Destined to be bound forever by the red steel string of fate.

「俺の妹が家に彼氏をつれてくるわけがない」 (Ore no Imouto ga Ie ni Kareshi o Tsuretekuru Wake ga Nai)
“My Little Sister Can’t Be Bringing Her Boyfriend Home”

Today’s episode has something for mostly everyone, moreso than any other episode this season. The character that top the polls have all reared their heads in some shape this episode, though this comes at the price of focus. There do exist some significant flaws in this episode, especially concerning the overall drama, but this episode did more good than expected. Of course I have no idea how the light novel approached this part of the story, but right now I am content at where the show ultimately has left us, even though the execution of getting there has been a bit rocky.


OP6: 「Reunion」 by ClariS

Those trinkets cost only 500 yen!? That’s almost anti-criminal!

To speak chronologically, let’s talk about our favorite Yandere this season, the blissfully unaware Ayase. I’ve got to hand it to Hayami Saori–she’s got Ayase’s character nailed down, especially so in expressing her yandere nature. The intonations of her voice make the hilarious relationship between Ayase and Kyousuke come alive–it’s a hilarious, yet intimate, yet downright creepily scary mood that’s quite addicting to watch. It’s only bonus points that Hayami can manage to switch from her sweet and controlled voice to her killer tone so easily; her voice and the excellent animation quality make for a chilling scene, both out of fear and out of amusement. I chuckle every time I hear Ayase claim blissful ignorance of her yandere potency, as well as seeing Kyousuke’s acquired fear from visual novels tested in reality.

How in the world did Ayase interpret this as a positive picture?

It’s probably more disturbing how Ayase is unaware of how yandere she can come across as.

Ayase’s actual contributions to the plot though were far more subtle, though serve to help enhance her character’s awareness of the situation. Like many other characters this episode, she went into the situation concerning Kirino not knowing the full picture, but given a few key details, that signatory thoughtful pause reared its head, followed by the obligatory “it’s nothing/alright.” Whenever any character does this, we know the character is more aware than is explicitly let on, but in this case the trope serves to nudge to us that we should know what’s going on at this point. In that moment, we can guess that she synthesized Kirino’s intentions in her head–after all, she is her best friend after all. She probably deduced Kirino’s jealousy and how that motivated the date, seeing as how the “manager” excuse held up poorly (remember, anything Ayase knows about the fashion world, Kirino does as well). While her actions did not advance the plot much, Ayase’s indirect deductions about the situation help us break Kirino’s built-up lies, bringing us closer to answering that question, “What’s the complete picture concerning Kirino’s feelings towards her brother?”


Shhhh, quiet. Let the lovely chemistry between the two settle in. It’s…beautiful. Watch as she pounces on her prey out of love.

I apologize in advance for the sheer proportion of yandere pictures…they just couldn’t have been passed over.

The fact that she has handcuffs in the first place is quite telling…

After all the silliness is over though, serious matters run abound, with a dramatic Kirino causing all sorts of trouble. Although I claimed that last episode showed her worst, this episode easily tops it. She lets her internal emotions affect the other characters in a selfish manner, and though she’s justified in being jealous towards Kuroneko and Manami for stealing her brother’s affections, the rudeness that she expressed as a result of is not. The fact that she abused a very nice guy’s trust and friendship (Mikagami Kouki (Iguchi Yuuchi) can sure make cheap accessories with high production quality) in order to abuse her friends is near-despicable, especially since it trampled on the happy parade of a recently successful Comiket. I won’t dive into much detail of their fight, since you all probably get the gist of Kyousuke and Kirino’s fighting routine by now (they’re pretty much the same format), but I will attempt to dive into what makes this fight important, as well as why this fight seemed forced and way too quickened.





She really just can’t be honest with herself, can she?

They fight, someone gets slapped or hurt, and then Kyousuke does the right thing and Kirino finally softens up. It’s a formula that’s repeated itself many times this episode, and you’d think that they’d spice up the formula somehow. It’s one of the flaws in the show that I’m beginning to dislike, solely because it seems that both of them never seem to change much during this dynamic. Both Kirino and Kyousuke have developed outside of their sibling relationship, but as soon as one of them starts fighting with the other, the whole thing seems to reset.

