…and thus Kyousuke’s harem free-food-and-fridge phase began.

「一人暮らしの兄貴の部屋に妹たちが押しかけるわけがない」 (Hitori Garashi no Aniki no Heya ni Imōto-tachi ga Oshikakeru Wake ga Nai)
“Little Sisters Can’t Barge In On Their Brother Who Lives Alone”

SUDDENLY, EVERY GIRL! The number of contenders for Kyousuke’s time has ironically gone up, despite the futile efforts of Kyousuke’s suspecting parents. Will he be able to get that A, or will he be delivering the D? Okay…bad joke. Before I get called out for sexism, let’s begin exploring this episode of many character interactions and plot-openers!


OP11: 「Reunion」 by ClariS

It’s like…straight out of a doujin I read the other da–huh what, what were we talking about?

This was inevitable. Kyousuke is an idiot, and we all know that. If he thought no one in the house was going to notice…his ability to make judgments on the future is in need of improvement. This does make for an entertaining encounter with the Kousaka heads of house, who have been lacking screen time for quite some time. However, it is here that the tables have flipped, where Kyousuke’s dad is the more understanding and calm of the bunch, leaving the normally calm and understanding mother to well…lay down the hurt.

Kyousuke really is an idiot not predicting that this would happen eventually. I’m surprised nobody noticed sooner.

This hinting of lewdness, along with the wedding imagery, makes for some serious hinting at where the story is possibly heading, but leaves it all ambiguous enough to keep us guessing. After all, with all the contenders on the battlefield at this point, it could quite possibly go anywhere, considering how two endings are a real possibility. I’m sure that the next few episodes will give us more hints at the true ending, but for now it seems very real that Kirino may actually end up as the winning contender, not just in making up, but also in “winning.” How that rubs off on all of you is a different matter, but I can say it definitely is a line that some people probably don’t want to see crossed.

It is at times like these that the hammer of parenting must come down through cold stares and ultimatums.

She might be a plain girl, but plainness isn’t always such a bad or unattractive thing. What is she planning behind that calm face of hers?

Returning to the actual plot though, I do find it a bit awkward that this sudden move happened so late into the game. Rarely has the show focused on Kyousuke’s studies or academics, instead opting to focus on the core topics of this show–it’s a focus that I wholly appreciate. Thus, when out of nowhere Kyousuke is kicked out of the house to focus on his studies, the lack of foreshadowing made the transition a bit clunky. However, with the amount of freedom that it allows the plot, I can see why this would make a good move in terms of accelerating character development.


Let’s speculate! What was more expensive: the eroge or the fridge?

The look of excitement in her eyes…it must be a godly game! What character development will it spur between Kirino and Kyousuke this time?

For instance, Kanako actually got her best screen time out of the entire series because of it–her extended dialogue with Kyousuke adds much depth to her character. She’s moved away from being a bratty and vain middle schooler to someone who has some sort of conscience and isn’t afraid to connect the dots with Kyousuke. The banter between the two was especially entertaining to watch, as the balance of conversation seemed equal. I do say though, Kyousuke sure has a terrible time hiding his naughty stuff throughout the series…or maybe it’s a statement on how people aren’t thickheaded enough to not be fooled by these tricks. Either way, such an event triggers a lovely “discussion” between the two–it was the most enjoyable scene of the episode for me.


Kanako now counts as one of Kyousuke’s “imoutos” and has now entered the shipping fray. I have serious reason to question the real reason behind her cooking…fu fu fu~

It’s such a shame that we probably won’t get to see much more of Kanako as the series ends, but it was actually more pleasant than I expected. When she was introduced this episode, I immediately thought, “Why is she here! Nobody got time for Kanako at this point in the game!” but upon seeing her small developments here, I appreciate that the story took the time to flesh out her character. In fact, it’s nice that the story makes small nods to other characters throughout the story, such as Mikagami and Miura last episode–the fact that they are subtly weaved into the story makes for a much more fulfilling and connected story.

