「―スタンディング・ベイベーション―」 (—Sutandingu. Beibeeshon—)
“Standing Ovation”

I think there’s just something about crazy psycho killer children that makes me cringe – in a bad way. Not only is it extremely creepy, but I’ve read one too many articles about children killing their own parents which makes me quite uneasy. Perhaps that’s why I don’t want children anymore… There’s also a bunch of horror movies focused on kids being possessed or “talking to themselves” and I think that’s added to my avoidance of creepy children. Not that there isn’t something deeply wrong with all the characters in Crime Edge but why am I judging Emily? Probably because she fits into this stereotypical image of scary kids that I have in my head and it really makes me upset that she seems so overpowered this episode.

The beginning of this episode actually started off very lightheartedly. We find out that Iwai’s hair isn’t growing down to the ground anymore. This makes her panic (out of fear that Kiri would probably not see her the same way anymore), thus making Kiri believe that he’s done something wrong. Wow… this really is the epitome of couple’s miscommunication huh? Although I really don’t think this is something that Iwai should hide from Kiri… especially after their little confession last episode. Confession = boyfriend/girlfriend status? I swear this only happens in high school. As you grow older, you realize that confessions does not equate to “in a relationship”; although it’s always nice to hear out loud that someone likes you. What Iwai and Kiri need to learn now is how to depend on one another and actually share their thoughts without playing these mind games and second-guessing. However, despite these small little scenes, I cannot empathize how much I love anime that actually showcase couples together while the series plays out. Not in some 30 second scene at the end of the finale, but actual couples that get together and stay together.

Emily Redhands (Hidaka Rina) is our newest author this week and it’s no surprise what her weapon of choice is; we’ve already seen a hint of her Killing Goods last episode. She carries a dozen or so knives which she claims are her own creations passed down by her father whom she cares so fondly for. Her father also happens to be dead though and it’s revealed that she holds a deep grudge for Iwai (for unknown reasons at the moment). I don’t want to jump to conclusions but from the sounds of it, they could potentially be related (since Iwai was also attached to her own father who was murdered) although it’d be odd that Iwai has no real recollections of Emily. Half-sister maybe? I’m interested to see how Iwai plans to stop Emily because Kiri doesn’t seem to be in the position to defend himself (let alone his girlfriend). Then there’s Violet who shows up at Emily’s house and Seigi was a smart guy because he foreshadowed their relationship. I’m not sure what Violet’s intentions are, but it seems like Emily is her bet to win and whom she expects to take down the Queen. We’ll have to see how that holds up and whether or not Emily actually strikes but without any interference, even I wouldn’t bet against her. Like I said… creepy overpowered children playing with knives scare me.

As a side note… my fellow writers have discussed Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge as part of this mid-season podcast so go check it out! It’s made me really glad that I decided to pick up this show since I believe it deserves the coverage that it’s gotten and then some. Definitely a pleasant surprise in this season’s line-up, so I’d consider it a huge accomplishment if I could get just one more person to enjoy it too.

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  1. Well, it does seem that Emily is OP, but that might have something to do with her Goods. Like she said, those aren’t regular Killing Goods, they are artificial, and custom made. And if you think they are OP now, wait till next episode when they explain the side effects.

      1. Apparently this episode was proof that they only use Sephia’s whenever blood is involved. Its a weird way to “censor” it by removing the red color. I guess they don’t want us to see the blood splurt out in its full red glory?

  2. I guess the last two episodes will just be a cliffhanger because the last chapter I read was what happens in the next episode.

    It could go for an anime original ending, but I doubt that now because I just can’t see how that can be pulled off since they’re sticking to the source so far.

    At least with a cliffhanger, there is still a possibility for a second season for when the manga gets even further along or ends.I wouldn’t put it pass the anime studio if they pulled a Magi and decided to make another season later.

    Emily is overpowered as hell, especially her Killing Goods effect.

    If I’m not mistaking didn’t they show red blood from the beginning, but now all of a sudden it’s black, wtf is that shit.As if the “sepia” color bullshit didn’t bother me already smh.Stop the censoring! Or at least release an uncensored version like Hyakka Ryouran has.

    At least then I could use Based FFF’s subs instead of Anime Koi, who I have no issue with, but FFF is superior.

  3. I’ve noticed more and more over the weeks how well animated this show is. Look up close at some of the screens and you’ll find that the color in the shots is really nice.

  4. I think there’s just something about crazy psycho killer children that makes me cringe – in a bad way.

    Gave me the same gut feeling that I got from watching Child’s Play– except it wasn’t unpleasant in any way since the trauma of watching Child’s Play at the tender age of five has since desensitized me to such things…XP


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