「総集篇I – つばさファミリー」 (Sousyuuhen – Tsubasa Famirii)
“Recap I – Tsubasa Family”

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「まよいキョンシ ー 其ノ壹」 (Mayoi Kyonshi/Jiangshi – So no Ichi)
“Mayoi Jiangshi – Part One”

Seeing how this post is already super late, let’s not waste time and get into the thick of things shall we? Starting with episode six, I had a hilarious post written in my head but due to a lack of time and energy, let’s just say that was probably one of the best recap episodes I’ve seen in a long time. Not only was it warranted since all the material that was shown aired ages ago but you know you’re doing things right when you choose the scenes that everyone actually wants to watch! Basically, if for some reason you’ve jumped into Monogatari’s second season without watching Bakemonogatari and were confused for the past two months, this episode works quite well as a filler to bring you up to speed.

Hopping over to episode seven, I have to come clean that I accidentally semi-spoiled myself by reading about the ending to this arc. While I don’t know the exact specifics of what’s about to happen, you can picture the horrific face I made when the realization hit me. But with that put to rest, let’s get into the actual post!

Going back to its roots, this episode was intensely dialogue heavy — something I’d normally make a fuss about but after Hanekawa’s drawn-out arc it was a nice change of pace. Because if there’s something that Monogatari is good at, it’s its social commentary. That said, I couldn’t remember for the life of me who Ougi was — and things still didn’t click even after figuring out she’s Oshino’s supposed niece. But judging from how she behaved and spoke it’s not hard to see where her eccentricity comes from. Because for someone to take something as far out as the logistics behind how traffic signals work and to creatively compare that to how society behaves as a whole takes a special type of logic. If only all the teachers in the world could become as creative as that!

And following that theme about life or rather living a fulfilling life, Araragi’s talk with Ononoki was just as interesting. While it wasn’t as difficult to comprehend or awe inspiring as Ougi’s, I was fascinated by Ononoki’s view on life. Never once had it occurred to me that most of these aberrations aren’t actually alive. Which in itself doesn’t hold much weight! But when you give that lifeless aberration a face and a personality, the realization behind how sad things really are hits you like a ton of bricks. Be it becoming quasi-immortal the moment you died, wandering the earth as a lost ghost, or getting reincarnated there’s one thing that stays the same, they’ve all lost the right to something everything and everyone gets the moment they are born — the right to die and possibly to a lesser extent the ability to be happy. The most specific example that comes to mind is back during Nisemonogatari when Shinobu explained to Araragi how long after everyone he loves is dead they’ll still be alive together, like it or not.

Then again, you have to wonder if Mayoi’s situation is different because she’s technically still dead yet chooses to stay around even after fulfilling her needs. Whatever the case may be, I’m super excited to see how things will play out. Because not only is Mayoi going to be the next heroine (<3) but it looks like some of the lighter humor that Araragi brings to the show is finally coming back. Between watching him make his trademark stupid comments or listening to Shinobu completely belittle the whole concept of time travel only to get caught up in her own smug attitude, what more could you ask for?


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  1. I thought episode 6 was a recap of Nekomonogatari (Black) that was aired around New Year’s Eve?

    The time travel seems pretty interesting. I’m pretty excited to learn more about Mayoi’s past and her death. Unless it’s just a legit straight up car accident.

    1. I am complaining with one, just one thing, as a newcomer to the series I could have used recap on the start…
      Other than that things are getting interesting… time travel goes “a little bit” off course… Oh and the little vampire girl is funny!

  2. Hmmm, got slightly confused towards the end regarding the time travel thing Shinobu and Koyomi got into. Might because the subs weren’t clear and I could not properly catch what they were conversing as well. But instead of going back to 1 day before, they ended up jumping into the future and by a significant amount of time?

    Anyone can clear this up for me? Thanks!

    1. Araragi states just before jumping that instead of thinking about going one day back to do his hw, his mind wandered and he was thinking about Mayoi (and I guess how she died).

      Show Spoiler ▼

    2. Yeah, the subs I saw didn’t word it very well at all. Since the series never establishes what year it takes place, it had to tell it in relative terms like that (if their calendar is the same as ours, 2017 is the earliest possible year, I believe), but the way they translated it for the subs, it could be interpreted as going either forward or backward.

