All hail the unaware yandere!

「俺の妹がウエディングドレスを着るわけがない」 (Ore no Imouto ga Uedingu Doresu o Kiru Wake ga Nai)
“My Little Sister Can’t Wear a Wedding Dress”

Today’s episode served two main purposes today. One was to keep Ayase alive as a main character and apparent love interest, while the other was to maintain the feelings of renewed siblingship that Kirino and Kyousuke share. I don’t know where they were going with the first, but the second part definitely gives the show a sense of stability, calming the worries of those who thought Kirino and Kyosuke’s relationship would falter.

As the final light novel has been released, no tolerance will be made for anyone who attempts to spoil the ending. I will not tolerate such offense and such comments will be deleted on sight.


OP9: 「星くずこすぷれ☆うぃっち!です!・おめが」 by Kuno Misaki

Ranking highly on the initial character poll from the first episode’s post, Ayase is indeed one of the more, if not the most popular side-character in the show. She’s beautiful, yandere, and above all else knows how to put her onii-san in place. Any other time would’ve been a welcome addition to her flirtatious moods, but having an episode coming right off of what was such a resolute ending is…a bit distasteful in my opinion.

I want you to pay close attention to this magazine it’s obviously the September issue, right? Keep this in mind.

I mean, I love Ayase as much as the next fan, but man, it’s been less than a month, possibly less than a week. I get that the joke is supposed to be that Ayase is finally starting to believe in onii-san’s joking around, but such jokes dilute and take away from the inherently good feelings and messages that the last episode presented. If there was any other time for the anime producers to take action in reshuffling arcs, this would be the time (if this already wasn’t a product of shuffling itself). Kuroneko, Kirino, and Ayase would benefit well from well-grouped arcs, despite how cute all of them can be.

Ayase is just so darned cute when she’s flabbergasted or wrong.

I do have to give the episode some credit though–it did point out the blaring problems associated with Kyousuke constantly harassing Ayase–eventually such behavior would’ve bit him in the butt School Days style if left without address. Even Kyousuke has his limits on how much he can mindlessly make fun of his angel without repercussions. Normally such resolutions don’t ever occur in the romantic comedy, especially when it comes to side characters. The harassment plays more a role as a gag joke to give energy to the character interactions, rather than anything to actually be explored. I give the show props for doing this, even if it was a bit of a rushed and slightly tacked-on development. After all, there was no indication that Ayase would actually take these words seriously until this episode. Now that it’s become a trigger for displaying Ayase’s attraction to Kyousuke, one can’t help but ask…why now?

Onee-chan has to keep Ayase on her chain, lest blood be spilled early.


Okay, back to the dates. Earlier in this episode, Ayase’s calendar indicated that this phone call was made in September, although here, Kyousuke hasn’t changed his calendar yet for unclear reasons (though it does make for a clear chronology of the past few episodes). However, Kyousuke was still harassing Ayase even when the past magazine’s September issue featuring Ayase came out. Inconsistency? D:

Ayase be covering her embarrassment in anger.

Kyousuke actually looks pretty dashing in his manager disguise.


We continue to see just how widespread Meruru culture is.

Ayase calls Kyousuke a liar, but then this happens. It’s adorable hypocrisy!

Our poor blonde cosplayer has to fear at least one person per episode.

Now we wait for the cosplayers cosplaying the cosplayer cosplaying an anime character in an anime set in an anime.

I’m slightly disappointed that she didn’t go full yandere here.


Though his heart is pure, Kyousuke can’t help but notice the subtle curves of the female body. It sucks being a slave to sexuality.

I feel like this is less a sad case of censorship and more a parody of how things get censored in anime broadcasts. Here’s to hoping it stays in the BD release to prove a point!

Placing that part of the episode aside though, I was very much pleased that Kyousuke and Kirino have retained their good-natured bond past the last episode. Reversions at this point would be a waste, and it’s about darn time that the two of them start to go soft on one another. Despite the continual trouble the seem to get one another in, the embarrassment generated is just another form of kinship for them. After all, did you see the look in Kirino’s eyes when she saw that godly bike? Kyousuke sure does know how to make an entrance, and Kirino knows it would be a shame to turn him away after all that effort. Heck, she even gives him a nice little unheard thank you at the end, though in the end she’s still too embarrassed to be TOO open about that.

Are we playing Soul Calibur now?

