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OP: 「かのん100%」 (Kanon 100%) by 東山 奈央 (Touyama Nao)

「マジカル☆スター かのん100%」 (Majikaru☆Sutaa Kanon 100%)
“Magical☆Star Kanon 100%”

In case you couldn’t quite whet your appetite waiting for Megami-hen, it’s Kanon-chan and Elsie to the rescue!

Though Kanon isn’t my favorite heroine in the TWGOK series (I think it’s not too hard to guess which is, however; Stilts-senpai certainly got it right on the first try!), she gets a whole lot of fanfare from both Wakaki-sensei and the fandom at large. That’s why it’s hardly surprising to me that she gets her own OVA separate from previous ones, even if she already played decently large parts in some of them. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with Kanon-chan (except perhaps an overly romanticized take on the idol persona, but that’s a story for another day), but the lack of Keima and the overall sugary sweet adorableness of this special episode definitely didn’t win a huge amount of points for me personally.

Of course, to expect anything different of an OVA titled “Magical☆Star Kanon 100%” is quite foolish in the first place, and in all honesty it’s still a fun watch if you’re rabid for more Kaminomi in general. For one thing, Elsie is back, being the cute imouto/bug demon she’s always been, though this time around she’s Kanon’s sidekick (and fangirl) rather than Keima’s bubbly self-proclaimed sister. Kanon herself takes the stage as both the victim and vanquisher of this segment’s runaway spirit, with various magical girl sequences to carry the day. There’s not a whole lot of point to the whole little escapade: a runaway spirit affects Kanon, turning her into a child during the auditions to find her “little sister” and through the magical properties of her singing, she manages to defeat the spirit and gain a cute, shy idol sister in the process. It’s adorable, it’s silly, and it’s lighthearted; after all, isn’t that what idols are supposed to be?

Interestingly enough, my favorite part of the whole thing is when Kanon sings without a backtrack. Her idol tunes are cute and fluffy and all, but it’s only when she’s not acting overly cutesy that you can tell Touyama Nao can really sing. It’s kind of a shame she doesn’t use that tone more often in the episode, but that’s just me. I also enjoy the ridiculously cute notion that singing can vanquish evil, because even if it isn’t quite so glaringly obvious in the Real, singing really is a wonderful way to cheer people up and generally brighten things up a notch. But that really doesn’t have anything to do with anything, does it?

In any case, it might not be the Capturing God in person, but it sure is nice to see Kanon, Elsie, and Kaminomi as a whole back at last.

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ED Sequence

ED: 「君色ラブソング」 (Kimi Iro Rabu Songu) by 東山 奈央 (Touyama Nao)


    1. It’s a OVA, so no Minami or Sumire yet…we don’t even know if they are going to cover these two since season 3 is titled megami-hen…implying that they might be skipping over some of the conquests for Goddess candidates…Season 3 PV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53TS-gNskY4 they included the part where Kanon confessed to otamegane!

      Kairi, not sure who’s your favorite girl, but mine is Ayumi, followed closely by Chihori who shot way up in my list during the Goddess hunt arc.

  1. Would like to point out that there’s something wrong with the formatting of the screengrabs. The thumbnails show up just fine, but when you click to enlarge them, they get cut off at the bottom and get stretched vertically.

    1. Ah, gomen. I had a lot of trouble with these caps last night and it was late, so let me fix that in a moment.

      Annnnnd now they’re stretched in the other direction, though weirdly enough these are the original caps. I think they got stretched out horizontally when I made the thumbnails because I remember them looking oddly elongated in the original res. I tried to fix that last night but because of all the standardization on the site weird stuff happened to the different sizes. In any case, I will try to find a solution, but I’m not very handy with technology, I apologize.

  2. I was hoping the OVA would be less random than the Magical Kanon manga, but nup.
    Oh well, can’t complain about more Kanon.

    My guess as to your fav is Elsie.


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