Now, this recent battle did have some interesting developments, as it clarifies an elephant in the room we knew all along–Kirino does not want Kyousuke having a girlfriend just as much as Kyousuke doesn’t want Kirino having a random boyfriend. While I’m sure Kouki is a nice guy, it’s clear that his role was nothing more than to incite jealousy with Kyousuke–in addition to egging him back into his proper older brother role, the fake relationship was in a sense a punishment Kirino wished to bestow against her brother, even though she herself hated playing the role. You could say that both of them got swept up in the lack of communication and misunderstandings, causing both of them to cross the line, even though both of them cared deeply about each other the entire time.

Even Kuroneko knows when enough is enough, though Saori is just as admirable for keeping her cool.


One of the many standoffs that these two have had throughout the series.

Casting aside any notions of sibling jealousy, both of them acted pretty poorly towards each other this episode. I expected better of them.

I still don’t fully get why this scene was necessary, but I liked it!

Even with the revelation though, the whole conflict felt off to me. Perhaps it was the pacing, or maybe it was the sheer repetitive nature of their fighting routine. However, I feel that my friend Xumbra distilled it best. “It was drama for the sake of drama.”

Oyaji’s Lesson of the Day: be true to yourself–just don’t use alcohol to get there.

Although I can’t really imagine how else they could’ve structured the lead-up to the conflict other than extending the time spent to another episode (one episode for the date, another episode leading up to the confession, finally ending on an episode wrapping this up), the whole fiasco did feel heavy-handed and unnatural. Aside from the fact that it was a roadblock to Shironeko and Kyousuke finally resolving their tensions, it also felt out of place within the context of the entire show. Though the show did drop many hints that a backlash from Kirino would be inevitable, the way her anger was vented just didn’t fit. I’ll leave it to the comments to deduce what possibly could’ve gone wrong, but I will say that now that Kirino isn’t faking a relationship anymore, I really hope that she learns to be honest with Kyousuke from now on, as well as vice versa.


Here wa have a long-deserved affectionate montage of humility and vulnerability, especially after all this drama.




Of course with all that covered, this leaves us with Shironeko. Let me make something clear: I don’t believe everyone favors Shironeko over Kirino–even I support Kirino more at times–but it’s undeniable that SO MANY PEOPLE have been waiting for this moment to happen. It’s not even funny. I expect the comments to be filled with Kuroneko comments as soon as I post this, though today they are especially justified in their excitement. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this beloved confession pan out as well, and the next episode has me thumping my foot, even in the face of finals. Though I do have my fears that Kirino’s love for her brother will severely interfere with Kuroneko’s happiness with Kyousuke (Kuroneko has already silently taken note of this fact), I do look forward to seeing the time that they do spend together in the near future. I mean come on, she’s absolutely adorable when she blushes! It’s almost as cute as when Kyousuke’s dad blushes…when drunk.

ED5: 「モノクロ☆HAPPY DAY」 (Monokuro Happy Day) by 花澤香菜 (Hanazawa Kana)


Okay Kuroneko fans, please form an orderly line to the comments and don’t tram—*trampled by crowd*


      1. I’m on the Saori ship too. Choosing Ayase, Kirino, or Shironeko is simply asking for drama, interpersonal conflicts, and emotional baggage. Too bad Saori doesn’t get any love, though from that scene this episode, was that affection to Kyousuke?

      2. If the Oreimo PSP games can be used as a reference,
        Show Spoiler ▼

  1. I’m no Kuroneko fan but her and Ayase’s scene saved the story from being ruined by the sibling this time. Even if I already read this part in the novel before, I still feel annoying when I watch it.

  2. Shiro/Kuroneko!!!!!

    Instant ship. I’ve truly loved KanaHana and her roles.

    But that aside…. If Shiro/Kuroneko were to go against Suwarineko…. Who’d win?

    Im’s just curious

      1. It doesn’t matter if there’s no more room Capt’n!I’ll find a fish net and use it to both sleep and catch food with.’Tis only a small price to pay to board this japanese titanic version of a ship.

  3. yah the story whith the pretend boyfriend was so meh.. i was tempted to stop watching and go do something else (likely watch the other 10 other anmines i didnt watch this week) luckily i stayed till the end!

    2 things for me:

    – Yandere Ayase wins!

    – Ruri is sooooo cute.

    PS: i was under the impression Kuroneko was more popular then Kirino.. i think we had a pool about that some ago? IIRC Ruri got more than double the votes that kirino got. .. dunno if this trend is in gerenal or only here on RC.