There are some weird vibes that came along with seeing them dressed in a fitting bride and groom dress, but overall the sentiment was preserved fairly well. Kirino is still a likable character and Kyousuke still goes out of his way to help everyone around him. It’s a bit repetitive of a nature from last episode, but it’s a repetition I welcome gladly, especially since it avoids a relapse we all wish to dodge. I hope this isn’t foreshadowing anything too explicit in the future though–that’d be too easy, and I hope that Kyousuke actually does have to battle out who he chooses to be with, if anyone. Then again, if the next title seems to indicate anything, a harem ending might just be in the works, even if it is an extra episode…

It almost turned into an episode of Crime Edge…almost.

But then that confession comes, and now…wow. After a brief moment of shock, I recollected myself and muttered, “there’s no way that this show can progress this quickly!”

Full-length images: 23, 29, 30.


Awww, she’s getting better! I love how they’re growing closer and not oscillating back and forth!


ED8: 「Reunion」 by ClariS


I have no idea what’s going to happen next episode. Any guesses from non-novel readers?

End Card

I await the day this actually gets adapted because ideas have run dry.


  1. Again, if you didn’t read the excerpt or the post: as the final light novel has been released, no tolerance will be made for anyone who attempts to spoil the ending. I will not tolerate such offense and such comments will be deleted on sight.

    Thank you for your future cooperation. I do not want to release yanderes upon any of you. :3

    P.S: I would’ve released this hours ago if not for that terrible full-length of Ayase. Parallax sucks. It’s still late, so please beat me with your biggest stick :P.

  2. There’s no inconsistency with the magazine, for the first few scenes with Ayase before her phone call to Manami took place BEFORE Kyousuke started dating Kuroneko. Magazines in Japan usually sell their monthly issues a month in advance, so Kyousuke must have bought it sometime early August, which is still before Summer Comiket from 10th to 12th.

    In fact, chronologically, those scenes ought to take place before that, though A-1 Studios thought they might get in the way of the drama of Kirino’s fake boyfrind and Kyousuke’s brief date with Kuroneko, hence the delay of those scenes till now.

    1. Ah, thanks for that bit on magazines and their weird months–I never really got why magazines do that. Perhaps it’s creating the perception of what’s current?

      Also yes, it probably was a wise move to not follow the scenes purely chronologically–having Ayase on-board would distract from the issue at hand, though as a trade-off I suppose it would have made for a better transition to today’s episode, which felt largely detached imo.

      1. It’s mainly for longer shelves-life. If you release an issue on September 1st as “September issue”, then you’ll only have around 30 days before that issue “expired”.

        Several years in printed publication taught me that 🙂

      2. Its kinda like cars if you think about it
        The year of make is one ahead the year it is actualy released.
        We might never know why in the world they do things like this
        but truth’s truth, they release the mag a month early.

    2. As an LN reader, I could pretty much guess the chronology of Ayase’s part of the episode.
      But for those who only watched the anime, I guess it could be confusing.
      Shall I present the order of events from LN to anime conversion, as I remember it then, in spoiler mode for the confused anime watchers?
      Its related to this episode only, nothing to do with future episodes or the final LN.
      Show Spoiler ▼

  3. When the OP played, I thought I was watching the wrong anime. So when will they do a Maschera OP as well?

    With only 2-3 episodes left, I get a strong feeling they’ll follow the dual ending format used in season 1, with a normal end for the TV Airing, and a true end for the BD releases. (If I have my way, have the true end totally different from the light novel as well, for good measure. )

      1. As a side note, I was sad when ClariS didn’t appear live as their anime-fied selves. I would’ve loved to see them adapted in full-on anime form, rather than some tweening animation like in irony 🙁

  4. Oh, as a side-note everyone, please also try to refrain from hinting at what your impressions of the ending of the light novel are. It seems draconian, but for the sanity of everyone here, refrain from doing so if possible. Due to how the possible endings are laid out for this series, it starts becoming spoilerish if everyone is expressing how they felt the ending was [emotion here].

    In fact, it’s probably best not to mention the light novel end at all. Saves us all a terrible fate that Shingeki no Kyojin has suffered.

    1. some men just want to see the world burn.

      i’m hoping for the best though.

      just for clarification’s sake i’m assuming that spoilers even in tags will not be tolerated.

    2. Well said Zanibas. So, in order to keep the discussion away from spoilers , let’s start with the easy things:
      Bridget Evans cosplaying is pure MOE. KyoAni need to use her in their next show!

    3. If people really want to discuss the LN ending and post their feelings about it, I’d advise they sign up to animesuki and go into the LN thread. It’s always annoying as sh*t when people ruin others enjoyment for the sake of e-peen or some crap.

      (Though the guy I was most worried about seems like he’s not going to. Yay.)

