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「誕生!魔法少女!」 (Tanjou! Mahou Shoujo!)
“Birth! A Magical Girl!”

Magic, plot, excellent comedy, and some of the best pacing I’ve seen in a while. Everything flows naturally as we’re eased into the action. As a storyteller, I am impressed. It was like Prisma Illya was made for the screen.

Manga to Anime: Perfect Pacing

First of all, let me state that this is the first series I’ve ever blogged where I’ve actually read the manga beforehand (I like it that much!), so while I won’t spoil anything that’s going to happen ahead of time, at least part of the time I’ll be comparing this to the manga. It’s sort of unavoidable.

The good news? The transition from manga to anime has been great so far. With source material only 13 chapters long, it really was like this was tailor made for a 1-cour anime, and it showed in the excellent pacing of this episode. They smoothly introduced all the main characters, eased us into the plot (without revealing too much about the Class Cards yet…that’ll come), and did it all without it seeming too rushed or forced. This has as much to do with the source material as Silver Link’s adaptation, but they still get full marks for plotting it out well.

Hilarious Comedy That Moves the Plot

The thing that I love about this show so much is how the humor is not only hilarious, but it seamlessly meshes with the plot, not only enhancing it but even pushing it forward at times. This first episode was a great example of that. Magical Ruby (Takano Naoko) is, without a doubt, one of the biggest and most hilarious trolls I’ve seen in a while, and seeing her and Magical Sapphire (Matsuki Miyu) screwing with their former masters was hilarious! But best of all was how their hilarious abandonment of Tohsaka Rin (Ueda Kana) and her eternal rival Luviagelita “Luvia” Edelfelt (Itou Shizuka) actually pushed the plot forward. I like my comedy (and romance, and most things) when they work seamlessly with the plot, and that’s what happened here.

Better than that though, was how Ruby got her claws in her new master, Illyasviel von Einzbern (Kadowaki Mai). It takes a deft hand at the storytelling wheel to turn a hilarious scene where a secondary character teases, provokes, and tricks the main characters into actual plot progression. And it doesn’t hurt that they slipped in a little romance in there as well. Illya loves her (step)brother, Emiya Shirou (Sugiyama Noriaki) – don’t worry girl, you’re not blood related. He’s fair game! Go for it! Also: D’aaawww!

Bonus: I really appreciate the little things, like how they actually justified how Shirou walked in on Illya by justifying why Illya turned off the lights. Gotta enjoy the little things, ne?

Production, Animation, & Seiyuu

The character designs are a bit different in this series sometimes, though honestly I really only noticed that with Shirou – everyone else looks just like they did, only with updated art and without the grim reaper stalking them quite so closely. Animation-wise, this first episode was very encouraging, though seeing as Silver Link is adapting this, that’s more or less par for the course. Seriously, that transformation sequence? Just showing off. Though I really appreciate how good the magic looked, because that’s part of what makes Prisma Illya so fun.

As for the cast, we have all the old seiyuu back in their roles. Illya, Rin, Shirou, even Sella (Terada Haruhi), Liz (Miyagawa Miho), and Taiga (Itou Miki) all have their old seiyuu back for this show. What really surprised me was the star power they brought to even the smaller roles. Bringing Itou Shizuka in as Luvia was a no-brainer since she has done some drama CD work, but when even Illya’s friends have seiyuu like Katou Emiri, Satou Satomi, Itou Kanae, and Ise Mariya, they’re clearly sparing no expense to get good people on board. And Matsuki Miyu as Sapphire? *swoon*

Looking Ahead – A Small Story, But a Good One

Next episode we’ll get more explanation of the plot, show off some more action, and most importantly, properly introduce our last main character. Don’t expect something epic on the level of other Fate stories, though. Magical girls, magic and love, collect class cards…it’s nothing like the grimdark murder-fests that the rest of the Fate universe tends to devolve into. I don’t hold that against Prisma Illya though, because while it might be small, it’s good. The plot supports the comedy, the characters, and their eventual growth, and all of those support the plot right back. It’s a small story, but it’s well balanced.