      1. I think,”everyone” is kind of a overstatement.I prefer Kuroneko but don’t really hate Kirino – although maybe the fact that I consider that OreImo wouldn’t be as nearly as fun withouth her is clouding my judgement and I actually do hate her >_>

    1. Incorrect. The man was arrested because he hated Kuroneko, and was angry she was getting too much attention over Kirino (his favorite girl).

      Emails with phrases like “Die, you swindler”, “I’ll make you regret this”, “I’ll found out where you live” were some highlights. He also Photoshopped decapitated pictures of the author and sent those, leading to his arrest.

  4. Haha,well it was a little normal by impression,but I find it really interesting though.
    Kirino,as usual,isn’t able to express her true feeling properly toward everyone and especially Kyousuke(about her LOVE).
    Well,I’m a Fan of Kirino,so I’m rooting for her…But I’m also Fan of Kuroneko.Therefore,I don’t want any of them both to be stepped away.(I’d be happy if this anime end with an Harem where Kyousuke decide to love every cute girl who are in deep love with him.Well,that’s my wish as an Otaku…I wouldn’t advise that in IRL…)

    1. and that’s what the PSP Visual Novel is for! Whether it’s playing the actual game or being a sadsap like me and watching the gameplay videos, all your hopes and dreams come true! :3

      Even those who like Kanako get some service in the game 😛

    1. Can we get the title changed? I think that is much more fitting.

      Anyways will say I liked the varied focus on the girls. Though of course the Kuroneko portions were my favorite. Just glad she came out at the end and just said what she felt. Only way to get a leg up is to just go for it.

  5. Kuroneko a shit.
    This episode is a trainwreck.
    Also as an LN reader, all I can say in the end is that: “Kirino will win, all other pairings are wishful thinking.”

    The Moondoggie
      1. There are rare cases where the main girl doesn’t win (Shuffle), just saying. Although in this situation it does look like Kirino will “win” (aside from one’s personal feelings on that), like Moondoggie said: the LN hasn’t finished yet, so anything can happen.

        Personally, instead of being invested on who gets to stick with Kyousuke (he’s not THAT cool), I’m more interested in them finally revealing Kirino and Kyousuke’s past together and how that links into their current behavior. It’s a fact that’s gone unrevealed for too damn long!

    1. I can’t wait for it to end like Show Spoiler ▼

      Gaze of Providence
      1. Damn it!I just can’t help myself from clicking ‘dem spoiler tags!Oh well…

        Show Spoiler ▼

      2. I still think playing all that imouto eroge, seeing his sister naked, and going out on “dates” with her while admitting some important stuff in the LN would have to have some effect on his head.

        The Moondoggie
    2. you suggest incest? this is not yosuga no sura ,i’m sure most of the the time , main girl will win but honestly this show is named my little sister can’t be this cute ! so i guesse it’s will be like cockblock end like in Ayase route when kyousuke end relationship with his current Gf (no matter who)to and end up full siscon. t his is highly stupid, this is just anime so i don’t care what ending is ! he may end up with no one. but with 3 episode left= true end, we will decide there! i hope Ayase to win cause of i love drama with kirono and Shironeko but that’s all. the best way to end this story is to go out with Sayuri or Manami to avoid futher conflict. Talk about main girl in kokoro connect , inaba win and also i got some wind of last LN front page , we got kyousuke walk beside Kirino when she hold a graduation cylinder box. I wonder if it will end like an open ending

    3. @everyone above
      LOL, so anything goes huh? I can’t wait to see your faces when Volumes 8, 9, 10 and 11 gets animated.

      > Why is Kuroneko a no?
      > Why Kirino, tsundere and incest is the clear choice for Kyosuke?
      > What is the problem with other girls?

      The Moondoggie
  6. This episode reminded me of why I liked the animated commentaries more than the actual first season. This series is so much better at comedy than drama. The whole Kirino thing was just almost unwatchable. Now if they could just hurry up and release the BDs so we can get more animated commentaries.

  7. Okay, this is one of the episodes where I REALLY HATE Kirino. You don’t like the idea of your dear brother dating someone else and so you punish him by pretending to be with someone yourself so HE can feel punished?? You’re a teen! Grow the hell up!

    1. This episode is 100% Kyousuke’s fault though. He pays too much attention to what Kirino’s doing that he goes doesn’t realize he’s being hypocritical. He goes all sad puppy at the notion of Kirino getting a boyfriend but yet he goes and flirts with whoever he wants, not even giving any thought to the fact that maybe Kirino doesn’t like seeing him acting overly friendly with girls. It’s this contradiction that pissed her off in the first place. That and the whole acting like he was disgusted with the date and would never do it again.

