I’m going to have to repeat what I said last week, “that was really quick” – it looks like Ultear’s sacrifice in Chapter 335 was, indeed, the ultimate climax, and the swift defeat of future-Rogue at the hands of Natsu this week should mark the wind off of this story arc. Natsu’s triumph was delivered by a one-hit knockout that is increasingly prevalent in Fairy Tail these days – it wasn’t especially creative, but it sure as hell was flashy and the large panels that depict Natsu’s charged up attacks were quite a visual feat. The fate of Frosch was finally brought to forefront and as expected, the frog-like Exceed (It’s a he!) is no longer alive in future-Rogue’s timeline – presumably killed by the Black Dragon, Acnologia like the rest of his people. There wasn’t a whole lot of elucidation from fallen time traveler – he didn’t particularly single out a reason as to why he turned out the way he did and it doesn’t seem like we’ll be getting the much anticipated face-off between future-Rogue and his counterpart in the present.

The quick succession of events didn’t exactly pan out the way I had expected and this brings me to the point at issue – which is the role of future-Rogue in the current narrative. My prediction could be long shot, but it seems to me that his purpose could be that of an admonition – a heads-up given to Natsu and his gang before the imminent showdown with Acnologia. But interestingly, future-Rogue has not made any mention of Zeref in the apocalypse that he described and I have a certain suspicion the Killing Mage might have a crucial part to play in the forthcoming confrontation. We know for a fact that he’s most likely in the company of Acnologia and such an obvious cop-out is something that is most definitely worthy of note. With the destruction of the Eclipse Gate, it remains to be seen if the latest development could reverse all that has happened thus far – that, of course, includes Ultear’s valiant sacrifice last week. My guess is that things will not progress as swimmingly as Lucy had hoped and when you’re dealing with the concept of time manipulation, there’s bound to be a few caveats that are overlooked – and perhaps such a revelation could link the recent happenings to Acnologia’s day of reckoning!

Random tidbits:

  • I’m ecstatic to see Yukino again! – her induction into Fairy Tail can’t come sooner! I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
  • “It wasn’t me either” – poor Happy, he’s always at the receiving end of the verbal jabs! It could be because he’s always naked.
  • So are we absolutely certain that Frosch is a male? – the vagueness of his gender has been bugging me quite some time!

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #FairyTail 336: I’m going to have to repeat what I said last week, “that was really quick” – Natsu’s victory and smashing right into the Eclipse Gate! #Manga


  1. The way the gate broke is completely typical of what would happen if Natsu was fighting in the Fairy Tail’s Guild.Always breaking stuff, what’s a Gate that magic can’t break to a guy that always manages to destroy his own home from picking fights with his Nakama LOL.

  2. Like you say, I can’t help but feel that this was too rushed. We’ve gone from a promising set up of Dragon Slayers vs. Dragons to the conclusion within the space of ten chapters. I was hoping we would see some of the fights, as they were kind of skipped over. Wendy specifically stated that she had the magic to fight her opponent, but that was never shown, nor was it when Laxus showed up, or the battles between Cobra/Sting/Gajeel against any of their dragons. There was just a lot of stuff that seemed to be thrown at us at once and like the conclusion to the tournament I can’t help but feel the speed of it makes it seem anticlimactic. The events themselves were nice, but would have been so much better if they’d been explored more thoroughly.

    Part of me thinks that maybe the manga is picking up a massive amount of speed so that the anime can return sooner. Whatever the case, like you said and as I mentioned a few weeks back, I’m not sure that Zeref doesn’t tie into this somehow and am looking forward to see if this truly is the end of the road for the Magical Games Arc, and if so, what will happen next. Eager for next week as always!

  3. The main characters sure seem eager about making it so Future Rogue never came to the present and unleashed the dragons from the past. But if that never happened, then no one would have died. And if no one died, then there would be no one for Ultear to bring back. And if Ultear didn’t have to bring anyone back, then what was the point of the previous chapter and a half? Why couldn’t we get to see how Ultear’s spell affected Natsu’s fight? If Natsu was at least shown to be compromised within the minute before Ultear cast her spell, then things may have been different.

    Now with the likely idea of the present being rewritten, I see two scenarios neither of which I’m eager to see: on one hand, Ultear is resurrected and nothing will have changed, except maybe overcoming her “I have no right to live” moment like she did over 80 chapters ago; on the other hand, Ultear’s spell prevents her from being resurrected, making her sacrifice totally pointless as everyone who would have otherwise died would have been brought back.