I mean, what would we do with a big plot in a lighthearted and hilarious magical girl anime? The only thing would be to go grimdark, and I think we’ve had enough of that – at least, until ufotable produces their new Fate/Stay Night project, woohoo!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Perfect pacing, comedic timing, & gentle plot progression. This is what happens when the source material just WORKS #prismaillya

Random thoughts:

  • A reminder: I always tweet my thoughts on whatever shows I watch, including (from now on) the shows I’m blogging. Check it out. I’ll still throw some of the better ones (+ others) in the random thoughts here, though.
  • Sella & Liz really are good additions as onee-sans. Especially Sella & her feeling all threatened by Shirou’s domestic skills :3
  • Illya is smart to be suspicious. Any stick that moves like Ruby doesis clearly up to no good.
  • Whatever it is, this is still a Fate story in the end.
  • Note: This show will be blogged along with the TV/Crunchyroll release on the Friday or Saturday after the initial Niconico airing. Expect it on Saturdays, though I’ll try to finish it late Friday if I have time. Thank you.

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      1. You should know, that I had that anime on my watchlist since it was announced and I already watched the newest episode.
        But thank you for your concern.

        What’s bad about Kyuubey?
        Yeah, it is an asshole, but he’s awesome the way he is.

  1. Will this stay a “fluffy” series until the end or can I eypect some drama? I admit that this first episode was too generic for my taste, but maybe this was done on purpose?
    I’ll obviously watch it alone for the reason that it’s a Fate series and for Saber/Ayako Kawasumi who’ll hopefully make an appearance.

    1. This is lighter than most Fate series, but it’s still Fate, so it’s not total fuwa fuwa. The action is very, very good (plenty of those explosions we saw between Rin & Luvia earlier…Nanoha-style stuff), and there’s definitely drama and danger ahead for our heroines.

      Think of it like this: It’s a magical girl show spliced with Fate-style action and a good plot.

      1. This series is basically the three most famous magical girl series mixed together, plus Fate characters.

        The card aspect of Cardcaptor Sakura, the explosive magical battles of Lyrical Nanoha, and the troll magical mascot with Ruby as with Madoka Magica.

  2. Here’s hoping that the success of Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya would also bring on the adaptations of more Fate stories to be either animated or as more games, since Ufotable just announced them remaking (or retelling of a different route) of Fate/Stay Night. And from what I’ve seen in the first episode of this, this series will most definitely be on the fun side, especially with so much references of recent and past Magical Girl shows as tongue-in-cheek shout-outs.
    (and maybe also Fate/Apocrypha?)

    The Truth is in the Axe
    1. Can’t say as I’d be at all surprised if Heaven’s Feel were a part of it; though considering Fate/Zero’s amazing success, I’d be kinda disappointed if that were all ufotable were doing.

      Personally, I’m with those hoping for a complete re-adaptation of both the Fate and UBW routes, in addition to HF.

      1. If ufotable’s gonna animate all three routes, how many episodes is that gonna take? I sure hope they do animate all three routes to their true ends, though. Much better if it’s in modified omnibus style since the source material (the game) is of that style, with plot branching out on certain points to the three routes and their multiple endings.

      2. At a bare minimum? I’d ballpark it somewhere in the area of at least 45-ish episodes, though it could obviously go a lot higher depending on how much material they want to cover and their budget (which, let’s be serious, shouldn’t be any real concern. This is ‘freakin ufotable after all).

        That said, I’m really hoping they go all the way with this one. I’m a damned hopeless romantic for Shirou and Saber’s Realta Nua ending and I wanna see it animated soooooo badly. XD

  3. Definitely a very faithful adaptation of the manga thus far! The humor and the action sequences were spot on, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the series. Illya is just so cuteeee, and Ruby is a professional troll.
    Since there isn’t much to adapt in the first part of the manga, (not sure if the anime involves Drei and Zwei) if the pilot is any indication, it’s definitely looking like Silver Link is going to do a great job with it.
    Also, it’s just so incredibly refreshing to see the characters in a much more lighthearted setting- unlike your usual Fate fare…

    1. Pretty sure it’s only going to cover the original, not 2wei or 3wei. There’s absolutely no way they could fit any serious amount of those stories in here (especially not if they pace it appropriately, like they did with this episode), so better just to leave it out.

