OP1.03 Sequence

OP1.03:「Preserved Roses」by T.M.Revolution×水樹奈々 (T.M.Revolution x Nana Mizuki)

「恋の選挙公約」 (Koi no Senkyo Kouyaku )
“The Campaign of Love”

When you consider just how many times Kakumeiki Valvrave has upped the ante already, it’s clear that this is a series that doesn’t shy away from the treads of dark waters – and such a display of ferocity was never more apparent than this week! Aina’s demise in Episode Seven was hard enough to swallow as it is and I have a certain suspicion the unfortunate fate that befell Saki is going to be even more controversial. Stop me here if you saw all that coming – I admit I didn’t, even with the many clues that have been presented so far. The spiritual brutality of this latest revelation left me profoundly unsettled, to say the least, and it’s hard to decipher just how much of what happened was engineered or circumstantial. This is especially true since we have no idea what the side effects of the Valvrave’s malediction is and why Haruto’s beastly state of mind sought for sexual gratification this time instead of mere body-hijack. Call it whatever you want – a casual fornication, a partially-consensual intercourse or even a full-on rape – the indisputable fact is that Saki was sexually assaulted in the last three minutes of this episode and without a doubt, such a deplorable incident is something that no one should make light of.

I deeply admire the innate ability of this series to switch between its tones and styles so fluently. The scenes involving Module 77’s election was ostensibly uplifting – right down to Shouko’s inspirational speech, and during the whole time, poor Saki was being subjected to such horrifying sexual torment – dumbstruck and lamenting that the recent happenings is nothing more than a curse. There was so much about the whole sequence that was startling in its impact, not least of which was seeing the usually stoic and composed Saki come apart at the seams and utterly beaten down. This is a truly a testament to just how flawlessly executed the last few minutes were,  and while it would probably be a stretch to say I “rejoiced” in it, I do give the producers credit for having the audacity to take the series in a different course – and one that is genuinely disconcerting at that. What comes next, presumably, is where the rubber meets the road, and I’m not entirely sure how Haruto or Saki will cope with the traumatic experience that just occurred. Saki, has proven to be extremely adaptable and strong-willed in the face of difficulty, but the subject matter at hand is as weighty as its gets for a teenage girl and I suspect no one, not even Saki, would be able to emerge from this ordeal unscathed. Haruto, on the other hand, is bound to suffer from a huge psychological blow and this dreadful event will most likely exacerbate his identity crisis further – a development that would, no question, push him away from Shouko, just as she was about to confess!

If there’s any poetic justice to the wretched incident, I supposed it would be the fact that Saki is, indeed, in love with Haruto, and everything that she says or does up to this point, contradicts greatly with the proclamation she made back at Episode Six. Saki’s inability to be honest with Haruto – and perhaps herself, is in stark contrast to Shouko, who at this stage, seems like the only vertex of the love triangle that is not completely in tatters. It remains to be seen how Shouko will come to terms with the growing distance that exists between Haruto and herself and as the newly-elected representative of Module 77, not only does she have to minister the welfare of her people, Shouko also has to deal with the incoming carnage of the Dorssian fleet – who is on pins and needles in preparation for a grand showdown. Speaking of Dorssians, it appears there’s a growing sense of distrust looming in the backdrop, and both Kriemhild (Mizuki Nana) and H-neun (Miyano Mamoru) could very well have agendas of their own. The seeming defection has obviously introduced yet another wild card to this series and as the curtain of the first season rings down, it would be interesting to see how the latest breakthroughs influence the imminent confrontation, and whether L-elf and Haruto have what it takes to tackle Colonel Cain and the revelations that he brings head-on – of course, that is assuming they are on the same team to begin with and such a premise is certainly not a given!

Random tidbits:

  • SEX! SEX! SEX! SEX! SEX!” – I wonder why OS-tan is so obsessed with sexual intercourse. Does she feed on lustful primal desires?
  • “So much for it being just the two of us” – It’s unfortunate how things turned out, but Saki’s definitely interested!
  • “It matters to me because I don’t want to see you cry!” – As much as I like Saki as the female lead, Shouko’s the one who brings out the best in Haruto and those two should just get married already!
  • “I’m going to confess to the person I love” – I hope this is not a dead flag for Shouko! The fake out during the premiere could be another fake out.
  • “Chip and chili oils were meant to be together” – Feeding Akira is like feeding your dog. She gets amused so easily!
  • Everyone, vote for Nanami chan! – I can’t believe she ranked last in the preliminary poll.
  • “Don’t treat me like a kid” – she says that, yet she acts like one. Nanami sensei is just too adorable for words!
  • Nobi Marie (Fukuen MisatoRika in Haganai) is such a good friend and she gets extra points for being an idol enthusiast!

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #Valvrave 10: “Accept, reception or is it the insertion?” – The delicate subject of sexual assault was brought to the forefront this week and it’s hardly a pretty picture! #Anime

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ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「そばにいるよ」 (Soba ni Iru yo) by ELISA



      1. @ KF,at this point we can all asumme that she’s pregnant. I highly doubt as the sexual driven vampire he was, sexytime Haruto even had a condom on or even if hedid had the mentality to put one on, nor would Saki be taking birth control randomly before that. Plus, he would have most likely finished the deed with her since when “animals” (a reference towards Haruto’s state of mind) do it, they don’t really care much for the male one getting his stuff not inside the female, so through-and-through, at least 95% sure she’s now carrying a baby.

      2. It’s interesting that you mention animals mating, a lot of which happens during the MATING SEASON. All these references to becoming a beast/monster along with Colonel Cain’s mention of “the Valraves successfully reproducing” is starting to come to light, albeit not in the prettiest ways, but I appreciate that the production is willing to tackle such an idea.

        Maybe the whole idea of losing control more frequently is a reference to it being “that time of the month”. Coming from Okouchi Ichiro, I can only expect there to be real world references here and there, and wouldn’t be surprised if it really was a play on male PMS.

    1. You Saki-boat peeps got what you wanted after all I suppose, she wanted to have a fuck since the start and there you go, vampire/holy spirit rape style to boot. I feel totally sorry to poor honest girls like Aina and Shouko.

      1. I’m gonna have to agree with Tre over here. Saki has proven to be quite resilient in the face of difficulty and we all know she turned out fine 200 years from now. Haruto’s the one I’m worried about 😡

    2. One does not simply redeem thyself after scarring Saki :(…

      Plus we find out that Valrave-tan is a lusty sex-addicted loli.

      Season 1 is gonna end with a bang. Let’s just hope that’s not Shoko’s death flag. I, for one, am skeptical about Cain’s allegiances and motives.

    3. we are the spectator that’s why we saw whole scene and L-elf discussion , imagine what Saki might think about “so much for being only two of us” after the rape incident she may think that maybe she would be the Rape subject for all Valvrave Pilot , she even mumble ” so this is the curse” just like Code geass , she may get closer to Haruto but at that isn’t her intention , she loves Haruto ,Shared their secret and understand each other she is like CC while Shoko is like Karen , she also love Haruto but know nothing until the END.
      Saki give up struggle because she can’t broke free any way if you don’t get it rewatch the episode or try to tear of your sister/brother’s shirt that require strenght especially well made one such as School uniform. she is the Victim of OS-TAN(Kyubei)’s conspiracy so much for being a Space vampire(magical girl) what a prize to pay for randomly rape a girl

  1. This episode is too painful to watch considering all the potential and already inflicted pain and suffering on Saki, Haruto and Shoko from just one night. I feel as if everything in Valvrave just turned upside down and things are heading for the worse. The results of the election and the students’ reactions only served to reinforce my belief that they are all heading towards one big bad end.

    Usually an episode that manages to create so much emotional turmoil is a plus, but Valvrave took it too far with it and I failed to enjoy this episode as a result. Hopefully I can recover myself in time for the finale….