Of all the character interactions this episode, I liked the ones between Kanako and Kyousuke the best–it seemed the most balanced and well-timed in terms of comedy.

Quick Kyousuke! Distract her from the eroge by hugging her randomly! Use that eroge knowledge to your advantage!

Stalking levels at super maximum! Undoubtedly this will bite him in the ass like every other shady thing he’s done!

Wait…how’d she get in if there’s that security latch…

However, there are certain characters that’ll land in that high middle, where they get substantial screentime, but not enough to be considered a main character. Last season, that categorization went to Manami and Saori for their roles in developing Kirino’s personality. This season, Saori still keeps her role, but Manami has taken a backseat for the rise of Ayase. Previously categorized as the “outsider” aghast at otaku culture, Ayase’s character has developed (somewhat rockily) into being Kyousuke’s friend, though we can suspect that she has deeper feelings for onii-san than just that. This episode has decidedly put her in a more antagonistic position against Kuroneko than Kirino ever was, being more explicit about her disagreements than her best friend.


The color suits her perfectly. FABULOUS~

I suspect that this rivalry will not be the focus conflict of the next few episodes, but rather a running gag that won’t actually get anywhere (I hope). The point of their encounter was actually multi-faceted. First, it allowed us to see more of Ayase’s yandere and protective tendencies, which partly stem from her protection of Kirino, but mostly out of her desire to stay close to onii-san uncontested (except by Kirino). Second, it allowed a trigger for Kuroneko to properly resolve things with Kyousuke–it was long overdue and the conflict allowed her to reassert her belief in their eventual bonding. Third, it allows for even more hinting at the Kirino end, where Kuroneko clarifies that she’d love Kyousuke…even if he were being lewd with someone else. I’m understanding of open relationships, but man, the way it was presented comes off as honorable yet weird at the same time. Meanwhile, in the middle of all this, Kyousuke is powerless to stop their conflict, instead being punched and verbally beaten by two rivals who are unaware they are rivaling for possible love.

I would’ve laughed right here and now if this was how the show ended. BAD END ACHIEVED! True end now included on the web!

Ayase calls out…B-B-B-B-BULLSHIT! It’s super effective!

Unconsciously, Ayase’s yandere instincts activated within her, making her a suitable new challenger to Kuroneko’s reign.


I’ve missed these scenes since season one and chu2koi.

Below, you see the ending scenes, which of course still hint at Kirino’s unresolved feelings for her brother. It’s safe to say that she at least misses her brother being so close and accessible, but with all the hints being subtly (or not so much) dropped this episode, we can say it may go deeper than that.


ED10: 「ありふれた未来へ」 by Satou Satomi

Next episode won’t be resolving that issue so quickly though, or so I predict from next episode’s title. We’ll probably get to see a resolution to Ayase’s unknown feelings towards onii-san and Kuroneko, though not without some yandere awakenings in the process. Can we expect a possible confession with this development so late in the game? Let’s tune in next week to find out!

Note: I will not be able to cover the finale for Oreimo, so another staff member should be able to pick up for me! Also, please note that again, NO LIGHT NOVEL SPOILERS!


Ayase is the new challenger this late in the game? Oh boy…

End Card

There is beauty in simplicity.


  1. “YOU’RE GETTING CLOSER TO YOUR SISTER AFTER ALL THESE YEARS FINALLY! WE’RE KICKING YOU OUT FOR IT!” Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay…. I know they mean it in the “incest” manner, but the sub certainly didn’t translate that well.

    That said, more of dat Kuroneko!

      1. And now I hear that in the manga, the mother actually hears about them going to the concert in wedding outfits! Why they didn’t include that in the anime, I’ll never know.

    1. 1. First acquire a cute sister who is a model who you have not interacted for several years.
      2. Find out her otaku hobbies.
      3. Get to know her otaku friends.
      4. Solve their problems.
      F*** it, I am outta here. F*** you, Kyousuke for being such a lucky bastard!!!

