「さようならニャル子さんW」 (Sayounara Nyaruko-San W)
“See ya Nyaruko-San W”

As with all good things in life, everything eventually comes to an end. But even if something’s ending, that doesn’t mean it can’t be super entertaining right? And true to form, the final episode for a show like this ended things on such a perfect note that I wouldn’t be surprised if another season randomly appears in the future.

For a final episode though I suppose we couldn’t ask for more. With a bit of humor thrown in with the usual butt-kicking that Nyaruko and company usually unleash, the biggest surprise for me was probably how much I enjoyed watching Cthune throw up and Bast lusting over lolis. But once you get passed all the jokes, I was really hoping for some sort of unexpected romantic twist that would leave us all wanting more! I suppose I’ll have to live with Mahiro finally eating something that Nyaruko has cooked. At the same time it drives me crazy when I think about how the writers could have used all that tension the beginning of the episode created. I mean, how much harm would have it done to actually deliver something substantial instead of leaving us hanging with such a lame punch line?


Final Impressions

I rarely make negative comments about a show but I honestly believe that this second season was nowhere near as compelling as the first was. Sure the elements that made the first season so fun to watch were all here — ridiculous scenes, stupid villains, and really derp moments — but something about the execution seemed a bit off. Maybe it was because the first season conditioned me or maybe it was just weaker material but there were moments during this second season that felt like they were completely dragging along.

Which drives me crazy because there were also some really good moments too! When the story dropped the stupid villains in favor of building or enhancing the romantic relationships between characters, it felt like this show could really reach new heights. With things like Nyaruko finally demanding some sort of answer from Mahiro about his feelings for her and Ctuhko discovering her true feelings for him, I’m sure that both of these avenues could have been explored and would have been really fun to watch! And don’t get me started on how badly Hasta got shafted after the first few episodes. Sure BL may not be for everyone but it doesn’t mean that he should have been completely excluded from all the fun!

All in all, I’m a bit torn between how I would rate this show. It definitely has its good and bad moments, but I really would have liked it if the second season took the opportunity to go down a different path than the first one did. That said, I think the good moments warrant at least a quick watch for those who finished the first season and want a little bit more Mahirosanium in their system. So in the end, even after thinking about all the slow and even boring parts, I believe this show still ended up being alright.


  1. I was disappointed.

    There was good development with Nyaruko showing her sincerity – making a believable
    character, but my contempt for Mahiro steadily grew with each passing episode.
    The atypical reaction he had to Nyaruko’s announcement that she would have to leave and
    his detachment to her feelings throughout the episode – even his mom distanced herself
    from him. I said earlier that this is kind of a power thing for guys jerks and I still believe that.
    So I don’t know if the writers wanted their audience to feel that way, or they’re just stupid.

    With that being said, I’d like to see more, but the male protagonist has gotta grow some balls.

    Just my 2¢.

  2. No single episode proves your point more than this episode Takaii! This episode started with so much tension that I thought we were finally going to get some development in the relationship between Mahiro and Nyaruko. I was left disappointed when Mahiro was, well, being a dick to Nyaruko really. At least give her a hug or two when she was feeling down at the very start! Instead, there was that scene of him dragging her by the arm quite forcefully when it was clear she was upset (https://randomc.net/image/Haiyore%20Nyaruko-san/Haiyore%20Nyaruko-san%20W%20-%2012%20-%20Large%2008.jpg). And in the end, Nyaruko found a way to solve the problem herself without Mahiro’s aid. So much potential…so much let down 🙁

  3. The problem is that Mahiro never showed anything towards Nyarko at all. Even though we all know he does care because of the end last season. The problem was it should’ve been broken down or cracked.

    The whole point of this season should’ve been building up to that last line by Mahiro about them staying anyways. It should’ve been a heartwarming effect. Yet, because there was no real thawing of the ice, it just comes out like lame joke.

    Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the season. But so much potential not realized. 🙁

  4. I also think the show lost some of its appeal the second time around. After 24 episodes, the style of humor isn’t as fresh and unique as it was 12 episodes before, and without something else, the show becomes a bit stale. There were certainly good moments as Takaii points out, but not enough offset (at least for me) the “more of the same thing” feeling I got with each new episode. Rather than go down a different path, for me it’s more like it didn’t go down any path at all.

    I saw little real development in any of the underlying relationships other than Cthuko finally deciding to join Mahiro’s harem. That’s a bit strange given the emphasis on Mahiro and Nyaruko’s relationship. Was there any noticeable difference in that regard compared to 6, 12, or even 15 episodes earlier? Mahiro’s mother and Shantak-kun’s relationship progressed further than Mahiro did in his relationship with Nyaruko, Hastur, or even Tamao. Of course for that last one, Mahiro would have to overcome the stereotypical male lead “oblivious to overt female interest” syndrome. (*sigh* Wish there was a year moratorium on that.) To be clear, I’m not talking strictly in terms of romance only.

    mac65 makes a good point about Mahiro. It’s hard to like him when his response to Nyaruko’s complete heart-break upon learning she’s forced to leave Earth in 24hrs is “Eh, what are going to do?” (long pause) “Oh, but it’s not like I want you to leave or anything.” Not convincing at all. His response was so bad that Cthuko actually tried to bring the two closer together.