    1. After thinking about it for an entire night, I can finally find a word that could describe my feelings when I watched the scene. I was utterly horrified. Never thought I’d find a new type of horror in anime…

      1. I couldn’t sleep last night after I saw that episode and pondered on it the entire day in class. I couldn’t wait for Seishun to write this post because it would put me at ease.

        I must say this scene is executed wonderfully. It’s been a very very long time since I’ve seen a main character rape another main character (Griffith and Casca) but I don’t think I’ve even heard of protagonists that like each other having a rape scene in anime. Unlike the Berserk example, there is absolutely nothing sexy or scary about this rape scene. It’s just what it is. That’s what makes it stand out so much more. I’m not sure anyone can get off on this scene, the writer has accomplished his goal of eliciting the reaction of shock.

        Incidentally, I was reading Toaru Majutsu no Index New Testament vol 1 while trying to get my mind off of this. Five_OVER is an awesome machine. I kinda wish Hamazura got to keep the Dragon Rider and RAILGUN.

      2. That’s because was just reading it. Names are important.

        It’s been awhile since an anime has effected me so much. Not even Ledo being a baby killer made me feel as affected as this. I think the last time I felt this way was during my 1 day playthrough of G-senjou no Maou.

      3. How do the creative minds at Japanese animation companies get away with something like this?
        Where I’m from, this would have been censored/rejected by the government immediately!

    2. Has anyone else wonder why Saky seen like he was embracing Haruto during the act? Don´t get me wrong, I was horrified with some serious and unpleasant memories of Berserker, but my theory is that upon realizing that Haruto was not himself Saki accepted what was about to happen so he could be closer to him in a way Shouko never could or wanted. It might sound crazy but it´s the only explanation I can give to part of the scene.

      1. I think it gives palpable rise to how Saki’s really the only girl that can come close to understanding Haruto as he is now; certainly much more than, as you said, our local osananajimi Shouko can.

        Certainly no one can deny her growing feelings at this point, but I don’t think her embrace was so much a desire to be closer to Haruto rather than an acceptance of the suffering that will now envelop both their lives as a result.

        For all her selfishness, Saki understands this well. There’s nothing for it but to accept it and move on as best as can be done.

    3. Oh, I wouldn’t go that far. Really, I think Valvrave deserves quite a bit of credit for treading where so many others would seem to shy away.

      Not every successful episode is meant to be enjoyed, and even though I myself was sporting a sadistic grin at the sheer level of emotional turmoil; that it’s managed to have you give it this level of thought is something to be said for in and of itself, is it not?

      1. I completely agree and I think way it was handled was brilliantly,showed right after Shouko’s speech and switching between the scenes a few times as well brought a great emotional impact on the audience and before people bash it on it,I’d ask them to think about this for a moment:

        Would you rather have a show that gives you some strong feels – whether it’s love,hate,disgust or anything else for that matter – OR one that doesn’t make you feel anything at all?Naturally everyone would have the former so what remains is how much some viewers can handle certain scenes.It’s perfectly fine if they can’t but it that doesn’t mean the show itself did something bad and should be blamed for it.

        So please guys,let’s keep the bashing to a minimum as the media are prolly’ all over this series by now,searching the internet high & low for negative comments of this episode so they can criticize the writers & producers as much as possible.Let’s not give the very thing that’s preventing skilled writers from showing us their full potential what they want.

      2. I was actually less appaled by the rape scene itself (why should it be treated any different from other crimes anyway) but moreso on the negative impact on our main trio.

        Haruto would most likely enter a relationship with Saki out of obligation and would drift further and further away from Shoko. Not being able to be with the person he loved while forcing himself to date Saki is going to be a terrible outcome. Haruto’s whole life has to be ruined while shouldering the price and responsibilities of a Valvrave pilot. Not to mention he’s the only want that have his body controlled by the curse.

        Saki, on the other hand suffered a great amount of trauma from the rape. It didn’t help that she was raped by the person she likes and have no one to blame but herself for this turn of events. She did signed the contract without even thinking about price to pay. And then even if she gets to be with Haruto, She knows that Haruto’s heart will always be with Shouko and he is only taking responsibility for something that he was not as fault to begin with. She will feel equally guilty since Haruto is also a victim here.

        When giving the speech, Shoko saying that she would confess to Haruto while the rape scene plays is just plain torture for the audience that actually cares about the characters. Knowing that she would be rejected and having her hopes crushed like that and at the same time not knowing the reason and pain that Haruto holds further tightens the knot on my heart.

        So at the end, I’m just saying that these turn of events are way too depressing for me. I guess I’m just being too emotional over some fictional characters

      3. It would seem you’ve a fairly strong opinion of Haruto and Shouko’s relationship, though I’d argue that they never really had a chance together.

        From the very first episode, Haruto, albeit begrudgingly, began drifting away from her ‘world,’ suffering time and time again in ways that she could never hope to understand.

        If there is a heart that remains with Shouko, it’s that of a child clinging to a bygone dream that can never come true.

        That aside, and as I’ve said before, Saki’s the only girl now that could hope to understand Haruto; particularly in light of these most recent events.

        It’s an understanding fraught with pain and great unease, but a relationship nonetheless; and one that I’d contest Haruto simply succumbing to via some misguided sense of obligation.

        There’s a real opportunity for growth here, depending on what happens next. And it’s the humanity behind it all – one that certainly pulls no punches in indulging in the seductive dark that exists in us all – that makes it worth watching, IMHO.

    4. @FiveOver

      And that just means the show’s done an excellent job with that scene.Your comment above is a perfect description of what Valvrare most likely intended for it’s audience to feel and I think it deserves a few clapping hands for that 😛

    5. I take a completely different view. It was a bold move on the creator’s part and I like the fact that that they’re not afraid to be different! I’m not smart enough to figure out what constitutes a good or bad development – all I know is Valvrave has managed to surprise me and keep me excited all the time. That to me, is what makes a good show and not since Fate/Zero have I felt this way about a series.

  2. woah woah woah…

    So basically Haruto wasn’t trying to attack someone? All those times where all the guys around were basically his…urges?

    Now what would happen if instead of Rukino, someone like…Thunder was there.

    Epic Yaoi lol

    1. This case seems to be unique compared to before. Before it was just a urge to bite and hijack other bodies. Its why Saki offered her body to Haruto because she assumed he would just be hijacked. Sadly, it didn’t turn out that way.

      I’m guessing OS-tan just wanted to screw with Huarto’s mind. She became extra creepy after this episode.

    2. I heard from the forums that Saki’s rape was different from his normal urges to bite because Saki being the same species as Haruto and the fact that Haruto had been denied his “meal” a couple of times.


      1. You raised an interesting point. What would happen if Saki wasn’t around at the shrine? Would Haruto have his attack right there? Or does he need a ‘trigger’ in the form of another person to get into his vampire mode? If his disease only strikes around other people, what would have happened if he joined other students in the election hall? Or if he went straight into the dormitory? Would he try to sexually assault L-Elf? How dark THAT would have been if he managed to overpower him?

      2. Well, burn a Vampire. Fire will eat the Flesh away that he healed. So a endless circle of Burning and Healing is running. there will not be a escape.. is Water not the same for Vampires like Flames? So.. but we have her a look alike Vampire. not all things can work. Wood trough their heart, silver bullet, real Sunlight and so on 🙂

      1. People had speculate that the reason for that is because the OS wants to be reproduce – maybe the same OS is now available in Saki’s valvrave? Another speculate that Saki serve as a vassal for the OS for her rebirth via pregnancy.


    1. But it did Haruto good!Let them break him until he start’s to man-up a bit.

      Ah who am I kidding,that’s not gonna happen and it’s probably best not to as well.I mean,where would Valvrare be withouth it’s angsty teenager main character?

