As expected, the coliseum fight has quickly evolved into a two-way showdown – it’s a bona fide clash of the titans, one that pits Lucy against the ever-so-menacing Don Chinjao! I’m not going to lie – I haven’t been the biggest fan of this particular plot thread! The tournaments at Corrida Coliseum are hardly the most fascinating and I’m afraid I couldn’t care less about the new characters who, like a bad penny, keeps turning up incessantly! That said, my impression has somewhat improved since the introduction of Don Chinjao and there’s no denying it – this was a great chapter and nothing gets me more excited than to see a crackle of Haki collision! There’s not a whole lot we can say about Don Chinjao at this stage, but his formidability as a combatant is certainly beyond doubt – not only is he a one-in-a-million that possesses the Haoushoko no Haki, Chinjao also boasts a hefty bounty that is over 500 million, which is one of the highest that we’ve ever heard of! The history that he shares with Garp is quite a fine state of affairs – his vehement hate for Luffy’s grandfather is nothing short of apparent and unfortunately for Lucy, it doesn’t seem like Chinjao’s going to back off until he has claimed his revenge! As fearsome as Chinjao is, he was, in all likelihood, still no match for the former Marine Vice Admiral – that’s unquestionably a testament to Garp’s sheer might, and you have to wonder just how powerful the Hero of the Marines was, so much so that he was able to keep an opponent as intimidating as this one at bay!

I expect Luffy to ultimately emerge victorious – but make no mistake about it, this is going to be an uphill battle! Don Chinjao is perhaps the most powerful opponent that Luffy has to face since the two-year time-skip – the adversaries that he has confronted thus far doesn’t quite pose as big of a challenge, and Luffy will probably have to give it his all in this battle of grandeur! The concept of Haki has always been a great interest of mine – there’s so much more about the mystical power that we have yet to figure out, and now that we have two skilled users on the same stage, I expect a lot more information to be revealed. For now, it seems like Luffy intends to hold on to his disguise and such a constraint would, no question, hold back his Devil Fruit abilities – you can’t have Lucy launching Gomu Gomu no Pistols if he wants to keep his identity concealed! His Haki abilities – and perhaps some of the Gear Second Techniques – will probably pick up most of the slack, but it remains to be seen if that alone is enough to defeat Don Chinjao! Chinjao’s eyes, at present, are focused squarely on his quest for vengeance – but let’s not forget, the Ka no Kuni trio are here on a mission, an ulterior motive that Sai alluded to back at Chapter 708! Their true intention remains a mystery and nobody knows how all of that will fit into the bigger picture – does winning the coliseum fight even matter? Whether it’s Lucy’s coliseum showdown, Law’s three-way face-off or Robin’s adventure at Tontatta Kingdom, things are certainly heating up in every way! The Dressrosa Arc is turning out to be quite a thrill ride and it goes without saying that I can’t wait to see how everything unfolds – slowly but surely, the many cards that Oda sensei keeps close to his chest will be brought to light!

Random tidbits:

  • A crackle of Haki collision! – I think my heart just skipped a beat!
  • I see cannon fodders everywhere! – Ideo, Jean the Bandit, and the “Jake Jake” Funk Brothers, they were all taken out almost instantly!
  • “Give me back my helmet! What’s with that derp face?” – The camouflage stays, Lucy the trap makes her grand return!
  • “Why can’t I hit you” – It’s the Kenbunshoku no Haki! Jean the Bandit is not going to last a second against those from Level 6.
  • Oh no, Scotch has captured granny! Will Caribou come to her rescue? Fat chance!

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #OnePiece 716: Clash of the titans and a crackle of Haki collision!! Who will be the Last Man Standing? #Manga


  1. At first I was surprised by how high Don Chinjao’s bounty was, but after seeing his display of both Conqueror and Armament Haki, I’m starting to believe it.

    It makes me wonder if Garp himself has the Conqueror Haki, since he used to fight against people with it and both of his grandsons have it.

