「シークレットミッション」 (Shikuretto misshon)
“Secret Mission”

Majestic Prince has a fascinating mix of artistic elements to say the least. While the action-packed space battles feel avant-garde, there’s obviously a stylistic throwback to both the structure of its composition and visual sense. It’s certainly like nothing else that’s airing this season – for one, the commercial bumper this week would not have looked amiss in any mecha anime of the late 90’s, and there’s also the dry humor, which is pretty much in contrast with the slapstick comedy that pervades these days. This is a relic of another time, but that in itself wouldn’t mean much if the show is not as exuberantly compelling as it is. While I still have no idea why Dogakobo x Orange made this adaptation – which is not canonical to the manga at that, I’m definitely not going to look a gift horse in the mouth and it goes without saying that I’m very glad they did!

The latest episode was a blend of slice-of-life and situation comedy, and the two female leads – Kei and Tamaki, were obviously at the center of attention this week. If it wasn’t already apparent from last week’s preview, this episode was aiming for the most basic form of pandering – fanservice, and to that end, the various cosplaying endeavors were nothing less than a visual feat – especially if you’re as big a fan of Kei as I am! For a moment, I was quite worried we might not see the girls in all of their swimsuit glory – indeed, the intentional cop-out of that scene was pretty crafty – but all that anxiety turned out to be for naught and the epilogue, which had the entire photo shoot laid bare, was definitely a feast for the eyes! Needless to say, Kei and Tamaki present a marked contrary to each other – not just in their physical endowment, but also in the depiction of their character temperament. While Tamaki is the naïve and forceful one – not to mention busty, Kei is comparatively more conservative and thoughtful. Clearly, the both of them excel in different areas, but that doesn’t mean they can’t work as a team and when the time calls for it, they are most certainly capable of bringing it together – in fact, the dynamic duo pulled off quite a publicity stunt this week!

It wasn’t just Kei and Tamaki who had the time of their lives, the rest of the Zannen 5 also engaged in their fair share of goofing-around in this episode. Toshikazu, in particular, was a standout and his date – or whatever that is – with Anna (Tanaka Rina, Anko in Tamako Market) is bound to give those who have a imouto fetish utmost satisfaction. For all of his seemingly dispassionate demeanor, Toshikazu has proven to be quite attentive and charming when he needs to be, and I don’t think there’s any question that he’ll make a class-S boyfriend should he become one – and perhaps even a great father! Then there’s Suruga – he didn’t have any lines in this episode – who seems to be part of a secret operation this week and I suspect the unknown aircraft that is fast approaching Star Rose will be the key focus of the next episode. While I have no idea what new mysteries does it entail, it probably has something to do with the enigmatic girl from Episode 5 and by the look of it, she’ll be embarking on a vicious dogfight with Izuru next week – and that’s something that I’m most looking forward to!

Random tidbits:

  • This is the first time we’ve gotten a visual confirmation of Kei’s bust size and I admit it was somewhat of a letdown – Don’t get me wrong though, I still love her to bits!
  • Those beautiful, delicious legs more than make up for Kei’s inferior bust size – I know I’m weird, please don’t judge me!
  • It looks Kei is more popular with the older folks – That could be the reason why I find her so adorable! No, I’m not that old, just slightly older!
  • I have control. You have control. Bon Voyage!” – Yamada Peko packs some pretty crazy driving skills!
  • Is that Commander Komine? – I would be ecstatic if that doofus has, indeed, been removed from the commanding ranks!
  • “This is a wee bit too sexy, I don’t think Asagi would survive seeing me in this” – that’s only true if he’s a lolicon, and I highly doubt that!
  • “Don’t give me this crap” – Artistic necessity, that’s what they all say to make the girls strip!
  • A huff and a puff – I wonder what those guys are watching. It could be Episode 10 of Kakumeiki Vavlrave!

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #MajesticPrince 12: Cosplay and fanservice have never been so much fun – police, firefighter, teacher, nurse, military and of course, the venerable swimsuit! #Anime

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  1. I absolutely LOVED it when Kei torn into that lady that tried to get her to wear that swimsuit. I haven’t laughed so hard in a good long time. I honestly don’t mind episodes like these. People will always complain about episodes if it doesn’t go anywhere with the story but having fun little episodes like this with a bit of character development is always nice every now and then imo.

    1. 100% agreement. I love the episodes of action and advance the story, but also love small pauses to develop characters, comedy and a little taste of the pupils XD.