  3. Even though I knew that scene was coming due to leaked images, that scene was still powerful and disturbing as hell. (especially when it was happening while Shoko was telling the entire student body that she was going to confess) It was well done, and could been portrayed in a much less tasteful manner, not to mention that it’s also relevant to the plot- so curious to know where it goes from here. Also, I’m liking how much more pleasant of a character Thunder is now, guess all he needed to go from complete asshat to a fairly cool guy was killing some Dorssians, eh?

    How many death flags can Shoko raise in one episode? Because it’s looking more and more like she’s going to die, maybe her death is what drives Akira to leave the comfort of her room and pilot the last Valvrave, or her being in mortal danger drives her to do it… Either way, it’s looking less and less likely that Shoko is going to survive the end of the first half. And student council president is probably going to defect or attempt to stage a coup soon, since he’s losing pretty much everything he once had- with all this turmoil and imminent danger coming, it’s going to be a hell of finale, a maddening cliffhanger, or a mix of both- guess we’ll see!

    Other thoughts:
    Can we officially ship Shoko/Akira now?
    When did H-neun become suspicious of Cain, and why would the colonel’s life be in danger if they don’t successfully steal a Valvrave? (Expect this to be explained in the next episode or two, hopefully)

      1. That could happen, but at the same time, don’t you think that’ll feel just a little bit cheap since they have done that already? I don’t want Shoko to die, but she just loves tripping those death flags…

      2. It’s more than just the flag tripping, IMO.

        Shouko’s the kind of sugary sweet character that, whenever you feel the story or characters being dragged into the proverbial abyss, she’s always there to pull you right back.

        She’s like Shirley from Code Geass in that sense, and we all know what happened to her. >__>

        That aside, I don’t think it matters much whether it’s a last-minute sudden death or whatever else. It’s the execution of it that’s really going to determine what impact her death has.

        Lots of ways it could happen at this point, but we’ll see. I’m not expecting anything on the level of Code Geass, but I’ll be happy if it at least comes close.

    1. I think Cain fearing for his life is mainly because this:

      He’s the commanding officer of his fleet, he went in a mission to capture the secret mechs of Dorssio, and yet he has failed many times in different operations, loosing manpower and even an entire fleet.

      And Dorssia might be like space nazis, and failure after failure might be seen as an act of treason. And during war, traitors are sentenced to death.

      1. I’m generally not fond of yankee characters, but Thunder is an exception. He is really likable! Unlike the stereotype, he cares about everyone, not just his gang, and is not a bully. He seems to be the type to read a lot of shounen manga and get his ideas of ‘friendship and guts!’ from there, i.e. he’s a person who wouldn’t split his ham&egg breakfast in a half.

    1. hate to say it but people on animeultima took this a lot better than the people here are doing. Not trying to make the matter lighter or anything but seeing one rape scene isn’t that shocking (especially in an anime) its not like the station is condoning rape (so I have no idea where KF is getting allthis spaz out stuff from). Its like no one here has ever watched LawandOrder SVU or a moviewith a rape scenein it, let alone some anime -_- okay, maybe some haven’t, but seriously, no need to go all overdramtic/offended by this. I guess people handle this kind of stuff differently…but who knew that so many people of KC couldn’t to that extent, shesh. (Yes I know I’m going to get downvoted for this, but ugh..)

    1. Am I the only one who thinks it’s bloody stupid to win an election for Prime Minister(!) with “Let’s have a school festival”, “I will listen to your band” and “I will confess my love”?

      1. It is stupid, but also mirrors the real-life politics: a charismatic leader who makes a lot of promises and who is all ‘great times are ahead of us! everything that is wrong will be fixed by me!’ is often more popular than the one with a realistic approach.
        Plus, what did you expect from high-school students who cannot fully comprehend what war is ?

      2. So…you’re saying that Shouko is meant to represent the worst aspects of politics?

        Then I guess Saki is the same for members of the entertainment industry.

        Not sure what that makes Haruto though…

        Captain Sunshine
  4. Some choice comments from myself and others I’ve seen on the net:

    Myself: Looks like Saki didn’t manage to “Preserve Her Rose(s)”

    Myself: Looks like they had the 16.5, how many years worth of semen did Haruto release? (GLOP GLOP GLOP..)

    From Youtube and other sites: Shoko won Election, Saki won Erection

  5. Calling it now:

    >Shouko is the last pilot, will pilot to protect the Moon festival from Dorrsian attack

    >Haruto angsts over failing to protect Shouko

    >Cain invites Haruto, saying to join him and he’ll give a cure for Shouko

    >Haruto joins Dorssia along with L-Elf

    >Saki keeps her promise to kill Haruto, sees him leaving as a sign to fill the promise. After giving birth, she leaves her child to Shouko and went to kill Haruto

    >Haruto Cain and L-Elf forms the 3rd Empire

    >Shouko and other pilots resisted Haruto’s invitation to join him

    >200 years later, Saki’s son is grown up, being mentored by Shouko

    >Haruto surprise attacks Shouko’s current country, Shouko lets the son escape on her Valvrave, dies fighting Haruto, Haruto angsts even more, decides to destroy the world.

    >Ending will be Haruto vs son, ala Starwars.

    Really, I won’t go to the part where people are saying that the Valvrave feds on sex and Haruto is being controlled by VVV-tan and raped Saki. I’m more interested in this show’s different treatment of Saki and Shouko. It is clear that they’re trying to portray Shouko more as some benefactor or “character of light”, who is usually victorious against Saki and how they portray her as some “character of suffering”. I guess this will have even more effect on the story when season two rolls in.

    And before people come complaining “rape for shock value again”, keep in mind that this is Sunrise. Everything they do IS for shock value, whether it works or not.

    Episode score 8/10. Nothing much happened. #Valvrave #YOLO #rape

    1. You know, this show gives me some kind of feeling like this:

      They’ll safely land at moon and since Shouko will represent them, something like a tragedy will happen at her there, and will force Akira to ride the last colored Valvrape Valvrave.

    2. No way, not from the people that brought us Code Geass.

      Nothing against her personally, but Shouko couldn’t pilot a Valvrave to save her life. A fighter she is not. She’s a walking death trap and I would be SHOCKED if she managed to make it through the end of the first cour alive.

  6. OS-tan’s message text(during Haruto’s…Incident):H!HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    The letter H is pronounced in Japanese as etchi(エッチ), also a slang word in Japan for erotic fantasy and sexual innuendo. It has the synonymous meaning of ‘dirty’ or ‘naughty’ in Japanese.

    In short, OS-tan’s message is synonymous to it saying: Dirty!Dirty!Dirty! over and over during the Incident.

      1. zztop, Have you tried downloading from a group called “horriblesubs”? I think they directly rip Crunchyroll’s subs as pass them off as their own. (I personally don’t approve but if you want to see CR’s version of Valvrave this might be the only way outside of spoofing your IP address.)

  7. This was certainly quite a way to end the episode, and it is most definitely controversal. I’ve seen countless people online give various responses to this scene.

    Personally, despite the leak of the scenes about a week ago, I was shocked that it actually happened, and without a doubt, it made me uncomfortable. I can’t help but feel horrible for Saki and Haruto.

    Nontheless, I’m even more intrigued than ever about where the series will go now, specifically with how they’re going to deal with the aftermath of this weeks ending. My prediction:

    An understandably horrified Haruto will attempt to take responsiblilty for Saki, causing him to reject Shoko should she even get the chance to confess. Shoko will obviously be crushed by this. Saki, meanwhile, will probably feel sad that, even if she gets to be with Haruto, it’ll only be because of his obiligation (remember her last line, “Shoko-san won…”? I don’t think she was just referring to the election).

    On a side note, I can’t help but feel sorry for Satomi. It really seemed like he was trying to be reasonable and do his best for the people, only for Shoko to steal his position from him (again) using very questionable logic (can you even call it logic?) And she’s become Akira’s only friend, and seems to have convinced her to get out. What hasn’t Shoko stolen from him?