    IMO, this show had to deliver more than a “the story continues the same as before” type ending. Sadly, that’s exactly what we got.

    1. I’ve got to give Mahiro a break here. He’s got three alien deities after him (and one of them’s the crawling chaos even if she does look like a cute high school girl). Talk about mixed marriages! And give Nyaruko an inch and she’ll take your pants, not to mention the effect on Ctuhko and Hastur. I do hope that if they do a third season they come up with some new plots/characters/jokes. This one wasn’t bad but it’s been repetitious from last season.

      1. Fair enough. Your right that it would be tough when you consider Nyaruku’s “true form” is supposed to be so hideous that it causes insanity (pretty sure that’s right). Put’s a damper on the romance if you’re always worried she’s lose her transformation ability at exactly the wrong moment.

        The trio can be a total pain in the a**, but they have also saved his life more than once, clearly care a lot about him. To me, after so many “adventures” (kind of how this season played out IMO), Mahiro still seems too cold/indifferent at times even on a nakama/friendship type level.

  5. And i thought no one can come close to School Days Makoto. Mahiro is almost as bad. Im really sad how they took things this time around. it was a fun ride but it didnt deliver the BANG that i was hoping for

  6. If only Kurei Tamao had appeared in the second season as much as she did in scenes of the ending for the the episode. I was kinda hoping Nyaruko’s brother was going to come make a new mess of things….Nyar-bot vs oni-san would have been epic. Still enjoyed it and would be sure to watch another season/ova.

  7. The 2nd season was only good for comedic hijinks and good references to other shows. Just when I thought that the relationship was heading for more serious consideration and dating territory (say.. the Nyaruko ultimatum in eps. 7?) the show totally squandered that away with Mahiro acting like an ass the next episode.

    Sorry, I don’t want a 3rd season. Two seasons of frustration are plenty enough, and I haven’t even finished this 2nd one (I read over this RC post to confirm that the relationships didn’t progress at all.) I think those who have watched School Rumble or even Hayate know exactly what I’m talking about.

  8. Yeah, this season was extremely lackluster.
    Everything before ep 7 or 8 seemed completely awkward too (with lack of BGMs, dialogue script, etc.)

    At least the references quality/quantity was still there…

  9. Guys, I am happy to reveal that there will be a season 3! How do I know this? Heres how: In Haiyore-nyarko-san w episode 3 nyarko-san was speaking to her children sometime in the distant past, and was interrupted by Mahiro-san telling her not to give away the ending. Due to the ending not being reached yet, it can be assumed that there will be a season ahead in which it comes true. Infact, the release date of season 3 is obvious. After Haiyore-nyarko-san was finished, the the first episode of the second season, Haiyore-nyarko-san-w, was released in early April of 2013, and the first episode of Haiyore-Nyarko-san was released in April 2012. Therefore, it is believed that the third season will be released in early April of 2014. After all, it is highly unlikely that an anime that even has it’s own video game would cut the show short. Don’t worry guys, the show will continue, but there is a bit of a wait.

  10. I can’t remember the last time Hastur got any development because it’s mostly been about Kuuko and Nyaruko. The trap just can’t get no lovin ;/ I would even go so far as to say that Hastur has been demoted to Tomoe status.

    The season is still good and the references were great. I’d very much like it if Mahiro just got punched in the face at least once though.

  11. Well as animeology told us his facts that there will be a 3 season that sounds like he has been taking his time but you never know how things may work out
    But the light novel is still going that gives some more of a base for us to say there will be a 3 season

    But I also seen something have been becoming old they need to change things up a bit but not to much or it may destroy the show try new things maybe take a few risk

    And if your a anime fan you know of fan service

    Also we have not seen Cthulhu himself in the show or much of the space stuff there is still lots of places to visit in the show and lots of H.P. Lovecraft stuff to use they also have talked about lots of things they have not seen

    and me myself I like to see nyar turn into other things with her many forms but we only seen 1 and her armor if that counts as one

    Just by looking at all the nyarlathotep images you see there is many forms she can take
    just Google nyarlathotep and you will see
    I also think in other forms she can do other things and have other powers or tools to her use

    she can also act different and have a other voice maybe maybe a deeper man voice that sound cold maybe and can scare Mahiro

    or maybe a form where she seems more like someone Mahiro can get along with some other girl form maybe some ideas but there is many things they can do I hope they may try a few new things

  12. As the anime progresses i get the feeling that hastur is a girl especially because you never seen him without a top and not to mention his appearance… am I the only one thinking this…


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