      What I loved most was the interaction between Kei and Tamaki, those two are cute together. The bunny costume was adorable, and I died of laughter at the thought that it was not the bunny suit that most expect for this episode LOL XD

      I like to think of episodes of an anime as a whole. Every story has its parts, and moving from one to another at their own pace and time. I do not find it fun when every episode has the same content. This is anime, not a TV series or a marathon of movies of the same type.

  2. FAN SERVICE JUST FOR KEI!!!! made my day!

    “A huff and a puff – I wonder what those guys are watching. It could be Episode 10 of Kakumeiki Vavlrave!” exactly what I was thinking!

    1. Actually, those guys where sniffing *Yes* Tamaki’s sweat and odor from the time her unit went into almost meltdown and she sweat a few pounds inside the improvised and deadly sauna machine. Those three should drop the magazine and go to the club to party hard.

  3. Those balloons are just as disturbingly grotesque as Chiho’s from Maou-Sama and yet, you can’t just help staring. She has to have some kind of technology implanted to support her back, especially with the way she’s positioned in her mech.

    I loved that Allelujah Haptism reference from Yamada XD. I have control! You have control! That car activated Trans-AM.

    Kei is the best girl, confirmed!

    Asagi captures the hearts of all lolis everywhere while Kei captures the hearts of pervy old men lol.

    The Rose commercial and the GDF commercial was just hilarious. So many outfits, I expected a maid one to turn up at some point, but no dice. Nurse outfit was just as good though ;p.

    I knew Kei would pull off the Office Woman outfit, but even Tamaki pulled it off. The one they wore in the GDF commercial is my favorite.

    I like how Izuru gave his manga to his pit crew to critic it, but they don’t even understand what it is.Suruga and his pit crew of manly man provided the plot progression tool.Plus, a cliffhanger alongside that ship.

    In the previews, Rin Rin looks serious D;.

    1. I agree that Tamaki’s body is exaggerated. In all animes all women and girls have exaggerated proportions. Thin arms and legs, but bust and hips out of proportion. Worst of all is that most are minors.

      In my own opinion, based on my own taste, I think Tamaki design would look better with more volume in her arms and legs, and abdomen. Rarely have I seen a more weight anime girl without being exaggerated to give a fat jokes. Sometimes it’s tiring to see anime girls with bodies of models.

  4. Where oh where is the fanservice for the girls? I guess it wasn’t all bad, I got to see a sweet and attentive Toshikazu this episode and got a laugh with Izuru. I don’t know if anyone else thought it was funny, but seeing him run around trying to find someone to read his newly finished manga was hilarious to me.

  5. IMHO this was by far the worst episode of all the anime I’ve watched this season. I honestly felt cheated for wasting twenty minutes on this completely pointless episode. What exactly did we learn this episode? That’s right, nothing. It was an utter waste of time with nothing other than random fanservice.

    If they had at least put the fanservice in an interesting format I wouldn’t have been so annoyed, but this was basically a dress up show for the two girls with zero plot, zero jokes and it even looks to me as if the creators had zero interest into making it appealing in any way.

    Now that I’ve vented my anger I think I’m going to ignore this episode ever existed, because so far MP has been a very enjoyable series to me and I’m not going to let one crappy episode ruin a very good show for me. Unless it’s the last episode. Then all bets are off.

  6. considering that MHP has been pretty solid for its entire runm i think the series really deserves to go goofy like this from time to time.

    but i am amused that, while this episode was supposed to be purely for the fanservice, it actually was able to say something about the whole concept of fanservice and actually throw in a general media commentary (for me, who is a media practitioner by profession, that one was a really nice stab). i also like how they managed to tie it to the conflict that the GDF is practically exploiting the kids.

    and from the looks of the next ep, team rabbits is getting a new mentor (or possibly a sixth ranger).

    i also loved that eye catch, really made me recall those 90’s robot anime.

  7. What if Tamaki is a result of a failed experiment. A team of scientists somewhere were creating a pair of sentient breasts, but they didn’t like what was going to happen to them later on so they grew a body and escaped, and found their way into the MJP.

  8. really enjoyed the episode,luv the part where Kei goes on an angry rant about d swimsuits,also love the parts with Asagi cuz we get to see a more positive side of his character rather than someone who’s constantly having stomach aches.
    Hoping next week there will be some epic mecha action

  9. HOLY SHIT! Tamaki’s body structure is like 70% breasts. Those things are just ridiculously huge. How does she even stand with those things. Their hot not but they’ll look like a nighmare when she gets older.

    I’ve always wondered why Suruga and Tamaki haven’t started dating. Both want to be in a relationship to the point of being annoying, Suruga loves huge tits and Tamaki likes boys. What sort of force is keep this from happening?


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