A little while back, it was said that the tailed beasts would one day be united again and be lead on the right path. It’s obvious that person is Naruto at this point, but if this chapter demonstrates anything, it’s that the right path is something that’ll have to go right through… Obito. As it turns out, the signs Obito performed last week was never the Rinne Tensei in the first place, and his becoming of the Ten-Tails Jinchuriki makes him arguably one of the most powerful ninja in history. As Madara points out himself, Obito’s now essentially equivalent to the Sage of Six Paths, and it’s quite interesting because there’s a lot that’s up in the air at this point.

For one, it’s a fact now that even the revived Hokage do not possess the power to combat the new Obito. One assumes Madara entering the picture (and probably the current generation’s Kages as well) will help balance things out slightly, but if any of the legends surrounding the powers of the original Sage are anywhere near accurate… one really wonders if that means anything—especially if the Moon Eye’s Plan can theoretically be activated quite soon (presumably when Obito reaches his final form). In that context, one can argue he’s still vulnerable because he’s not in his final form yet, but it really begs the question of who exactly is capable of combating him in the first place (even now).

With that said, Naruto jumps to the forefront due to his role as the main character, but to combat someone with Sage-level abilities would require something of the same scope, and last I checked, Naruto was still missing the chakra of at least one of the tailed beasts (and the eye abilities too). To this end, it’s notable that people possessing the necessary eyes are around, and one wonders if there may be yet some development regarding Sasuke and his Sharingan—especially considering the fact that Madara himself supposedly acquired the Rinnegan (from the Sharingan) near his death. Still, despite the potential feasibility of this theory (which I’ve seen floating around), it doesn’t seem likely that Naruto’ll end up gaining some kind of eye technique just to become the Sage, which then makes you wonder if there’s some way to combine skills between two people (say, Sasuke and Naruto) to get the same effect.

Regardless, the ultimate conclusion is that this chapter opens up a large can of worms, and it’s really going to be interesting seeing how Kishimoto gets this next part done. It seems like at the very least, someone’s going to get some epic powerups soon though…


  1. Somehow I think the eye of the moon plan is up in the air itself because from the looks of it Obito’s mind is overwhelmed by the amount of power he has now, the way he even stuttered pronouncing his own name. I’d say his mind is about to go completely poof from power overload…and that could be what Madara is waiting for so he can take control himself.

    1. It definitely seems like it, he doesn’t even seem to be completely concentrating on what’s going on around him. Definitely curious to see how this turns out or who fights/helps who, considering the amount of things Kishimoto can pull with such a scenario as this one. The fact that the Hokage practically mentioned how Obito is more powerful than all of them means we’ll see either a team-up, a power-up, or some “secret” jutsu (whether out of nowhere or not is up in the air of course).

      The panels where Obito’s Jinchuuriki form was revealed and even him grasping at his face looked similar to Ichigo going full hollow and ripping his mask off from Bleach during the Vizard arc.

  2. The Kages were ready to enter the battlefield just two chapters ago. What use do they serve now that the opponent is overpowered beyond belief and even the strongest of the alliance is of no match? I wish it was more of an intellectual war as opposed to one where both sides are constantly trying to one-up each other only in terms of power.

    Also, I like how Hashirama can tell right away that the new Obito is stronger than him.

    1. Unfortunately, that’s largely how shonen-style stories tend to be, or at least they usually tend to “devolve” into such things if they start out better. It is/becomes all about the flashiness and being over-the-top while most other things, even things that were constantly preached about before, are usually just shoved to the background and only brought up at convenient points for little more than a motivation booster.

      I mean, just in Naruto alone, Part 1 up through Sasuke’s defection, it’s constantly preached that it’s NOT about power, but about teamwork and relying on your friends, having something to protect and fight for giving you the strength you need. Then Part 2 comes around and just after the first arc, Naruto, the main character who was pretty much supposed to epitomize those lessons, is the very one who usually ends up NOT following them, getting more and more power-ups, usually fighting main enemies alone, and so on.