  8. I don’t know, I love that confession and all, but just after having the fight about having a boyfriend/girlfriend and everything, it would seem extremely hypocritical of Kyousuke to say yes to Kuroneko, as much as I want him to. Things are gonna get complicated huh…

    1. Such truth spoken well. I don’t blame Kyousuke and Kirino for fumbling around with the concept of girlfriend and boyfriend though–neither of them have any real experience aside from the rosy heights of otakudom, and as such they’ve never really had to deal with being jealous of one another’s interests until now.

      It’s not the most ideal thing to watch, but the illogical actions make sense in terms of inexperience. It’s good that every character has their flaws to get over–it makes for a balanced development and leaves a pleasant end most of the time when they finally do resolve their fumbles.

  9. Here’s the thing; while Ruri and Kirino both love Kyosuke very much, the big difference is that Ruri is honest with her feelings =03. It’s been long enough, and all that Kyo has done for her, Kiri still treats him like shit. And Kyo…I just don’t understand him. Your sister treats you like garbage, yet you continue to love her unconditionally. That’s what an older brother SHOULD do, right? But even so, there’s a boundary that shows you that she doesn’t appreciate your actions. Key word is show. When someone doesn’t show you that they are appreciated, you leave them alone until they do. Ruri always straightforwardly shows her appreciation, and that’s why she’s a more favored character.

    The whole concept of Kyo getting ‘jealous’ of Kirino having a boyfriend was undoubtedly creepy to me; and creepy is very seldom a word I use to describe such things. I hope now the story can start to focus a bit more on Kyoruri(and the game club) over Kiri.

    1. Actually that’s what older brothers shouldn’t do, being nice and lenient to younger siblings, especially when they’re wrong – either put your foot down and tell them they’re wrong or give them a taste of their own medicine with twice the concentration, which ever one that works(the latter usually tends to be more effective).JMO but Kyousuke is rather irresponsible as a older brother, but then again this is an anime not a manual on being a good brother.

    2. I have SEVEN younger siblings, yeah seven. Me & my youngest sister are a generation apart & my parent literally threw her off on me while they went on vacation every 4 months or so. Heck I don’t even they raised her when they were home. I had to go through so much shit back then that I can only look back at it now retrospectively.

      Bah, I had to “balance” graduate school, 3 teenagers, 2 brats, a baby, & a bratty girlfriend all at the ripe old age of 24. I longed to have an older sibling back then. I did have my 21 yo sis ‘helping’ me by acting as a chauffeur, but that was all she could handle. I babied her a bit too much when she was younger – & I had no idea my parents would start a child factory 5 years after her birth.

      I felt like I had the older brother role freight-trained on me. I didn’t even have time to be bitter about it, let alone be some ridiculous beta like Kyou. Whoever wrote this mess up obviously had no younger siblings, or had some pretty strange ideas about what siblings are to each other.

      It literally took me decades to figure out what this “Imouto Onii-chan” love shit was all about. I’ve seen most shows that feature it including those that went all the way with it, yet this show still creeps me out to no end just because it’s so damn unclear about what these people are to each other – all of them!

    3. this show is more than fantasy life if you want real show you watch my romcom SNAFU , with 100% cotton shimapan with 0 excitement lol Oremo is for fun and emo that’all

  10. I never thought Kirino was as bad as people say she is, but I couldn’t help but notice that her bitch meter pretty much increased twenty fold this episode.

    Aside from Kirino, pretty much every other girl (except Minami) got their moments. More Yandere Ayase, Random Saori face reveal, (I questioned that scene also but I didn’t care. Saori’s face :3) and Shironeko finally popping the question.

    Both Kirino and Kyousuke have developed outside of their sibling relationship, but as soon as one of them starts fighting with the other, the whole thing seems to reset.

    To be fair, I think this is a general sibling thing. I do the exact same thing with my younger brother; we fight, we get really mad at each other, we ignore each other afterwards, we make up within the next 3 hours as if nothing happened before. Just something that always seems to happen.

    1. Same here. I still have fights with my younger brother and it’s always the same fight, with him talking over me every time I try to get a word out. He’s really ignorant and refuses to listen to me. We will make up like after a couple days or weeks but ya, our fight never changes.

  11. How is Kyou acting like a pussy doing the right thing!?I never wished so much violence on a fictional female character before until I watched this episode.