    As predicted by the other leak, Haruto and Saki look to be going to the movies. I want it to go well (and not just because I still have it in me to ship HarutoXSaki), but the preview showed her with an empty look on her face, and she covers his cell when Shoko calls, so I’m doubting this love triangle is going to end smoothly.

    P.S. I wonder what’s going on with Shoko and L-Elf in the preview…

    P.S.S. You see Four’s trail going all around the battlefield in the PV, which would suggest that Saki still has it in her to fight against Dorssia, but I doubt she’s all better. And why is One stationary? Also, yay, Thunder! He really endeared himself to me this week.

  8. Tru Blood in space? The 16.5 chapter of SAO where he hand something for a long time pent up. Is it really rape if she starts to embrace him? Those hands inter-twined with other and it wasn’t pressed on the ground. She does truly like him, but he has no feelings for her because he’s in love of Shouko. Maybe she feeling guilty in the preview for allowing it? It isn’t like she wasn’t completely defenseless. She could of bit him.

    On a serious note I don’t think they truly needed that bit to tell the story.

    1. > Is it really rape if she starts to embrace him?

      Well, yes and no. Yes, because Saki didn’t want it. No, because she consented anyway. Either way she doesn’t look happy with it.

      1. She was coercedly ravaged. But I want to think this what happened: She taught Haruto wanted to bite him but was too aggressive that’s why she fought back a bit. But since Haruto wanted for “action” she agreed to it that’s why there was caresses and embraces from her. Please dont make me think otherwise… orz

      1. Not really, drama for the drama’s sake is when random tragic events befall a character against the logic of the course of things just to make the viewer feel sorry for them. Those tragedies are not related to any plot points (hence random), you know the stuff, things like getting a rare incurable disease out of the blue, having a friend killed in a shootout during a robbery when the action takes place in present-day Japan, etc.
        The suffering in Valvrave is tied to the ‘vampires’ (their inhumane part) and was foreshadowed right from the start.

  9. I have this super strong feeling that Shouko is going to die; I mean we have already been told that there’s a 200 year time skip and unless Shoko becomes a pilot, by default she isnt going make it to the time skip and seeing as we are already seeing a greek tragedy in the making, I assume what may happen is that Haruto tries to seal the deal with Shoko, but just as he does, she dies…cue end of first season.

      1. She’ll fly the purple valvrave and she will be immortal. If you look at next week’s preview Haruto’s valvrave just sitting there while others are in battle. I bet she goes out and rescue the one she loves.

  10. Well, I guess I can’t complain about the vampire attacks not having any consequences anymore…

    But did anyone else notice that Saki has been eyeing Haruto like a hawk this whole episode, even when he wasn’t in danger of “turning”? He’s not your property, lady! But I guess now that he’s done THAT to her, she’ll just hang it over his head and use it as blackmail to keep him away from Shouko. Why is she everyone’s favorite character again?

    AND OF COURSE SHOUKO WON THE ELECTION. Because why go with the competent Student Council President who actually has a plan to keep everyone alive, when you can pick the leader whose entire platform is “LET’S HAVE A FESTIVAL, YOU GUYS.” I guess we can finally hold her responsible for everything up until now without any disagreement, since again, IT WAS ALL HER IDEA.

    Valvrave, you cannot throw in a rape scene solely for shock value and still have the cooky wild teenage girl prime minister. These things do not mix. Are you trying to be a fun, fantastical show with no limits for the sake of drama? Or are you a serious show about the consequences of relinquishing humanity for the sake of getting the power to protect your loved ones? We are getting conflicting streams of thought here and YOU NEED TO PICK ONE AND STICK WITH IT.

      1. Well, if she wasn’t then, she is now. At the beginning of the episode, she was disappointed that there were two other people doing something that only she and him could do, and now she has a completely different secret with him. And that secret is he raped her.

    1. So you can judge a character now despite her not even doing anything yet after her horrifying experience and then use that to bash the fans who like her.


      1. I can certainly see a pattern. Last time Haruto was vulnerable to her, she hijacked a robot, hijacked his body and played identity thief in the most literal sense. It’s far from unreasonable to predict she might take this course of action.

        And I am bashing no fans. If you choose to take it personally, that’s your own business.

    2. Not defending the scene at all, but Vampires ARE meant to represent violent sexuality. Thematically, it makes sense.

      Still confused as to why none of the other three (and eventually four) characters don’t have to deal with it, though.

      Captain Sunshine
      1. I think Haruto’s frequent outbursts are due to there being more and more Valvrave activating… somehow. It’s either that or OS-tan’s growing awareness and/or curiosity.

      2. yeah, not saying that i want to see more stuff likethis in the future (not that I really care). But if they don’t have the other 3 having some animal-like hormone-driven rape urges then it kind ofseems unfair towards the maincharacter. LIke you know how in basically a majority of shows the main character has this unique power different from everyone elses even though they all startedout the same (realy with Shounen)….unfortunately if the other 3 don’t end up sexually assualting anyone then Haruto’s “Unique” ability wouldbethat he rapes people, which would not be the best way to stand out amongst your vampire-buddies. So…hate to say this but if Sunrise doesn’t have the other 3 get XX marks on their forheads and start sexually assualting people or at least find a way to combat this side effect then I can’t really see how any of this is fair, let alone just havingthe AI solely focuse on Haruto.

    3. Femme fatale,attention whore or a tragic heroine,some of us can’t help but be attracted to these types.And while we know(every guy out there should!) that those types are often more trouble than they’re worth in the real world and it’s best to avoid them it’s perfectly safe to favor them in harmless visual media such as anime.Especially one as over-the-top & far from reality as Valvrare.If I really had to choose between the two in real life,I’d probably go for Shouko but here,Saki takes the cake.

  11. Today’s episode was brought to you by the letters W,T,F. With emphasis on F!
    As controversial as ep 10 is, I’m still interested in seeing how this event will fit into the overall narrative of Season 1, carrying on into Season 2.

    We now know Unit 01 has a degree of sentience, in the form of OS-tan and that it can experience what Haruto feels to a degree(as seen by its response during the…Incident.)

    The question now is whether the other pilots will be susceptible to such urges in the future, or whether Haruto will be the isolated case in this one by virtue of Unit 01’s uniqueness.

  12. One of the huge reason why Saki allowed it is because she realized that’s the only way to relieve Haruto of that pain and seizures, whatever you call it. There were probably other motives, but I think that’s the main one

  13. That felt a little uncomfortable. To tackle the positive things first, I did enjoy the rapport the VVV pilots are having. Its nice to see a team dynamic finally starting. Poor Shoko though, she needs to have another girl on the team she can confide with

    As for THAT scene, hoenstly its about as tasteful as I can expect it to be. It’s short, gets to the point only shows to the aftermath. And believe me I’ve seen more than enough of this, and all its forms from to horrible realistic depictions to the fetishist depictions.

    The only questions I really have is if this was a necessary plot point to inject drama and can’t comment on that yet. Not until I see next episode and see the fallout of what happened and see if its does drive the characters development of if is cheap drama.

    Well I’m bummed out so lets be POSITIVE now
    Favorite Valvrave quote of the week: Chips and chili oil are meant to be together
    I’ve never actually tried them togther but now I’m curious enough to try it!

  14. Ok I know this sounds very very stupid but I have to get other people’s opinions on this matter. Ok here is the thing. What if this wasn’t a rape scene but HARUTO WAS JUST maybe just maybe EATING SAKI? And her scars healed because you know she is somewhat immortal. And didn’t that stupid machine say something about I’m hungry and maybe the staff just wanted us to be shocked and let us want to think this was a rape scene well maybe this is just me rejecting what happened in this episode whit all my might and imagination. T_T OTZ aaaa I don’t know anymore this was just to much !!

