Clearly, we have an elephant in the room and there really isn’t much point in looking the other way – my worst nightmare has become a reality and it appears that Yukino has, indeed, ditched Fairy Tail in favor of Sabertooth! I wouldn’t go as far as to say her return was completely unexpected, but I’m not going to lie – I am not at all pleased with the latest revelation and it sure as hell did hurt big-time when the bombshell blew up in my face. Yukino is a perfect fit for Fairy Tail, and I have been a staunch advocate right from the get-go that I would like nothing more than to see her take up an apartment next to Lucy’s – or even better, become her roommate! But barring my more than obvious predilection, even I have to admit that her decision was not entirely out of character – Yukino is not nearly as smug and impudent as some of her guild members, but the fact that she takes a great deal of honor and pride in Sabertooth is also beyond doubt. Let us not forget – the Celestial Spirit Mage was, at one time, so self-conceited that she was willing to stake her own life in a mere competition, a  face-off which, of course, led to her humiliating defeat at the hands of Kagura! Sabertooth has, without question, scored a big one with Yukino’s return – now that Sting is at the helm, I can only hope they have truly changed for the better, and Yukino can, at long last, find a sense of accord and belonging in the reformed guild.

Speaking of Sabertooth, their former ace sure is a major pain in the ass – Minerva is a class-S bitch unlike any other that we’ve seen thus far. The sadism and brutality that she so proudly exemplifies got me on a warpath – needless to say, the War God mage is a very powerful opponent and loli-Erza doesn’t stand the slightest chance of winning in her current state. The almighty Titania has been reduced to nothing more than a punching bag – it’s a one-sided brawl that is in desperate need of a silver lining and as it turns out, that very liberator may just be a shirtless and badass shota! Gray Fullbuster, the Ice-make mage, could have a larger role to play in the big-picture narratives – not only is he pitted against Succubus Eyes in a one-on-one showdown, his affinity with the element of ice and the history that he shares Deliora might also point to a connection with the very enigmas in sight. Deliora is, of course, a diabolical creation of Zeref’s and I have a feeling the Killing Mage might also have a hand in the secrets and conspiracies that surround Sun Village. The frozen giants, the Eternal Flame and the gate to the underworld – there’s no lack of mysteries and occults that require further elucidation and Flare may have an answer or two to share with us, starting with the whereabouts of the ever-burning flame! Not all is lost for Fairy Tail, it seems – Yukino may have chosen Sabertooth, but it increasingly looks like Flare could be a new addition to Team Magnolia. Flare’s backstory is deeply entrenched in the crux of this story arc – both a lost child and a trigger-happy yandere, there’s so much more to her than meets the eyes and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for all of us, no matter how raving-mad or bizarre her theatrics may be!

Random tidbits:

  • Yukino’s out, but maybe, just maybe, Flare’s in – Trading an imouto-type for a yandere! Something tells me Juvia is not having as great of a field day as Lisanna.
  • That ass, those glorious exquisite posteriors! – I can recognize Ultear’s dynamite ass from a mile off!
  • Even as a shota, Gray has the most scrumptious washboard abs – yes, I admit I’m very jelly!
  • “Don’t cry! We’ll save them” – A teary-eyed Flare is pretty adorable! Even if she stops being a yandere, I sure as hell hope she’ll keep up with her effort in stalking Lucy.
  • “Ouch!” – That has gotta hurt! Minerva’s going to pay for it big-time, when Erza regains her powers.
  • Natsu’s on the run, Charle and Happy are in hiding – Come on guys, you can do better than that!
  • Yes, I fully realize I’m falling behind with my blogging commitments – Sorry about that and I hope I can bring things up to speed again very soon. Thanks for bearing with me, love you guys!
  • Just had to say it again one last time – God damn it, Yukino! God damn it!

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #FairyTail 348: God Damn it, Yukino! What the Hell?! Yukino’s out, but maybe, just maybe, Flare’s in #Manga


  1. Well, it is nice to be a kid again, but sadly in Fairy Tail’s case that wouldn’t be so great. This isn’t Kurama (yu yu hakisho) so I doubt anyone would get stronger if you had made them younger.

    1. The Law of Retrogression is supposed to weaken both their physical and magical abilities – Making them younger? That’s nothing more than a sideshow and a fanservice attempt :3

  2. *sobs* Yukino, you’re breaking my heart! Well, at least the side guilds to turn up often, and since she has the last 2 keys hopefully she’ll show up again.

    Kid Grey is back, and looking ready for a fight! can’t wait to see how the action goes, and how Minerva gets taken down!

  3. Maybe if Hiro kept Lisanna dead, Yukino would have a higher chance of joining, seeing how even Lisanna herself pointed out Yukino is practically the same character as her.

    Yes, I still wonder how much more affecting Mira’s “You remind me of my little sister” comments would’ve been if I didn’t keep hearing the “Oh, but my sister’s alive now, so there’s that” addendum in the back of my mind.

  4. Have you noticed that as a villain while smart Minerva is also the definition of a sore loser? Despite being powerful she has never once fought ANY opponent on even terms; She kidnapped Happy to stop Natsu from kicking Genma’s ass, she also kidnapped Sting’s exceed to make him cooperate, she stole Lucy’s keys before actually fighting her despite the latter not even being an S class mage, she waited for Kagura and Erza to beat each other up and then backstabbed Kagura and STILL lost to Erza despite all her injuries and the fact that she had a 7 year experience advantage and now she’s taking pleasure in beating up a kiddy near naked Erza who can’t defend herself. Man this woman isn’t strong, maybe she does make a good villain but she also make a good sore loser.

    1. Recurring villains who reject redemption (at least once) when defeated. Just what this series could use more of.

      And sure, she was never directly offered the chance to change, but she sure didn’t bother to stick around when the others did.

      1. Ah and if she loses while Erza is still in kiddy form…while that would be outrageous even for Mashima I actually hope it happens because Minerva deserves that kind of humiliation

  5. Minerva is just a total S & a crazy one at that when Erza get back to normal she is done for! I like this chap were Grey over come his trauma of his past & I like how her sensei & Ultear appear to give strength even at that chibi state he can fight head on! By the time he beats that guy Erza back to kick some ass!

  6. Fascinating how a single expository chapter title page warrants more discussion than the rest of the chapter put together. Then again, what more of the chapter is there to talk about?

    “Hey, remember that chapter where Gray’s character development was undone but he got over it?”

    I’m expecting the next chapter to be about Gray beating so we can finally, and possibly, get a fair MinErza fight.

  7. At least Yukino admitted that she dislikes the previous master. I can definitely understand why; he was the pervertic bastard who made her strip naked and get rid of her first mark.

    Ken James
  8. Maybe Yukino (under Makarov’s orders) returns to Saber tooth as a “double” agent too keep an eye on Rouge, ensuring that the events after the Grand Magic Games doesn’t happen in the future (Like Gajeel was a double agent for Phantom Lord).

  9. Come on guys I know that Yukino returning to Sabertooth and not joining Fairy Tail is no doubt a heartbreaker but still it is Her choice to make thanks to HM(the author), anyway She and Lucy as well as the other members of Fairy Tail can still be Friends and Allies sometimes the Minor Characters we love may not have the same adventures as the Main Characters just like Vivi Nefertari the princess of Alabasta couldn’t join the Straw Hats crew on their adventures but still remained Friends. I believe that it was all for the best and by the way if Sabertooth doesn’t treat Yukino right then no doubt She will go to Fairy Tail.

    K C M

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