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Despite the sickness, the pain, the sobriety, five writers have come together to discuss the state of the current season, and then some. Welcome to the Spring 2013 Mid-Season podcast! Our lovely cast today will be discussing and rambling on a number of shows this season, as well as making wild predictions about some of the more popular shows this season! Sit back, get some popcorn, and enjoy the eighth Random Curiosity Podcast!

Note: We are on the lookout for someone to help out with editing and podcast cleaning. There are no specific requirements (basic training will be provided), though a background in audio editing is always a plus. The only requirement is to be available to edit sometime from Saturday to Wednesday during podcast weeks. If you’re interested in editing audio or possibly transcribing our episodes, shoot an email for more details at…

my correspondence email.

Now go enjoy people ramble! Or not.

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      1. So it’s not just Kuroneko’s imoutos at stake but now Hiratsuka sensei’s at stake as well!No1’s safe from Stilt’s anymore!(I wonder who’s next on your list)

    1. The universe would also implode into a quantum singularity if Seishun were to join in without prior warning.

      More preparation was likely necessary to be able to contain that mysterious power.

  1. YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED STEINS;GATE STILTS?! =O *will not judge, will not judge*
    It’s ok… I haven’t watched Shingeki at all this season so… Takaii and I will be in the same boat =) At least I know the name of the show though… >_> lol

    I love Soul Eater!! I’d love for them to finish it =3 Although I haven’t read the manga either.
    Guys… the bloopers are half the actual podcast length =X That’s a long call on Skype lol

    1. I’ll get to it, I swear! Good shows need to stop coming out during seasons where I’m slacking ;_;

      And yeah, Zephy and I went on for like 30 minutes past everyone else while I freaked out about the recording software more and continued to pregame. It was fun 😀

  2. slightly disappointed by the lacy of shoutouts to Zettai Bouei Leviathan and Yuyushiki. the latter is ridiculously funny, and both have the best OPs and EDs i’ve heard in a very long time.

  3. Seriously someone send the past Stilts a D-Mail, he really needs to watch S;G. xD
    Awesome podcast guys, but I gotta feeling next time I will not be listening to it again while I’m driving, I laugh and got distracted a lot, it’s quite dangerous. xP
    And yeah, “Hataraku Maou-sama! A Great Anime!”

    1. I mention these things on podcasts so that I’ll feel ashamed and put aside the time to watch it. It hasn’t worked so far, Orz. I shouldn’t have put so many points in my “Resist vs Shame” stat!

  4. I’m waiting for the series to finish, so I haven’t watched it yet, but Attack on Titan wasn’t really mentioned too much. It seems to me that this show is taking the anime community by storm, and is at the least considered the best show of Spring 2013.

    Am I wrong in thinking that? Or have these bloggers simply not watched it yet? I might’ve missed the part where they mentioned it since I’ve skipped certain parts to prevent spoilers, but from the sounds of it, it seems Oregairu and Hataraku seem to be #1.

    1. Most of the reason was that since it’s a two cour, it’s something to be discussed a little bit more down the line eh. So we focused more on series that will end this season than anything this time around.

      1. @Kairi: Great review on those episodes of Eureka 7. That point in the series marks the part that I like best; most of those episodes in the 20’s and 30’s were really special.

        Strangely, that’s the part of the series most people seem to dislike, calling it useless filler or whatnot. It’s amazing, since I consider some of those episodes to be among the best I’ve ever seen in any anime.

        @kage: Don’t get me started on Bones. This is a short snippet of what happens when you get me started on Bones.

      2. Ah nope. I was actually referring to the review of the series as a whole which is at 6 posts right now and has six more incoming. Each post is approximately that long, but if I linked to the category it wouldn’t have made a strong a point.

  5. Halfway through listening this and I should say what an awesome discussion you guys have here!

    Personally I felt that the discussion on Gargantia would have a different tone assuming that the podcast was recorded this week. (I take it this was recorded before all the big revelations?) The Urobutcher never fails to disappoint…

    For Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge, I always go into an episode never expecting much but boy it gives me the shivers everytime I watch it especially that episode where our 2 protagonists almost kissed….

    I just watched today’s Maou-sama and boy it’s as funny as ever.

    I need to pick up OreSeishun I guess…… 🙂

    1. Yes, both of those are absolute necessities. Fullmetal Panic has so much material left to cover that multiple sequels could be made.

