And there we have it folks, the obligatory father + son godly Rasengan + Sage Mode combination of epicness. Suffice to say, it’s been a long wait for this moment, and I have to say that I got a little bit of a chill down my back seeing them (and the two halves of the Nine Tails) fighting together. There’s just nothing quite like seeing something come to fruition after expecting it for a long time, even if it wasn’t exactly as great as it could’ve been. Because ultimately, this chapter suffers from the same ups and downs of past chapters (although there were definitely more ups than downs this time around).

Point in fact, the whole banter between the Nine Tails and Naruto, as well as of the Second Hokage and the rest were superb. A great mixture of comedy and seriousness, they were undoubtedly the secondary highlight of this week’s chapter, and really gave us quite a show into the respective personalities of the people involved (and how they’ve changed over time as they’ve gotten to known each other). At this point, it gives that kind of conclusive show of just how far Naruto’s come as a person (and ninja), and just how important his growth and personality have been to the fight (and the world) so far. Really, even Sasuke’s impressed at the show… which is where things go a little bit downhill (again).

Indeed, as with last chapter, one of the big things that prodded me this week was once again the significant alteration in regards to Sasuke and his character. Considering his own overpowered nature up until recently, it’s suddenly as if he isn’t particularly relevant anymore, and it’s definitely showing in the past few chapters. And to say the least, it’s somewhat irritating to see. Thankfully, this is mostly covered up by the aforementioned positives and the fact that Obito’s actually trying to activate the Infinite Tsukuyomi though, and it looks like this development will force some story progression in the near future. It’s still admittedly odd that this is happening without the reappearance of any of the now “missing ninja” (such as Kakashi and the other Kage) though—who have now disappeared for quite a number of chapters—but one figures that this means they’ll be back sooner rather than later.

As such, it makes you wonder if we’re not finally reaching the climax of this fight. Either way, there’s gonna be some good, action filled times ahead, and if we’re really getting “close to the end” (I say this loosely)… I gotta say, there are few things that would’ve been better than the father + son route they’re going for.


  1. Even after this all awful things which Sasuke has done, I also want to him to take part in battle, not just standing there and observe or making some comments. I don’t think that making him owerwhelmed by Naruto’s power, can make the readers feel better after all his crap from before. ( imo it would be enough to just make Naruto and Sasuke do some talking and just fight together on similar level ). Also Naruto and Minato is too much overpowered now, I hope before ending we will see their asses kicked a bit, because it’s boring when heroes win too easily.

  2. I really hate to think that if Obito is defeated that this war will be over and peace shall suddenly reign between the five great nations. Any way I know for some obvious reasons that if Obito is stopped that there will be future conflicts, for instance Naruto and Sasuke may have reunited again but their frienmity(friendship and enmity) is parallel to that of Hashirama and Madara if not more intense, and now that Orochimaru is back thanks a lot to Sasuke don’t expect him to be another born again and reformed like Sasuke(although His motives are still suspicious) and what happens to that zombie Madara who has no intention of letting his corpse fade away like the rest of the revived ninjas.

    K C M
  3. What’s that saying? “When all you have is a hammer, everything starts looking like a nail.” While I did enjoy the chapter, the whole thing’s getting rather repetitive. Bad guys pull some super attack, good guys counter, good guys use some rasengan variant, bad guys tank/evade/counter… This is something like the 4th or 5th one we’ve had since Sasuke got back. Meanwhile, everyone else is still standing on the sidelines watching. Fortunately we seem poised for some actual plot development, wonder if we’ll get to see the Infinite Tsukiyomi from the inside…

    Not much else to say, I’m slowly coming around to Tsundere Kuruma simply for the comedy value. Speaking of, I didn’t really like how Kishi seems to use Naruto as a butt monkey whenever he wants a laugh. Usually I don’t mind, but this is the final arc and Naruto should have grown enough (at least in battles) to not forget such a crucial detail. Sasuke’s reaction to Naruto was interesting as well, though I’ve almost completely given up on understanding him. As predicted, Hashirama and Madara seem to have tanked the bijudama, though a panel of explanation would have been nice.

    1. It only further reinforces, at least to me, just how mentally immature Naruto is and why he wouldn’t make a good Hokage, at least right now. Joke or not, it just does NOT make him look good…

      1. Which in turn makes it even more annoying when the 2nd is saying that he might even become a better hokage than his brother doesn’t it? >_> Because the strongest=the best leader.Damn shounen logic!

      2. I don’t think any of the youngest generation is qualified; so far none of them have the right combination of power, personality, and intellect. Maybe they’ll end up with a democracy lol

  4. I get that it’s a part of Sasuke’s character and personality to feel occasional measures of insecurity when he’s comparing himself to other people, but I thought that by now he would get over seeing Naruto being better than he’d seen him be before. If there’s anything that I wanted Sasuke to do as part of character development, it’d be him trying to get over comparing himself to others and feeling resentment from it. Cuz that’s been around since he was a kid.

    The Truth is in the Axe
  5. Looks like Sasuke is going all emo again. Naruto worked his butt off and achieved a lot. After all the power boosting Sasuke got he achieved nothing. He couldn’t even kill his own brother. He honestly expect to be Hokage after abandoning his own people for his own gain. He actually think Naruto and the others were “playing ninja” when in my honest opinion the real “poser” is Sasuke.

