「決戦前夜」 (Kessen Zenya)
“Night before the Decisive Battle”

Majestic Prince has a lot on its plate – whether it’s the nut-cracking character drama or the many mysteries that remained unresolved, there’s no lack of stir and exhilaration to keep us on the edge of our seats. As the series kicks off its final leg, the speculation surrounding its imminent finale has for sure heated up big-time! We have a whole slew of conjectures right in front us, and the bifurcation that prevails amongst its audience is hardly a surprise – a happily-ever-after conclusion or an all-hell-break-loose catastrophe, that’s the million-dollar answer which we’re all eagerly awaiting! The general tone of the series has, more often than not, been typified with a semblance of optimism and gaiety – and I’m hard pressed to envisage an end that deviates from its usual articulation too greatly! That said, it is also undeniable that conflicting signals do exist and Team Doberman’s unfortunate demise was, of course, a game-changer – it was a plunge into uncharted territory and an audacious move that showed us what Majestic Prince was capable of. I’m fully cognizant of all that and the many death flags which have been raised thus far surely do not lend absolute credence to a sanguine outlook – I don’t intend to discredit either the cynics or the optimists and there are certainly merits to both ends of the arguments. As for me, it can’t be a huge surprise to anyone that I’m keeping my fingers crossed for an ending that is nothing less than hopeful – hand-in-hand jubilant and no overtly obscene casualties! Call me an idealist or a buffoon whatso – I’ve come to respect these characters a whole lot and I would like nothing more than to see a smile on everyone’s face. This may seem like a long shot – but I suspect the very feature that we saw in its second OP could be a precursor of what’s to come! A majestic setup where an “awakened” Red 5 charges valiantly toward the enemy, as the rest of Team Rabbit cheers him on – that’s the grand finale that I’m looking forward to, a final clash that is both upbeat and resplendent with badassery!

Speaking of being a badass, the newly-minted brotherly duo, Izuru and Toshikazu, has proven once again that they deserve every bit of our profound admiration! The stark contrast between their personas is nothing short of conspicuous, but there are also certain parallels that can be drawn between those two – first, the supreme fortitude that they have displayed in the face of difficulties, and second, the steadfast devotion that they have for their comrades. Izuru’s deteriorating health is, without question, a cause for concern – his friends, his colleagues and even his superiors are all worried sick, so much so that Red 5 was deliberately pulled from the front line in the upcoming mission! The leader of the Zannen 5 has been put on the bench for now and this is not the resolution that he would have preferred – not by a long shot! Izuru has fully accepted his role as a solider, he lives and dies for his duty and for his people – no question asked. Nevertheless, he is also fully aware of the legit disquietude that exists, especially amongst his dear friends – and he’s not about to aggravate their apprehension by playing hardball, not when their resolve and compromise come with the best of intentions. “You weren’t born for the sole purpose to fight” – a word to the wise from Reika sums it up the best, what sets the humans apart from the Wulgaru is the twinkle of compassion that remained extant, no matter how minute it may be. Clearly, Izuru’s dorky charm and his unswerving courage have captivated more than one and nobody, not even the top brass at MJP, wants anything dreadful to befall their ace – Kei is evidently in love with Izuru, the Godinion crew is greatly enthralled by his prowess as a pilot, and Toshikazu, needless to say, is genuinely perturbed by his brother’s faltering health.

The pilot of Blue 1 has grown on me immensely in the last few episodes – Toshikazu is persevering, conscientious, trustworthy, and not to mention he would surely make one hell of an onii chan! Whether it was intentional or not, the analogy between Izuru’s circumstance and that of Anna’s was pretty candid to say the least. Blood runs thicker than water – but there are times when we can transcend beyond such insularism, a prominent feat that Teoria has unmistakably taken note of. Toshikazu cares about Izuru a whole lot and not just because they share the same paternal gene – Izuru is also a comrade and an important friend! Let us not forget – Toshikazu has, more than once, staked his life for both Izuru and the Zannen 5, even before any blood kinship was revealed! In fact, his compassion has been made apparent right from the get-go – evidently, Asagi’s patience and the deep solicitude that he has shown Anna proved just that! The final showdown has been set in motion and I have no doubt about it – Operation Heaven’s Gate, its grandest set piece, is going to be a feast for the eyes! Jiart remains the biggest wild card in all of this – we know, for sure, he has his sights set on Izuru but clearly, there are certain affair between the prince and Teoria that needs to be straightened out as well. Both sides have made up their minds on what needs to be done and things are certainly heating up in every way – just as the dramatics of this epic saga enter its most momentous stage!

Random tidbits:

  • Let me just say, Kei looks absolutely stunning in this scene – the lighting, the camera angle, her bright eyes, and that sweet smile that melts my heart, every last detail of it was just pitch-perfect!
  • “Make sure you take your antacid” – The shipping war in Majestic Prince has entered its most dramatic stage! I’m still rooting for Team Izuru, but Kei and Toshikazu did have their moments in this episode.
  • “Kei’s my okaa san!” – Ouch! You better take that back right this instant. I’m not gonna stand for it, such blasphemous words are unacceptable!
  • “It might too sweet!” – Come on ladies, don’t be so harsh on the poor girl! I’ll eat anything Kei makes, even if I know full well it might give me diabetes.
  • Onii chan faito! Minna faito!” – Izuru is acing his role as the otouto. He’s such a dork, but I love him to bits!
  • “I will protect him, he’s my friend and my otouto” – I see death flags everywhere! But I can’t say I’m taking them too seriously, the show has quite a reputation of being a troll.
  • “I need to watch my potty mouth!” – Please don’t hold back! I like Ange the best when she’s being a class-S ass, flipped out and all-delirious! Wait a minute, we haven’t figured out whether she’s a girl or a guy.
  • Badass mothership spotted! Star Rose’s core is a refined version of Teoria’s Wulgaru ship – Another week, another hearty dose of mecha wholesomeness! I’m going to miss this show so much when it ends, but fret not – my fellow mecha fans! The uber-extraordinary Kakumeiki Valvrave will be making a return this Fall, the vacuum in your mecha souls won’t be left bare for too long!

