「三年四組II」 (San-nen Shikumi II)
“Class 3-4 II”

Though today was mostly a confirmation of what we could already figure out, we saw some nice moments from Dee and Alis, as their characters continue to flesh themselves out. Though this current world is vastly comfortable–it looks like Scar and Yuri have done that quickly–the looming instability of the world and its possible reset still haunts the story, like the inevitable doom of the moon in Majora’s Mask. Both sides have presented their case in regards to the fate of the fantasy world, but what will Ai side with in the end? Who will be sacrificed to progress everyone else forward?

By the end of the episode, it looks like Dee is worried that Alis would sacrifice her to save the rest of the class, but in reality it seems to hint that he would sacrifice himself to save the class. Despite the distance he’s enforced between Dee and the closeness he’s established with Ai, it’s easy to see that Dee isn’t an expendable item for Alis’ plans, or anyone else in the class for that matter. So who else to sacrifice for the cause than Alis himself? Perhaps this links with how Alis perceives how wishes and personal growth conflict with one another and how he struggles with his own self-improvement thanks to his own wish being granted. It’s as if he wishes to achieve something tangible outside of God’s wishes in order to prove his change within the world, by enabling others to grow as well. I do wonder how he’ll manage to do this without sacrificing Dee (assuming that she’s going to live somehow) and I do wonder if it’s still morally correct to free these people from their peaceful life, but as with all things in this show, it’ll get wrapped up, sloppy or not.

While the show has shown a willingness both to separate people and keep them together, as represented by the first and second arcs respectively, I do hope that Dee does get to reconcile her feelings for Alis. Many of her fears are undermining his feelings for her, but it does create a good atmosphere that shows how afraid and desperate that Dee is to not be alone, away from the person she’s admired for so long. After In her view, there is nothing to gain for herself by destroying the world she’s bound by, but at the same time she feels that she understands where Alis is coming from. It seems irreconcilable right now, but maybe Alis or God have something under their sleeves to make this a happier end.




  1. Wow, didn’t see it that way at all. Dee seeing Alis and Ai playing basketball together seemed to prove her fears that Alis didn’t need her anymore. He also said that he would sacrifice anything to break the loop and that would include Dee, or at least that would make her think that. Jealousy and fear appear to be welling up in Dee and she is liable to do anything.

  2. My thoughts from last week continues to stand for this week…

    Somehow, I have a feeling that Ai might go towards “the needs of many outweighs the needs of few”, or in this case, “…of one person”, just to save the world (ie. the 53k people plus the class 3-4).

    So Ai-chan, prove me wrong.

    On the other hand, Dee SHOULD HAVE confessed to Alis already…14 years-long crush. A bit over the top, no?

    1. Yes but in her mind knowing that she died means their no future in that confession. She also does not want to burden Alis with that knowledge either (also the fact that Dee reset Alis at one point at well. >_< ). She has alot of guilt on her frail shoulders to feel worthy of him now.

  3. I hope the next episode will manage to wrap up this arc somewhat satisfyingly, because it’s the most interesting one so far in my opinion. Though you could see a lot of revelations coming from a mile away (the truth behind Dee, for example), it was still decently executed and it has a genuinely interesting conflict at the middle of it. Loved the creepy effects as the loop started ‘correcting’ itself and the overall disturbing atmosphere in general – I was reminded of Majora’s Mask as well.

    I probably would’ve liked this show a lot better overall if every arc had been like this. Now please don’t botch the ending…

  4. Alis hates this world because is not real, a prison to escape reality; Dee loves this world becuse it doesn´t truly exist, it´s an escape from the horrible truth. They both right in how they feel and want, but Dee has to be stop or otherwise she´s going to damaged beyond repair an alredy broken world. There´s no way both parties agree but I have the feeling Ai won´t with either of them, she´s way to sweet to sacrifice the hpoes of any them.

    1. I would think Dee loves that world because she’s still alive in there, where as in the actual world she’s already dead. (Along with the fact that the wish the class 3-4 made was the only thing that’s keeping her in the worlds at all.)

  5. Man, I really felt for Dee when she spied on Alis’ and Ai’s conversation. It’s like hearing girls gossip with your crush about your status in their eyes. You’re hopeful but at the same time expect nothing because you haven’t really done anything. That didn’t stop me from getting teary-eyed when I saw how Alis absolutely does not understand Dee’s feelings for him and is willing to sacrifice anything to “save” the class of 3-4. It’s really hard to choose a side but I honestly cannot understand why Alis is so damned determined to make this happen. I don’t think the class of 3-4 would really appreciate being awoken to the sights of a dead world, nor do I think they would trade Dee for anything. Ai’s ambition of saving everyone, Alis, class of 3-4, and Dee is truly heart-warming and awe-inspiring, but I really don’t see how she can pull it off. Alis is so hard-headed, Dee does not deserve to be condemned to living as a bodyless spirit forever, and the class of 3-4 does not deserve to have their wish taken from them.

    Alis wants to destroy the world to “save” them but I’m not sure if any of this destruction would count as “saving” them at all. It all seems like it’s to fulfill his own ego, like he needs to make this happen or he won’t feel good about himself or the situation. Alis would be forcing his own ideals, and to what end?? I think I’m pretty set in my position that the class of 3-4 does not deserve to have their dreams shattered, but if it needs to be then I sure hope that Alis is ready to take responsibility for the 35k+ lives that will be cast out into that literally god-forsaken earth.

  6. Of the three arcs we’ve seen, IMO this is the best one. Pacing has been better along with an intriguing story. I’m curious to see how it plays out.

    Dee looks like she’s about to become unhinged, which given her situation isn’t all that surprising. I thought for a moment Ai was in danger when she discovered Dee’s secret in the library. Dee’s “life” is literally on the line so who knows what she’ll do.

    Maybe I’m too cynical, but while I’m sure to some extent Alis cares for Ai, I couldn’t help but wonder whether the whole basketball “game” (practice?) was done for Dee’s sake. Dee and Alis are at a stalemate, and something like this might cause Dee to make an unfavorable move. Alis would sacrifice “anything” to save the class. Probably too dark for the show, but theoretically that could include Ai as well (doubt it).

    One last thing I thought about was how ironic that (AFAIK) Dee will “truly die” (i.e. disappear – not become “living dead” or perhaps not even a ghost) if the class disappears while the rest of the world doesn’t have “true” death. Interesting contrast compared to those “living” in Ortus. Why is her situation different? Is it before “God disappeared”?

  7. Oh God(well he’s absent here, so not really)! While they continue to built the world and present the cause and side of Dee, they quietly slipped in NTR and I HATE THAT 🙁

    Why NTR? For God’s sakes(well he’s absent, so not really) NTR has to be the most hateful thing ever because it’s, usually, a one-way street. In this case it might just end with Dee getting yandere at Alis and target Ai.

    The interaction between Ai and Alis is cute, I have to admit that. But as for romance I think Ai is too young for Alis since Alis is 16(plus how many years he has been in the loop). With just the age I feel that any romance between the two is a bit criminal.

    1. I’m not sure how you came to the conclusion that there was romance between the two. Ai wasn’t acting embarrassed or shy around Alis they were just having fun playing basketball that’s it. Of course Dee might see it otherwise given her position but as far I’m concerned love was not brewing between the two.


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