    1. Well, to be fair, to me anyway, Naruto hasn’t really “worked” all that much ever since his (half-finished) elemental training. Since then, it feels like all his power-ups were very rushed (and had convenient help, like in the initial training with getting Kurama’s chakra having Kushima magically pop up since Minato could somehow see the future and know such a thing would happen), yet he’s able to achieve levels at much faster rates than others who have had a lifetime of experience.

      At least Sasuke did work his ass off during the time skip in order to become as strong as he was whereas Naruto was practically the same as when he had left besides very basic increases. Getting the Mangekyo Sharingan wasn’t that big a deal since we already knew what caused it to awaken, and anybody could predict that he would’ve eventually taken Itachi’s eyes to get the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, especially when we saw how quickly his vision started deteriorating, so as quickly rushed as Sasuke’s advancements were, at the same time, they’re not exactly that ridiculous or hard to grasp, and the fact that Sasuke STILL has had quite a bit of trouble against various opponents (who, mind you, ALSO have had years of combat experience and abilities under their belt compared to him), it helps make his battles a bit more “realistic” and enjoyable to watch.

      Naruto? He gets the usual main character/hero cliches to help him win his battles. Like Kakuzu and Nagato got the “moments of stupidity” that conveniently allowed Naruto to land blows that the two KNEW they should avoid, yet fall for the same type of techniques Naruto’s used since the beginning (Henge + Kage Bunshin). You’d think at least Nagato, as the “leader” of Akatsuki, would’ve made sure to keep tabs on Naruto’s training, his progress, his fighting style, etc. Not to mention he’s still constantly fell back on Kurama’s chakra.

      Sasuke had them done too, like having his ass saved by Hebi/Taka when he would’ve otherwise lost/died (like against Bee, A, Danzo, and such), but again, they don’t really come off as (so) ridiculously convenient. I’d probably say my biggest complaints on Sasuke were how quickly he was able to start using Susano’o; pretty much right away rather than learning how coupled with how he was able to maintain the Mangekyo Sharingan along with Susano’o WHILE using Amaterasu and other techniques for SO long (Kage Summit along with Danzo primarily), especially considering that he didn’t have the Curse Seal to force out extra chakra anymore.

      Both are guilty of such things, but I find Naruto to be a lot more guilty than Sasuke.

      1. Nothing Naruto’s done matches Sasuke’s great snake escape IMO. To play devil’s advocate, all of Naruto’s growth since the Pain arc has been from better accessing Kuruma’s power. He’s not spitting out new techniques all the time, simply using supercharged versions of what he knows. While I’m not particularly enthused about it, Kyuubi sage mode makes sense; if you can balance three chakra sources, why not four? Especially if you have two minds helping.

  6. This series is getting lame. Forgotten secondary characters, unexplained psychological developments, main character overhandling every problem of the world. Though I love shonen, this excessive focus on the greatness of Naruto is not something I’m too fond of.

    1. Yeah, like with Bleach (from what I’ve read anyway), it makes having “important” named secondary characters feel pointless to have.

      I mean, for example, excluding the anime-only filler arcs, when has Team 8 (Hinata, Shino, and Kiba) done ANYTHING of note (as in the team, not solely Hinata) since Shippuuden began? Nothing. Hell, we haven’t seen or heard anything of Kurenai since Nagato’s invasion, and that was just a couple panels of her being evacuated. The Sand Siblings and Team Gai were at least involved in the Rescue Gaara Arc and Team 10 played big roles against Kakuzu and Hidan (up until Naruto stole the show with the half-finished Rasenshuriken).

  7. Called it a couple chapters ago…feels so lame when things become so easily predictable over and over. Still, even with the Sage “weakness” discovered and whatnot, nothing has still been able to do anything to Obito simply because the balance of power is WAY in his favor. Naruto still, at most, only has Kurama’s sole power backing up (9 tails at most) whereas Obito has up to 30 tails of full Biju power along with the Sharingan AND the Rinnegan, and now Infinite Tsukuyomi is starting up.

    Next prediction? Hmmm…

    …maybe they pull a Dragonball / Z and just blow up the entire moon with a Sage-powered Bijudama? lol

    1. Blowing up the moon would be a far more intelligent tactic than everything they’ve tried so far. BTW; biju power isn’t directly tied to tails; it’s whatever the author wants it to be. You can’t just calculate a tailed beast’s strength by how many went into it.

  8. 2nd Hokage: He couldnt have forgotten only sage techniques work. He cant be THAT stupid right?

    Naruto: OMG I forgot!

    2nd Hokage: …someone stupider than my brother.

    Sasuke: …all that chakra is wasted on him.

    Minato: …those arent tears of joy…?

    Kuruma: Trololol so THATS how you surpass the other Hokages! (in stupidity level)


    1. Yup, and even though it seems to be getting a bit generic as of late, that’s how I feel it should be. I’m all in favor for a Naruto vs Sasuke fight when the war’s over, but if people don’t really like how Naruto’s shining in the spotlight, then they’re reading the wrong manga. That’s just my 2 cents.

      1. Let us not forget that Naruto is the star of the show and He needs to shine a lot more than the others including Sasuke. I don’t think that Sasuke is being left out at all because we all need to remember that Sasuke won the first fight between Naruto and Him so we don’t need to see all of Sasuke’s powers and let it be saved for the round between Himself and Naruto again.

        K C M
  9. Sasuke mellowing about how powerful Naruto is now. It’s a mirror of Vegeta watching Goku fight Kid Buu as SSJ3.

    “You have truly surpassed me Kakarot, go, you’re the strongest Saiyan alive! SSJ3!”


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