    4. I find it weird that knowing the destination ruins the ride for people. If I know how something ends it forces me to pay that much more attention to spot all the sleight-of-hand tricks. I find myself enjoying a show more if I know how it ends, same with books. Of course, I can understand that for a majority of people it is the opposite.

      Understandable, but still weird.

      Can’t say anything about the episode as it would violate the rules except that I enjoyed it.

      1. You see, this is purely an anime blog (branching into manga lately though). You can go to plenty of other sites in which you can discuss the light novel with people who actually are on even terms with you. If people want to spoil it for themselves, all the power to them. They can go find these sites (because, you know, google’s so hard) and there you go, you know the ending.

        Some people just like to enjoy the ride while it lasts and worry about whether the ending ruins the show for them after the fact, though I can absolutely understand where you’re coming from. But if the series has an awesome ending that was an absolute blast to watch, would you rather witness it yourself or have someone tell you beforehand and ruin all the suspense?

  5. OMG! Kyousuke’s barrel spins would have made Chihayafuru’s Nishida proud! “Lovely, my angel, Ayase-tan!” – Even on the phone No wonder Ayase wants to kill him!

    For anyone curious about the dates on Kyou’s calendar, Kuroneko confessed to him on the 15th and they broke up on the 26th at the fireworks festival.

    I’m glad we get to see Kanako again. God…. She’s an airhead with people’s names I guess, she Doesn’t know that Kyousuke’s Kirino’s brother?? And Bridget!!But I really want to know what Ayase meant by “she cause me one day when I was punishing Kanako”….

    I still don’t get what’s so obscene about Meruru that they have to censor it? That bike!! I’m agreeing with Kirino, Mikagami is awesome…that’s all I’m gonna say….

    Kirino!! You have to save your brother!! You’re lucky that he’s biking you to the concert and you get to ride in a wedding dress!! 🙂

    I’m guessing that implies the Kirino route???!!! Judging by the title card for the next episode and the final scene. “little sisters can’t barge in to their brothers who lives alone” hmm….

    1. I still don’t get what’s so obscene about Meruru that they have to censor it? That bike!! I’m agreeing with Kirino, Mikagami is awesome…that’s all I’m gonna say….

      The child in the taxi said Meru was naked and that’s why his mom covered his eyes.

    1. Although it takes me way more time to churn out a post, the filmstrip format actually offers some flexibility that I’ve only begun to discover. I figured people might like it if the full-shots were featured directly on the post. Anyone disagree?

      Also, Banzais being an anagram of my name is completely unintentional :P.

  6. I was a bit displeased with the 1st half of this episode,the 2nd was okay,especially after such a strong & awesome previous ep.

    Of course,that’s mostly because while I came to like Kirino much more this season,on par with Kuroneko and even more if I’m to think about the last episode alone,I can’t say the same for Ayase.I really,REALLY can’t find anything to like in her rather than her looks(okay,and maybe Hayami Saori’s voice so that would be 2).So much time devoted to her was ugh > < Kyousuke also acts out of character when around her and while some people would say that "Well Kirino also brings out the worst in him!",this is on a totally different level.Both his & Ayase's behaviour this episode also felt so damn sudden and left me going "What?!?" a few times rather than laughing(as the show probably intented for me to).At the very least,her abuse of Kyousuke and his wimpy behaviour when around her just doesn't hit my funny bone.

  7. Ayase~

    Quite possibly the only yandere I’ve come to really like XD

    Was rather disappointed that she only had the first half of the episode dedicated to her though. Woulda preferred a full episode.

  8. Hello Zanibas, there may be a few typos scattered about such as “chain”.
    “Onee-chan has to keep Ayase on her chian, lest blood be spilled early.”

    Can’t remember where else there were typos though.

    Anyways, Ayase is hilarious, it’s great she’s finally threw in for the spin

  9. Although Kuroneko and Ayase are my two favourite heroines (Ayase probably edges slightly due to better interaction with Kyousuke), I can’t help but find that Kirino has been really adorable these past two episodes.
    I was hoping that ClariS would make an actual appearance as their anime personas and sing the OP as an actual concert performance.

    1. It’s sad that they never did get animated. But I image it is to protect their identities: ClariS has not yet revealed their true identities because they wanted to finish school without being bothered by celebrity status, or so I hear.

      1. I’m quite baffled in how being in their animated 2D form jeopardise their image identities anyway? Do people seriously think strangers would recognize their 3D looks based on their 2D appearances?

        They did appear in the light novel illustration and OP CD promotional art, after all.

        Quite disappointing their cameo was totally left out. Even nano.ripe had a line or two in Hanasaku Iroha, so why not ClariS?

