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It wasn’t much of a surprise this episode, but Kirakishou ends up being the doll who emerges from the body that Jun created. Bum bum bum… I can’t say that I was too blown away – in fact, I found it rather predictable, but I could appreciate all the build up that they had involving the play. Most of all, I liked how they incorporated the other aspects of the story into this single episode. This includes the loss of Souseiseki and Hinaichigo and the disappearance of Megu. A lot of these moments were captured in the first episode “recap” and as fast and rushed as it was; I still think there’s a good touch of sympathy and reminiscence that comes up when Souseiseki and Hinaichigo are mentioned. They’re also seen in the past few episodes which bring the characters closer to the audience. As someone who hasn’t watched the first two original seasons, it might be hard to sympathize with the importance of Souseiseki and Hinaichigo since they’re just not there anymore. In this case, I really started to empathize with Suiseiseki and Shinku when they didn’t want to damage Kirakishou’s body.

Let me continue by saying that Kirakishou just continues to scare me. Whether it’s her voice or her actions or her motives, she is what I would call insane. I definitely don’t blame her for wanting a body to exist in the outside world, but her ways of getting there resemble someone who wants to butcher bodies to sew them together again (like Frankenstein?). If I get this straight, she wants to build herself a body that embodies all the other characteristics of her sisters – which in a way, is like taking their Rosa Mysticas. But rather than taking their spirit, she wants to take their physical body parts. There’s not much of a difference in my mind, but this kind of defeats the purpose of the Alice Game to Kirakishou then. She wants to become Alice by taking out her sisters, but not by stealing their Rosa Mystica. I wonder what Rozen would say about that…

So my last question is… who’s body is it? Is it Hinaichigo’s or Souseiseki’s? Or perhaps a bit of both? For a good chunk of the series, I was fairly convinced that Kirakishou’s body was going to be new. The only surprise of the episode was finding out that she’s actually just a recycled doll from the sisters whom have died. At first I thought it was Hinaichigo and it wasn’t until Suiseiseki showed up that it made me question myself. This episode also made me despise Jun’s character quite a bit too… I didn’t think that was possible since he’s been quite an average Joe so far but this week’s episode got me thinking, “How could you have been so stupid?!“. Of course, I can’t blame him entirely for creating Kirakishou, but it’s his persistence of protecting Kirakishou and his inability to see the importance of Saitou’s play that irked me the wrong way. He’s surrounded by genuinely nice people (and Shinku) and he’s pushed that aside because he was so focused on building something for himself. Now he’s really created chaos and I guess it’s up to Wound-Jun to save him. I have no huge predictions for what’s to come, but I do feel as though Rozen Maiden has been lacking in the “WOW” factors lately. It seems like a fairly consistently show for build-up but its finale is where it all matters and it’s the final 3 episodes that I’m worried around.

TL;DR: @RCCherrie – Kirakishou is crazy! Dying to see what happens when Wound and Unwound Jun meet.

Note: I’ve been busy and unfortunately Blood Lad will also be delayed a day or two. It’ll be a double post on Tuesday/Wednesday for sure!

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  1. This episode made me think of Kirakishou like Chaos from Sora no Otoshimono. She’s nuts and apparently nobody bothered to teach her proper behavior. The more series goes on the less Rozen appears to be such a good father.

    But comparing this series again to the old…damn the quality in the fights has gone down…
    next episode I surmise will be a sad one at least partially regardless of who wins.

  2. Whether it’s her voice or her actions or her motives, she is what I would call insane.

    She is most definitely insane, but I still sympathize for her somewhat. The reason she is insane is because she has been alone for hundreds of years, ever since she was created. Trapped in the N-field all by herself, she envies the life that her sisters have. Like how every other doll longs for the love of their father Rozen, she longs for the warmth of any person.

    I feel that if she had a body of her own and someone to love her in the beginning, Kirakishou would have turned out much more differently.

    1. Just started watching the series.
      This may be a stupid question that gets me downvoted, but was Kirakishou purposely made by Rozen to exist as a spiritual, bodiless N-Field being, and if so, why?

      1. If my memory serves right I read a long time ago somewhere that Rozen’s decision not to give her a body was so she could grow more powerful than the rest of the Rozen Maidens, which while successful also drove her insane…some father…
        Then again I’m not sure.

  3. I read the manga after last week’s cliffhanger, and I really feel for Kirakishou. I hope Unwound-Jun will eventually make a body for her and become her master because, damn, she really needs some love company.

  4. he was so focused on building something for himself.

    What is still puzzling me, why all the hard work, not sleeping till morning hours etc. when the parts were from an existing doll, ready to be reassembled.

    Plus, he didn’t do anything to awaken that doll. So it doesn’t really count as his creation.


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