    Shironeko please for the love of all that is karma, if you won’t beat the shit out Kirino physically at least mentally destroy her, I know you are capable of at least that much.I want Kirino to be mindraped so hard that she becomes a NEET/Hikkikomori.

    Let’s not forget the incompetent mother who watches Kirino bitchslap Kyou and doesn’t say shit about it.I guess I should have expected that when even the Father haymakers his own son because he didn’t get his way.

    Manami has to be one of the most tolerant anime characters of all time, having grown up next to that “family”.It’s a shame she rarely gets any spotlight.

    I better get a Shironeko focused episode next for having to watch all that bullshit.If I had known what would’ve happened, I would’ve just skipped straight to the end to watch Shironeko’s confession.

    I even considered dropping the show.That’s how hard this episode made me rage.

    1. I’m very well prepared to lay out a troll for this episode but it was so damn bad that it doesn’t even deserve one. What do you do with a bitch that loves to be a bitch & loves to bitch about other bitches (male & female). I’d usually say the bitchslap & a dick but with Kirino – HELL NO, no dick for her. She just needs a beating. Just how can she do what she just did & STILL be liked by some people. Sure Kyo’s a pussy for paying that much attention to that bitch, but SHE is still the one who acting like a bitch. However, this BS is just the tip of the iceberg.

      This whole thing is a mess created by some twisted fool who just feels that they have to write up one of the most unrealistic group of events outside of fantasy/science fiction. So much shit happening at one time has to be interesting, right??!! (Complete Sarcasm). The only thing this show can give me is my daily dose of rage. But I still refuse to watch it all the way through until that bitch finally gets a palm to the face.

  12. It’s honestly hard for me to watch this show, mainly because of Kirino. The fact that she may or may not have feelings for her brother is a huge part of this show that remains a mystery. However, incest is generally treated as a darker theme, which obviously doesn’t fit this show. (Of course, this show has some roots in reality as well, which is why the opposite, that the incest wouldn’t even matter, doesn’t happen,)

    Every time I see Kirino blushing at something Kyousuke did or act bashful or whatever I can’t help but think how her issues will likely never be resolved in the length of this series. It just seems illogical. If she did not have feelings for Kyousuke, it would pretty much negate the entire show’s big theme. If she does, it would be a huge, huge, huge event in the show, and there’s no way to handle it realistically without shit going down. The shit that would be going down, of course, requires some fairly dark themes. Families torn apart, friends freaked out and abandoning them. Anything less wouldn’t be a true portrayal of the event. I mean, you can say, “Oh, maybe their family and friends would except a brother and sister in love,” and I say that’s just a cop-out.

    I’m taking this shit way too seriously.

    1. Yes… yes you are.

      Anyways, there’s always the offchance that Fushimi-sensei makes it a non-blood related ending which would kill the awkwardness. Most people have expressed that this would disappoint them though. There’s been a few times in the story where characters have mentioned that Kirino and Kyousuke don’t really look alike so the seeds have been planted.

  13. This episode really started after Kirino’s meh ‘boyfriend’ story part for me, so it was just one minute and thirty seconds long but was well worth the week’s wait, dat Kuroneko in dat white dress and dat HanaKana voice singing in the background working in perfect sync to end the show.. total HNNNGG moment there! <3

  14. Wow Zanibas, your obsession over Kuroneko that is showing in all your posts, like a little kid’s, is really annoying. I’m gonna stop reading, thanks for the covering till now.

    1. I show some SQUEEE! for Kirino, people bitch about it.
      I show some KYAAAA! for Kuroneko, people bitch about it.

      Is it so bad to show some genuine excitement for characters you care about? It’s clear that you only focused on the captions–please actually read my posts as a whole and get back to me on that. I appreciate criticism, but…

  15. First, Ayase and Emilia are the leading candidates for Best Faces of 2013 hahaha

    Everyone was being HNNNG inducing this episode! I laughed when Ayase was hurt that Kyosuke was being scared of her. Guess she doesn’t realise how scary her Yandare mode is hehe.

    I’m guessing that Saori did that to show that she genuinely supports Kyosuke since she took off her “Otaku” persona.

    To end off, I’m a Kyouske x Ayase shipper from the start but DAMN is Kuroneko moe. Brb getting a new heart.

    1. Guess she doesn’t realise how scary her Yandare mode is hehe.

      I interpreted it as through playing that galgame, she assumes that’s how you act to people you are interested in. Therefore she doesn’t understand why he’s scared.