      2. >ClariS gets animated
        >ClariS goes to the studios
        >Recording room
        >some idiot takes a pic and posts it in the net
        >everyone gets to see ClariS’ real faces
        >anonymous status destroyed

      3. As if they didn’t need to go to any meeting prior to getting themselves portrayed in said cover art illustrations for Madoka Magica, Nisemonogatari and OreImo OPs respectively? “Some idiot” would have done what you suggested already back then. They could always record their voices in an undisclosed location, or at wherever they usually record their songs.

        No, I still don’t think that’s the reason they weren’t animated.

      4. > They could always record their voices in an undisclosed location, or at wherever they usually record their songs.

        That’s the problem isn’t it? Unlike when they record their music, which anyone can do almost anywhere(I point to people and artist in the US who independently makes their own music), someone from the studio should be present for the script, timing, etc. It seemed to me that ClariS’ method of staying anons have always been “minimal exposure from the public as ClariS.” You can’t be too careful, right?

      5. And with your point with the artist who do the art for ClariS: There is no proof that the two had to be present for the artist. Someone they trust could just bring a photograph for the artist to turn into 2D versions of ClariS.

  10. MFW I am confronted by genuine anime merchandise in public. Power-level hiding fail. That scene got my vote for being the funniest this episode, more than Ayase kicking Kyousuke, which was hilarious as well.

    Also I read ya, Zanibas. I promise not to talk about the end of the LN or whatever happened there, at least not until the last 3 episodes, which by at that time everyone has heard about it, even the people who only watch anime.

    I’ll just do it in the IRC instead in the meantime ;P

  11. It’s unfortunate that narration is never really used in anime that much. I was so excited for the wedding dress scene but I have to say, it didn’t really hit me like it did in the LN. The entire scene was written through Kirino’s perspective and really clarified some things in regards to her feelings.

    Now I’m not saying the scene wasn’t good, I still liked it. It just wasn’t as powerful a scene I felt, which is a shame because it was one of my favorite parts of the novel.

  12. Another episode with emphasis on Ayase! Yayyyyy. She’s so adorable despite her yandere moments, and Hayami Saori has such a smoothing (and dare I say sexy) voice. My only real complaint is that there wasn’t a ClariS performance… That aside, pretty good episode.

  13. Hmmm…
    Ayase being her usual yan, then suddenly going dere was fun. The way she referred to Kuroneko as “thieving cat” was hilarious! And I was not aware of the extent of how “Glasses girl” keeps the tabs on all the girls around Kyosuke. She even manages to control Ayase, after a fashion…
    Then we get some in-show advertisement for ClariS (I don’t mind), and exercise in meta-fandom “Now we wait for the cosplayers cosplaying the cosplayer cosplaying an anime character in an anime set in an anime.” – could not get it better in words…
    Finally we do get Kirino getting the quintesential bike ride together (and what a bike it is!). What worries me is her all too accepting reaction to snuggling up to Kyosuke in THAT certain way (I am definitely against Kirino route going beyond siblings getting realy close but ONLY as siblings)

    1. Sorry to hear that. I’d be glad to hear an expanded reason why instead of a bunch of quotes. I get the calendar inconsistency, but the other two? I did think she did go through some rushed development, and I did think of “clothing destruction” in Soul Calibur. Feel free to expand on your disappointment :(.

    1. I doubt that, with how the end of the LN came up this week and turned out, they’ll be pretty busy with animating it, with no more time for OVA side stories.

      Let’s face it: the anime butchered the LN, though that also goes for any anime adaptation of an LN series.

  14. I’m really beginning to see that it’s really pointless to root against the non-imotou girl’s in this series. Despite me being initially Kuroneko and Ayase fan I find myself slowly drifting towards Kirino’s side… I really do hope the Last Volume of LN gets translated soon… I can’t wait to read how it ends.

      1. Can someone please explain to me if Kirino and Kyousuke are actually blood siblings? They do in fact have such different hair colors after all. It’s wouldn’t surprise me if the light novel author decided to pull off a cop out ending where he suddenly reveals that Kirino was adopted or something and then makers it socially acceptable for them to be together…would totally make sense…

      2. If you’re gonna do that then at least put it in spoilertags. I’m not an anti-spoiler guy myself- in fact I prefer to be spoiled but we need to be respectful of other people enjoying the story in their own way. I’m no fan of draconian no-spoiler policies- but I can see why they’ve become the norm around here with all the inconsiderate folks who don’t even have the decency to take a few seconds of their time to use spoilertags and put up a warning. It pains me that the rights of the minority of innocent spoiler-lovers to enjoy shows in our own way are systematically being stripped away because of the actions of immature, inconsiderate internet griefers and trolls…

      3. @Giorno Giovanna

        The funniest part about this is that you obviously spoiled yourself and yet you still got the freakin’ spoiler wrong.