    2. One is your sister.
      Her best friend wants you two to get along before she’d do anything with you. Even to the point of having you sleep with your sister.
      Her other best friend shows strong Yandere signs.

      Do you feel lucky.

      1. More like call Touma, cuz even that guy’s bestfriends know that he encounters all kinds of girls in all kinds of different ways, even suggesting that they will support Touma to build a harem that covers every type of fetish imaginable. Heck from what I know he has the largest of them all in any anime/mangas/novels, his is in the magnitude of 10,000+, but I digress, this episode was all kinds of fun! I love it how they finally showed the two meeting, cuz if I’m not mistaken, they didnt really properly meet last season! I also was very curious on Ayase’s encounter with Kuroneko, and man was I satisfied! Now here’s hoping there will be more conflicts between the two for Kyousuke, as it’s hilarious to see the two of them duke it out! I mean we havent really seen a hilarious cat fight like this at all, since Kirino and Kuroneko’s confrontation was serious and not for humour.

        Btw, anyone think that Kirino not only just simply a brocon (we knew that from all her imouto galges since season one), but might seriously be in love with Kyousuke for real? I mean I get that Kuroneko might be hinting this since she knows Kirino’s feelings more than anyone and vice versa, and she declared to Ayase that she’s willing to share Kyousuke with her, even wanting her ideal ending to be with Kyousuke and Kirino. Also Kirino did drop some hints with the eroge she gave to Kyousuke, with the title of a sister barging in on her brother living alone and starting a forbidden life together, which is quite a timing now that Kyousuke is living alone himself.

        So if Kyousuke will end up with Kuroneko, he will get a threesome with her and Kirino.
        If he ends up with Ayase, he gets one yandere girl. If with Kanako, he gets an cosplayer idol. If he ends up with Saori, he gets a shy otaku ojou-sama. If he ends up with Manami, he ends up a plain happy ending with her, the kind you envisioned of growing old together. So which ending would you pick? I say the ending with Kuroneko seems so tempting…

  2. Kyousuke´s parents sure are scary sometimes, but worse than that is the lack of trust in their son because two brothers getting along together isn´t normal, what a way to think!

    1. With the amount of speed that Kyousuke’s mother found about Kyousuke’s porn collection, I’m wondering if she’s found any of Kyousuke/Kirino’s eroge and made the connection…

      Then again, a heart sticker with two siblings is also a legitimate red flag. 😛

      1. She’s clearly an otaku at heart if that’s where her mind went to immediately. Seriously, at least in this show there are both parents who are present. Even if kicking Kyousuke out of the house makes no sense if the intent was to keep him away from Kirino since that’s even more time away from their observation.

  3. “Note: I will not be able to cover the finale for Oreimo, so another staff member should be able to pick up for me!”

    I have already associated OreImo with you Zanibas this season! My OreImo Blogger can’t Change that late into the Season!

  4. Just in case you weren’t aware Zani (because you already gave a warning you won’t be covering the last episode) this season has 13 episodes. So if you’re just missing next week everything will be as it should be for the (semi-)final episode.

      1. Alas…

        I’d much rather have the regular blogger do the final episode though. If this is simply because of the few people that complained I’d honestly implore you to reconsider letting someone else do it unless it’s going to be a lengthy delay.

        Either way the choice is yours good sir.

      2. Don’t worry, I’m subbing out because I physically cannot cover the episode that day. I won’t actually be able to blog for awhile since I’ll be traveling to an area with unstable internet prospects.

        If I could cover the finale, I gladly would in a heartbeat.

  5. Kanako: (flips to the back of the eroge box, & points to an image)In that case, what’s this girl doing?
    Kyousuke: She is eating a sausage.