    1. This makes me wonder if this scene even needed to be a rape. But then again, Aina’s death was simply for shock value (anyone ever heard of “Women In Refrigerators”?), so it wouldn’t surprise me if they simply took a controversial route for attention.

  15. For sure shouko will not get a good ending because of so many of death flags…i assume that all vvv pilots are revengers, just like the previous four…it’s pretty obvious that akira will take this in the following episodes…

  16. Oh my… that ending scene… but first things first!
    As Module 77 is approaching Moon as a probable permanent place to stay, we get to see some democracy at work. Surprisingly, Shouko seems not interested. It is only when iti si revealed that her father, former JIOR Prime minister, is MIA since the invasion, that we see how much burden that girl has been shouldering. And now it takes Haruto’s semi-confession to get her spirit up and enter the race.
    Meanwhile, “Physics teacher” and L-11 shed some light on the origins of the Valvraves. JIOR being bound by neutrality politics and low-key conventional armed forces has sought a superweapon instead. Of course this was what in the first place has probably caused Dorssian invasion – with ARUS to worry about Dorssia probably would not attack, until it somehow got wind of the Valvrave program. Also, it seems Haruto’s Valvrave is somehow special… Has anybody except Haruto got “vampire rage” attacks?
    And meanwhile Haruto himself is extremely worried about his ever more often attacks. Saki promises him to kill him herself if he goes too far…
    Which almost happens when the blonde bee queen gets a close call with Haruto in the turbolift. Fortunately Saki herself intervenes with well timed high-kick! go Saki!
    … and then worst thing happens. Just as Haruto has made his semi-confession to Shouko, he gets another attack when meeting with Saki. And he brutally rapes her. WTF, vampires are supposed to do… other things? And Saki who has so easily defended blonde bimbo cant protect herself? WTF?
    I am not sure, but isn’t it time for Saki to follow her promise?
    But instead we get:
    “Hey you just raped me
    and this is crazy
    but Shouko wins election
    so call her maybe?”
    A final WTF moment of the episode.
    I am wondering how the series will get out of this self-dug hole…

    1. She did not fight back because she decided to be the sacrificial lamb so to speak. She probably came to the conclusion that better be her than someone else who is not directly involved with the Valvraves.

  17. Despite that scene being leaked, I never thought Sunrise would do it, or at least have the guts to go all the way. That scene was hard to watch and Saki looked so broken at the end.

    Shoko has enough death flags to start her own smorgasbord. Why do they keep doing that to the girl? I highly doubt she will live past this season.

    There’s a theory going around that perhaps the only reason Haruto attacked Saki rather than trying to bite her like he does every other time he goes into that state, is because Saki is the only female one of his kind on the module. Everyone else is either human (food) or other male vampires Magius.

    And Cain has talked about the reproduction of their “race” before.

  18. I think we all need to calm down now.

    Yes, the way the rape scene was handled was disturbing, as all rape scenes are. But the way the show handles this in subsequent episodes will determine if it can be taken seriously or not. Rape is a very serious and mortifying experience and when it’s handled in fiction, it needs to be done so VERY CAREFULLY.

    Although I’m still not even sure if it was necessary, honestly.

    Captain Sunshine
    1. Seeing Saki in front of him also gave Haruto a push in the right direction.
      I guess when push comes to shove, Saki is willing to take one for the team.
      It really seems like more people are willing to start shows the moment the plot gets laid bare.
      Its strange how Yamada has the nickname “Thunder” when Haruto is the one making loud noises and is over in a flash.

      Okay, I’ll stop now…

      Giorno Giovanna
  19. wow, this is my first time seeing a potential couple (HarutoxShouko) being blown off so brutally with a single scene. After this, the probability of those 2 ending together is…really low to say the least.
    About this scene being a rape though, not so sure; well, of course, Haruto was out of his mind and clearly attacked her, but Saki also clearly ‘gave up’ at some point and voluntarily let him do whatever he wanted. Had she truly did all she could and defended herself to the death from him even at the cost of knocking him off or hurting him, I think this could have been avoided, which she didn’t do. But well, she likes him, so even though it’s a curse, part of her wanted this? She felt sad for him? She wanted to help him?…?
    This whole episode gave me the feeling some pretty dark things are going to happen from this point on…

  20. But that’s implying that anyone who becomes submissive while being attacked actually wanted it, and that is far from the case.

    And even if it was, Haruto certainly didn’t give consent, so it’s rape no matter how you look at it.

    It’s certainly a ballsy move on Sunrise’s part, but it’s not the first time they’ve used it for drama’s sake.

    Captain Sunshine
    1. I saw this scene through anime goggles if you see what I mean ^^; Had it been Reality I would definitely not have given this kind of opinion, I would have thought it’s rape, the end.
      She *did* hug him, she didn’t really scream or ask for help nor did she defend herself that much either, these are facts. I would say she ultimately wanted to be close to him, but obviously not like that though, this is REALLY far from the romance I imagine she wanted with him…
      You have a very good point with Haruto not giving his consent though, I didn’t think about it at all, well thought!

  21. Well…Shouko just got about a million of deathflags in an instant.

    Predicting it: Shouko finds out about the whole sutff during the festival, reacts horribly, misinterprets some encounters(like how she found them just randomly standing in the cargo container area), goes “they have been doing this behind my back all this time!?”, but then massacre starts, she ends up dying and as she dies she forces Saki to promise to protect Haruto and people of her country – cue timeskip.

  22. Holy Shit! I am in complete disbelief yet at the same mesmerize at the shit this series just pulled in the last 3 minutes. If there is one thing I can confidently say about Valvrave so far is that it definitely got balls.
    Those last 3 mins were probably the most cringe-worthy moment in anime I have seen in a while, at any second I would have punch a hole through the screen yet at the same time dumbstruck in awe of the absurdity that was in front of my eyes.

  23. I strongly suspect that Cain was instrumental in bringing the current Dorssian Fuhrer to power, overthrowing the old Dorssian monarchy, and organising its military into the powerhouse depicted in the series.

  24. I will be hated for this comment, but this is a good example of “an episode that could make an anime go from top to naught”, I liked the series really, I will watch it next week, but I don’t like how it goes down to ‘s*x’ in the end, excuse me, is that what he wanted to do with his ‘male’ friends before? too? s*x? why does it have to go down the dont-make-sense-wth road lol that girl is also annoying, you don’t know if she’s doing this for Shoko, or for herself, or if she wants Haruto for herself, she could have just smacked him. Anyway, I am really dissapointed. Cheers, M.

      1. Not in otaku land. The reaction to this type of thing is more like “BURN! SLASH! KILL! MAIM! DECIMATE! BRING ABOUT NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST!”. (Except, you know, in Japanese.)

        And then of course there’s the retarded trolls with “used goods, what a slut, etc”.

        Waifu wars be serious business.

    1. In our time & age,the mass media comes crashing down on everything that dares to pull something out of the norm and frankly,entertainment has taken a step down because of it.It’s why we can’t have epic comedies like Married with Children anymore.So props to Sunrise for pulling this off,they showed balls and I hope they won’t be too criticized by this.

  25. The scene was shocking, and very powerful to watch, especially with the contrast of the cheery and silly elections.

    I can understand why some people are upset, that’s natural, I’m upset and feel bad for both Saki and Haruto, because they were both violated by this. But for me, it’s fired me up to see this through. I want to find out why this happened, who created this vampire infliction, and I want to see them get their comeuppance.

    But more than that, I want to see Haruto and Saki, two strong young individuals, move past this and recover. If I dropped this show now, their story ends for me, and that’d be sad.

    Yes, it’s a vile and disturbing event. But it just makes me want to keep watching even more and see how it’s resolved.

    1. What if the creator behind VVV-tan is dr. Tokishima? That would be the greatest irony and another swamp of suffering, this time especially reserved for Haruto and his mother/father.