        GJ man, that’s like a 10/10 fail.

      4. @Zen You asked for whether they were blood related and talked about whether the author would pull a cop out ending or not, if people really were interested in reading an answer to your question to whether they were blood related or not, that would have been a spoiler in itself, so what were they expecting?
        “Can someone please explain?” -> Explanation given. plz

        @Kuntzy You gave me a nice interesting response befitting of your name. But for everyone else that actually believed that line wanting to know the real summary of the last volume”.

        Giorno Giovanna
      5. @Giorno Giovanna

        Hahaha, shows your intellectual level when you can’t recognize a pretty common German last name and think it means that. But then again, you can’t read either so I’m not too surprised.

        I believe it said above TWICE that spoilers would not be tolerated. Good job completely ignoring that like a blithering idiot for absolutely no good reason.

      6. And also an FWI, I actually have the novel. I know what I’m talking about.

        Show Spoiler ▼

        Quite frankly, you deserve every bad word said about you for doing such a pointless, annoying and downright stupid thing.

        Can’t wait for all these posts to get deleted and hopefully for some bans.

      7. I didn’t read any other comments but this one when I answered his question, so obviously I didn’t realise this would be such a big deal. And did you not see the summary I posted there? Or do you just like reciting things repeatedly?

        “And also an FWI, I actually have the novel. I know what I’m talking about.”
        Hue hue hue hue. Also absolutely no reason for this statement if you had actually noticed that. Oh no, my intellectual level can’t comprehend this! 10/10 Fail right? Watch as I completely disregard this random insult from a random on a random blog as anything slightly worth my time.

        Giorno Giovanna
      8. @Giorno

        You asked for whether they were blood related and talked about whether the author would pull a cop out ending or not, if people really were interested in reading an answer to your question to whether they were blood related or not, that would have been a spoiler in itself, so what were they expecting?

        “Can someone please explain?” -> Explanation given. plz

        You’re supposed to answer my question like a good, civic-minded individual with a proper warning about massive spoilers and within spoilertags. Like what Kuntzy did. He/she’s a decent, considerate individual. You on the other hand presented yourself to be the exact opposite- immature, inconsiderate and uncaring. I guess that’s what you get in a place like the internet where there’s no accountability with (mental) children roaming wild doing whatever they want…

      9. @Giorno Giovanna

        It’s actually in the blog post itself as well. If you aren’t reading the blog post itself then why are you even here? It’s also called common courtesy, something you obviously lack (Not even spoiler tagging said spoiler… like really?). Like I’ve said in a post above this is predominantly an anime blog. If there were a blog post about the novel then all power to you, but people here are watching the anime and quite a bit of people actually want to enjoy the ending without being spoiled.

        Heck, you actually believe that you did absolutely nothing wrong which is where the problem lies. You can ignore what I say all you want, doesn’t make it any less true.


        Unfortunately that summary he’s posted is fairly accurate but is very abbreviated on scenes and completely leaves out an important part about the ending and lacks the epilogue scene entirely. The part I was making fun of was that he spoiled himself but he clearly disregarded what came directly after in that summary (and common sense really, since you know, siblings can’t ever get married). That’s not even to mention the ending itself which is Show Spoiler ▼

        . This is why I said he got the spoiler wrong (because he did, that’s complete fact).

        All in all, this entire debacle could have been avoided by a good use of common sense but I’m completely not surprised, what with the world we live in today.

    1. This isn’t a spoiler, but if we’re going to think about the future ten years down the road… Show Spoiler ▼

  15. I would like to see an Ayase ending like I saw on youtube from the psp maybe? where Ayase is pregnant. Ayase is the one who physically looks more similar to Kirino from all the girls. I even thing Ayase is the same drawing but with different hair color. Ayase also has a personality like Kirino in the past like hitting on him, getting angry at him, and so on. He already proposed to her and Ayase is the first girl he liked from the harem.
    Ayase should be the first wife.

  16. I doubt anyone’s reading this now, but oh well. I didn’t think the bike was censored, I thought it was reflective (because it wouldn’t be over the top enough to be Mikagami’s, IMO).

    1. Oh no, I’M reading this. :3

      It’s censored alright. There was a version of the anime that aired a little while ago that had the bikes uncensored. Tbh the pictures weren’t even that bad!


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