    …I cannot remember when was the last time I laughed so hard. =p

    Anyway its a pity the anime team didn’t adapt what I think were good parts from the source LN.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    I kind of like how they adapted the PSP game version of Thanatos Ayase into the episode though. =)

    1. “What was more expensive: the eroge or the fridge?”

      Most certainly the fridge. Not even the newest eroges in Akihabara sell for over 10,000 yen (~US$100) A fridge the size which Kirino bought would be around 5-10 times that price (info courtesy of kakaku.com, a Japanese retail site).

    2. Hmm, the eroge is called “Imouto Tsuma” = Little Sister Wife. So I take it, Kirino wants to do a live action version with Kyousuke including hadaka apron cooking.

  6. Kyousuke should remember that next time he and Ayase meet, she won’t have anything sharp to grab nearby.

    And fuck, Kyousuke had it good. Several cute girls worry on him and his sister even bought him a fridge.

    1. This is how the episode should’ve ended:

      -Kyousuke opens the fridge for the first time after buying groceries.
      -He finds out it’s full of barley drink.
      -All the feels. Kyousuke cries.
      -[insert comedic break to return to comedic nature]

  7. Color me impressed; I laughed from beginning to end in this episode. I never thought, after 20 episodes of a bitchy Kirino and Ayase, I could ever enjoy their characters. Ever since Kuro made Kirino speak her real feelings about Kyo, Kirino has been a very nice balance of tsun and dere, mostly giving the dere smack dab in the middle of the tsun. Even Kanako came off as a lively character, despite seeming conceited in earlier eps. Aya vs Kuro was, of course, the most entertaining scene in this whole episode. Kyo should have gotten his own place sooner =03.

    1. Well it was probably one of the funniest episodes in this season of OreImo – alas,I still find Ayase’s pretty annoying when it’s only her & Kyousuke and I can’t help but agree with Kuroneko when she tells her that she has no business butting in their relationship.If she’s gonna say she’s after Kyousuke’s heart as hell then she’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overdue.

  8. That catfight was awesome, I would actually be totally okay if it ended with Kyousuke and Ayase ending up together. Sure, she’s kinda crazy- but you can’t deny the fact that she’s adorable. =3

  9. school days manga ending. Ayase wins and kyousuke is forced to marry her. Sounds like Kuroneko would allow a harem ending. I suppose at this point it is impossible to have a big reversal where Kirino and Kyousuke find out that they are not relatives (such as car accident and impossible blood subtypes). My prediction? Things will stay the same with Kyousuke not hooking up with anyone and everyone is happy: a non-harem everyone likes Kyousuke ending.

  10. Can some one tell me why people like Ayase the bitch and who likes to get angry for no reason? She is nothing but a selfish bitch who is just as bad as Kirino is. She hits the MC every time when they are together. I don’t care if she is not honest with herself because she is selfish just like Kirino is. Example would be this episode when she tries to interfere with Kuroneko and Kyousuke about their lunch box. She really has nothing to do with being Kyousuke’s girlfriend other than being jealous which is stupid by the way. I just don’t see the appeal within Ayase as is not likeable at the very least. Kuroneko is still my favorite character throughout this entire show and will always be.

    1. IMHO, if there were a cute yandere girl but always calls me “onii-san” (much better than “you” or “hey” that my own sister did), I will make her into a target of my “sekuhara joke” – on daily basis, i.e : asking her to marry me, stalking her fans website, buying a magazine that has her in front cover etc…. Wait, that what Kyosuke did….

  11. I actually like glasses-wearing girls because they’re so moe, but when I learned what Show Spoiler ▼

    , I had to rethink my preferences among the girls of OreImo. I can still have Makishima Saori, though. =)

  12. This here is a reminder for me as to what my main problem with Kuroneko is and well,with the series as a whole.While Kirino herself has become much more likeable lately this problem still persists.I’m talking about the fact that the every other character’s world seems to revolve around her.It’s probably even giving Kirino extra hate,which the girl certainly doesn’t need more of.Heck,I don’t think even she wants THAT much attention.