      1. That’s surprisingly a really good theory. The only problem is that the love touch episode is a side-story that wasn’t featured in the novels. Very rarely do authors use things written as side material in the chronology of the series since a lot of fans wouldn’t even know about it then.

      2. Haha agree with Kuntzy on the good theory and why it sadly may not hold! I personally think she realises it’s a little scary but not “Kyousuke back against the wall whimpering” kind of scary haha

  16. Oh well, I think we have reached the divergence point.

    Ayase is out of the race, she is not even acknowledging any possiblity of her liking Kyosuke. Too much yan, not enogh dere. Still makes for fun moments for us viewers.
    Saori shows her true face, but Kyosuke is too busy to notice. Shame, really but Saori should have acted sooner.
    Kirino shows open jealousy towards Kyosuke. Where’s smoke, there’s fire!
    Kyosuke has been openly asked out by Shironeko.
    IMHO the reward (Kyosuke) should go to Shironeko, for her honest openess and effort.
    But in the end it will up to Kyosuke to decide his route.

    1. That’s kind of too early to confirm, you know.
      There’s 7 more episodes to go until the season finale
      (or 10, I heard there’ll be another 3 episodes for web-release like how they did for Season 1)

  17. I myself is a younger bro and I can be bitchy sometimes (who doesn’t?), but Kirino took everything a step further. This episode is hard to watch.
    And how is Kyousuke flirting? More like Kuroneko and other girls are flirting with him. He is the dimwitted MC that we always see in this genre of show.

    1. To be fair, he’s not entirely dimwitted–whereas most male protagonists of this genre are completely unaware of a girl’s feelings up till they scream it in their face, Kyousuke at least has some awareness of how people feel about him, at least for two cases. In terms of Ayase, I think that’s just the attitude he’s adopted when communicating with her, (disir)regardless(ly) of how she feels towards him.

      On a side note, I feel like romantic comedies have actually been getting better with their protagonists, or at least making them more nuanced. Tonari, Yahari, Haganai, NazoX, and Kotoura-san have all featured some better-than-average male protagonists. It warms my soul to see that deeper and/or competent leads are still a thing ^^.

  18. OMG IT’S HERE!!! Kuroneko FTW.

    Thank goodness for all the Kuroneko gloriness near the end, otherwise it would have been quite an infuriating experience watching this episode.

    Before this novel chapter, which this episode has faithfully adapted, I was on the fence on which girl was better, though slightly leaning towards Kuroneko, but I could tolerate Kirino’s bitchiness somewhat.

    But in this episode, the way Kirino, as a result of her brother-con jealousy, deciding to fake having a boyfriend just to spite Kyousuke was just too much for me, since then, I’ve been firmly in the Kuroneko “ship”.

    Kirino should count herself lucky her brother is such a masochistic sister-con to be able to suck up all that abuse she threw at him this episode. I sure wouldn’t put up with such shit, cute sister or not.

  19. I kinda figured the comments section was gonna end up like this for this episode, but it’s still pretty sad that there’s so many bitch comments about Kirino. You guys obviously haven’t met a real bitch if you can’t tell the difference between being bitchy and being a complete and utter bitch.

    Kirino’s shown on multiple occasions that she’s grateful for what Kyousuke’s done for her, she obviously treasures her friends and she works hard and doesn’t take short cuts to get what she wants. People just ignore this aspect and prefer to base their judgment on her purely by her relationship with Kyousuke that has obvious communication issues and not even a year ago was antagonistic (and she has a fairly good reason for this).

    This episode marks the very first time Kirino and Kyousuke were mutually honest with each other in the entire series and we have comments about people promoting violence against a 14 year old. Quite honestly, it’s pathetic.

    I will admit, I do ship wincest. However I don’t dislike any of the main girls at all. If Kyousuke were to end up with Ayase or Kuroneko I wouldn’t complain at all. It just sickens me to see people use derogatory names on characters just because they don’t like them.

    1. Stop trying to damage control for Kirino, she’s a terrible character that needs to get knocked down more than a few pegs.

      And Kyousuke is a character you’d find in a NTR Hentai anime/manga that is basically a pussy.

      In fact, that’s what this show is starting to remind me of, NTR.I thought I would’ve grown immune to NTR by now. I always hate the main guy that acts like a pussy more than the guy stealing his girlfriend/wife.

      I hope Shironeko reverse NTR Kirino so bad that Kyou stop giving any time of the day to Kirino.