    3. …the year 11 years prior to the present, or what is now the future.
      I believe this is what you are talking about? It is worded a bit strange, and after your comment it left me a bit confused as well. I agree with other people that have replied that it means that they are 11 years in the past, aka when Hachikuji was still alive. I think the part that confused you is the part that says ‘future’ and Araragi is referring to the fact that they are 11 years in the past from Araragi’s present time, and the present time that he comes from is the future in the past time that he is currently in when he traveled back with Shinobu. Hopefully that wasn’t too long-winded, whoops.

  3. When did Ononogi-chan become so cute? Yes, I know she’s voiced by the ever adorable Hayami Saori, but compared to other Hayamin characters, she was never this cute before.

    1. Finally realizing how silly her way of ending her sentences with “a posed look” back in Nisemonogatari was that she’s now too embarrassed to even want to mention it again, resigning it to her “dark history”. XD

    2. Feeling apprehensive when asking about Shinobu’s whereabouts, yet still trying to put on a brave face by claiming she’s not really scared of Shinobu (and failing cutely). Apparently still traumatized by having her ass whooped by Shinobu in Nisemonogatari.

    3. This. https://randomc.net/image/Monogatari/Monogatari%20Second%20Season%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2029.jpg

    By overshooting their destination by 11 years in the past, exactly the time when Mayoi met her untimely demise, will Araragi attempt to influence the space-time continuum by saving her, or will his interference actually make things worse and actually be the cause of her death?

    1. 1. i think shinobu made her realize that after their fight.
      2. she is really cute acting tough while asking about shinobu. araragi should have said that shinobu is hiding in his shadow. i wanna see how she will react. LOL

  4. I’ll miss “black Hanakawa”.. a lot (~Nyahahaha~), but I’m ready to move on to the next arc. I did “spoil” myself a bit by reading the LN just enough to get a good understanding of the situation. This arc looks very good with intriguing plot lines and some great interaction between Araragi-kun and Shinobu throughout. Hard to wait “just a week” for the next episode.

    As for Ougi, Takaii’s not the only one who had to do a bit of research to figure out who she was. JMO, but rather than an enlightening discussion, I felt like I was taking “Driver’s Ed”. Hmmm, I don’t suppose I can get credit for watching this? :P. Very much in the Monogatari style, but not quite at the same level of other such discussions for me.

  5. I believe the opening conversational scene Araragi had with Ougi-chan was more of a flashforward, notice the winter uniforms they’re wearing, despite this arc starting in August 21st. Suggesting Ougi-chan will be more properly introduced in future arcs.

    The way Ougi-chan’s eyes are drawn, it just suggests something unhumanlike about her. Maybe she’s a familiar-like entity under Oshino Meme taking on human form, not unlike Ononogi.

    1. Indeed, the scene with Ougi is a flash forward, and a tease for her future introduction. This is her first appearance, and in the novels Koyomi explains it was the discussion with Ougi that reminded him of the time-travel incident, without really explaining who she is.

      Wave Master
  6. If the first part of episode 7 was about Ononogi-chan’s cuteness, than the second part is Shinobu’s turn to shine.

    1. Trying to act like an expert on time-travel before Araragi when she actually isn’t completely knowledgeable, getting stumped by some of Araragi’s more “technical” questions. XD

    2. Just mesmerizing. —> https://randomc.net/image/Monogatari/Monogatari%20Second%20Season%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2029.jpg

    3. Araragi upgrading her to reliable robotic cat Nobuemon. LOL

  7. It’s just so wonderful seeing Shinobu and Araragi finally back, like a rainbow after a storm; I wasn’t even paying all that much attention to the story.

    . . . Damn, I’ll have to go back and rewatch the whole thing or I’m gonna be totally lost. x__X

    Btw, when are we finally gonna get our Kizumonogatari?

  8. I’m very hyped to see this arc start. Kabukimonogatari was my 2nd favorite of the novels, and it should translate better to screen than Neko White, because it’s not as dependent on the internal monologue. Rather, it’s back to the Koyomi +1 manzai routine the series is so dependent on, with Shinobu as his partner. The craziness is only beginning with the time travel, and I don’t see Shaft really messing this up. I just hope the production quality stays at the same level as this episode and the last one of Neko White.

  9. I’m so lost man..

    If this arc stars on august 20 :

    this is why ararararagi didn’t go to school the 1st day of the new semester..(I don’t remember the date)

    this is happening at the same time of neko shiro?… and ononoki was called by gaen right ?

    Then they have to explain why the shinobu-araragi bond was cut… why kanbaru was called by koyomi and why shinobu was able to return to the present without him ( she met black hanekawa)


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