    1. 1) Tradition. The first season was covered this way through Divine, and as such I wanted to continue that format this season.

      2) Writing flexibility: the way I can space out my paragraphs to relate to the pictures in proximity helps me flow my writing more easily.

      3) Picture flexibility: I like how I can highlight certain scenes, make off-hand comments about them, and just recently highlight full-lengths.

      I don’t know if this format will be used for anything other than snapshots in the future, but I for one appreciate the style it brings to the table.

      1. Oh, so that’s why.
        I thought it was an indirect way of saying that Oreimo S2 is the most anticipated anime of the spring season.
        Wait, so that would mean it’ll be the end of the snapshot posts after Oreimo ends right?
        I don’t remember seeing any other snapshot-styled reviews for other series.

      2. Haha, I can see why it would seem that way, but judging from the number of comments from other posts, I think there are more anticipated series that have come forth this season :P. That or I’m inferior in bringing in a crowd.

        As for snapshot format, it’s still up in the air, as we really haven’t discussed it (not many people have used this format after all). People have told me it’s not worth my time to do this for an entire season due to the amount of html formatting it requires, but we’ll see.

  13. “Wait…how’d she get in if there’s that security latch…”

    The simply answer would be that latch was never locked. Look at the pic again, if it were locked, the latch would be vertical from the door, not horizontal besides the door.

    1. That is weird…our latches work the other way around, where you kind of flip it away from the door to unlock it, and flip it towards it to lock it again.

      Curses non-standardized door security! You’ve foiled me again! D:

  14. https://randomc.net/image/Ore%20no%20Imouto%20ga%20Konnani%20Kawaii%20Wake%20ga%20Nai./Ore%20no%20Imouto%20ga%20Konnani%20Kawaii%20Wake%20ga%20Nai.%20-%2011%20-%20Large%20Snapshot%2006.jpg

    As probably the two most popular girls in OreImo, it’s perhaps no surprise Kuroneko and Ayase instantly took a disliking for each other for Kyousuke’s attention. (Not to mention Kyousuke usually goes for long dark-haired girls whenever he’s playing Kirino’s eroges. )

  15. Some of Ayase’s reactions in previous episodes make it a lock that she’s become romantically interested in Kyousuke. Kuroneko losing would be a tragedy in my book, but I don’t have any control over the author and Kyousuke obviously has a “thing” for Ayase. Of the main girls, the only one out of the running as far as I can see, is actually Saori. Even Manami has a shot. Well, the end card really helps her case. With everyone being taken aback with the thought of Kirino getting it on with her brother, I don’t see that as the True End, but I don’t know what it will actually be (no resolution with Kirino and Kyousuke still remaining close to each other?).

    1. To be honest, I don’t think Manami has a shot at all. In fact, she is THAT much inside the friendzone that Kyousuke is too near and too far from her at the same time and she has minimum range restriction (extra points for whoever got that last past!).

      If she got ahead of the rest of the gang that late into the story, it would feel out of place to be honest. And that’s coming from someone who actually rooted for her back in season 1; plain girl for the win! With Kuroneko already in ex status (and possibly future) and Ayase lurking around, I am afraid Manami is out of the game for good… And it makes completely sense, considering the fact that the only move she attempted so far was the bluff about getting together in the bath, a bluff which Kyousuke ended up calling in the end.

  16. Finally found time to watch the episode (damn you The Last of Us) and my thoughts are still the same as from when I read the novel.

    This story needed more Ayase. Period.

    It’s a darn shame she only started really getting more screen time near the end of the series run because she’s just way too much fun to watch.

  17. Welp, it’s official. Final 3 episodes air (stream?) August 18 dubbed as “From Chiba to the World”.

    It actually feels really good for Japan to acknowledge us silly foreigners in such a way.

    And just as a quick question (since I’m technologically retarded), can you actually screencap streams?


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