    Seeing how we’ve gotten at least a bit of development with the Erza/Jellal/Millianna/Kagura issue, there’s still a sliver of hope that Hiro won’t totally overwrite everything; maybe things will just split off into another alternate timeline or something. But I think an even better twist would be if it turned out the Eclipse Gate that was destroyed wasn’t the same Eclipse Gate that Future Rogue used. But seeing how he’s already been defeated, I guess there’s no reason for that either. So unless we’re about to be thrown for another hastily set-up loop, we’d might as well try to look forward to Future Rogue’s spiel about why he’s a heartless bastard, and perhaps his last-second redemption before he totally fades away into oblivion. (Though if he vanishes a heartless bastard, that would actually be a loop I’m up for being thrown for.)

  4. Damn it these guys are messing with the space time continuum more then someone with a DeLorean…

    Although seriously the Dragons were a serious let down of them all really only the perverted one and Natsu’s Flame Dragon friend (name escapes me right now) were of any interest to me. The ending of this arc almost feels tact on. I mean way back when they found the Dragon Graveyard that could easily have set up an entire arc to itself post GMG/DKF. I mean Dragons are one of the driving forces of the story (the mystery of the Dragon Slayers 1st and 3rd Generation Dragons and of course Acnologia) so its kind of sad to see them used in an almost trivializing manner like this.

    Still all that being said it was an exciting ending and there were some great scenes. I just wish some of the harder hitting stuff lasted more then a chapter or so. I mean hard to believe Grey was effectivly dead just two weeks ago… I mean I don’t expect Hiro Mashima to go all George RR Martin and pull a Red Wedding but at least give death time to sink in. Hell I’m not even convinced Ultear will stay dead (if she’s dead as of now).

    PS: Hoping Ultear is not dead she always puts in work as a second Ms. Fanservice when Lucy is out of commission.

      1. I’m keeping my hopes in check. I think it could use more time to get ahead. Although some of the comments like make it a late night anime and get a new company to do it would be cool. I’m almost hoping for an ongoing OVA type series (not the ecchi ones were getting now) kind of like the Tokyo Arc and Spring Chronciles Arc of Tsubasa. With a bigger budget and more freedom it could be good.

    1. I knew it was going to be weak to begin with and everything was waaaay too predictable. I predicted the future Lucy thing the moment the cloaked figure appeared because it was foreshadowed at the very beginning with future Levy’s “remembering of the magic games.” Only surprise I’ve had this arc was Cobra being released from prison and even then he didn’t do squat.

      Th magic games were fun to read/watch and I may be in the minority but, aside from Jura going down so easily, i liked how it ended (Sting SUCKS). This arc though….. was just bad. If everything resets just like Lucy said then EVERYTHING that has happened would’ve been pointless.

  5. I actually wouldn’t mind this as an ultimate end of this arc if it wasn’t SO RUSHED. The Dragon fights were all off-paneled…

    Also, I still don’t understand how breaking the gate can change anything. Aren’t there multiple timelines? Thus, breaking the Gate should only result in present Rogue being unable to travel in time once (if) he turns evil, but it should in no way make future Rogue and the dragons disappear… Well, they haven’t disappeared yet but Lucy implied they will. Let’s see what happens…

  6. wait. that’s it? that the end of this arc? no explosions and shit? no nothing?

    and the academy award for best troll of the year is handed to… Mr. Hiro Mashima!!

    Ichijou Raku
    1. Just because the translation used a ‘he’ pronoun doesn’t mean that it’s actually a confirmation :/ Japanese has pronouns that don’t specify genders and as far as I know, they have always been used when it came to Frosch. Even Mashima himself stated on Twitter some time ago that ‘his’ gender is a mystery for now.

  7. I don’t believe that this arc is over yet, I could be wrong but I suspect that by next week we’ll get the surprise of our lives and realize that the fight for the future is just beginning and something pretty big is about to happen. This climax was too easy.

    K C M
  8. One thing I like about the Fairy Tail manga. It doesnt unnecessarily drag arcs out. Sure people could say things ended a bit too quickly, but at the same time, we really got to see most of what needed to be seen. No need to drag battles out. I like this pace of the story moving forward a lot more.

    Anyway, hoping Ultear is alright, and people actually realize she was the reason everyone is saved. She deserve some credit here.

  9. Pretty sure it’s gonna get extended in the anime. Also… kinda a legit solution here:
    “Oh no! Our magic doesn’t work to break that door! What do we do!?”
    “We bulldoze it by crashing a dragon on it, or course!”

    Then again… maybe he needs to close the arc soon because the anime might be airing again, thus prompting the end of the arc ASAP.


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