  26. I knew under all the silliness Valvrave would turn out to be a somewhat dark series. I was not expecting this, even after viewing a few leaked images from last week. This is just messed up on so many levels, I’m not even sure where to start. It was clear something tragic would happen when Haruto was controlled by his VVV’s OS. Deny the cravings long enough and VVV I begins to desire violent sexual gratification? Haruto’s forced lust-thirst (ie, his glowing blood-red eyes) never manifested itself with anyone else, not even Takahi. So I’m going to go with the theory that Saki was special because she’s also a space vampire/cursed.

    I suppose some clues were there but they only make sense in hindsight. Cain’s comment about the Valvrave’s being the key to “restoring” his clan. (When he said “reproduce” I though he meant JIOR had manufactured more Valvraves, nothing more.) Then there were instances where VVV I’s OS constantly asked about sex. Saki stealing Haruto’s first kiss, the hunger comments (which we now know were sexual in nature), the “insert” comment L-Elf saw and finally Saki asking Haruto if someone “touched by God” could have a relationship with a normal human. If the theory VVV I sees regular humans as “food” and vampires of the opposite gender to be “forcible mating material,” then answer to Saki’s question is “no.”

    The rape itself… Even if Saki tearfully embraced Haruto it was still rape. (The way he pounced on her and took her, that had to be painful on so many levels. *Cringes and crosses her legs.*) They were both victims of the Valvrave’s lustful OS. It’s just the act was disturbing on so many levels. Saki is in infatuated with Haruto and wanted his heart (and body), but all she got a violent sexual assault, with the full knowledge he’d gone berserk. He’s the type of guy to stand by her and try to make things right but his heart still belongs to Shoko. As for Haruto, he’s also a victim and the realization is going to hit him very hard. (If you remember episode one, he was quite the pacifist before climbing into Valvrave I.) I mean, NO ONE would react well to waking up in tattered clothing, looking over to see a friend completely naked and broken in spirit, only learn it was you who violently raped her against your will.

    I don’t see how a stable relationship could form from this. Even if the pair come to an understanding and manage to keep it a secret (which I doubt), there will always be an element of fear. Both parties would fear another sexual attack and Haruto *may* never trust himself around woman again, especially Saki or Shoko. Speaking of Shoko, I’m sure this incident will lead her to discovering the secret Haruto has been keeping from her.

    Hell, maybe L-Elf tells her. He was staring at her rather hard during her speech and seems to know something is up with Haruto. Or perhaps he was staring at her because she’s suddenly the new prime minster or she’s sparked his interest in other ways. I’m still getting the feeling he might reveal some of the true nature of Valvrave I to her or Haruto’s subjugation by said OS.

    This definitely an episode where I could see people having serious thoughts about dropping Valvrave. I’m going to stick with it but I’m still disturbed and saddened for Haruto, Saki and Shoko. I guess Sunrise’s writing was effective.

    That’s a lot to chew on. I think I should stop typing now. X_X

    1. The series took a turn for the grimdark and there is no way it could reverse back into silliness. Farewell, the Flying Circus of Module 77! The suffering will come to all, without exception.

  27. Sei! what took you so long! I’ve been waiting for this ep for ages! Saki’s ship has hit teh jackpot! WOOT!!! come on! cheer!!! *waves Saki’s flag with honor and pride*

    somehow that scene reminds me of Gundam Seed only Kira wasn’t going on a vampire/holy spirit rampage o.o

    1. As much as I would like to cheer, I can’t. This is a tragedy for our main trios and definitely not a victory for Saki. Even if she won his body, she (probably) can’t win his heart. Sad but ugh…

    1. It’s sad that the hilarity of this image will go over most people’s head but that was just great. Incorporating the ending theme song into the punchline, too great.
      Also for those who don’t know
      Boku Ja Nai translates to:
      It wasn’t me

  28. An interesting analysis is that Facility (Kikan) may have a double meaning.

    In the EULA the pilot must follow the Facility’s orders and it reserves the right to take away the life of the pilot.

    Kikan could also mean Engine. What does the Valvraves have? The Rave Engine.

    If VVV-tan is the Engine of VVV-I then Haruto is pretty much a slave to her whims.

  29. Didn’t see the preview, but I hope there won’t be any L-elf x Shouko next episode ( and generally at all ) -> becase that screen is a bit confusing. From which version can I see the preview?

  30. Strangely enough, I believe this is probably not the last time this will happen to Haruto, and that sooner or later, Shouko will end up the target of his brutal state. How she would react I dunno, but doing if it do happens, Haruto is really gonne be broke apart.

    1. Dunno ’bout that. Haruto was already wary of getting too close to Shouko before and that’s obviously only going to get worse now. Do you really think he’d let himself get into a situation where he might hurt her? I kinda doubt it.

  31. I guess I can see what the disgust is based on. Rather than look at the act of rape itself, I’d rather focus on the implications it will undoubtedly cause. Shouko is the equivalent of Kotonoha; Saki, Sekai. Saki seems like she has accepted ‘that’ part of Haruto, willing to be the scapegoat for Haruto’s urges, so does that mean that this will happen again? Will Saki accept being a sexual partner to vanquish his carnal desires? Is she subtly pulling a Sekai, and will try to whisk him away using herself as bait? I can’t even imagine how Shouko will feel when all of this is revealed to her =0(.

  32. Sooo on another note going away from the downpour of rape comments. I’m just waiting for the other 3 to get their X marks, cause I mean come on! The only reason why I see Haruto is the only one who has them was because he was the first one/he almost died so his body thought the only way to survive was to go into another body. But still, now we know the curse that comes along with becoming an immortal vampire, so its kindof ….fair? for those who are now immortal vampires to realize that there is a side-effect to all of this(considering both Saki…though now she’ll realize it, and the other two became like Haruto with no regrets because they wanted to…even with Thunder thinking that its cool that he became a immortal vampire). This moreover should become a wake up call to them.

    1. Plenty of real life models attempt to marry some rich guy while they’re still in business.Then they get pregnant as an assurance for when they’ll be too old to continue modeling.A common tactic 😛

  33. In recent years there has been a odd kind of brinksmanship in anime to make me hate the protagonist more then any before him. Even that whinny douche Shu never raped anyone in Guilty Crown.

      1. Shinn Asuka from Gundam Seed Destiny. One of the main reasons most people hate that show.

        And I agree that Haruto’s not that bad, it’s just his behavior makes it hard to sympathize sometimes.

        This time…pretty easy.

      2. I think the most hated character is Ogi from Code Geass. He betrays the guy whose saved his life more than 13 times not once, or twice, but three times for an enemy spy woman whose shot him not once, but twice.

        He’s even a fake Jew.

      3. Ougi, was just a “normal man” in a world of “exceptional men”, he was “week” and therefore used by the others,swept by the tides.

        Shin on the other hand had power, but used it for the wrong things, so in my book Shin is way worse than Ougi.

        @Shirocat Ogiso Setsuna, is… is… well I’ll just tell you where she is from, ‘couse if not I’ll never stop…
        Withe Album 2

      4. Com on, how can you hate Shinn? He was the victim of the creative staff who started to shit on his character mid-series even though he was supposed to be the lead from the very beginning.

      5. No normal Human would come to Shin level idiocy without outside help, so yes it was the staff’s doing, but still Shin is the one who did the idiocies so I’m still gonna hate on him.

  34. A lot happened in this episode, but none that I want to talk deeply.

    I can not believe the amount of trash sexist comments. The poor Saki could not defend himself. No girl wants to be attacked by a beast who growls and shows his fangs, and breaks her clothes. Imagine how much humiliation and pain inflicted on women in such a situation.

