「都市学園防衛戦(前篇)」 (Toshi gakuen bōei sen [mae hen])
“Defensive Battle at Cosmopolitan Academy (First Part)”

Word for word and letter by letter, Majestic Prince is bringing out the big guns! Nothing gets me more excited than the sight of a massive sniper rifle, and I’m not going to lie – my heart literally skipped a beat when Ataru fired his snipe, a shot so powerful that it pierced through the atmosphere with ease! The extensive range of mecha has always been the heart and soul of this series, and it appears that Majestic Prince might have just one-upped itself this week. Ataru’s brand-new toy is truly a work of art – whether it’s the aesthetic conception or the keen intellection of the design templates, the attention to detail displayed here is nothing short of extraordinary! Majestic Prince is the very embodiment of a mecha porn – that much is certain, but let us not forget the man behind the snipe! Suruga Ataru has proven to be quite a wild card – his usual goofball persona is hardly a false semblance, but that doesn’t mean he can’t pull it together when the time calls for it! Ataru’s role in this mission was of the utmost importance and the deadweight on his shoulders was certainly no child’s play – any slight blunder on his part would have jeopardized the entire mission! You have got to give Ataru props for being such a champ – there’s no bone to pick with his pinpoint precision and the shot that he fired was pretty much spot on! Make no mistake about it though – the successful snipe in and of itself doesn’t lead to a guarantee for a victory lap and by the looks of it, Majestic Prince has pulled a fast one on us yet again!

To my greatest surprise, Klein (Yamamoto Kazutomi), the mark of the snipe, has somehow emerged from the bombardment unscathed! There are definitely more questions than answers at this juncture – what exactly happened and how did he survive, all of that will remain a mystery for now! The reasoning behind such an occurrence could very well come in manifold – for starters, the Wulgaru’s supreme edge in warfare technology is as clear as day and its defense system might just be that much more superior! Of course, what I just said is nothing more than a shot in the dark and your hunch is probably as good as anyone’s at this stage! The ensuing showdown next week should shed some light on this matter – and while I still expect Team Rabbit to ultimately emerge victorious, the forthcoming clash is, without doubt, an extremely challenging one! The Zannen 5 may have the edge in manpower, but that alone per se doesn’t make the incoming battle any easier – after all, conventional ranged weapons have pretty much been rendered useless and if Team Rabbit were to win this one, an alternative mode of attack would need to be brought to bear! What that may be is anyone’s guess, and the scope of the ballpark is undeniably as wide-ranging as it gets – my gut says an old-fashioned hand-to-hand swordfight could do the trick and if such an approach is indeed the panacea, it would set the stage for Toshikazu and Blue 1 to score a moment of eminence!

Speaking of the pilot of Blue 1, Toshikazu has finally come to terms with his role in Team Rabbit and his soul-searching quest appears to be quickly bearing fruit! Asagi’s rigor and conscientiousness have made him especially well-suited to be a right hand – Izuru is their ace pilot, and to Toshikazu’s credit, he was more than willing to play a supporting role should it mean a higher probability of success! Taking a back seat certainly doesn’t make his part any less important, but it does take a lot of courage to recognize this fact – Team Rabbit is very lucky to have someone like Toshikazu on board, and I cannot say enough in praise of his sophistication and sharp sense!  Clearly, the imminent showdown with Klein is going to be the focal point of the next episode – but there’s another conspiracy brewing behind the scenes that is worthy of our attention. The ever-so-imposing Jiart has a grand plan of his own – he has just recently gotten wind of Teoria’s deliberate betrayal and that piece of information would surely serve a critical purpose in the near future! Suffice to say, Majestic Prince has delivered on just about every level, and with so many competing agendas set in motion, it looks like we’re in for a bumpy ride as the series inches toward a conclusion – one that, I suspect, will involve more action, eye-openers and perhaps confessions!

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tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #MajesticPrince 17: The mecha porn continues – this time with a massive sniper rifle and a shot so powerful that it pierced through the atmosphere! #Anime
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  1. You almost sound like Suruga the way you drool over the beam rifle thing 😛
    But with less techno babble! I call bullshit on Klein’s haxor shields :c
    That firing scene was indeed very glorioussssssssssssssssssssssss
    Also, Tamaki does seem to be using them as a pair “soft cushions” :3
    All de feels for poor Patrick this week! hahaha
    Things are heating up! (now it only needs to heat up a bit more in the relationships deparment :333)

    1. I’m a huge fan of Lockon Stratos – both Neil and Lyle :3
      If I remember correctly, the Altitude Gun works quite differently – it’s supposed to snipe targets in space from Earth’s surface :3

  2. Damn, that Klein’s a heck of a lot tougher than I first gave him credit for. He might just actually off one of Izuru and co. before he finally bites the bullet. x__X

    1. Klein is quite a tough cookie 😡
      I doubt that’ll happen – in fact, I don’t think any of the main characters will kick the bucket any time soon. Teoria and Team Doberman have tripped on more death flags than I could count, yet they’re still standing :3

  3. Thank god you aren’t one week late.
    Next episode we get to see both(Red & Blue) in their Hyper Harmonic modes.
    Now I know why they need to erase their memory. If they didn’t they would slowly lose their sanity because of passively using Hyper Harmonic mode in their everyday lives.

      1. The mangaka of Majestic Prince is Ayamine Rando, the man behind Get Backers! The anime is pretty much an original work – based loosely on the manga, and features character designs from Gundam Seed’s Hirai Hisashi. Hope that clears things up 😉

    1. It is Izuru, different character designs but the same character nonetheless. But bear in mind that the anime version of Majestic Prince is an original work and one that is quite different from the manga :3

  4. Well, it’s only fitting that Jiart is covering for his sister, after all Teoria is risking her own life to give him what he wants the most: a prey who is strong enough to resist him. If that isn’t the act of a loving sister I don’t know what else it could be XD

  5. Better late than never. I’ve taken to comment but I am present.

    Something I have to thank you Seishun is the fact that you always find a way to use the image of Tamaki in swimsuit lol XD.

    Following the stream of jokes about mecha porn: Red5 and Blue1 mounted to Rose3 together, violently through the atmosphere, speeding up in flames. lol XD.

    I want to see the next episode now, I’m dying lol XD. I’ll read the next Seishun, take care.


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