OP2 Sequence

OP2: 「eternal reality」 by fripSide

「勉強会」 (Benkyo Kai )
“Study Group”

You’ve got guts Misaka. Requesting permission for a later curfew in order to study? SOUNDS LIKE LIES. But okay. That dorm supervisor.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, what we get this week is a brief respite following the action packed Sisters’ arc, and it’s just nice to get an episode that settles back to Railgun’s norms so to speak. That’s not to say I disliked the previous arc in any shape or form, but at the same time, there’s just nothing quite like seeing some of the shenanigans we got to see this week. After all, there are few replacements to seeing the dorm supervisor wreck some mental havoc on Misaka, the many faces of Saten, Misaka’s blushing face, Kuroko confusing Kongou’s desire for food for that of an alternative variety, or Misaka’s sudden reunion with Frenda and Mugino. Generally, it was pretty relaxing episode for the most part and it’s pretty much what the doctor ordered.

Still, despite the relative calmness this week, there was a lot going on in the background—particularly in regards to the repercussions resulting from Misaka’s virtual disappearance from the lives of Saten, Uiharu, and Kuroko throughout the previous arc. In particular, what we get is an emphasis on how much the rest of the group was worrying for Misaka and their relief felt in seeing she’s fine now, and it’s something that serves as a nice foundation to show that their friendship is still stronger than ever, while allowing Misaka herself to admit that she could’ve handed the situation better herself. There’s a bit of a maturation and reaffirmation previously established sentiments here and it’s a nice showing that kind of “wraps up the bow” on the Sisters’ Arc once and for all—especially so when one considers the revelations regarding the Sisters’ shortened life spans and how they’re still theoretically fighting, but for a different reason (to live rather than to die). Going back to episode 16, this was the exact thing discussed in the omitted scene I mentioned last week, and it was good to see that they actually did in fact make sure to go over it before moving on. So kudos to the guys working on the series for doing so.

In any case, this episode just goes to show how great the previous arc was, because if there’s one thing I really felt watching this episode, it’s just how my view of “friends and what it means to have a real friendship” have really changed as a result. In many respects, the dynamic between Kuroko, Uiharu, Saten, and Misaka is theoretically the same as it always was, but I just can’t help but feel a kind of increased appreciation for their friendship and how well it’s depicted. Each of our main cast really has their own part in creating the group dynamic we love watching so much, and they all contribute something of their own the to the friendship, even if they’re not necessarily always around. Again, it’s nothing particularly new (as their friendship has always been a key element of the series), but coming off from the Sisters’ Arc, it feels like there’s more meaning than ever to their friendship.

Overall though, the big thing is that with the Sisters’ Arc over, things are quite relaxed compared to the previous weeks (as Kuroko notes herself). One does wonder if it’s merely the calm before one last storm (before the show’s end) however, as the attempted hacks of the Sakugawa Middle School newspaper servers seem to allude to something on the horizon (even if it might just be a red herring). At the very least, the re-introduction of Kongou and the others herald a new beginning (as does the inclusion of a new OP/ED sequence), and I guess we’ll see how things roll from here.

Author’s Note:

  • Next week will be a special on the Index movie. As the movie will be covered here on RC, this special will likely be skipped. Coverage will resume the following week with episode 18.
  • Please watch the comments you’re posting before you do so, especially if they’re beyond the scope of what’s covered by the anime. I’ve been pretty lenient up until this point, but there should be no reason I’m seeing spoilers regarding character deaths in this topic (especially without spoiler tags).

    ED3 Sequence

    ED3: 「リンクス」 (Rinkusu) by 三澤紗千香 (Misawa Sachika)



    1. Nice fun episode. While I was a bit disappointed in the lack of Misaka imouto in the OP and ED (meaning they won’t be appearing much in the coming episodes), I guess it makes sense since they’re all being healed right now. Guess we’ll have to wait until Index 3 to see them again.

      What I did like is how we didn’t just completely move on from the Sister’s Arc like it never happened; the episode slowly and gradually moved us into the new arc, showing that Misaka is still concerned over it all.

    2. Ah arc concluded…Accelerator on his way to a brighter life…Touma somewhere else saving another damsel in distress…and a fun episode comes along…

      AND we never found out what happened to Shinobu…I would have been content even with an anime original closure like showing her walking away from Academy City or watching Misaka from afar with a smile of content or something…sniff…I’m sad…I want that closure…

      1. If you watch the new OP closely, its very easy to miss…like super easy, but at the part where the little girl is hanging on strings and the screen breaks into pieces of glass, you can see shinobu’s reflection right before it breaks as well as in the glass pieces so I think that’s pretty much a guarantee that we will be seeing her soon.

        1. It’s an instant though, but from the looks of it the remaining arc will have an original ending as it appears to be happening in the time span before Accelerator and Last Order’s fateful meeting even the scientist who later became Accelerator’s guardian appears among the ‘bad guys’ in the opening.