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #MajesticPrince 21: I’m willing to stake my reputation for this – I am looking for an ending that is nothing less than happily-ever-after and here’s why… #Anime
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  1. Izuru will somehow get into the final fight. And I reckon he will survive.

    A lot of people believe he will die at the end, I disapprove of this notion, am I the only one who is optimistic enough that he will get a happy ending? Come on guys have faith.

    I have to say I am glad I ignored that voice in my head that said drop this show. Regardless of what happens next and what ever happens its been fun, great mecha fights, great main characters and great visuals, everything a great mecha show needs. And Seishun your blogs of this show have been just a great as well.

    1. I agree with you that Izuru will more likely survive. I will say however, that only one of the following will live by the end of the episode: Izuru or Asagi. It’ll most likely be Izuru; after all, we need that moment that compels him to come out and fight, regardless of orders (most likely Asagi’s death by Jiart)

    2. Thanks for your kind words, and I’m glad you’re enjoying MJP as much as I am! It’s a great show and very underrated.
      I’m sure you have figured out by now that you’re not the only optimist in here, let’s hope we prove the cynics wrong :3

  2. I’m expecting the entire Team Rabbits all too die in horrific giant fire ball of death, and destruction but also bringing with them the rest of Wulgaru commanders (maybe the king) to hell with them. While I do expect them to kill the gate, I think it’s very very likely that if not all then 90 to 95% of Earth remaining red shirt forces will bite the dust.

    However while I expect this sort of ending, in due to the show killing off two of three bummers I do hope that it isn’t what I expect. But maybe I’m wrong and there will be a nice happy ending but you know after watching enough giant mechs shows over the years you kind of expect at least a few people to die in the end.

    That said, I kind of do hope for you know a sequel to this if not an entire new season then at least an OVA.

    1. @Tempest
      Honestly I hope you are wrong and most if not all of our Rabbits live, this hasn’t really felt like the type of show that would kill off its entire cast at the end and I reckon it would be better off if it didn’t.

  3. Well, judging from how the opening theme looked like, it seemed like Izuru was flying out into space leaving everyone behind to fight Jiart. Because of that, I am expecting Izuru to become a martyr, sacrificing himself to save mankind.

  4. Not to crash everybody’s hopes, but don’t you guys think that the attack plans on the portal just looks like a huge funnel for catching fish or in this case spaceships? 😛


    Since it’s in space, I’m not sure whether the purple area represents walls or some kind of matter which cannot be safely passed. So again, this looks like suicide mission part 2 with all the deathflags to me, the earthlings are playing an away game on their own home turf ffs…

    1. They know this, so thats because it is an All out Attack on this gate, to prevent reinforcements to reach Solar System, and buy some Time. Until they can recreate an new Portal

      But Earth, has even lost their Space Port… Hope that they get all Enemy Fighters there, and no one break trough. Because Earth is down with its Pants, and even a Mosquito can now Bite a chunk out of them

  5. In the beginning of the show, I thought they were going for an Asagi/Kei pairing. It seemed to make sense as Kei was always eating sweets, and Asagi always had a stomach ache. Maybe I was over-analyzing haha. They were noted as having similar personalities as well.

    Unfortunately, if they were to get together, it would likely mean that something bad happens to Izuru. It really seems like one or the other is going to die. Well, Commander Simon is definitely going to die 🙁 Anyway, look for everyone’s (especially Asagi’s) sync rates to go way up, and we’ll probably see some crazy powered up mecha.

  6. Before I couldn’t wait for Teoria to die from her many raised death flag but after seeing her in that dress last ep I dont want her to die! Dx Let the triangle continue!!1 even if she is considered his mother…ish xD

    My mecha soul is happy to hear Valvrave is back T_T I missed you Saki you lunatic :3

  7. My Six Sense say to me, that Pilot Blue will have a Overdrive like the Red one. His Stomach pain, was nearly not exist a long time now. That is a Flag for me

    And if Prince should get a 2nd Season, Teroia will be captured…. Wait, for that the Gate must be intact, or Humanity is forced to recreate a Manmade Jumpgate to rescue her…

    1. or, they succeed in establishment an Outpost on Pluto. So, Humanity need Time for Resupply and Attack them. Combine it with a Prison break, and so on… You guys surly will find something

  8. It’s clear that Izuru will have to deploy for a dramatic finish, but lordy do I hope he won’t have to– that Team Rabbits’ new-found motivation would overcome all the Wulgaru threats.

    Also, is it just me, or was Simon sending out death flags?

  9. @“I need to watch my potty mouth!” – Please don’t hold back! I like Ange the best when she’s being a class-S ass, flipped out and all-delirious! Wait a minute, we haven’t figured out whether she’s a girl or a guy.

    After that scene where dudes were watching the porno and Ange walked in seemingly really into it I’m going to go with Ange is a dude.

    One thing that would be a seriously unexpected, but unique plot twist would be if Asagi ends up piloting Red 5.

  10. The Rabbits have to como out of this war alive, with Izuru and Kei together, Seishun is right, that´s the only way this awesome show can end. In the aspect of Teoria, I just can´t stop thinking Jiart is going to kill her and that´s what is going to open the doors of hell with Izuru ready to avenge her mother.

    1. If Jiart is not going to Kill her, he will just do as he please with a “Woman”. Even the Female General was nothing in his Eyes. She must Obey… So, he show mercy to his “Sister”?


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