「狩るもの、狩られるもの」 (Karu mono , kara rerumono)

“The Hunter and the Hunted”

Not for the first time, Majestic Prince has surprised me in its ability to present considerable information dump in a way that is not only intriguing, but also somewhat decipherable. The latest episode continues to flesh out its world-building effort and I was frankly quite amazed at how many questions were elucidated in a mere twenty minutes. The formal introduction of the Wulgaru defectors, Teoria (Itou Shizuka) and Daneel (Suzuki Chihiro), came with both answers and new mysteries, but it seems like our suspicion is just about correct – the humans and Wulgaru did originate from the same gene pool, and that’s the reason why their appearances look very much alike. Aptly pointed out by Commander Simon, the Wulgaru’s gene-hunting activities can best be explained by an analogy with the venture of fishery. In this instance, their genes – as opposed to juvenile fishes – were distributed across the universe in the hope that one day, the evolved beings of Wulgaru’s genetic origins could be harvested as supplements – one which could enhance their own exhausting vitality.

There’s certainly no clear-cut answer as to whether the Wulgaru is in the right or wrong, and the debate over here, to some extent, is akin to the one Urobuchi Gen raised in Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. On the one hand, the Wulgaru are simply pursuing what they deemed as the best route for survival and their current endeavors no different from reaping the harvest of a successful experimental project – after all, without the Wulgaru, there will be no humans! On the other hand, there’s the question surrounding the basic rights of an evolved sentient being – one that possesses a consciousness at a similar level – and whether the superior alien race should have the prerogative to rob them of their future. Clearly, Teoria has sided with the latter, but the consequence of her action is one that could lead to the extinction of her own people and no matter how you put it, that’s an extremely costly price to pay – an outcome that I suspect, she’s fully aware of!

Of course, it’s not just the viewers who are confounded, the latest bombshell has also presented a fascinating dilemma for Team Rabbit. I don’t think there’s any question that the Zannen 5 is struggling through an identity crisis of their own and they definitely have every right to question the intent of the higher-ups in charge. What is their role in this war and are they nothing more lab rats or in this case, rabbits to the humans – those are just some of the issues at hand that understandably give cause for concern and the introduction of a looming “love pentagon” is only going to complicate matters further. I am especially intrigued by the enigmatic connection between Izuru and Teoria, and as it turns out, the Wulgaru noblewoman is an old friend of Izuru’s and it seems like the both of them shared a bond that is reasonably familiar in the past. It’s not at all clear what the exact nature of their relationship is, but the pronounced impact that such a revelation had on Izuru is more than conspicuous – the love-struck adolescent could barely conceal the amusement from his face. Needless to say, I have yet to write off Kei as a potential love interest for Izuru, but what comes next for the romantic subplot is, indeed, hard to call and I suspect there’s going to be waves of drama and commotion before all the facts are finally buttoned down.

Then there’s the question besieging Teoria’s relation to Jiart and what it means to the present war. As Kei pertinently adverted to, both Jiart and Teoria looked suspiciously resembling and the fact that Teoria refused to divulge more information about the prince indicates a certain secret that she intends to hide. Speaking of Jiart, the ace pilot of the Wulgaru has indeed, indentified Izuru as his prey and it’s not just the pilot of Red 5 who has been targeted, every single one of the Zannen 5 has been recognized as a superior mark by the roundtable of Wulgaru generals. There’s probably more action to come on that score and as the massive information unload draws to a close, I expect the drama and suspense to pick up in the next few weeks – and the sighting of a Wulgaru craft on Mars, no question, points to that direction!

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tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #MajesticPrince 10: Did Urobuchi Gen invade Majestic Prince this week? I was quite amazed at how many questions were answered in a mere twenty minutes. #Anime

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  1. The Wulgaru are pretty much what the Earthers are in Vandread who harvest human oegans from colonists.

    Heh~ Jiart is humanizing his prey. Now I see comparison and contrast between GKMJP and Suisei no Gargantia.

    In Gargantia two groups picked different survival strategies to outlast an ice age. One the Evolvers picked transhumanism making them space squid snails. The other the Continental Union found that route idiotic and picked making space travel possible by making colony fleets and wormhole gates. The Evolvers became the Hideauze a lifeform that is very adaptable in space at the cost of their humanity and intelligence. The Continental Union became the Galactic Alliance of Humanity a society forced to be a Social Darwinist Communist regime due to constant war with the Hideauze.

    Here the Wulgaru thought themselves an evolutionary dead end.So they seeded their species throughout the galaxies so they can harvest them later. Culling the weak taking the strong in their hunts. Earth took the Augment route (Star Trek reference)so they can colonize space to cover their weaknesses. Those Augments are the Wulgaru’s prized targets. AKA Team Rabbits.

    What MJP Earth did was light Transhumanism while the Evolvers in Gargantia is stupid Transhumanism. The Galactic Alliance culls the weak from their own and the strong that survive pass their genes to the next generation. Wulgaru cull the weak and harvests the strong to assimilate them to their gene pool.

  2. If humans can beat their “creators” it would be a definite case of experiment gone awry…
    Reminds me the dialogue from “Shogun”
    Toranaga: Rebellion against lawful rulers is most heinous crime and sin!
    Blackthorne: Not if you win!

