nicer than he lets on.

    Or perhaps I’m being a little too optimistic, but it seems he has been solving quite a few problems lately. With that monologue, I actually empathized because at some point there are people who feel very much the same way. It’s interesting how everything looks bright and cheery on the outside in general, but when it comes to the serious stuff, I get brought back to earth pretty quickly and roughly.

    The signs are showing too, that Yukino herself obviously needs some kind of help in certain areas, something which will surely be explored in the future. For now I’m very, very interested in YuixHikky relationship dynamics. Not sure what’s going to happen, and that kind of an ending with that kind of a preview…Makes one anxious just thinking about what might happen after the negative tone in the final moments of the episode.

  13. oh silly hikki; the thing is that yui actually ot just likes you and is not just being nice to you. She may seem like she acts nice and aloof just to fit in but there are timmes when she does things for herself because that’s how she truly feels. But i guess when you’re closed off like hikki, the idea of someone liking you for who you are sounds preposterous; there has to be an alterior motive and you cannot see the truth even when it is right in front of you.

    1. I wouldn’t say that’s incorrect, but perhaps it’s more of the case where Hikky has actually misunderstood the intentions of one, maybe two girls who were very nice by nature in the past and received the wrong messages by those misunderstandings. In effect, I’d say our dear protagonist is very much bound by the past of what has happened to him. So rather than being confused and getting embroiled in the complications of a potential relationship, Hikky turns away.

      Would be something if he changes his mindset somehow, though.

      1. I would say even more to the point, that Hikki is very sensitive and has built up a cynical wall to protect his heart. He’s not socially adept enough to know when someone is being nice to him or actually likes him. Those rejections have hurt him deeply (maybe more so than they should, but that’s his nature). Whether Yui is romantically interested in him or not I can’t say at this point, but Hikki is not going to let his feelings loose because of the his fear of not being able to read the situation. Once (and maybe mulitple times) bitten, twice (or more) shy.

    2. Yep… And I’ll add some thoughts on this…

      You could also say that Hachiman is just tired of trying. To him just a waste of energy when you know that your chances are extremely low. Most people will just try again and again. However, some people have a more analytical mind and, at some point, they will start using reason in these situations. They’re going to face reality.

      The mental process is pretty much like this: you know a girl, she friendly and nice. You start liking being by her side. But then I think: “yeah, that happened 20 times already. It’s better to stop now than going trough this hell all over again”. In Hachiman’s case, the info of the pet he saved being Yui’s pet trigged his cynical side and he made the decision of cutting relations with her. You know you may have a chance, you know the girl this time may not be a bitch, but you also know, by experience, that your chances are low and it’s not worth it to spend energy and time in all this.

      If haven’t experienced a lot of rejection you’ll think that Hachiman is being stupid and silly. Most people have say: “you just have to wait for the right girl” or something like that. But the state of mind of someone with a rejection rate of 100% is very different. These people, as Haciman said, are veterans on the battlefield of life, they have been loosing since the beginning; they haven’t experienced the sensation of winning not even once. At some point you think: “Why the f… am I doing this? Why am I even trying?”. You loose the ability to even imagine a situation where you succeeded (something that you used to do frequently). You can’t get hope from nowhere, not even form you imagination because you own mind gave up on you. These people used to have hope, and they tried really hard, many, many times… But they didn’t get anything. Hachiman’s mind is just in that state.

      The thing is: Hachiman is what? 15, 16? He didn’t even had time to be rejected many times. Being that cynical at his is really strange. He’s too young for that. I think that’s why his teacher is trying to help him. She knows that he recover because his wounds cannot be that deep.

  14. salute to hachiman this episode prove hachiman are more intelligent white collar criminal he admit himself in episode 4 with style 🙂 yukino are no match from him.in episode 5 he even know how to get free money from education system know as scholarship.he are the man who cannot be underestimate when thing are odd for him.did you all agree? mm emm.

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