「危険の芽 田中の孫に 御用心」 (Kiken no Me Tanaka no Mago Ni o Youjin)
“A Dangerous Sprout, Bware Tanaka’s Grandson”

Deredere Hasebe-san!?

Tanaka-san is VERY Responsible

Okay, now that the yaoi shipping should be done with (chea right), we get to the reason for Hasebe and Tanaka’s dysfunctional relationship – Tanaka is really serious and Hasebe gets annoyed with him. My two favorite parts about the Jouji bits: 1) Miyoshi getting super mad at Tanaka (poor guy), and 2) the fact that he can apparently drink like a champ. That guy might even be able to drink more than me! Maybe. I CHALLENGE YOU, TANAKA!

Deredere Hasebe

We all had it wrong from the very beginning – Hasebe isn’t on the Lucy route, Lucy is on the Hasebe route. @#$*^& deredere Hasebe!? Hellz yes! It’s really refreshing to see the guy so smitten with the girl for once, because as much fun as it is to see a bunch of girls clambering for the main character, women are a whole lot more attractive, so by rights it should be us guys blushing up a storm, right? Okay, okay, I’ll stop pandering, moving on!

Dress Up Time

The way that Hasebe got Chihaya on board with his date-o idea was perfect. Lucy in a skirt? I approve! Chihaya putting her in it? Swiftly super double-approved!! But really, the crown jewel is the upcoming date-o itself. I too want to kick the ass of whoever allowed Lucy’s name, because it’s making it really hard for her relationship with Hasebe to develop. That’s why he has to try really hard, even if he’s so nervous he can barely stay on his feet. Been there Hasebe, been there. A real man goes for the girl even through his own mind-blanking terror. Well done.

Looking Ahead

Date-o, date-o, date-o! Probably other things will happen, but BRING ON THE DATE-O! P.S. Kairin should be back to covering this next week, so you’ll be done with me again. I’ll see you in the comments!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Deredere Hasebe!? Looks like it’s actually Lucy on the Hasebe route, even if she doesn’t realize it. Thanks Tanaka! #sxs 08

Random thoughts:

  • Gotta say, I’m getting kind of annoyed with Lucy always focusing on her name so much. It’s really not that big of a deal, gods get over it! Also, it’s not funny when you bring it up all. the. time.
  • Hasebe is the only weird guy allowed to get Lucy drunk.
  • Where have I heard an outburst like that before? Somewhere, somewhere… (“Ni-san te yuna!”)
  • I’m always amazed that people can find life boring. In this world, with all the wonders it contains? Ridiculous Hasebe.
  • Seriously though, what was with that dream. You should be embarrassed, Hasebe. That was some weird stuff.

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  1. You wanna know the weird shit? I didn’t even know the new episode came out until just now..Well, time to go watch it I guess…and by the looks of it we see yet another new side of Hasebe XD

  2. is it so weird to dream of your crush being a mackerel wanting to lay your eggs… okay that is weird.

    and if they did get married, i really wanna see the looks on the pries’t face who marry them:
    “will u, Yamagami Lucy Kimiko Akie Shiori Airi- eh its the other way around? wait a minute let me check the note first…”

  3. Whether it’s because of effort, or because of talent, I think it’s wonderful to be able to get a wonderful job. No matter how much others think it’s random, or if everyone thinks it’s a waste, if you’re able to live life every day the way you think is fun… then that’s more wonderful than anything.

    I almost fell in love with Lucy at that point as well. And I know exactly what it feels like, having someone you like saying exactly what you needed to hear… it’s bliss x 1000.

  4. If I was Lucy【omitted】, she shouldn’t chance her vengeance on naming the grandchildren also a long name to the person who accepted her long name cause I feel that if she did, it would be her daughter.
    Because I feel that the one who accepted her long name was Hasebe’s father.

  5. Goodness, Lucy nearly got NTR’ed just because of George’s Tanaka’s BL obsession with wanting to beat Hasebe at his game. LOL

    But thanks to Tanaka, Hasebe finally got kicked out of his comfort zone and finally persuaded Lucy for a date. W00t. Before he was using his laid-back persona as a cushion to fall back on everytime Lucy turned down his invitation. Now he’s using it to his advantage, even getting Chihaya on side as well, but at the cost of his mental strength. XD

    As with all other Nakahara Mai roles, Miyoshi shows she’s not someone you should cross.

    I bet a hundred bucks that the restaurant Lucy and Hasebe went to is one of the Wagnaria branches. :3

    1. Seeing Hasebe feel so expended is definitely one of the most funniest and cute moments of this entire show. Their relationship is as much painful to watch as it is fulfilling… it’s practically love!

      So glad Hasebe clobbered Tanaka as much as I wanted to!!

  6. Sheesh, this week’s servant quiz is so hard. Chiharu’s doujinshi vs Chiharu’s doujinshi?

    More like, WHY IS HER DOUJINSHI SO BEAUTIFULLY DRAWN?!?!? She doesn’t even NEED to be a civil servant. With talents like hers, she can be a permanent cosplayer/doujinka. Though we’d lose 50% of the shine of this show.

