Luffy is, in general, a pretty nice guy, but there are a couple of toes that one should never step on – first, don’t insult his nakama, and second and perhaps more importantly, never ever trash-talk his brother! Chinjao, consumed by his long-time indignation, took a blatant cheap shot at Ace and there’s no denying it – his remarks cut Lucy to the bone and you could almost see the burning rage in Luffy’s eyes! Not for a moment have I doubted Luffy’s chances of winning – the Straw Hat is, after all, the main protagonist of the story and there’s not a snowball chance in hell he’s going to stumble over a mere bout. But to Oda sensei’s credit, the way his victory came to pass was, for sure, a frenzy of thrills – a combo of Gear Third and the Busoshoku Haki, the colossal force of his Gomu Gomu no Thor Elephant Gun was quite a spectacle to say the least! Luffy has certainly come a long way since his modest beginnings at Foosha Village – his prowess as a combatant has never been in question, but the tour de force that we just witnessed is surely no small accomplishment! Lucy has, indeed, emerged victorious in Block C and the almighty Don Chinjao, a legendary veteran, has been defeated. No matter how you slice it, this striking feat puts Luffy in a completely different league – and it really begs the question of just how powerful he truly is, especially vis-à-vis the Marine Admirals, the Shichibukai and the Yonkou!

Speaking of Don Chinjao, the glimpse into his past was both an eye-opener and somewhat of a kook. The supposed ultimate showdown, one that pits Kiri no Chinjao against Garp, was nowhere near as grand as I had imagined – in fact, it was pretty comical right down to the wire, full of sass and buffoonery. Chinjao the Drill – we now know where he got his moniker and while I’m sure he was a decidedly fearsome pirate back in the day, his goofy guise, especially that nib-like head of his, do make for quite a stooge! You could hardly blame the poor guy for bearing such a vehement grudge – he was shamed, he lost his fortunes and above all, his unique brand of appellation, the “pointy” trademark that defines him, has been reduced to nothingness! Fittingly enough, Luffy’s mighty punch was the very panacea that set things to rights for him – the “Drill” has made a comeback, and I have sneaking suspicion an alliance between Luffy and the Happo Navy might also be in the cards! Luffy’s formidability as a combatant is well-established – but let’s face it, there’s also an element of pure dumb luck to much of his ascendance and success. Luffy has always had the proclivity to make a meal ticket out of the most bizarre personage – whether it’s Crocodile, Boa Hancock or Brownbeard, the many notables that he can call his allies are unquestionably a colorful bunch! It’s always the unexpected that hits you the hardest – I’m sure Doflamingo didn’t see this coming, and if Don Chinjao and the Straw Hats do, in fact, join forces, such an upshot will surely be a huge blow to whatever the Joker has in plan! Luffy’s victory is, no doubt, worthy of our applause, but his predicaments are far from over – one after another, his adversaries are taking the big stage and the most dreaded one might be making a move. Jesus Burgess, the captain of Blackbeard’s first ship, is in the know of Luffy’s identity as well – the Straw Hat-Law Alliance most certainly has their hands full and this is merely the beginning of an all-hell-break-loose, a flush of hooplas and thrills that await them as the theatrics start to heat up!

Random tidbits:

  • The “Drill” is back alright! – Splitting the arena in half? A piece of cake!
  • Derp face, take one! Derp face, take two! – Popping-eyeballs everywhere!
  • “You won’t be the one to kill the Straw Hat” – Who’s Bartolomeo working for? Could it be Buggy the Clown?
  • Having second thoughts about his assassination mission? – I wonder what’s Bellamy up to? He seems somewhat distraught.
  • Caribou to the rescue! – You gotta be kidding me? That’s quite an unexpected turn of events. Has the sleazebag really changed for the better?

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #OnePiece 719: It Ain’t Cool to Trash-Talk the Deceased… The “Drill” is back alright! An unlikely alliance in the making. #Manga


  1. “Oh, who lives under a rock right under the sea? Patrick Star.”
    Obviously we know who Don Chinjao’s character is based on.

    On the side note, I guess Don Chinjao’s grandsons would start start saying “why grandpa, what a BIG lump you have on your head.”
    “yes, I used this to kill the Big Bad Wolf Sea King.”

  2. okay. that confirms don chinjao and his minions as luffy’s new allies. i wonder what is burgues is thinking(surprised that he can think coz i thought muscle-man can have brains). did he figured out doflamingo’s plot against luffy and what he will do after this. darn u oda!

  3. Luffy is gonna need all the help he can get in order to change Doflamingo’s family, This might be the best arc yet. Don’t be surprised if Bellamy joins the Strawhats although I don’t see any Chemistry between him and them

  4. this was one of the funniest chapters I’ve ever read.

    1st we learn he hates Garp because he made his point head sharp with a punch, then Luffy gives him his point with another. Brilliant!


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