      1. I want to see Shota Gil (in 3wei). Simply because its one of the few rare moments in the entire Fate series that you see Gil unleashing all of his (existing) power for once

  4. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the battles animated. The manga had some pretty sweet battles that were on the level of Nanoha. (Which is pretty funny because there was a Prima IllyaxNaonoha crossover manga). I’m also glad to see Rin (my favorite twin-tailed Tsundere ever) back on the screen animated even if she’s regular butt-monkey in this continuity.

    It’s too bad it will only be one cour. It probably means we won’t get to see Show Spoiler ▼

    But with quality and fun entertainment like this, I can always hope for a second season.

  5. Lots of screenshots of Illya in the bath, but then again this is Stilts-oniichan we are talking about. Just kidding. XD

    I’m really glad that this series is being covered. Also, I actually think the comedy works better here than in the manga, with the hilarious outbursts delivered by Kadowaki Mai and Ueda Kana.

  6. Sweet, merciful goddess, could Silver Link – or anyone else for that matter, mind you – possibly have made Ilya-tan anymore moe than this?

    Indeed, the answer speaks for itself; though if there were but one accurate way to describe this overflowing onslaught of bubbly smiles and giggles which pierces like a sunbright arrow through the murky depths of one’s very soul, it would be this.

    That is all.

  7. well after seeing this i might hang around to watch magical illya series.

    give how it goes might good stuff to watch & with already sentai got license that most already assume that sheh & mela back again for it dub version.

    & saber like characters will re-cast dub again.

  8. I rolf’d so hard when I realized that Ruby and Sapphire have Kohaku(Takano Naoko)’s AND Hisui(Matsuki Miyu)’s seiyuu respectively! I wonder how much Nasuverse references/in-jokes they’ll make?

    1. welll…actually kotomine and iliesviel still working hard in the background to make sure of it…after all this alternate reality is where fate/zero not happening…because…

      Show Spoiler ▼

  9. This anime is giving me a whole new meaning of “reuse” minus the bad impressions that go with it. This is a totally entertaining experience!

    It’s painting us a totally different picture, with just using the same toolset – the character designs/impressions stay the same.

    1. It’s the best kind of spin-off – it takes a good idea and takes it in a fresh direction, building upon an established setting (a little) and characters to tell an entirely new story. Spin-offs don’t always have a good connotation, but this one does it right imo

  10. It´s incredible how much the Fate series has grown sice the first game was release almost a decade ago, not only Ilya has her own story now but ufotable´s founder, Hikaru Kondo, announced that they producing a new Fate anime project; well as for me the more the merrier so just keep it coming. Life sure is good!.

  11. Type-Moon’s gratitude to the fans for having to put up with all the Urobuchi Despair (TM) that is Fate Zero by coming up with this HNNG-fest that is Kaleid Liner. 🙂

    QB at least gives you a choice of not signing his contract. (Though he will slowly create situations in order to goad you into doing so)

    Ruby doesn’t even accept no for an answer. On the plus side, Ruby does let Ilya keep her soul.

    And Ruby makes for a funnier troll, especially the way she tricked Ilya into zapping Rin. LOL

    1. To expand on what Stilts said, Kyuubey is an a**hole because he’s ruthlessly utilitarian. That makes him creepy.

      Ruby is an a**hole because….she just is. That makes her hilarious.

    2. That was one of the best parts of the episode. Had a feeling that something was going to happen when Ruby instructed Illya with what to do, but I didn’t expect that. Took me awhile to stop laughing.

  12. I just want Kotomine Kirei here in this series so he can troll some people more. Maybe in this peaceful alternate universe he can eat all the mapo tofu he wants? =)

    1. Hah,indeed.While Kiritsugu’s too tragic of a character to be present here,our resident troll of the Fate franchise,Kirei(and maybe his glamorous douchebag partner Gilgamesh),would definitely work!