      1. Anyways, here’s one thing I have to ask. Say Kirino stops hitting Kyousuke. She starts being upfront with her feelings of appreciation and she stops all of the things that make you hate her. Will your opinion of her change?

        I doubt it. You’ll just be petty and say that it doesn’t make up for all that she did previously.

        You’re not thinking about the situation. Like how Kyousuke gives her mixed signals. One second he’s busting his ass to help her out, next he says he hates her. He acts like being on a date with her disgusts him then he gets all sad at the notion that she has a boyfriend.

        You focus on one facet of her personality (the fake, bad one) and I focus on the other (the true, good one). She’s proven in the course of the show she’s not a bad person, it’s just about her needing to properly communicate how she really feels.

    2. @ Kuntzy:

      Raising the politically correct flag around here will get you nowhere. Kirino is a fictional character designed to attract a person’s honest feelings – & she’s doing a damn good job of it. Whether you like, dislike, or don’t care about her is up to you. Throwing out names at real people for their feelings toward a fictional character just shows what kind of person you are.

      See, I did that w/o calling any real person anything – it just sounds better that way.

      BTW, I’ll definitely throw out names to Kirino’s creator so that shows what kind of person I am too :p

      1. I have to say, I don’t see a single place in my post where I resorted to name calling. I’m completely above that garbage and there’s no point in name calling over the internet.

        Quite honestly, I’m pretty chill about people and their opinions but three weeks of “bitch this, bitch that” and “I hope she gets slapped/punched in the face” is really trying my patience and, fake character or not, is not cool at all.

        Also, my little therapy joke in response to your rage filled post was in jest because anybody who actually takes this seriously enough to actually get like that needs to get their priorities straight. You’re gonna have blood pressure problems if what was shown in this episode is enough to get you riled up.

      2. Yawn, people can type whatever they want to & have absolutely no feeling behind it or all the feeling in the world behind it. It’s useless to try to figure out a person’s feelings behind what they type because it’s as mysterious as the face behind the words. I already said that I was ready to troll this show. I’ll just leave it at that.

        Did you even see my reply to your therapy joke . . . it was a joke as well.

      3. *sigh* you’re one of those people huh.

        Clearly having a debate with you is pointless as we’re not even debating on the same level here. I have novel knowledge so I know exactly what’s coming up. I know Kirino’s exact motivations behind all this and I can sympathize with her as such.

        You on the other hand, only see what’s being shown and that’s fine. I’ve basically stated that calling her a bitch is a baseless and judgmental accusation that majority of people on here have no right to throw out. After all, let he who is without sin cast the first stone, right?

    3. It doesn’t really matter how she feels deep down, her feelings don’t affect people around her, her actions does that.Last time I checked it’s perfectly fine to judge people based on their actions.And immoral actions and behaviors are immoral regardless of one’s reasoning for it and having some good points isn’t a excuse either.

      1. And the only people who have a right to judge her by those actions are those that are affected by it. The characters in the show already understand her personality, it’s the one’s watching it that seem to have no clue whatsoever.

  20. Of course my opinion of her will change when she stops being a bitch.That’s called “Character Development”, something this show seems to have a real problem with.

    When did Kyou say he hates Kirino?I would have loved to see that.It seemed more like Kyou was embarrassed to date his sister, which is a normal reaction.The way he acted about the boyfriend thing isn’t normal.The way the Father acted was normal, as normal as a non drunk father would act.

    All the recent episodes have been about is the bad side of Kirino’s personality, so how can I focus on the good?

      1. Kyousuke showed through his actions that he loves Kirino a lot.
        He made a long line on midnight to buy her a new game; he prostrated himself before the anime staff that was adapting Kirino’s novel; he accompanied her on several “dates” to Akihabara and Comiket, etc. These are just a few of the efforts Kyousuke has taken to please his sister. And what does she do in exchange? Slap him and treat him like sh*t. I really don’t understand how can some fans still defend her.

        Son Gohan
      2. @Son Gohan

        The question was not if he hated her, it was when did he say he hated her and he did that a number of times. His actions don’t always coincide with his words.

    1. The main reason why I haven’t watched this show all the way through is because of it’s stagnant, cliché & somewhat hate-able characters. Most series like this have problems with character development because it’s a ‘popular’ series. Character development naturally involves change. So if the characters change then that may cause the overall feeling of the series to change, which may cause the popularity to take hit points.