    1. I love Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199!!! Making five posts a week is unfortunately all I can manage at the moment, but who knows, maybe I’ll do a snapshot post of it when I find the time 😉

      1. +100 points! That’s more like it!

        The awkward way that it is being released makes this show hard to follow and be popular, especially in western audiences. However, it is based on one of the most legendary anime and it is truly exceptional in its own right! I think a snapshot post is something it truly deserves; more people need to know about it and give it a shot!

    1. -_- you’re seriously asking this now of all times…and yes, it is. I has one of the best CGI fight animations out there and the characters are all likeable (with the exception of the deuchy old commander) and the plot isn’t as simple as some might have put it off as in the beginning. Also I got to say….Izuru uses hair gel?! Rarely do we see a majority of a guy’s hair come undone in the shower in anime (kind of killing that “I was born naturally with this hair style *ahem* Yugioh *ahem* saying)

      1. Alternately, if you’re not a fan of the character designer, it’s going to get through the show having to look at it the whole time. Yes, the mech designs are unique, but a lot of mech shows tend to prioritize mech designs over story. As for the characters being likable, that’s…debatable. I can see why people like them, but a lot of their interactions just ticked me off.

        There, Pringles. You now have two differing and objective views. The rest is up to you.

        Captain Sunshine
      2. I should have worded my question a little better, but I was in such a hurry it ended up coming a bit rude.

        What I wanted to say was: “I haven’t had much time to watch anime and because of that, I am only watching a few anime this season. However, each time I saw an episode of Majestic Prince pop out on randomc I found myself intrigued, yet hestitant to watch something I don’t know if I’ll enjoy or not.” That’s why I wanted to perspective. But thanks, I guess I’ll give it a try and if I like it, I’ll pick it up!

    2. I’m been keeping an eye on Valverde (meh), Sunsei (not bad), Hatakara (ok), Yahari (decent), MJP (awesome).

      The only reason I don’t watch Shinjeki is because I already read the manga.

      Personally, the only anime that I really look forward to each week this season is this series.

  3. I’m one of your female readers! Thought I’d let you know for future reference lol. Also I have to mention how much I really like this show. I was originally drawn in by the unique character styles and what (at first) appeared to be a parody of sci-fi classics. But now I have to say I’m really impressed with the plot and the character development as the show progresses. I also really enjoy the fight/action sequences. I definitely look forward to every new episode and of course every new post. Thanks Seishun!

    1. I am also a female reader and loved that shot of Toshikazu!

      I must agree with you on the plot, character development and action scenes. I really wasn’t expecting much from this show and didn’t think I would stick around for it, but 10 episodes later and I’m still here and loving it!

    2. Thanks for saying such nice things – I’ve gotten a number of emails/tweets from female readers. Love you gals 😉
      I’m glad you’re enjoying MJP. The show hasn’t been gaining much traction from the mainstream audiences and that’s quite unfortunate. This little gem is a real treat :3

  4. wow! thet info dump gave gave me a sort of macross/vandread vibe to the series. and that is in a good way.

    i am certainly surprised at how majestic prince is turning out to be more philosophical (or at least deeper) than i thought it would be. on that one, it can be argued that, while the wulgaru’s methods can be argued as wrong, the MJP project can be said as being no better. as kei has put it, these teenages are also being used as lab rats for a sick experiment.

    and jiart is starting to become quite an interesting character now. i can see him going several routes already
    1. he ends up defecting to the humans’ side.
    2. he ascends as king (in case galkie dies) and pursues diplomatic relationships between the wulgaru and the humans in the end.
    3. or he *gasp* dies heroically for his people

    teoria’s response pretty much confirms (to me at least) that she and jiart are siblings (dunno, probably of different mothers)

    and i really can’t wait to see how the romantic subplot unfolds.

  5. Tamaki and Izuru have something in common: The romance puts them enthusiastic.

    Kei and Asagi have something in common: They started with a disadvantage. I’d like to see them together, but the law of “opposites attract” is very strong and Asagi by the moment I see him in plan on doing nothing. Depression will be bad for his stomach.

    Suruga: This has been a fun character. I hope he finds someone special. LOL XD.

  6. if the Wulgaru wanted to harvest humans as supplements to enhance their own life, then why the hell are they turning humans into burning crisps instead of you know….ABDUCTING HUMANS
    So far all we see from the Wulgaru is them blasting humans to kingdom come. Unless it was happening offscreen,at no point in the series did we see them collecting humans,dead or alive, for harvesting

    1. I think this is more like sadistic farming in a sense. It’s like they are weeding out the weak ones first until what is left are the ones they deem to be with superior genes. And then they collect those once the species is subjugated. They havent done that yet because the humans are putting a fight. Also this is not about extending their lifespan as individuals, more like extending their genetic diversty as a specie, the genes are what they pass on to the next generation. And this has also been integrated to their cultural belief down the line.

      Or so i think 😉

  7. Hi, (cuz you were wondering XD) I am also one of your female readers here and I faithfully follow all your Valvrave and Majestic Prince posts. Thank you for the Asagi screenshot this week! Love it! X3

    To be honest, I didn’t expect to like Majestic Prince this much, but this show just keeps growing on me more and more each week! I love the cheeky character interaction; it makes the show quite refreshingly entertaining for a mecha, imho. In that same sense, Valvrave is really fun to watch too! Banzai for this season’s mecha! Thanks Seishun for the posts!


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