「オール・オール・アポロジーズ」 (Oru. Oru. Aporojizu)
“All All Apologize”

I guess we were bound to arrive at one of these eventually. The murder-mystery genre’s- or more specifically, murder mystery animes’- beloved “locked-door” mystery.

A new floor with two locked doors. What big reveals could Monobear be hiding behind the data and principle room? Alter Ego seems to have managed to give us a glimpse of what’s behind those doors; another mysterious photograph -this time showing the dead Maizono, Celes and Yamada- the a response plan to the “Most despair-ridden incident” that would lock the students of Hope’s Peak in the school, possibly for their entire lives. But really, these just seem to give more questions than answers. While we have an inkling as to why the students are trapped, what is this incident that occurred a year prior to the story, which almost forced the school closure? And how has that resulted this killing game?

But I can’t say I dislike this style of drip-feeding us the clues, more akin to a classic mystery build-up and reveal than the machine gun debates of the murder and trials. It’s a relief to see that the overarching mystery seems to actually be going places with this survival game, which rarely happens in this battle royale genre, and (I hope that) it would certainly make for a better climax than another pop and shot class trial.

It’s a pity that we’re only now going deeper in the dynamics of the characters, what with the issue of trust regarding Sakura’s reveal as Monobear’s spy, her friendship with Asahina and her dynamic with a group that is wary of her every move. Likewise, there’s the sub-plot of Naegi and Kirigiri shaky trust in each other, which was sadly over as soon as it began. (That single blush just isn’t enough. We need more of this emotional tension!) And it’s not like I don’t like seeing the dynamics of the characters more, but this narrative shift feels more likely a result of necessity in this particular case, where Monobear outs Sakura to destabilize the group into another murder. It’s a very classic survival trope but an interesting one nonetheless, which also leads to a most different case we’ve seen in terms of motives and methods.

Lest the golden witch’s magic is afoot (and we really don’t wanna go there) who actually dunnit, when no one could’ve conceivably gotten it nor gotten out? We see in the episode Naegi having to break through the window on the door to move the stuck chair and unlock the way. So unless there was a hidden passage in the room itself, the killer would’ve been locked into the room as well. This is well and true a classic locked-door scenario, which leaves a scant few theories as to how the murder actually went down. For one thing, it definitely wasn’t through brute strength. Sakura might’ve had blood all over her head (likely an attempted murder, if the broken bottle is anything to go by) but I highly doubt this Fist of the North Star extra would go down from something like a bottle to the head. Which leaves the other, more likely explanation: poison, which was brought up early at the start of the episode (ironically, by Sakura herself) and most likely the suspicious powder that was found on her foot. Kirigiri even makes note of the blood in Sakura’s mouth, which just seems to give this theory more credence. If we’re speculating that the poison has a time delay, it seems entirely possible for some manner of a locked room mystery to occur. It could’ve very well been a “you’re already dead” scenario.

But asides from the cause of death, Asahina also accuses the trio of Hagekure, Togami and Fukawa of being the culprits, having met Sakura prior to her death. If the poison theory holds true, it seems likely Sakura was assaulted twice with the bottle and the poison, and I’m speculating that one of that group was responsible at least one of the attacks.


  1. So everyone who transforms into their Super Seiyan mode dies shortly afterwards?…
    Great episode. Good pacing, interesting murder, sensible way of feeding information so that viewers are curious about the overarching mystery. Danganronpa has done very well so far, hopefully the big mystery will make a great finale!

  2. Is it just me or does anyone have a feeling that this was a suicide attempt instead? I honestly doubt that Sakura would’ve fallen to any of the others, and I don’t see how they would’ve escaped the room when it was locked from the inside. There probably isn’t something convenient as ventilation system people could use to go to locked rooms. I am really excited to see what happens in the next episode.

    1. Honest speculation? or do you want to pose as insightful?
      why would you come to this very specific conclusion if the series
      theme is “kill game” and not “suicide club”? ¬¬

      Helvetica Standard
  3. well, this is once again the super rushed pacing rearing it’s ugly head. They completely left out several clues, and not just minor ones like hagakure’s suit last time, incredibly MASSIVE, CASE BREAKING clues that completely ruin the solution of this case for not being present.

    It’s pretty likely they will just be quickly glazed over in the next episode as we speed through the trial throwing away all the intrigue this case originally brought with it. For those who care, the missing clues are –

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. You have a point, as well as many others who played the game.
      There’s only 13 episodes. I was afraid the series would feel rushed
      when it was announced as one cour only. This is why game adaptations
      to anime always fall short of the initial expectations; the game has
      so much more material and with 24 episodes it would have been a completely
      different thing.

      budget be damned, I guess.

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      1. You hit the nail on the head there, man. This had so much potential that got squandered because of the episode limit. It’s not “terrible” per say, but it’s just so much less than it’s source material could have made it.

  4. I wonder if Naegi’s breaking of the locked door Sakura was behind at the end will come back to bite him. Something along the lines of him being the last one standing, then Monokuma saying that since he broke the door (AFTER the new rule prohibiting breaking locked doors) he too is deserving of death anyway, leading to a finale of Naegi VS Monokuma.

    Just speculation on my part, but if it ends up not being at least mentioned that he broke a locked door in the very same episode that doing so was outlawed I will be disappointed.

      1. It clearly showed him unlocking it though. It was blocked by the chair, yes, but after that he ALSO turned the lock before opening the door.

        Are you saying that latch on that door is just for show and doesn’t actually lock the door? I don’t want to spoil myself too much in case it does have some relevance, but this is bugging me.

      2. Having played the game through a week ago and rewatching the episode, I can say that they incorrectly gave that door a lock in the anime. In the game, the door was blocked by the chair, stopping the handle from turning, and nothing else. It was even brought up by Kirigiri in the game that Naegi could break down the door without getting punished because that door does not have a lock.

        However, I have to say that I like the other change the anime made in regard to Naegi’s door breaking. In the game, he used a broom to bust down the window. In the anime? FUCK BROOMS, ELBOW THAT SHIT!

      3. Yea, I suppose I didn’t see that lock they incorrectly added to the anime. as shifobrains says, that lock shouldn’t exist. But it’s yet another pacing fuck up that they cut out the whole scene of Naegi getting scared he would be breaking that rule, and Kirigiri explicitly stating that the door doesn’t lock at all, so he wouldn’t be breaking the rule, since it wasn’t “technically” a locked door.

        Also, I said the same thing immediately myself shifobrains. Broom? Fuck that lets save time by making Naegi cut up his elbows opening the thing! Thankfully that hoodie must have some thick fabric.

  5. Kirigiri blushing was a bit unexpected than the murder itself, kinda. Well, if I have to make a call, I think it’s Asahina who’s the culprit. Show Spoiler ▼

    Sorry for the “potential spoiler”, just my sleuth side taking over. Tee-hee~

    1. Sakura had done something before she died, as revenge to monokuma. In the real suicide note she told everyone what that something was so that they could take advantage of it.

      If you don’t wish to wait or speculate,
      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. I realize now that I left a certain word in there unspoilered that I shouldn’t have, you’ll notice I tried to keep it ambiguous, but I still slipped up, so I’m sorry to those who haven’t seen the solution to this particular case in the next episode, and I would fix that with an edit if I could.


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