Let’s get down to the brass tacks – we all know what the key highlight of this chapter is and no matter how hard you try to deny it, the facts right in front of our eyes pretty much speak for itself! Ecchi and fanservice come hand-in-hand with Fairy Tail it’s an integral part of its charm, and all the bombast and flair that we’ve witnessed thus far complement its comedic tone flawlessly! Erza is back to her usual guise – delectably busty, up in arms and all-badass! There’s just a stitch of minutia missing from all of this and that’s none other than her pantsu – yes, the mighty Titania is, indeed, bare-assed and in the raw! It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Erza – and after what Minerva has put her through, nothing, not even the sight of a butt-naked Erza, could get me more excited than to see Titania kicking some serious ass! Without a doubt, it’s payback time – and now that Erza is no longer in her weakened state, I’m hard pressed to see this showdown ending in any way but Minerva’s complete and utter defeat. Erza’s victory is almost certainly in the cards – but make no mistake about it, Minerva’s downfall is not going to come easy. It appears that the War God mage has a plan in place and she has figured out a way to counteract Erza’s Nakagami no Yoroi – which is, of course, one of Titania’s tour de force and the very armor that Minerva fell victim to in their prior bout. Interestingly enough, there’s also a sense that Minerva might be given a chance to repent – surely, none of us believe she deserves any sympathy, but it is also undeniable that we know absolutely nothing about her, whether it’s her past or how she became such a maleficence! Minerva remains a closed book – what we do know for certain though is that Erza’s blatant mockery has cut her to the bone, their blood is boiling and the ensuing catfight is going to be a spectacle that nobody would want to miss!

The tide of the battle has been turned – and without question, Fairy Tail has Gray to thank for all of this. I’m not ashamed to admit, I have always had a soft spot for pretty boys – or any eye-candies for that matter, both male and female! Gray, in my humble opinion, is the best-looking guy in the entire Fairy Tail universe – he is eminently handsome, and his aloof persona that is both giddy and magisterial makes the Ice Mage all the more charming.  But that’s clearly not all there is to the apple of Juvia’s eyes – if Lucy is the embodiment of a sex symbol, the same could then be said for Gray, who is the definition of a hunky beefcake! The practice of egalitarianism is alive and well – Fairy Tail has its fair share of both fanservice and manservice, and there’s no denying it – Gray has one hell of a washboard ab, suffice to make a straight-guy like me drool in envy! Gray is, more often than not, a thoroughgoing tsundere – but his petite self has quite a feisty face going for it. The ongoing clash between Gray and Doriate is far from over, and its first half was pretty comical right down to the wire, full of tomfoolery and sassy big-talk. It was somewhat akin to a comedic sketch, one where chibi-Gray got the better of a big bad wolf! As many have correctly surmised – the Dark Mage from Succubus Eyes could very well be a demon himself, and there appears to be a connection between Doriate and the Book of Zeref. Doriate, in his demonic form, has quite an intimidating presence to say the least – I fully expect Fairy Tail to emerge victorious, but I’m not sure if Gray can outflank this one simply with his mere wits. A grand showdown of badassery awaits us and needless to say, I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Random tidbits:

  • No-pantsu for the win! – Gotta love the exchange of verbal jabs! Minerva has been stripped down as well and I never would have guessed she’s a stripe’s girl.
  • A hole in one for Erza – Yes, the pun was deliberate! Pretty nifty way of censoring, I might add.
  • The many faces of Minerva are pretty fun – furious, distraught and embarrassed! I wonder what’s next on the list, how about a dere dere Minerva?
  • Gray’s dynamite abs wouldn’t have looked amiss if he was part of the cast in Free! – If you’re wondering, Mako chan’s my favorite. Those gorgeous back muscles, makes me so jelly!
  • “Ice Make Hammer – damn, it’s tiny. How about shaved ice?” – Pretty spunky for a shota, I’m sure Juvia wouldn’t mind seeing more of Gray’s witty side!

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #FairyTail 349: My boobs are back, but my underwear’s missing! It’s all about equality, fanservice vs. manservice #Manga


  1. One thing I love about Fairy Tail, and you kind of mentioned it Sheishun, is that here we are, 349 chapters from the start and we still have a consistent cast of lovable characters that are able to contribute to the storyline. So many series start off with a cast of characters that melt into the background as the series progresses with only the main character remaining at the forefront, but with Fairy Tail, we have as much Gray, Lucy and Erza (and Wendy from around the fifth or sixth arc) as we’ve ever had!

    I love this series and it’s characters and can’t wait to see how Gray and Erza’s battles turn out next week! Now that a creature from the book of Zeref has emerged, I can’t imagine the appearance of the man himself is too far behind! Excitement levels rising!

  2. Oh sure, Minerva would strike at Erza as a kid but suggests she does something about her clothes the moment she turns back to adult form completely unaware her skirt got accidentally snatched.

    Ken James

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