  7. Just when I thought this show is the best damn show I’ve seen this season, this episode pretty much solidifies it. The reason? Because fucking Touko wasn’t in this episode.

    Seriously though, Any scenes that involved Lucy, Megumi and Hasebe makes a very awesome episode for me. And yes, deredere Hasebe is fine too. I loved the fact that he got Megumi on his side.

  8. Hasebe the man! Loved how he managed to suppressed his nervousness in front of Lucy (omitted), acting cool and calm. And Tanaka is one heck of a crazy guy. ‘Please go out with me so that I can beat Hasebe for once’. What the heck

  9. I CALLED IT!!!! Tanaka got lucy number before hasebe ^_^ poor baby doesn’t even realize he actually won againist hasebe in something. Hasebe you go man!!!! get your girl!!!! it was really sweet how nervous he was the whole time. He has it bad. I wonder how he will react when he finds out it is his father that approved her name. lol

  10. I’m getting more and more convinced that Hasebe is actually a really serious young man and that he developed his flighty attitude as camouflage to blend in with his natural airhead family. A trait which he had to develop to survive growing up with his family.

  11. I’m starting to think of Hasebe as a character similar to Matt Damon’s in Good Will Hunting. Nothing is really a challenge for him and nothing really piqued his interest so he just gave up and started floating through life. Lucy, without realizing it, broke that shell he’d created and he’s actually having to face his feelings. It was funny when he almost drove Lucy into a meltdown over the date and then became rather poignant when he almost collapsed himself. Hasebe’s wisecracked himself into a box. You can only hold a fake persona like that for so long if you let yourself actually feel things. Of course if he messes up, Chihaya will kill him (or worse).

  12. That beer (Asahi?) Hasebe and Lucy were drinking – I swear I took a swig of the same beverage a month ago going home from work (And yet I still don’t know what’s so great about beers’ bitter taste T_T).

    1. Yeah, but that’s crap beer. It’s not bitter at all. It goes down so smooth, it’s easier to drink than most water. It’s utterly flavorless.

      Come back when you’ve had a Pliny the Elder or Old Rasputin or an 120 Minute IPA. That’s real beer! (And really delicious ^^)

  13. deredere hasebe is so cute woW~*~*~
    and i agree, seeing that kind of side of him is pretty refreshing (i’m liking all of the couples in this anime so far–even miyoshi/tanaka!)

  14. I hate Hasebe with every episode, it increase more and more everytime I watch him hit on Lucy. People praise him, but I just can’t like a guy that intentionally gets a girl drunk just so she will start to like him, eventually. He’s starting to head into the same level of hate that I have for Kirino.

    You know you’re an evil son of a bitch when you manipulate Chihaya, the master manipulator.

    1. Well, try to see it from a different point of view. Hasebe is seriously trying to conquer his love interest, putting a lot of effort into it even if it’s clearly not comfortable for his character to do so. He is even willing to give it up if Lucy seriously tells him to stop, as he stated some episodes ago (and if you believe that Lucy is really trying to turn him down then you have a lot yet to learn about girls my friend), still he’s going to wait months to get a date with her.

      Man, that’s the way you do things. As long as you don’t pass your limits, there’s nothing bad to be a little pushy some times, not only in love matters. That’ll help you to achieve a better condition eventually, and your loved one will value that.

      So no, I can’t share your opinion on Hasebe 🙂 he turned out to actually be one of the best male characters in this season (although it all started in a weird way, but that’s why I like this show).

      1. I guess if I really like a girl, I’ll just try to get her drunk first, be all annoying and pushy with the hopes that she’ll like me back……eventually.

        I’m sorry, but Hasebe is far from the best male character in any category, the only thing he’s the best at is ironically, everything that most people would like to be good at, but he doesn’t care about that, he just loves to ask any girl about their personal information and stalk a girl that he actually like.

        I will never support a manipulative stalker, yes Hasebe is a stalker, that is factual and I can’t even tell who the bigger stalker is between him and Tanaka. I’d rather Lucy end up with some random offscreen guy than Hasebe and if she does end up with that horrible person, then that just means that Working!!! is superior and there will definitely be NTR doujins ready starring Lucy getting stolen from Hasebe, probably by Tanaka. Or more hilariously Ichimiya, who’ll probably have his own harem doujin.

  15. So it’s just me who felt the wife-husband chemistry of Miyoshi x Tanaka when Miyoshi got super mad at Tanaka? Really, Miyoshi sure can handle that “lowlife bastard”. I’m buying it!

    But of course, deredere Hasebe is the show’s highlight. Oh real-life Hasebe where art thou?

  16. Gotta say, I’m getting kind of annoyed with Lucy always focusing on her name so much. It’s really not that big of a deal, gods get over it! Also, it’s not funny when you bring it up all. the. time.

    Maybe it’s just me but I feel like this is Karino Takatsu’s bad habit. In Working!!, Show Spoiler ▼

    It’s just not funny. Why can’t people understand that repetitive jokes don’t work?

    1. It’s a shame, but this series isn’t even listed in the Current Series list! I can hardly believe it, but I’m not entirely bothered since I can understand that this type of show doesn’t exactly have room for a lot of discussion. I really enjoy watching this but I suppose that’s just how it is.


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