    Separate issue, I hope the next episode is exciting action and the repercussions that emerge from this unfortunate event. This really will be a problem for Haruto. 🙁

    1. Yep, a lot of people have been preaching about how the show has to handle the followup really well, but I think people might want to examine the reactions of their own peers because it’s pretty revealing and so far has been far more tasteless than what has been depicted in the show IMO. Valrave will reveal the truth of the world indeed. I doubt it was the intention of the show to be meta like this but it seems to have happened that way regardless.

      Kaioshin Sama
    2. Not sure how any of the comments were sexist, but then again I never understood why people who watch shows with murder,violence,war,etc. without a problem choose to take the morally high ground when it comes to rape either.And I think you meant no girl(or guy) wants to be raped, because what you described isn’t necessarily something ‘no girl’ would want, girls can be masochists too.

      1. Its fun to see people so quickly take the moral high ground and judge everyone else to feel better or as some sort of coping mechanism. Would definitely agree with your last statement.
        More importantly, how many people have died in this show without anyone batting an eyelid? Do you hypocrites really cringe more at rape than death?
        I’ll just leave this here.
        To go even further, I wonder how many males would kill for a chance to get raped by Saki, like the show went out of its way to suggest.

        Giorno Giovanna
  35. Don’t see the reason why so many ppls bash Saki and accuse her of blackmailing. As a girl who taste the dark side of society, she made a brave choice. Sacrifice her body for the man she love, ultimately knowing that he loved someone else. Her feeling for Haruto is as strong as Shouko and I see no reason to resent her.

    For the vampire seizure case, I have some ideas about it. The “potion” that Haruto was injected might me sth that widen the survival instinct and reproduction instinct inside him. There is one more point that should be take in calculation, Haruto was the only VVV pilot that was in near death state. I bet that the regeneration required a lot of energy, thus leading him to the hungry-state and trying to attack Inuzuka and L-Elf.

    Saki and the blonde girl, on the other hand, were victims of his reproduction instinct. If you take a close look at VVV-tan, she only talked about sex and hungry. She want to keep her pilot alive and make him reproduce more of his kind.

  36. YES <3 <3
    Rape scene.
    LOOL. i'd be so happy if Haruto and L-Elf did something.. hehe -fujoshi right here..gomen-
    But I wonder how it's gonna go as for the love triangle..
    Haruto x Shouko? or Haruto x Saki?
    Moar romance plox!!!

  37. Oky we get in site of the Valrave but not enough one think is for sure Haruto got a curse one since his Valrave is the only one that has that avatar in the sytem. & I think Captain Cain wants that Valrave the most.

    Poor Haruto he will deal with this luckly Saki accept it its possible Saki like Haruto…

  38. I’ve probably seen worse, hell you just need to turn on your tv and watch the news these days to see much worse, but it’s not like you can ever get accustomed to dreadful things. That scene was really disturbing. Just like you said Seishun, it was hinted at, but seeing it actually happen that way was still shocking. I feel bad for the characters. This isn’t gonna end well.
    In any case, I’m looking forward to next week. H-Neun is a bro.

    1. I don’t think it’ll end badly and I’m sure Okouchi sensei knows what he’s doing – of course, I could be wrong so we’ll see 😉
      I’m shipping H-neun and Kriemhild very hard too – they’ll be like Patrick Colasour & Kati Mannequin from Gundam 00 :3

  39. This episode broke my heart. I feel so bad for Shoko even though i know she wasn’t the victim of the horrible seen displayed in the last few minutes. From the beginning, she was caring towards everyone (even helping a stranger out of a car in episode 1). She was kind to Saki even though I felt that Saki has been uncaring towards her (I felt that Saki was ready to jump at Haruto as soon as Shouka was believed to be dead).

    its sad what happened to Saki in this episode but for me, i feel the most sorry for Shouko

  40. I don’t know if this was mentioned before, but at least Shouko didn’t walk in on them. I was like “You better finish fast before Shouko comes running up those stairs.” I have a feeling she’ll find out at some point, but can you imagine?

  41. After watching the last epsiode I felt like I had to get a couple things off my chest.
    First of all, the thing I don’t agree with in this episode, the way Shouko wins the election. It felt so cheap when an election is won based on emotions and sentiment over a well thought out plan and vision for the future. I’m not saying that Shouko isn’t capable of leading the module since she has already displayed the knowledge and ability to make plans for the future, but the way she won the election just felt cheap to me, in the sense that this type of thing would only ever succeed if the whole voting populace were adolescents

    Going onto the “controversial” Saki x Haruto scene. I was confused watching the mystery of the valvrave stigma unfold. I was definitely suprised, I myself was expecting him to rip her hear out and feast on her body in a cannibalistic way as the scene progressed(which would have made me a lot more sad since I like Saki as a character), so I was caught off guard when it was in a sexual way. In a way this is kinda what Saki wanted for a while, an edge over Shouko; and now that she has it I am sad in thinking that she will abuse what has happened to push Haruto farther away from Shouko.

  42. So yeah 10 bucks says that someone at least once tried to search “school days” because I did and found one result.

    …I actually thought there’d be more than one but hey after that last scene I literally went

    “oh shit, if I remember correctly something like this didn’t go down the path of happiness…”

    Jason Isenberg
  43. I don’t know what to say for this episode, but here’s what I want for the last 2 episodes.

    Haruto hijacked -> Shoko makes a decision and becomes vampire -> Shoko saves Haruto -> Shoko realises why Haruto was distancing from her since the beginning -> Shoko confesses -> virus attack ->Haruto Score 2 goals~……


    1. It was all over 4chan. A Chinese animator leaked the scene before episode 9 aired (even including an animate gif of it) and some from episode 11. Apparently they were finally fired but they ended up taking a department head with them as well from their actions.

  44. Damn, and I thought Code Geass was effed up.

    Was I the only one who noticed Shouko’s “gluttony” theme this week? I recall someone speculating that the Valverave pilots represented the seven sins, and this episode certainly seems to support the idea that she’ll become a pilot. The themes were rather strongly reinforced, with wrath, pride, envy, greed, gluttony, and lust on full display in the characters.

    The election just goes to show one of the failings of democracy… people won’t always think logically. They’re not students anymore, and I for one would rather stay alive than have a festival. No way in hell would I vote for anyone who campaigned on bread and circuses in the middle of a crisis.

    1. Do they know the Real World outside? A Bird that never flow out of the Cage protecting them, never know the World outside. Do they know, how many Humans worked on the Wood they consume? Do they know how rare the Water is on their surroundings? All they know is, no Air = instant Death.

      They are about to learn the Hard Way of Life. and before that, they just want to say “Sayonara, peacefully Student days!”

    2. Shoko, greed and carnal desires, the seven sins make sense now! It’s interesting how the series has a dual theme of God/sacral (Yatagarasu, kamitsuki, light) and satanic powers/evil (the 666 mode, Valravn, being a cursed monster).
      Now that’s…heretical! The Heretical Duo and the whole concept, that’s messed up. I’m honestly impressed.

  45. Haruto have a fuck up logic since the beginning I really do hate him even more right now , why L-elf isn’t the Main character , if only he is the epicness would be even more awesome,
    villain Steal Valvrave but OS-tan jack his body and he turn into good guy and save the Universe and get Saki/Shoko and Richt, Way to go Sunrise this Anime is good but we’ll see the sale value

  46. The tension heats up on Valvrave as New JIOR officially elects a leader and the show’s love triangle finally takes center stage.

    I guess if I’m going to start talking about this episode, I should probably start with the ending. Even having been aware of the leaks, I found it to be a very powerful scene, especially its juxtaposition with the election and Shoko’s speech. And considering the topic it deals with, rape, sexual assault, etc., I can understand why its proving so divisive and controversial. Personally? As much as I’m a person who detests rape and find it morally reprehensible, I’m not completely against its use in fiction as a storytelling tool so long as its used effectively and not made to glorify the act. For what it was I think Sunrise was pretty tasteful in animating it, and I believe that they handled the scene in such a way as to where what was going on still appeared wrong. To those who question whether it was necessary to use in the story, I ask is anything really necessary in fiction? What is necessary and unnecessary to the story is dependent on the creators and storytellers, not the audience. Whether you have a positive or negative reaction to those things is all a matter of personal preference. And you’re well within your right to have a negative reaction to this scene, and to those who do I can understand why you would feel that way. So all in all, I’m not against what Valvrave did here and I’ll pass final judgement once everything is said and done for the show.