  13. Definitely another TYPE-MOON win for me! lol

    And the new project…please let it be Heaven’s Feel…then all 3 routes will be complete…but other ones could be cool too, like hollow ataraxia and such.

  14. Had some good laughs here so gonna give it the 3 ep rule.I personally hope it stay’s more on the comedy side and keeps any attempts at seriousness(if any) to a minimum; that’ll probably be the deciding factor for me.

  15. I was worried that no one of my favorite anibloggers won’t touch this anime, but it seems that I am lucky. One of my most favorite series this season, blogged by one of my most favorite RandomC writers, I am happy. ;_;

  16. As someone who isnt into the whole “Magical Girl” thing would i enjoy this? I am a fan of the Fate series and i did enjoy Madoka though it did take me far too long to actually get myself to watch it.

    1. If you want to see fights on par with F/SN (especially later on if they animate Drei & Zwei) Show Spoiler ▼

      Then yeah.

    2. All I can say is that I’m not a magical girl fan, per say, but I love this series because of its great humor, its really exciting action, and its new spin on old characters that I love. If you’re a Fate fan + like those other two, this is for you.

      Put another way, if you like Fate + Nanoha, this is for you. If you like Fate + Madoka, this is probably for you. At least imo

  17. Love how its as wacky crazy as Carnival Phantasm, and I’m enjoying seeing all those easter eggs from the typemoon universe. Typemoon fans are really lucky for having a lot of good parody shows, and with the upcoming ufotable FSN remake, men it feels like I’m on anime cloud nine.

  18. Why did they change Rin’s lines in the final scene? It totally undermined the entire reversed-master/servant-parody-scene thing they had going on, which was the entire point of that scene in the first place.

      1. The whole thing was intended as a parody of Saber’s introduction to Shirou, and her “I ask of you: are you my master” line. Here Rin’s standing over Illya, just like Saber was standing over Shirou, but Rin said “From now on you will be my servant.” Even hearing Illya’s internal monologue at that point was a parody of Shirou’s (endless) internal monlogues in F/SN.

        But here they changed Rin’s line completely, and for no good reason. If they follow the manga properly, she’s going to tell Illya all about why she’s here next episode anyway, so this change served no useful plot purpose, and undermined the parody that was the whole point of that scene.

  19. pretty good, looking forward mostly to ilya busting berserker and dark saber’s(? not an avid fate fan) ass like in the op. the humor is really typical in my opinion, not something to be praised but something that’s expected but fresh and slightly funny regardless. love the character design on ilya and her older sis too, the others seem a bit too young, many with little space between the eyes, and the english tube haired “oh-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!!” types always grind my gears. still, looking forward to the next episode.

  20. Makes me feel like I’m watching another season of Carnival Phantasm… This can only be a good thing

    Kohaku as Ruby and Hisui as Sapphire doesn’t help with that at all

  21. Oh god….the fighting scenes are even better than Deen’s F/SN. Dammit I wish they would animate up to 2wei, where the most epic fight in the whole series occur Show Spoiler ▼

    Please please please let there be a season 2!

  22. It’s a bit of a letdown we’re only getting the adaptation of the first one.

    The story truly reaches its potential in Zwei and it also features an excellent parody of Hollow/Ataraxia.

    But i guess i can’t blame them. Obviously this still seems like a gamble to them despite its carrying the fate name

    1. Let’s just hope this one goes well – and more importantly, sells well – so they can do a second season. Personally, I think while this story hits its stride in the second manga, it’s a lot stronger than most stories in its first, so it has the potential to get the sequel animated. Let’s hope!!

  23. Bonus: I really appreciate the little things, like how they actually justified how Shirou walked in on Illya by justifying why Illya turned off the lights. Gotta enjoy the little things, ne?

    Bonus, Ilya never flipped the sign on the bath to occupied. She left it at Vacant.

    1. @ Ko-Gil So far one did reprized her role Show Spoiler ▼

      1. …and then, before we know it, ufotable’s new Fate/Stay Night project is actually the second season of Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya!!!!!! #justspeculatingcauseIcan
        …But was that really Show Spoiler ▼


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