      And Darker than Black, well, that was practically a cliffhanger at the end of Ryuusei no Gemini. So many questions left unanswered…

      1. There was a rumor about half a year ago about a Darker than Black prequel,featuring the events in North America.I think it would be better to start off with that since then they could leave the sequel(which would probably be the final one)for another time.Besides,what DtB fan would say no to more Amber and Hei’s sister Pai?:P

  6. yes!!! Finally someone for the females! If Kairi wasn’t there, you guys would have gotten away with saying females are crazy haha.

    @stilts, it’s okay!! I haven’t seen Steins Gate yet either 🙁 but my excuse is better than yours buddy, so there will be no judgement coming my way haha. And yes, you never, ever, run out of alcohol.

    The bloopers were awesome, and last but not least, loved the background music in the beginning… awesome 🙂

      1. Let me clarify… yes girls can be crazy, but my point was that it’s not just us, guys can be crazy too!!!

        Man cherrie, now what I was going to say is going to make me seem crazy… thanks for nothing 🙂 hahaha

  7. Great podcast! I agree that episode 5 and 6 of Gargantia really could have been condensed into one and some crass choices in both episodes (stereotypical transvestites and that whole belly dancing nonesense) did seem out of place in this series. I really wish this series was 24 episodes as there is a bunch they could have done with contrasting Ledo’s and Gargantia’s societies. I keep wondering what the education system on Gargantia is like, if there is a social class system, and despite them always bringing up the right ways of doing things in their society, they never lay out what their laws are (which would have been a good starting point for integrating Ledo into this place). Also, what the heck did Ledo and his people eat in space!? In regards to Oregairu I’m really happy that Hikki is unashamed, nor embarrassed about his attraction to Saika. Its actually very refreshing to see this in an anime and it would be cool if they developed this subject further as well

  8. Kairi’s voice is moe~

    Great podcast, guys. Crazy that this season is more than halfway through already. Time sure does fly! Just wondering, will you be covering Shingeki no Kyojin in the next podcast?

      1. LOL, yes I am a perverted Seishun OTOKO, took you long enough to figure that out 😛
        The sausage quota for the RandomC podcast has been filled, I’ve been eternally banned from it :3

  9. Nice job w/ the podcast everyone. A few comments FWIW:

    – Muromi-San: This has to be the biggest surprise for me this season – one of my favorites this season. Big FLCL fan (impossible to miss “Tak-kun” reference) so the humor’s dead on for me. But as crazy as the humor is, it’s also smart. A whole episode is based upon a joke revolving around the evolution of sea mammals. It’s not all “football in the groin” (or even “suggestively caressed cucumbers” LOL) type humor, and IMO all the better for it. Lastly, agree 100% about the OP and song – one of the few shows that watch the OP every episode), though TBH, I prefer the anime OP version rather than the intermission version.

    – Yahari: One thing I like about Hachiman is that not only is he quite perceptive and intelligent, but he has a great deal of self-confidence about himself and his atypical view on life despite his outcast status. While his view on life may be skewed a too far towards one end of the bell curve, I find him a refreshing change from the stereoptypical rom-com male lead. I do think that in some ways he has made progress in his attitude. JMO, I don’t think the “old Hachiman” would have gotten involved/helped anyone at all. Perhaps inches rather than miles, but progress exists nonetheless.

    While I agree with Enzo’s point about Yukino pushing others away, I don’t think it’s 100% on her end. In EP 01 she talks about the harassment she received in elementary school due to classmate jealousy. One thing that I don’t think was mentioned in the podcast was the effect of her family. We got hints of a tyrannical, hard-to-please mother, and more clearly shown her “inferiority” when compared to her “perfect” older sister Haruno. There’s an interesting dichotomy in how she doggedly follows in her sister’s footsteps, yet at times struggles to break free from Haruno’s overwhelming shadow in order to maintain her own identity rather than be viewed as “Haruno’s cute, but less capable imouto”.

    IMO the show has definitely distinguished itself from Hagura, but like Hagura, the complex (though often more subtle) relationships and character idiosyncrasies make it something special.

    – Maou-Sama: Could not agree more with Enzo – it’s the execution that makes this a very good/great show rather than “pretty good/nothing special” one.

    1. finished listening to the podcast, now listening to the bloopers.

      is this all done over a skype call or something? how’d you guys manage to all get people together to record this?

      1. Now that I finished listening to the entire podcast, can’t help being impressed with the sheer amount of whiskey consumed throughout this podcast and how you were still able to stay sane. That in itself is extra points. XD

        There were many great things, but I won’t go on ramble here. Awesome podcast guys, looking forward to more.

  10. i’m skipping to the seishun love come now, honestly, the main character Hachimon is definitely the most humane anime character i ever seen. his personality is so humane and most relate-able for otaku, i’m pretty his view on life is basically most anime fans’ view on life as well.


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