    Going over the story implications of what happened, it establishes once and for all that Valvrave is not going to be a happy and positive Super Robot Show. Now the idealist and optimist that I am, I can’t say I prefer dark and negative Mecha shows, but I can understand their appeal and place in the genre. At best, I can only hope that there’s some glimmer of hope at the end of the crazy and dark ride that is Valvrave The Liberator. I’d be foolish not to mention how much this drastically alters character relationships and personalities.

    Haruto’s whole role in the situation is actually somewhat simple. He had an episode, was not in control of his body, and assaulted someone. The problem is that even if Haruto wasn’t in control of his actions, that’s not going to stop him from feeling guilty and punishing himself for it. Not only did he sexually assault Saki, whose been his closest friend since he transformed, but he’s betrayed his own love for Shoko by “doing” another girl. And none of it was by choice! This moment could indeed be Haruto’s start of darkness, as I can imagine him trying to take responsibility for what he unknowingly did in this episode and having it blow up in his face. Poor kid.

    Saki’s role is really the most complicated, especially because at this point it seems she’s genuinely fallen for Haruto. While she accused Shoko of jealousy in episode 6, Saki’s own jealousy at Haruto’s greater feelings for Shoko were extremely evident from her glares to her attempting to dissuade Haruto from a relationship with Shoko. And then that last scene happens, and Saki is left accepting Vampire Haruto as he effectively rapes her. Her accepting him, I feel, was motivated by a lot of things: her realization that their powers truly are a curse, her desire to ensure Haruto doesn’t hurt anyone else or himself, her desire for a true, individual, connection with Haruto, and her own love for him. But no matter how much she might have wanted to win Haruto and have him love her like he does Shoko, there’s no way that’s how she wanted her first time to be. And if the last moments of the episode are any indication, she’s a very changed person now. She’ll never be the same girl who thought being an immortal vampire was awesome and the key to fame. I guess the biggest question in my mind going forward with Saki is, considering Haruto’s wasn’t in control, does she still love him?

    Shoko won the election by virtue of being a people person and relying on the same idealistic and naive passion that teenagers tend to latch onto. She’s trying to maintain their lives as humans and students, and living with no regrets in the process and in that regard I respect both her and her speech. Unfortunately, I can’t see things going anywhere but down for her. I hope at the very least that she is able to successfully confess to Haruto, even if I’m sure she’ll have nothing good waiting for her afterward. At least L-Elf seemed impressed by her speech. Either that, or he realized that she was a shoe in to win and was calculating how to use her effectively. You can never tell with that guy.

    I like how the Valvrave pilots are growing closer together as a Team. I assume great teamwork is partially why they’re hailed as “The Legendary Golden Seven.” Just three more pilots to go, or at least one more this season.

    Haruto and Saki make a new promise in this episode, one where Saki vows to kill Haruto if he ever goes too far, which may indeed be what future Saki spoke of in episode 7. Though I don’t think present Saki seriously meant it at the time, only trying to find a new way to be closer to Haruto after their last promise came apart. If that indeed is the case, I’m most curious to discover whether Saki’s future self carries out that promise out of a sense of obligation, or out of love for Haruto.

    If there was any villain to be found in the rape situation in this episode, it appears to be OS-Tan whose causing Haruto’s episodes. Then again, we still have no idea what she’s trying to achieve through it or why she wanted to rape Saki. Heck, I doubt she even has an inkling of what human morality is. If I want anything answered by the end of the season, it’s what she’s trying to achieve and what her purpose is.

    It looks like Cain is finally going to sortie into battle next in the next episode and I hope he’s enough of a threat to give the Valvrave’s and L-Elf a real fight. If I were to guess, I’d assume the season would close out with a fight between Haruto and Cain, but I doubt Valvrave would go with something so “traditional.” I can’t wait to see what his Ideal looks like.

    1. I hate rape as much as any violence. However, every time I see someone say/post that violence is fine and rape is not whether in fiction or not, I almost always wanted to flip my computer table. That’s how much i find it morally wrong. But, if it is done right in fiction and only in fiction, it makes a good development of the story for the victim and the one responsible. That’s how much this latter part of this episode were done.

      Oh, and Cain will probably ride one of the two Valvrave he secretly posses.

    2. I can’t help but wonder if Saki really did try to kill Haruto offscreen. It’s been shown that Haruto can resurrect so that could probably be why she is so resigned when Haruto awakes. I wonder if that’s why he is so susceptible to going on a rampage, because L-elf killed him that first time and that this isn’t really Haruto, but a Holy Spirit in control of his body emulating Haruto.

  47. First thing and this is not a joke: I give 2-3 months tops before a doujin of the last 3 mintues comes out.
    Also, anyone want to start making bets on how badly Shoko’s plan for a festivel is going to end up. I personality think that as everybody gets ready for the festivel while they are on the last part of their journey to the moon, no one will be paying attention to the enemy and thus they will get hit by a sneak attack that will end in a lot of deaths if not the destruction of the module. And if Shoko is not killed in the attack, she will have a major case of this is all my fault. If the module is not destroyed, they will probably be knocked off course and have to start worrying about resources and other stuff that the guy they did not pick had talked about and as things look bleak, Shoko will see that her plan has killed them all.

  48. The suffering delivered as predicted.
    Did you notice the ‘Boku Ja Nai’ theme of the series? When a character does something horrible to a person close to them (L-Elf to A-Drei, Haruto to Saki) while not being in control of their actions and how the one getting hurt forgives them ?

  49. I’m the only one ok with Haruto having sex with Saki (forced or not). She consented the act, i mean she could easily pushed Haruto out, or even bite him to get away.

    In the end, Saki wanted to be with him (she doesn’t see herself and Haruto as normal humans anymore).

    And I doubt Haruto would want to be with Shouko (afraid to hurt her). It could be a fight within him, maybe he should regain his humanity back to be with shouko, or accept what he isn’t a human anymore and stay with Saki.

    And, I stil want my L-ElfxShouko ship (don’t know if is avaible on fanfiction yet). And the HaruxSaki ship kinda fired a harpoon missile to the HaruxShouko ship.

  50. lol, i picked up this scene because i saw the sex scene on randomc and knew this series was going to have more drama than your average wishy-washy shounen everything ends well series. it really reminds me of code geass, like how the students break off into their own country, like leluoch’s united states of japan. L-elf is the master tactician and haruto has the powers, so its like they are the split of leluoch. this was a better show than i had expected

  51. I could see this going in another direction.

    I’m not completely convinced that she’s necessarily pregnant with a human child. There was some talk earlier about how the Valvrave’s were developed using a special type of information transfer.

    What if, the OS from Unit 1 did that as a means to reproduce it’s OS with the other Valvrave’s?

    So now Yuki’s unit has the OS and then she would also exhibit sexually agressive behavior with the other pilots?

    Samurai Pumpkin
  52. I never watch GG subs, that’s why this post is late, thank god for LBOni-Speed <3. My jaw was just dropped in the latter half of this episode.

    I never expected what I just witnessed to happen. I had a similar experience when I bought and watched Baldr Force EXE Ova. My reaction pretty much summed up to WTF?!

    The rape pretty much overshadowed the other parts of the episode like more details into Project VVV and how the Red 1 is the only Valvrave that can use the Harikiri blade.

    I'm kinda scarred from watching this just because I'm invested in these characters.


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