      The war wasn’t too bad early on with both sides were actually using more strategy; infiltrating enemy camps, having to learn how to fight against said infiltration, having to deal with something that very few have ever had to deal with before (Edo Tensei), and so on. Now it’s just back to power, power, and more power.

  3. my question is how can he become a Jinchuriki and already have control of the ten tails none of the other Jinchuriki could control there tailed beast right away so why can he

    1. Obito is clearly not in control. He is being used rather at this point to compress and control the Juubi’s chakra. Hence the “Jinchuuricki?….and “O..bi.. to?” exclamations Obito made in this chapter. He’s gone bananas.

  4. Just when you thought both Madara and Hashirama was OP, this newly refined berserk jinchuuriki that Obito is now gives a whole new definition to the word. Who would of thought that being friend-zoned by Rin would lead to this. Le sigh….. #Naruto

    1. Naruto’s Nine Tails Mode is still not complete. His father holds 1/2 of Kurama’s power.
      Maybe if Naruto reclaims all of Kuurama’s power, he might be able to go toe-to-toe with Juubito. Plus he has the chakras from the other Jinchuriki and their Tailed-Beast.

      1. Even if Minato did give Naruto the other half of Kurama’s chakra, by this point, it would be meaningless. Even with Kurama’s full power, he’d still be less than 1/3 the power of Obito’s current full power (28+ tails with the Jubi’s current incomplete state) and we were already demonstrated (and admitted to by Hashirama) that Obito was now stronger than him or any of the Kages (and all 4 together…yeah), and I highly doubt that Naruto, without some haxing, even with Kurama’s full power, would’ve been able to go up against Hashirama alone, much less all 4 Kage together.

    1. Madara doesn’t look like the type to be intimidated. He wasn’t anywhere near intimidated by this turn of events. He just got up off his ass to act quickly before Juubito gives him a hard time, since he IS stronger than Hashirama now.

      1. Lol how you seen the episode where madara gets gets reanimated and looks so bad ass lol his slashing and dicing look at the episode of when madara enter the battlrfield. Lol suvh a bad ass XD like literally his moves he kills almost all of an army and like ten survives just look at it.

        Naruto Uzumaki
  5. So Obito was trolling Madara the whole time, and now Madara’s preparing to pull something to troll Obito… I wonder if this is why he’s been so laid back the whole time. It’s interesting how Obito doesn’t seem to be “all there” now that he’s a Jinchuriki, maybe the Juubi’s in control instead? That would explain why he’s using its powers without any trouble. Hopefully Obito will actually cast the infinite Tsukiyomi and the heroes will have to escape it somehow. Seeing everyone’s “ideal world” would be interesting.

    Seems like the “surpassing the previous generation” theme is back with Hashirama and Tobirama fodderized, gotta wonder how Naruto and Sasuke will take down Juubito. Fusion dance perhaps?

    1. A Lotus Eater Machine (the trope’s name for being trapped in a perfect world and such) arc could be very interesting, it could bring back other dead characters for a time and provide development for well everyone…. as well as a combat break.

      1. NOOOO! The last thing we need is MORE dead people! Though I guess if it’s done right a few could be OK in a tsukiyomi arc. If they are trapped in it perhaps Hinata will be the one to break them out using the Byakugan. It’d finally give it some relevance to the plot, and we can all imagine how hard it would be for her to destroy her ideal world… hmmm…

  6. I can’t recall there being in recent memory, such a drastic increase in power that a character would forget their own name. The God of Shinobi admits his inferiority and after seven or so chapters, we finally see Madara stand up again. I hope Kishimoto can continue to make things interesting and unpredictable from here on out.