    1. Ace is not Garp’s biological grandson 😛
      I wonder what else can the Haoushoko no Haki do – besides intimidation, that is! Garp is supposedly as powerful as Gol D.Roger, that alone should give us an idea of how fearsome he is :3

  2. the real question here is, when not if, when luffy gets the mera mera fruit, what happens then? can he devour it and achieve logia status? if teach has two fruit powers, can luffy attain that fire element logia? or does someone else attain that logia status? i dont see anyone of his crew mates eating it…
    or does he keep it for treasure…

    i think he may eat it, and attain another fruit power like teach it may be accidental or he just gets hungry but forsuure he may attain logia status…

    1. I have already addressed this question before, so I will just copy my thoughts from then.

      It is is highly unlikely that Luffy will eat the Mera-Mera no Mi from a story telling standpoint.

      Since the beginning of One Piece in 1997, Luffy has been portrayed as the carefree idiot captain, most notable for his straw hat and Gomu-Gomu no Mi. He has gotten this far in the story with nothing but that, his crew, and sheer determination. To drastically change the character that has been establish for 16 years would be bad writing and would alienate a lot of readers. Power-ups have to be done sensibly and in moderation. If Luffy acquires the power of a Logia, it would severely diminish any possible threat and leave the rest of the crew behind.

    2. Would be cool, but two things. First, I can’t see Luffy becoming a logia type, or controlling fire, it just seems odd. Second, unless I’m mistaken, it’s been established that consuming two devil fruits kills you, hasn’t it?

      1. You know, I just realized something. The potential of a Devil Fruit is not just to power yourself up, you can also use it against your opponents.

        Against the strongest foes (not including Blackbeard) that cannot be defeated, just force-feed them the fruit and it will instantly kill them.

        An “Ace” in the hole, if you will excuse the horrible pun. *rimshot*

        Now I want to see that done against Akainu for karmic justice.

    3. I agree with MasterDragonKnight, I don’t think Luffy’s going to be the next Mera Mera no Mi user. He’s powerful enough as he is, having both Haki and the Gomu Gomu no Mi in his arsenal :3

      1. At this point, Oda had already give Luffy a miserable time by making Ace die infront of him, a true tearful scene that rivals Ichigo’s loss of his mother.

        So we should at least expect that the next Mera Mera no Mi user will be at least an ally, my hopes is Rebecca, that will support the strawhats. I really would, as well as maybe a lot of his fans, dislike Oda if he made some jerk eat the Mera Mera no Mi.

    4. Personally I’m hoping that a new character will join the Luffy squad with the Mera Mera no Mi. The samurai looks like a possibility considering that he’s stuck with them for two arcs already. Either way it’s been awhile since someone joined the Straw Hats (WHY NOT AOKIJI ;_;)

    5. no. i dont think so. if i remmber correctly, oda said this in an interview before that he wanted to create a main character who got idiotic and non-superpowered powers. my guess is luffy is going to either keep it safe as a memento or give it to someone trust-worthy for him.

  3. Like Seishun, I’ve not enjoyed this route as much as the others in the current arc, mainly because the number of characters that have been introduced and given more screen/panel time than some of the Strawhats, only to be defeated and thrown aside a chapter or two later, but there is potential in this stand off. We haven’t seen Luffy go all out in a one-on-one since Lucci back in Ennies Lobby, and I think it’s high time to see just how good our main man has become! As for the fate of the fruit, I can’t say who will get it, if at all (perhaps it will be destroyed or dumped at sea?) but if we’re getting a new crew member from this arc then that’ll be who devours it, and the alliance will probably need it to deal with DonFlamingo and the new Admiral.

    Can’t wait for next week! Hope to see more of the fight and perhaps some movement on the three-way fight as well, or with Nami and that group. Either way, One Piece is picking up and I for one am loving it!

  4. The moment Luffcy and Don Chinjao clashed was epicly awesome.

    I don’t mind watching the coliseum fodder battles, but I do wish the Caribou mini arc would be over already. It’s been going on far too long.

  5. i think the fodder-character’s introduction is necessary. if luffy randomly kick the ass of some no-name character, it wont be as awesome unlike what oda has done. the more they seem to be powerful, the more it emphasizes what is luffy’s power level is now.

  6. talking about next nakama i’m hoping its will be human this time
    been long time SH recruited human after Robin
    talking reindeer,Cyborg,Living Skeleton and plus Jimbei if him join as promised
    how about get some human Oda?

  7. “…if he [Luffy] wants to keep his identity concealed” then he needs to stop confirming Garp is his grandpa. That’s why Luffy is the main target for Jean the Bandit. Baka Luffy <3
    Does Chinjao not bleed? He got stabbed by so many swords!

    random viewer

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