      If I learned any about the Japanese over the decades besides their language & culture, it would have to be that they HATE change. That is why they can have an anime that’s loved throughout the country (with over 2200 episodes) that features absolutely NO character development.

    2. Yeah so this was obviously meant as a response to me.

      Being able to focus on the good parts are one of the keys to even being able to like tsundere’s in the first place. There’s no doubt in my mind that if someone met a tsundere in real life that they’d absolutely detest them, especially one to Kirino’s level. Unlike real life, we’re shown a clear view on how Kirino really feels, especially in this episode.

      And btw, I’m holding you to that statement.

  21. One of the problems with Kirino’s character is the lack of explanation for her attitude towards her brother. It is only hinted at and appears only peripheral to the story, but it’s not. If you take all the little bits and pieces that she has said you start to get a different picture (and this from a die hard Kuroneko/Shironeko fan). Kirino idolized her older brother when they were little, but at some point he rejected her for Minami who was his own age. This devastated her. Now she has him back in her life, but that feeling of betrayal is still there. Her comment about “The plain one and the black one” is telling. She still is deeply scarred from her previous rejection/betrayal and is afraid she will be “thrown away” again (her own words at one point) for another girl. When someone you deeply care for hurts you it’s devastating because of your vulnerability. She wants to be close to him but is afraid he’ll hurt her again so her anger provides a shield to keep him at a distance. The term fear-agression is really appropriate here.

  22. I can’t believe that no one has commented on how Kyousuke’s dad was extremely funny to watch. Where’s the drunk oyaji love? Where’s the comedic point-out that love for the family runs in the family? 😛

    1. With all the melodrama concerning Kyousuke and Kirino, Ayase going yandere, Saori in a rare moment of removing her glasses, and then of course, Kuroneko’s major bombshell, that Kyousuke’s dad got sorta overshadowed, unfortunately.

      I would really love to see a prequel of how on earth did he win Kyousuke’s mom’s heart. Perhaps he used to be a perverted wuss like Kyousuke back in his day? Though he’s managed to hide it well under his “strict dad” image, which is increasingly coming apart, hilariously.

      1. Sometimes the most restrictive parents are the ones who were the wildest when they were younger. “OMG, how did I manage to survive doing all those stupid things? I’ll be damned if I’ll let my kids do something so dangerous!”

  23. Kyousuke is an idiot…..

    He could just call Ayase and tell her that Kirino brings a boyfriend to home. Ayase will rush to his house and easily end this problem for him.

  24. What I’ve been thinking(hoping) in a general way was that all this was going on because the ‘family’ factor was more comfortable than building new relationship. Neither K nor K seem like they’re trying to stay together because they ‘love’ each other as lovers, but because its better than the unknown of having that convenient support system based on a deep, platonic relationship taken away. If one of them develops a ‘significant other’, then the other will feel they’ve lost twice; once losing a close partner, the other the sight of that person enjoying a relationship other than what they had. K and K’s relationship is also a substitute for a pair of bad parents. So – bottom line; I can understand the plot if they REALLY like each other, but it’s still platonic, and a big plot change that is is true would be if Shironeko gets the upper paw and Kyousuke is willing to take the chance. It would be quite a strain on the K and K relationship (Season 3?), but if K and S didin’t just abandon her, then maybe Kirino would be willing to open up for her own relationsip with their help. (I am SO trying to have this series make sense!!!)

  25. I don’t get why people like yandere. Ayase without her yandere face would be perfect for kyosuke. he really likes being with her without being nervous. on the contrary he is very excited even aroused. however because ayase has this yandere thing then kuroneko is number one.
    the only way for kirino to steal kyousuke would be if later on it is revealed that they are not blood related and that one of them was adopted.
    finally why do most yandere girls look horrible in their yandere mode? at least in school days the girls looked nice even when they were in yandere mode.

  26. There’s a very different vibe from Kyousuke and his “incestuous or not” feelings from this season that is a little off putting for me compared to the first one. I end up feeling kind of embarrassed watching his rather bold declarations of feelings for Kirino. I’m sure it’s part of the appeal for some people and might even be faithful to the light novels, but it’s something that’s hard for me to shrug off.

  27. this came super late though, but that’s cause I’ve been listening to KuroNeko’s voice on repeat for 2 days now.

    I. Have. Been. Waiting. For. This. For. Years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I mean it’s a weird feeling that the moment you waited for finally came but now it’s so bittersweet because you can enter into that 2D world and see it actually happening and be with KuroNeko…


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