    Oh and brief Sakura/Hinata appearance. That was nice ~ xD

  7. This is becoming crazy. Now they have to face someone even MORE god-like. This is the way I see Naruto now.

    They can’t stop Obito, they can only hope to contain him, and then fail at doing so. As he is now, he literally just destroyed the most powerful Hokages with his bare hands, and they’re reanimated for God’s sake. If that was actual beings, it would be like one of those gory Bleach chapters when someone loses their lung and everything else on the right side of the body

  8. -Seeing Naruto and Minato standing side by side makes me wonder that there might be some awesome rasengan combo like in one of the movies or something.
    -So now this just means it’ll take more than just Kakashi to stop Obito.
    -I hope those were the clones of the 1st and 2nd Hokages that bit the dust. 3rd Hokage better do something too.
    -When will we see some more “ninja-army jutsu?”

    random viewer
  9. I am thinking it is around the right time for Kishimoto reveal the gift Minato has for Naruto. Perhaps it’s the other half of Kurama’s chakra, which he will give back to Naruto and Kurama.

    1. you know i was thinking that, but considering he transform and using it for himself still rather giving when he first saw naruto “nope, nope, nope, it mine, i caught him and seal into me so it’s mine know, deal with it” 😛

    2. Even if Minato did give Naruto the other half of Kurama’s chakra, by this point, it would be meaningless. Even with Kurama’s full power, he’d still be less than 1/3 the power of Obito’s current full power (28+ tails with the Jubi’s current state) and we were already demonstrated (and admitted to by Hashirama) that Obito was now stronger than him or any of the Kages (and all 4 together…yeah).

      Also, for the summary, the only way Sasuke could get the Rinnegan would be if he somehow got Senju DNA implanted in him. Otherwise, having just the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan isn’t enough.

      1. Dude how annoying are you! The story about natuto no one else pay attention just because you like sasuke doesn’t mean anything I mean 0% nothing. If you dont naruto being so6p why you watching?!?! Stick to your barbie show like really if you dont want naruto and want sasuke, talk to the creator about that and create an isdue. Even if you be too late show and manga be over and they would’t pay attention to you.

        Naruto Uzumaki
  10. And we still got no explanation on just how exactly this is possible due to some holes…

    And Kishi did go out of his way to show that panel with the moon in full sight; did anyone notice how the surface of the moon looked quite a bit what seemed like the Rikudo Sennin fighting the Jubi?

    And I’m just a bit tired of the trolling at this point. Plot twists are one thing because they’re usually unexpected, surprising, and help keep the story interesting. By this point in the story, most readers are probably EXPECTING twists to happen right around every corner because they’ve been done to death, so people haven’t really found Obito becoming the Jinchuriki that surprising at all nor with Madara having a supposed “trump card” because, like Minato, he could somehow magically see SO far into the future that he’s able to prepare for virtually everything that could “go wrong” with something they planned to do.

    1. I might define this chapter as bewildering and exciting to say the least, as it introduces a great plot twist. However, the whole jinchuriki transformation just seemed too sudden and nonsensical. Out of nowhere Obito gets the power to tame the juubi’s superb chakra which, by the way, couldn’t even be controlled by the 4 hokages or Madara himself. Although the the hachibi argues that the juubi (in beast mode) didn’t manage to concentrate the chakra on its attacks, I honestly don’t buy it. How come a merely dying person with half a body, and whose chakra levels are at the ground, manages not only to contain an enormous amount of chakra, but to perfectly use it at his convenience?

      1. And, presumably, even the original Rikudo Sennin, with all his power, needed to use very complex and powerful seals to keep the full power of the Jubi contained, and even then, once he died, those seals would break and the Jubi would’ve been immediately released, which is why he not only separated the Jubi’s chakra from its body (whatever happened to the Jubi’s physical body being sealed in the moon?), but also separated that chakra into the nine separate Biju.

  11. “makes you wonder if there’s some way to combine skills between two people (say, Sasuke and Naruto) to get the same effect.”

    Answer : *insert silly dance routine* “FU… SION! HA!”

    weird d
  12. Im sure this is like an Ichigo Full Hollow moment. Ichigo had a hole in his chest, heart totally gone and he got back up on his own. Soul energy depleted to the ground just like Obitos chakra.