      2. As others have replied to your post, she’ll be back. Besides, why such a hurry to get into action after the conclusion of another great arc? Wind down a bit and let the storywriters set the pace, we still got 7 weeks to go.

      3. @ gawrshness
        I would like to correct a little bit of your statement. While Accelerator is on his way to a brighter life (If you consider the increasing number of idiots picking a fight with him as that) , Touma’s about to get beaten up by Tsuchimikado and watching ‘Kuroko’ going ‘YES WE CAN!’ on television.

    3. Wow, 17 eps in and the series still looks great(the subtle attention that goes to animating Saten shows that she indeed has fans) The mood whiplash was felt while watching this ep but I definitely did not dislike it. The first half of the ep still had the lingering aftermath of the sister’s arc hanging in the backgroud and it was nice to see the girls enjoy their summer hotpot (Kuroko and her attempts to slip Mikoto some sort of Aphrodisiac). Looks like wont lose that tight direction in this season after all and something tells me that the aftermath of the sister’s arc will linger on till the end.

      1. AUTHOR EDIT: Please watch the spoilers. I already removed your previous comment, yet you post the same one again without spoiler tags. Kindly refrain from spoilers of this nature (especially without spoiler tags).

        Ken James
    4. The Sisters Arc was one of, if not the best arc to date of Railgun, and whatever the studio decide to do next it’ll certainly be hard to follow. At least, as the opening suggests, that whatever is in store for the show at least we’ll have some kick ass animation to keep things looking brilliant.

    5. Sadly my personal curse when it comes to this franchise came true once again.
      I always love one OP and find the other one preety meh. Its also once again the OP2 the only time the second OP was the one I liked was in Index 2.

      1. Very true, though I do think fripside do a brilliant job on the openings, and Sister’s Noise was one of the best I’ve ever heard, this new one has a certain filler feel to it. On the upside, the animation is certainly good.

    6. Just a general notice:

      Please watch the comments you’re posting before you do so, especially if they’re beyond the scope of what’s covered by the anime. I’ve been pretty lenient up until this point, but there should be no reason I’m seeing spoilers regarding character deaths in this topic (especially without spoiler tags).

    7. Scientists as the main antagonists for this arc huh. Well, their names better end with ‘Kihara’. Kihara scientists are the best scientists! And Anti-Skill is as crappy as ever in the opening. When will they ever do their job properly?

    8. Oh, I forgot to mention in my previous comment about how Uiharu was subtly being a bit more serious whenever Haruue’s matter was mentioned. Not sure if it will become relevant at any point, but I really did like that attention to detail. Something that Railgun S has been great at throughout.

      1. @Kouji-kun
        Judging by the opening its going to be a filler arc. Time frame-wise its probably just before Angel Fall arc. Unless they’re going to ignore the effects of Angel Fall.

    9. That Kuroko vs Frenda scene was gold. Flustered Misaka is best Misaka. New OP will grow on me eventually, though is the ED official – I thought it might be promoting Endymion, but I guess we’ll see two weeks later. I’m not too bothered by a rescue arc for Shinobu really… – Toaru LN has always had this hero and villain theme running along it and I always read Shinobu’s role in the Sister’s arc as a hero who “failed” which is why she disappears during the arc; those who fail get swallowed by the “darkness” in Academy City. On a side note – WHAT’S WITH ALL THESE BLONDES APPEARING IN RAILDEX???

      1. Blonde lolis to be exact.
        We’ve tried to count how many blond lolis there are in the whole of Raildex in MAL and we can’t even finalize the number as there are a lot of them coming out from each volume, whether minor or major appearances.
        Kamachi likes them lolis. And still no casual Vento.

      1. No news yet, but myself and I’m sure many others hope so. This series of Railgun has been great and, having read on with the Index LN and not wanting to spoil anything,things really pick up in Index after second series conclusion. Having that material with this animation would be amazing.

      1. Filler. Then again the author will most likely make the characters canon, like what he did with Haruue. Just FYI this show is not based on the Index LN, but the Railgun manga.

    10. Uwah, I wonder what the new filler arc is going to be about. But like all science side stories, there’s always giant mecha involved.

      IMO, I think the best parts of the Toaru universe are when Mikoto and Touma are working together and when Accelerator is doing what Accelerator does best. Tsukkomi-ing all the wierdass girls that he meets.

    11. ¿Touma? ¿Where is Touma? ¿No Touma? This sucks. The best fucking chapter in all the Railgun series was the last three… I believed that the producers have learn the lesson… And with so many machines… no Touma… sigh

      1. Asking for more Touma in a series about RAILGUN is like asking why there’s no sphaghetti in a Japanese restaurant. His epic appearance in the last arc was just that: A CAMEO.


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