    Obito is the same. He will fight unwillingly and murder alot of people. Things will die down(the 4 kage for instance) then he will come to terms. MAYBE!

    I truly see NO hope whatsoever even with Narutos Full Power. I do believe on Narutos spunk though. Have Shikamaru assess the situation and execute it. Perfect win.

  13. At this point I feel like it is time to sacrifice and bring out the reaper. My guess is that at least 10 will have to give their lives since there are 10 different beings inside of Obito.

  14. You guys are missing the BIG Picture, 1st Remember when Naruto was recovering his chakara? And when sakura was healing him? Right then all the tail beasts were covering him or shielding i guess and there were 2 eyes..the reningun and right when the 10 tails sow it he went on a rampage. 2nd All the tails beasts said his the one. 3rd Right when Naruto spoke obito (10 tails) Ignored EVERYONE mean he ignored the most storngst people in that battle field which was the 4 hokages and madara and went after naruto, sasuke protected him but he looked like he smahsed sasukes head and grabed narutos. Now the bigst part is that naruto’s 3 hair on his face, No ONE in his family has that not minato and not kuishina heck no one in the whole leaf village, if you count it, he has 6 of those hairs, some people say its cause of the 9 tails but he had it before he got the 9 tails in side of him now that alone proves to me that he is the reincarnation of the sage.

  15. On the current chapter 647/ 648 It basically means that Naruto will bite the Fruit of the
    God Tree(The Juubi’s Final Form) and become the Younger Son of the sage, Which has the body and chakra of the sage and obito will be the elder son of the sage, Which has the eyes and visual prowess of the sage.

  16. i have a strong feeling naruto is the sage of the 6 paths pure at heart puts others ahead of him self maybe he will unlock some hiddden tech with ocular or maybe the beast reunited with in will open a seal thats unknown givin the fact he is the heroin jus sayin

  17. These types of stories follow a path where the main character starts off with extremely humble beginings and end up god-like. Naruto will become the new Sage of the Six Paths. He is essentially the reincarnation of the younger brother, but lacks the ocular powers of the older. The latter power he will acquire from Sasuke, near his death, as a final sacrifice to his friend for the life-long commitment Naruto showed him. This will fulfill both requirements and unlock the full powers of the Sage of the Six Paths.

    Uzumaki Naruto will fulfill the dream of the original Sage of bringing peace and order to the world and drift into a god-like existence, where he is everywhere and nowhere.

    Sage of the Seventh Path
  18. Guys like its all ready getting old. It already seen Nartuo will be in the become SO6P and he carries the blood of the rinnegan. Guys look at the clues ignorant this dumbass idiot statement. Eben they thrown clues out there for you to see. If don’t really see you a dumbass. Watch the manga chapter his mode, how he looks, bloodline, how the biju see him, when the rinnegan eyes appear by him, when gets out of nowhere chakra, when obito absorbing an eye of sasuke and naruto on which he abso4b sasuke sharigan (on the right) and naruto of his left sife which is obito rinnegan is. Naruto hasn’t yet awaken the rinnegan he will soon always the hints aad look at some pictures that they give at you. Also look at his strength (senju) from his mother even though she an uzumaki they say that the sage bloodlin3 as well comes from theere, his father (both speed and chakra and from his mother chakra as well). Each of them contribute to naruto. Also kuruma (the nine – tails fox) has sage mode because his power are most most closely to the ten tails. Alsi his complete but when united it will be sage of 6 path transformation. Guys don’t listen to that idiot (no offense) but naruto will become sage of 6 path. Just watch he will be all these people denying it saying he wont or he needs sasuke or someone else is annoying. Face the fact the story about him and changing the “shinobi world” he becomes sage and changes everyone. Wowthose that dont cause they hate naruto or have their favorite characters and want them to shine, but deal with the fact that its Naruto gosh……

    alright I….am….out of here!!! 😛

    Naruto Uzumaki

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